What would happen if a thin person wanted to join Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: What would happen if a thin person wanted to join Nutrisystem? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Guys,.

Just checking in here. I was really successful on NutriSystem, losing over 100 lbs. But then I fell off the wagon. Big time. Yep, gained it all back and then some. It's time to get back on the wagon.

The road ahead is a long one but I've been down it before and know that it works..

If there's one lesson for everyone to take away from this is that if you have succeeded in changing your life and have lost the weight. KEEP IT OFF!!!.

I was told by the nutrisystem nutritionist that they made major changes the maintenance program. Hmmmmm. I'm not close to being there but I know that it's very easy to fail after succeeding so a good maintenance program is needed...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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I guess that's why I started this thread..

The answer is very simple. I fell into a rut and couldn't get out. It's why we got fat in the first place, right? We didn't realize what we were doing to ourselves. We fool ourselves..

So what's a single pint of Ben and Jerry's going to do to you? We stop getting onto the scale. We remember how good a slice of pepperoni pizza tastes. Soon you're having three of them for lunch. We start eating six Nutrisystem snacks while watching TV at night..

Soon you're saying to yourself, I'll lose it quickly. I can do it, but then you don't. You were down to size 32 pants and a few months later it's the size 36 and then the 40's and then you find the 44's are getting tight again..

It's all a lie that you tell yourself any you get sucked into it..

The lesson is that you stay on NutriSystem for life. Add a couple hundred good calories every day and stick to it. And do your exercises..

Most of all, realize that you can never, ever again have pepperoni pizza and Ben and Jerry's..

Never, ever again...

Comment #2

Welcome back..

I think it boils down to the fact that food is an addiction to most of us here. Being that it's food we're addicted to, makes it just that much harder to quit. (since you can't actually stop eating) The problem is the exact point in time when you grab that food item you know you should not be eating. This is the moment of truth. This is the moment when you need to look within your self and say "no". That can be very difficult, but success and failure both depend on what you decide to do at that very moment.

Somtimes you win, sometimes you lose. But if you want to win, you need to do whatever it takes not to take that first step in the wrong direction. It's pretty much that easy...and that hard...

Comment #3

Hi Lfeder,.

It takes a good man to admit he's goofed..

I strive to be neither..

Welcome back - now stop that!.

This concludes my stupid post of the day..

- Rob..

Comment #4

Life is all about balance. It's true that many people in here have addictive personalities. I exercise ... a lot. That's how I've learned to keep my indiscretions in check. If I eat and drink a little too much over the weekend then I work.

Even harder.

During the week to punish myself and burn the extra calories I took in. I'm not saying that this is the key to healthy living (It's not), but it's working for me while on maintenance..

Glad you're back at it. You obviously know what to do ... so do it...

Comment #5

I guess I've got a leg in both camps on this one. Personally, it doesn't work for me to say "I can never have a slice of pizza ever again" That just makes me want that slice more and when I do give in I don't stop at "a slice"!.

Like Sean said, if I have a slice of pizza I work harder the next day to to burn it off. I can't say "I'll never eat.


Ever again. The minute I make something a taboo, the more desireable it becomes..

Everyone else's results may vary, but that's how it works with me...

Comment #6

PBS519 - You hit the nail on the head. When someone quits smoking, they just never have another cigarette. Food, however, you must have. The temptation is there every day..

Gellar - seanLOWRY asked me to explain what happened so that others might learn from my mistake. Your graph looks remarkably like mine did just a couple of years ago. You've basically changed your life and achieved your goal (OK, a couple of pounds off). My chart read 285 to 190 in 9 months. I sustained for 3 more months. Then came the crack in my resolve.

It's so easy to misstep onto the slippery slope...

Comment #7

Oh yeah, I'm well aware fo the temptations as you can see from the recent peaks and valleys in my chart. Everytime I see a peak on that little sucker, I make sure that the next week will be a valley. I decided when I started that I was not going to be able to cut some things totally out of my diet. I used Nutrisystem to get my weight down so I could enjoy exercise again which would allow me to occasionally splurge on the diet. I know I can't have pizza and ice cream everyday, but that's not so bad when you know that you can have it occasionally..

I wasn't trying to call anyone out or put anyone down or anything. When it comes to weight loss and getting in shape, everyone has to kind of do their own thing. I was just sharing what works for me...

Comment #8

Listen to Ryan, I think he also added another step he did not mention. Start a new exercise plan when you get to goal. do something you like regularly or something that brings results - or someting new you always wanted to do but couldn't because you were fat. Ryan is kicking p90x butt and enjoying it! I plan on airgliding - can't be fat and do that...

Comment #9

Also, I really wanted to kayak. Still haven't done it, but now I can when I'm ready!..

Comment #10


I wanna learn how to kiteboard. I plan on doing that this winter, if all goes well!.

That's the real reason I wanna lose weight, so I can hike, and rock climb, and canoe, and bike and not get all winded 'n shoot. And clothes. I hate fat people clothes...

Comment #11

Oh, Man, lfeder. There but for the grace of God go I!! I am SO CLOSE to doing the same thing any time at all. It's scary. I've almost the same story: 284 to sub 184. Size 44 pants to size 32. We could be twins.

Talk about addictive personalities!.

The only thing that's saved my bacon has been to remain active here on the boards and to keep my BBB coming. I participate in a weekly weigh-in over in the Maintenance area and keep my ticker updated so the good and the bad is visible to all. I've found that when I'm off-plan, it's really tough to come here. The good news is that I"ve basically "maintained" for about a year and a half now. It's been ugly, with a lot of bouncing, but I'm still sticking with it. Currently about 10 over where I want to be, and temporarily in 34's at the moment, but not out of range yet.

Like you've said, you know what to do and you know you can do it. When you hit goal again, know that that's not the end of a "diet", but the beginning of your new life. When you get back to Maintenance Land, we'll talk more! I'll still be there..

Best Wishes,.


Comment #12

Lfeder your information is so honest with so many points that others including myself can relate to.

Thanks for sharing..

Comment #13

Learn it this time; it's not Nutrisystem, it's your attitude and determined approach to the problem. Nutrisystem is a tool to teach you HOW to eat in proper portion..

You have to do it yourself. Look at that menu and make a smart choice.....

Comment #14

Rob? marty must be taking over? nah, no way, rob's just busy, right?..

Comment #15

These kinds of threads should be required reading for those of us going through this for the first time. I am a little past a third of the way to my goal and I too started around 290 and hope to get to 190. It's been unbelievably easy to get to this point in 10 weeks and I am totally committed to getting to my goal but I also know it will be even easier to slip up after reaching my goal. Reading the message here is something I need to hear over and over again for the rest of my life if I hope to succeed in keeping it off. Thanks for sharing it and best of luck in being successful lfeder..

Comment #16

Hi many other recent posters here know, I'm also a returnee after -110 in 8 months in '07, then +80 from then to Sept '10 when I came back here. I'm currently -27 since my return but it's been slow this time with a lot of stalls, not necessarily due to plateaus but due to indiscretions that I've then tried to nip before sliding back off again. (Case in point, just came home from a 5-day trip to my original NYC hometown...and you'd better believe I indulged in NYC pizza and Chinese takeout, plus eat-outs with old friends/family I hadn't seen for a long time. But I offset the damage by doing EVERYTHING on foot, walking a total of about 20+ miles in the 5 days, so I came home only +1 lb from when I left...not bad.) Back home now and still off from work today, I'm heading out for a 6 mile walk right now, in fact..

I'm right here with ya...

Comment #17

That's EXCELLENT, Dave! I usually manage to bounce up about 5 after a weekend like that. Keep the good fight!.


Comment #18

Good thread. Thanks for sharing..

I've had to mentally re-dedicate myself more than a few times, to keep my self on track. Been officially off Nutrisystem for a few weeks now, but still eating Nutrisystem nourish foods that I bought from Big Lots, either for lunch or dinner. It's all about mindful eating, portion control, and choosing to eat low cal, low fat foods...

Comment #19

Food is comfort for many of us. Do you find that the overeating occurs during particularly stressful times? All behavior has consequences. Some good and some bad. A basic tenet of behavior modification is to analyze what keeps a particular maladaptive behavior rewarding. For example: I am stressed (stimuli), I eat (behavior), I feel less stressed (consequence). Unfortunately, many behaviors that are coping mechanisms have other negative consequences.

Put this on a note card: "Food is not comfort. Food provides us with energy. That is it's primary role."..

Comment #20

Just got my BBB yesterday also. Back on the wagon. So easy to just slowly slip back into oblivion...

Comment #21

First, I'm glad that quite a few of you read my tales of woe and looked at yourselves in the mirror and saw me as a potential reflection. It's one to avoid. Stay on track..

Hey Chief!.

You hit a bunch of important points..

I did have some stressful times and I did eat out of comfort. There's nothing like sitting down and watching TV with a bowl of ice cream to take one's mind off of the real world. It's my most dangerous trap..


Comment #22

Eh, I've been on vacation since the 7th..

Back to work and exercise on the 27th..

However - I must must must stay away from DW's store bought stuff..

She's gonna have to keep it out of the same pantry..

It was way easier when Nutrisystem was the only thing in the house..

I too am fearful of getting uber fat again and gotta practice restraint..

Some folks have an eating problem - I think that's me..

No junk around - no problem..

Marty still sucks..

What an a-hole...

Comment #23

I am a retread as well, although I never achieved my overall goal, in 2008 I lost the 10% then plateaued for a many months and then began stress eating again. I wasn't sleeping well, which led to poor food choice and exercise decisions when I was stressed. One mistake I hope to remedy this time is donating fat clothes as I move down, so I don't have something comfortable to wear if I regain, clothes are way to stay honest with myself and creates friction with my Scottish frugal ways...

Comment #24

Kinda strange that our fat clothes are someone else's skinny clothes....

Recycle. Donate. Win valuable prizes! <<well, only if you shop at the thrift store too>>>..

Comment #25

I'm back on the wagon too, the CHUCK WAGON!!!.

Pass me them taters!!!..

Comment #26

I'm in that 10-20(yikes) area that Sean mentioned. Still look a lot better than last year. And in clothes don't notice the difference. But I want to look good naked. Fit in my (fat) 32 jeans OK, but not right after they come out of the dryer. The skinny 32 jeans, no way.

Broke down and got some 33 slacks. Last year, I was almost ready for 31s (which they don't make much). And trying on sportscoats, last year I was a 39, now a 40 is tight..

Not being able to lift and ride has really bummed me out some (I was pretty much exercise addicted. If my joints would hold up, would do it more and longer is...I need to research some surgeries, but am kinda bummed to try. Need to at least do my PT...haven't)..

On food, I have some good days, and I still enjoy big salads and eggwhite scrambles (always have, that made this trip easier). Have been finding myself slipping into staying hungry all day, than eating too much in thevening of high calorie density foods. Also some foods that I pretty much had off limits creeping back in. And not even like I crave them or anything. It's just an avoidance pattern to eat junk and play on the internet..

May be on the road next year and am a little scared. In the past that has not been a good lifestyle for me. Good money though...

Comment #27

Hang in there, Poly! I too am riding a high point. The highest yet of my many post-goal bounces. Firmly (and even snugly) in 34's. I'm enjoying the season, but actually getting eager to get a grip and lose these 20 in '11. No worries. We've got the technology and the BBB's to make it happen..


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So I get this today, because I posted about the Troll that keeps showing up on the men's board, yet they do nothing about him, WOW! hey I've bought a bunch of Nutrisystem food from these guys; has he? P.C. idiots. You are about to lose a loyal auto ship customer to satisfy a person who has done nothing to support the members..

Dear member,.

Thank you for your participation in the Nutrisystem community. We strive to make this a positive, safe, and happy weight-loss environment, with the focus on friendship and support..

Unfortunately, we have had to remove one or more of your posts that does not comply with our Terms of Use. Please review the following:.

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The Nutrisystem community serves as a resource and community gathering place for registered Nutrisystem members, no matter who you are or where you are on your weight loss journey. This 24-hour community is a great place to make new friends, learn tips from other members and get support and encouragement. We want this to be a safe, welcoming environment for everyone, so as you read and post, please respect the following guidelines:.

1. Respect other members. As members of the Nutrisystem community, we have a wide range of interests, points of view and ideas. Whether or not you agree with a poster, care should be taken to always treat others with dignity and respect..

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9. Any reports of violations can be made to the Moderators by clicking the link (Report Abuse) at the bottom of each posting area..

10. Nutrisystem and it's moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any posts in violation of these guidelines..

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in further action being taken by the moderation team, including temporary banning from the community..

Thank you for your cooperation,.

Nutrisystem Moderator..

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Greg I just ignore the trolls unless they make a genuinely funny joke. Then I laugh...

Comment #30

In addition to what Mesturge indicated - if you really don't want to see ANY of someone's posts - you can add them to your ignore list (it's in your User Preferences). Once added, you won't see another post by them. I don't use it often, but it keeps me from making a response that might get me banned....


Sig removed to comply with Menz Rulez..

Comment #31

The ignore thing works well, Greg. Much better than a flame response. Flames feed trolls. Nutrisystem mods really strive to be hands-off as much as possible. There are really fun and humorous ways to punk a troll that don't feed 'em..

Don't let a simple internet forum affect the quality of your life, or affect your journey to the the healthy New You!!.


Comment #32

I nominate this post for homecoming queen, cause Gordon just nailed it...

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