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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What were your results like with Nutrisystem? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... So... I'm sitting here in my office eating this cup of "Nutrisystem Macaroni & Cheese with Beef" that I brought for my dinner. And I'm thinking to myself....


I mean, seriously. This thing is definitely NOT one of the better entrees. Not by a long shot. Sticky yellow goo over tasteless elbow-shaped rubber and freeze-dried dog food crumbles..

Definitely not going to be part of my next order. Bleh!.

So... Are there any Nutrisystem foods that make.


Wanna wretch and run like this one?..

Comments (24)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Never tried it but my wife said it was really good. I think she had used a saved protein and put hard boiled egg in it. I dont know if that made it better or worse, but she liked it so I ordered one this time. A little apprehensive now though. thanks a lot..

Oh and I cant stand the penne pasta & chicken in alfredo sauce. have a few that I dont know what to do with. Also my wife said the sloppy joe is disgusting..

Comment #2

+1 on the Sloppy Joe...YUK. I'm also not a fan of any entree where they use mushrooms as filler...I hate mushrooms. Took me quite a while to sample enough entrees before I figured out which ones had this affliction so that I could omit them...

Comment #3

You want bad, wrap your lips around the Nutrisystem hotdog...

Comment #4

For me it was the split pea soup. I think the container tasted better...

Comment #5

I agree. Been off my list since early in this gig. It's one of my wife's favorites, though. She mixes it in with a big bowl of steamed veggies. Makes a nice meal - for her..


Comment #6

When I first started I felt the same about the mac&cheese. But after reading the boards... I took some suggestions and now it's one of my favorites..

I don't order the one with beef though..

I add boilng water and stir very well and cover for about 5 mins and then add a wedge of Laughing cow cheese and stir. Put in microwave and bring to a boil and let it stand for about a minute..

No mush and it honestly tastes great.I also like it mixed with the chili adding onions and bell pepper.Just divide into two servings...

Comment #7

That sounds good Terri! I am going to try that tonight with the Mac and Cheese, just will need to stop and get some Laughing Cow cheese on the way home. I have looked at it a couple times in the store, do you just get the low fat kind? (I think I saw a low fat version.).



Comment #8

Linda it's the light one. Actually light is all I have seen in it...

Comment #9

I've done this - it's very good mixed with the chili........

Comment #10

I just add some Green Hot Sauce to my Mac n' Cheez.....yum, yum.....

Comment #11

I guess I can join the bow wow group. I actually LOVE the mac with beef and the split pea soup...

Comment #12

I kidda like it. It is quick and easy...

Comment #13

I don't get that buffalo chicken wrap - dear lord who was the test group?.

Maybe there is a way to add a lot to it to give it a different texture than baby dong..

Comment #14


I haven't run across a Nutrisystem dish that I think is disgusting. Of course, I can't bring myself to try the split pea soup or the tuna salad...

Comment #15

Oh, Oh........I like both the Split Pea and Buff Wrap...........well lets put it this way.......I can tolerate them...

Comment #16

I'm a buffalo wrap fan myself. Just add a little Frank's Red Hot to spice it up Matter of fact I just had one. The split pea soup is OK too but I don't like the mac & cheese...

Comment #17

Funny, I really like the mac and cheese with beef (have not tried the kind without beef). I have eaten the split pea soup and find it OK but nothing exciting, same with the dreaded NutriDog(TM) as long as I put enough mustard and sauerkraut on it. What I cannot eat is the buffalo chicken wrap, but oddly I like the Southwestern one..

Then again, I even like the Awkwardly Textured NutriCinnaBun(TM), so I realize this disqualifies me completely..

I wonder though, are we all agreed on the Sloppy Joe?.....

Comment #18

I have a relative who's also doing NS, that gave me some Mac'n cheeses plus one or two other items that she wasn't going to eat. I oughta try em.....

Comment #19

I think I'm going to have to pass on the Pasta with Beef from here on out...just something about it didn't taste right to me.....

So far everything else I've really enjoyed...

Comment #20

Mac & Beef= hamburger helper.

I use my fat on the buffalo wrap by using some lowfat ranch dressing along with some Franks Red Hot..

Comment #21

I really liked the hot dogs... I had never tried turkey dogs before and was pleasantly surprised. Now my whole family likes the Oscar Meyer turkey dogs, which are just like the Nutrisystem dogs. Yum!.

But the pasta with beef atrocious. Plus the Sloppy Joes scary, and the Buffalo wrap close to inedible, and I can eat anything. I simply will not waste food, so I got all those things down, but it wasn't easy! But we are all different so you gotta try everything for yourself. Thank God we can tailor our orders!..

Comment #22

I liked the mac 'n cheese, and while I'm not a fan of peas, I got a split pea in my first order and was a little pleasantly surprised. It tasted better than it looked/smelled. I also like the turkey dogs and sloppy joes. Any entree that you're allowed to eat an entire roll is ok with me!..

Comment #23

Yep I do the same, try adding a laughing cow blue cheese wedge with the hot sauce...

Comment #24

Early on my wife decided she didn't like the Mac and beef so we have never reordered it. We have reordered the mac and cheese. We don't mind it at all. What I can't stand is the turkey tet. I know some out there love it but I don't. My wife doesn't minde it but I would rather not have it...

Comment #25

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