What would be a cool name for a web development company ? (10 points if its also not taken at godadd?

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My first question is: What would be a cool name for a web development company ? (10 points if it's also not taken at godadd?.

My next question is: Hi all,.

I have a "two-word phrase" whose .com is estimated by Estibot to be > $10K, but whose .net is estimated at RegFee.

I know all the disclaimers about Estibot, and my purchase decision is not based on this, but I just got confused by this estimate. Can anyone throw some light on how this might be possible??.

This phrase has an Overture of > 2K/mo and WordTracker of > 100/day.

Thanks in advance...

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Your question was: What would be a cool name for a web development company ? (10 points if it's also not taken at godadd?.

Thanks for the reply Brad.

Actually, after I bought the .net domain, Estibot is now giving an estimate of USD 130 for it...

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Estibot will usually give a higher valuation once a HostGator is registered...

Comment #2

Yeah if it's available then isn't the value reg fee automatically? I don't see Estibot being used to create value on a HostGator that's unregistered imho...

Comment #3

Thanks Scott and Jesse.

Well, I regged another .com HostGator the other day, when Estibot was putting it's (unregged) value at USD 700 approx.

After I regged it, it shows the value at > 1K USD..

Comment #4

Not always. was available and valued at 12K lol. So I regged it. Not because of Estibot's value but I was going to develop it...

Comment #5

You are correct that by definition, an unregged HostGator name should be valuated at Reg Fee. However, I've programmed Estibot to try to look for potential value in order to help domainers to research available HostGator names. Basically, if it gives an unregged HostGator a high value, it is meant as an indicator that the HostGator is worth a second look - worth further research. Estibot is based on statistical analysis of a massive number of HostGator names, sale prices and keyword characteristics. It is very clearly true that a registered HostGator name is likely to be more valuable than an unregistered one. That's why the valuation of a regged name is higher than an unregged name.

If you want to test this in your head, try an extreme example: is registered. It is worth millions. is unregistered. It is worth nothing. All the other domains fall somewhere in between, but a registered HostGator is always more likely to be valuable than an unregistered one. Registered status further indicates that at least the HostGator name is worth something to someone, therefore it has some desirability and is likely to be worth more than a random HostGator name.

It's like asking, is hot water more likely to burn your skin than cold water? Test it with extremes in your mind: is boiling water more likely to burn than ice water? Obviously yes, so it follows that 80-degree (celcius) water is more likely to burn your skin than 10-degree water.

Note that I say "more likely". Since Estibot is based on statistics, it deals with probabilities. It cannot give an absolute value to any domain. In other words, it knows that a registered HostGator name has a higher probability of being valuable than an unregistered HostGator name; therefore it factors a value increase in to the rest of the equation.

Also, if the .net tld is registered, a HostGator name is more likely to be valuable than when the .net tld is available. It's part of the "desirability" analysis. So if you register the .net, the .com Estibot valuation will increase.

Obviously you cannot increase your HostGator name's value by pushing the Estibot valuation higher by regging other tld's. Estibot only deals with the present, the data that is available at the time of the analysis. It is of course possible to manipulate Estibot results, but as a tool it's meant for bona fide HostGator research, where the user also uses his/her own discretion and knowledge to complement the keyword analysis and valuation.

It's meant to be used as one of the tools in the domainer's toolbox, nothing more...

Comment #6

Just curious Esa.

Have you made estibot yourself or with helps of others?.

And do you every plan to sell the script to others.

Last question does estibot look at how much a HostGator in the history has been sold for before? (do estibot use the history in Namebio to appraise).

Okey I lied this ones is the last question:.

When do you plan to also include search for .ws and .cc, if ever?.

Best regards,..

Comment #7

I've created the tools, done all the programming and website development by myself, but I've had help from many Namepros members in various other aspects of the site, such as promotion, testing, HostGator sales and keyword data...I've explained all this and mentioned the people in my blog: Nope Yes. However, my Namebio database is not up to date so the most recent sales are not included (Calling Justin.....) You can already search those tlds using the Available HostGator Names tool.



Comment #8

Is there an appraisal service which comes anywhere close to estibot regarding estimating the value of domainnames?.

I tried nameboy yesterday and they value my domains often 20-30 times as much as estibot does...

Comment #9

Lol, if Nameboy was on the money, id be a billionaire. My regfee names it thinks are worth xx,xxx..

Comment #10


...Just want to say, estibot is a great tool...Serious congrats for the achievement.

I reckon it has a chance of becoming THE most useful HostGator tool available on the net.

Keep up the good work...


Comment #11

I've noticed that Estibot has improved just in the last few months. Its a Great tool..

Comment #12

Hi Esa,.

Thank you so much for replying in detail to my query, and also for developing such a helpful tool..

Comment #13

Have not seen such a great blog post in last 10-12 months. Thanx for describing the whole thing, how much time it took, how you did it and what it took you to make it..

Not many people share such info with others...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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