What's a good Dukan Diet to go on when you are very low income?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What's a good Dukan Diet to go on when you are very low income? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. This is Christina's recipe from her site (.


, but there aren't any Dukan Diet stats posted with it, and the post is locked so I can't ask this on her site. So I figured I'd ask it here (I've added the stats for the stuff that I would use):.

"2 lbs of frozen broccoli.

C FF sour cream (Walmart brand is: 120 cal/0g fat/6g protein).

C parmesan cheese (parmigiano reggiano is better at: 80 cal/6g fat/8g protein)).

C FF shredded mozzarella cheese (Kraft is: 183 cal/0g fat/32.5g protein).

Cup wheat bread crumbs (she makes her own from dried low cal. wheat bread).

Cook broccoli in boiling, salted water until tender. Drain well. In a large bowl combine sour cream, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese and mix well. Add broccoli to the mixture and gently stir so that the mixture is evenly distributed through out the broccoli. Pour the broccoli mixture into an 11x7 glass baking dish and sprinkle the bread crumbs over the top. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 10-15 minutes, or until everything is heated through and the crumbs are slightly toasted..

NOTE: This is my favorite side dish ever! It adds a whole new flavor to the same old boring broccoli! I never cared for the broccoli dishes that were soupy or drippy with cheese sauce or white sauce, this is not like that!".

So what do you guys (Christina?) think?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Do you know how many servings it is? Once that is known, it shouldn't be hard to figure out the nutrition values..


Comment #2

I would think, that since she uses "2 lbs. of broccoli," that is a multi-serving side dish; so it's as many servings as you want to make it. I was thinking 4 or 6?? That's where I got kind of confused on how much of this is ok?..

Comment #3

I ran the numbers:.

4 servings 185.5 cal, 1.75 g fat, 5.25 g fiber, 14.875 g protein.

6 servings 123.67 cal, 1.17 g fat, 3.5 g fiber, 9.92 g protein.

8 servings 92.75 cal, 0.875 g fat, 2.63 g fiber, 7.44 g protein.

At 4 servings, I'd say a protein and 2 veggies..

At 6 servings, a protein and 1 veggie..

At 8 servings, 1 veggie and 2 free foods (or a partial protein)..

That's my best guesstimate - and I may have to try this LOL...

Comment #4

I missed this one and I'm going to make it. Sounds very good! Thanks again Christine!..

Comment #5

I'm not sure where you got your stats from - the sour cream doesn't look correct based on what I came up with checking on-line (i come closer to 170 cals) and I don't think the stats you have for the mozzarella are correct (FF kraft is approx 90 cals, 4g carb and 16g protein for 1/2 cup). not sure if something got mixed up in converting the stats/quantities to fit the recipe..

Before I go through the stats, I will list the fine print:.

The calories and nutritional breakdown will vary based on what ingredients you use as products vary from brand to brand. I only believe what is written on the packages or obtained from a company's website (wouldn't need the latter if you have the product in front of you). I have found discrepancies in some of the online calorie counting sites so I am leary about using those (additionally as mentioned before the calories and nutritional stats can vary from one brand to the other for the same product). for example, in checking this recipe, one of the sites I went to was and they indicate that the mozzarella has 0g of protein which of course is incorrect (.


So, you need to calculate your stats based on the ingredients you are using and be comfortable that you are counting it correctly. do not blame me when you eat this and don't lose weight..

Conceptually I looked at this recipe based on grouping the main ingredients - broccoli and protein. based on that, it only seems appropriate to count it as some combination of the two. here is my analysis:.

16 oz of broccoli is 454g or six 1/2 cup servings, so two 16 oz packages would be twelve 1/2 cup servings, six 1 cup (2 veggies) servings at approx 50 cals. that s/b be pretty straightforward and it seems that we should consider this recipe to yield 6..

Sour cream - I ran the analysis both with your stats (120 cals, 20g carb, 5g protein, 1g fat) and with 174 cals, 30g carb, 12g protein and 1g fat)..

Parm cheese - using your stats of 80 cals, 0g carb, 8g protein, 6g fat (i think most people will end up closer to 100 cals with the brand they use, but we'll ignore the 20 cals for now)..

Mozz cheese - 90 cals, 4g carb, 16g protein and 0g fat..

Bread crumbs - this is the hard part. store bought bread crumbs are very high in calories (120 for 1/4 cup) and not low GI. apparently 1 slice of bread makes 1/2 cup of soft bread crumbs per the on-line geniuses. I think soft bread crumbs will be perfect for the casserole topping. I use Arnold Bakery Light bread which has 80 cals in 2 slices. as they are small, I am assuming that you will need 2 slices of bread for the recipe (80 cals, 17g carb, 5g protein and 1g fat)..

Still with me? plugging all that in to my magic excel spreadsheet, I come up with 113 cals, 17g carbs, 10.2g protein and 1.3g fat per serving using your stats for the sour cream or 122 cals, 18.5g carbs, 11.2g protein and 1.3g fat, using my stats for the sour cream..

If I add all of the stats for everything except the broccoli, I end up with 62 cals, 7g carb, 6g protein, 1.3g of fat per serving with your numbers for the sour cream or 71 cals, 8.5g carb, 6.8g protein and 1.3g fat per serving with my stats for the sour cream. either way, it looks like 1 serving would make up 1 protein/dairy serving (close enough to the 7g of protein, but the broccoli is contributing protein as well to make up the shortfall, or you can toss in some extra FF mozz with little impact on cals). I included the bread in the protein/dairy stats here because it is being used in combination with proteins (i don't normally do that although others have used bread products as a protein/dairy serving). since we are well below on the overall carb stats I think it is fine..

So, the casserole yields 6 servings and each serving counts as 2 veggies and 1 protein/dairy..

I have a headache! let us know if it is good, although I am certain that it will be!..

Comment #6

::blink, blink, blink::.

I am so grateful to you for attempting all of that!!.

I got my stats for the sour cream off of the food container (2 TB = 20 cal; 12 TB = 3/4 cup; so recipe has 120 cal for the cour cream); however, I think I got the stats online for the Kraft, and yes it's way off! For the better, at least! YAY. And for the bread, I use/would use Aunt Millie's Light Whole Grain bread (it's 70 cal/1g fat/18g carb/5g protein for 2 slices!) and would probably use like you stated, 2 slices..

AND, I also wanted an answer from the Dietary Services people, just for sure clarification, but since I couldn't get a response through this thread, I emailed them yesterday and was told this recipe is as follows:.

"2 vegetables.

1 dairy.

1 carbohydrate.

The serving size would be 1 cup.".

So counting the carb as a protein, instead of a carb, you appear spot on. Good because this looks so good and I want some with dinner! THANKS for all your help...

Comment #7

Glad that you checked with dietary services. the only reason I wouldn't count the bread as a carb is because you aren't even eating one whole slice and with the stats on the bread you are using that is basically a free food/partial protein...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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