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A fairly large .com company unknowingly let the .net expire. I grabbed it for $10 so even if I lose it no big deal. I realize they can take the domain from me but I am hoping to sell it them and make a decent profit. I know some of the higher up people in this company so I'm going to contact them and see what happens. Is it a standard practice in this situation for the company to just legally take the domain from me or might there be a chance that they will just pay me x,xxx to save themselves the trouble?.

Any thoughts?..

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I think you're asking for trouble. The phrase "Don't poke the bear" comes to mind...

Comment #1

I can tell you only from my point... something like that did happen to me just 2 days ago and I will get the domain back without spending $. (besides reg fees of course).

So guess yes they can just take it back maybe you get the reg fees back .. dunno..

Comment #2

Maybe there is a reason why the .net dropped. As long as they have the .com many if not most companies don't bother about the other extensions. At the best you will be wasting your time...

Comment #3

Wow, this is blatant squatting, I'm sorry if this seems rough, but whats wrong with you man? you regged the name to sell it back to them?.

IF they decided to they could just take it from you, or you could surrender it,.

Take a good look in the mirror for a second,.

Your the person giving domainers a BAD NAME!.

/rant over, sorry, but gezz this is beyond stupid...

Comment #4

Consider most large companies have in-house counsel..I would say it's a bad move. They can UDRP you for $1500. So why would they pay you more? Full penalty of cybersquatting is $100,000...

Comment #5

Know your enemy - Sun Tzu.

(At least, that's how I remember...)..

Comment #6

I think they have all the legal rights against you because you took and tried to make money off their tm and you're the one who's in trouble...

Comment #7

I second that and to be honest....there needs to be a sticky/redirect to the "what not to do if you sign up/start to be involved in domaining thread" when someone signs up is getting out of hand IMO(just my observation lately).



P.S: Just started the thread:

Comment #8

I'd wipe the slime off, give them a ring & offer it to them for what you paid...

Comment #9

Even that could be considered "bad faith", so I wouldn't do that....



Comment #10

That is a way better advice NLY...:-).



Comment #11

Make sure that your parked page never has any of their ads or ads for products they sell.

......but you're still playing Russian Roulette.

My 2c..

Comment #12

I also feel you could be in big trouble (esp. because you did register the domain name in bad faith).

Why would they let a domain drop and then buy it from someone for X'xxx? If it was bringing in that much money, they wouldn't have let it drop in the first place.

I think the best thing to do is to give it to them and pretend you were being a good citizen. If they believe you, they might even give you the reg fee or a little more...

Comment #13

This is wrong in every way I think... I mean, you bought in hopes of selling it back to the real company for the profit, which is low IMHO...

Comment #14

Not mentioned yet..... Hey, while they are at work, do you hit up their wives/girlfriends too?.

Sorry, it just seems funny you would squat on people you know. Then again.... It could be a good scam, your friends let a name drop at a company, you pick it up. Then your friends advise their company to purchase the domain for a good amount of money since lost usage of the domain could hurt the company while in litigationStep 3 split profit...

Comment #15

Not only give YOU ideas L., don't give the OP ideas (if he is not going that route already.... nice one Phillip, if this could be the case).




Comment #16

Give it back to them for free and stop this kind of behavior in the future!.

Maaaaybe.... if they are nice enough, they will give you a gift, cause you "saved" there domain and gave it back to them for free. (If they believe you had no bad intention involved.).

Why do people do this kind of things! Its so annoying that such kind of behavior is ruining the reputation of domaining!.

Best regards,..

Comment #17

Dear Sirs,.

We have caught the domain name that you have inadvertantly let drop, probably through an oversight or pressure of business. We realised this when researching the history of the domain for our own intended use of it. Please let us know what you would like us to do with this domain name. We would be pleased to restore it to you at minimum expenditure if this is your wish. The domain has been registered for a further 12 months and is at xxx registrar. Our expenses only cover the registration and fees which we would like to recover at your discretion.

Yours Faithfully.


Comment #18

Hm... "play with fire, you get burned?"... if they did decide to forcefully take it through udrp, you would be forever labeled a squatter and would risk losing future cases for that reason.

You stepped in the muck... do you go deeper or get out while you can?..

Comment #19

Why not try?.

You will get the result after try it, I support you.

Wish you good luck!.


Comment #20

Outright squatting gives them more ammo against us with each case......

Comment #21

That is horrible advice WeeksNevin... he is unnecessarily taking huge risk both financially and risking his ability to keep future domains do to his being labeled a cybersquatter (should they take it by force).

Unless you want to risk being hung out to dry or worse, drop it asap. If you want to possibly garner some goodwill, you might email them telling them that they dropped it, and you picked it up, and will transfer it to them for your registration cost.

But even that comes at a risk.....

Comment #22

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