What weight loss program did you like: Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or Nutri System? Why?

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Question I have... What weight loss program did you like: Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or Nutri System? Why? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. Okay, after dropping a bunch of weight quickly during the first month, I've kind of come to a grinding halt for the past couple of weeks. Sticking to the program, but not seeing the weight change. It's pretty discouraging!.

Yeah, yeah... I know. I've read the posts from others who say this is not unusual. Sometimes you just kinda stall out for a week or two and then it starts dropping again. Cool beans. I'll be patient and persistent..

And I.


Seeing some body changes even if the scale is stalled out. During the past two weeks I've dropped another belt notch, and I'm totally swimming in the jeans I was wearing a couple of weeks ago. So I know.


Is happening..

*sigh* Still, it's a real bummer to work hard all week and see the same number popping up on the scale. Hoping to see progress soon.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Me too Doc and Dave..... notice it in the belt and drawers this week, but again only .4 pounds gone this week and it's almost over with... I too will carry on the Nutrisystem flag....

Wife asked me just abit ago if I was doing my exercise......duh!! I think averaging 6 miles a day riding the mountain bike and keeping my heartrate up in the Fat Burning Zone for +30 mins each ride is doing the trick. That's probably why I've lost almost 2 inches in the hips/belly sofar....just wanted the pounds to drop faster too... guess I shouldnt ***** too feel better now that I've felt in along time..........

Comment #2

Last night was the first evening in a week I had to skip my evening walk (which is a minimum of 5.5 miles around my neighborhood); got stuck dealing with a work issue past 9PM. However, today was the first day I really started to notice the increased definition in my lower legs from hoofing 25+ miles a week for the past several weeks. And I have to leave for a business trip this weekend for the coming week, first trip since 5 weeks ago (I work from home other weeks...t-shirt and shorts)...tomorrow I will hit the closet and see if my next-size-down work pants fit again..

And as I reported last month, I will have my Nutri-food with me packed in my luggage for the week and I intend to have another successful week away from home. The weather in Minnesota is looking like 20s and 30s all week, but that won't stop me from bundling up and hitting the trails up there after work each evening. Have headlamp, will hoof!..

Comment #3

Good news is in those temps the women will have the headlamps on too!..

Comment #4

Don't be a slave to the numbers on the scale, guys. I've always said, 125 or 150 on the lying scale matters not as long as these Size 6 jeans are falling off.....

Comment #5

Listen to Pam for she is wise ... You big babies...

Comment #6

Yeah, don't sweat the scale if you can convince yourself not too. You didn't really start on all this effort to change behaviors because you wanted a scale to show lower numbers. At least I hope not because they are fickle, hyper-sensitive and emotionless SOB's on a good day and they are not your friend! Lol..

Learn the right things, do the right thingsnot because of the scale, but because you know them to be right and want to be in control. My 2 cents anyway..


PS. Look at it from another perspective maybe? Let's play "let's pretend" for a second..

Let's pretend I can offer you a magic button. If you push the magic button, you can lose 50-60 lbs in the next 5 months.

But the deal is.

, along with the good weight loss you will be frustrated for 10 days during the 5 months, questioning your sanity for 2 days during the 5 months, a bit disappointed and depressed another 8 days out of the 5 months, bent over with cramping abdominal discomfort for 6 days during the 5 months, so gassy for the better part of 2 weeks that family pets won't stay near you (lol)but you'll also have multiple days of feeling great, good nights of sleep, and increased energy some days sprinkled throughout the 5 months.......

Would you push the magic button?.

Because the program works over time. It's not always exactly linear and it isn't always steady and there are a lot of variables. But it does work..

Me? I'd push the button and accept the good and not-so-good and try to push my way through to the goals and win the weight loss at the end...

Comment #7

If I don't lose at least a pound each week you can damn full well expect I'm gonna start a thread to whine about it...

Comment #8

Here is one for you. I just got back from my cruise. and I was flabbergasted no make that pissed when I stepped on the scale whaen I got home..

Just like Pam had written in numerous posts; Scales friggin lie. The scale said I was a whopping 221. I drank alot of booze while on the boat. (Paid my bar tab with my Black Jack winnings ) 2 days later I was back down to 206 Mostly water weight. So I gained 9 lb on the cruise. Now I did use the gym every day and ran the track everyday too so some may actually be muscle gain..

I should have taken a pic of me giving the scale the finger..

F the scale. My smaller pants still fit so I am happy on that note..

Yes, those are bowling balls on my tie...

Comment #9

Yeah yeah yeah. I know. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone..

But, I have to be honest. I.


To see a lower number on the scale each day. It's an objective measurement that all my hard work is paying off..

Yes, of COURSE the looser pants are signs of success as well. I get it. But, dagnabbit, I'm a MAN. And men like to be competitive, even if it's with something as silly as "this week's number beating last week's number." When I'm a loser, I'm a winner! (Wait... say that again?).

And, to be perfectly honest, I'll be very happy to hang out at around 210 for the rest of my life, if that's what happens. But, for crying out loud, I just wanna see a "1" as the first number on my digital scale at least one more time in my life. (Thus the 199 goal.).

Oh, heck, if the weight starts dropping off I'll probably blow past that 199 goal by a handful of pounds just 'cuz. But I won't know if these dang weekly weigh-in numbers don't start shrinking!.

So... Yes, I realize I'm kind of obsessing about the wrong thing here. Doesn't stop me from obsessing about it. Or whining about it, apparently..

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a tangerine over there that's calling my name....

("You did this to yourself, you're doing this for yourself. You did this to yourself, you're doing this for yourself..." Keep on chanting...)..

Comment #10

Hang in there Doc, as I'm with you on the "1" deal also.....

Comment #11

If you get stuck, mix it up a bit. Eat different vegetables, have dinner during the lunch our, try different entrees. I have been only getting a pound a week for several weeks now. That is just they way it goes when you get close to your goal weight...

Comment #12

I'm far from my goal weight, since I am in the tail end of my 4th week, so still have 45 # to go... will try that mixing, as I do think the dinner meal is way too much, especially for no real activity comments now...I'm old!!..

Comment #13

We all had it! Suck it up! The body change tells you that things are happening!..

Comment #14

Lol, I was about to say this very thing, 'til I saw Drive had beat me to it. But really, double down on that for me. If you make yourself a slave to the scale, you're going to lose your objectivity altogether. When you get close to a target weight, as I have, the numbers on the scale cease to mean jack shizzit anymore and the only real reference point you have left is what kind of shape your body is in and how your clothes are fitting. The point being: get used to noticing those two things now and using them as progress markers..

And, in case you haven't gotten over it yet: in the nine months I've been on the program I've had more (scale-based) stalls than a horse barn and still managed to lose 73 pounds..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

11/17: 168.8 (Goal -6.2).

272(Days NS)..

Comment #15

Thanks, guys. Yeah, I know. I really AM keeping things in perspective. It's just that it's kind of fun and rewarding to see lower numbers on the scale each week..

Anyways, things moved again this week. Finally hit the -30 mark, which is really exciting...

Comment #16

Yeah, I think that's what he meant too :P.

I've been "stuck" for a month and finally the dropped two pounds with a BABM..

Maybe we are are faecally impacted?..

Comment #17

Thanks So Much Gentlemen, I Am On A 12 Day Stick For My Second Time. I Do Have To Admit I Am A Slave To The Scale. But You All Have Made Me Feel So Good I Think I Am Gonna Change The Scale Thing, No I Know I Am!!!! Plus The Hubby And I Are Going On A 9 Day Cruise In A Week It Scares Me To Death But I Know I Can Do It!! Thanks Again You All Are "sweeties"!!!!..

Comment #18

Michee, about the cruise: Go and have fun. Yes workout and don't gorge yourself to oblivion, but have FUN. We are changing our livestyle, not our weight. After you lose all the weight you want, you are going to have vacations to go and enjoy, and times back when you have to lose that weight. The key is the LONG Term weight remains at goal. Don't be a slave to to the scale or THE DIET! Be convicted to where you want to be!..

Comment #19

You are kicking butt. May have a whine thread..

I remember that one week where I only lost a pound. Was right after Scottie McHaggis had posted something about losing 3 pounds every week minimum. I sorta felt lacking. He was very cool...and said...that is a pound gone forever. Don't feel bad as long as you are on plan and headed down..

I've seen myself (and with other members) that the slow and fast weeks seem to be correlated. For instance, let's say your underlying loss rate (dictated by deficit) is 3 pounds per week (for a big guy, not unreasonable). One week, you might see 5 pounds and then the next 1 pound. If you know that nothing substantial changed in your program (no radical increase/decrease in activity, no cheating or overeating/fasting) then the result just makes sense in terms of variation. The first week, you probably only lost 3 pounds of fat, but got lucky from water/poop variation and registered 5. Next week, you get more of a true measurement and so show only 1. But averaged together it makes sense (6 pounds in 2 weeks)...

Comment #20

For the OP, it's hard to advise unless hearing his actual numbers. Is he stuck for a week or a month? Is he complaining about a total stoppage or just cause he's not losing 6 a week, like he did his first week? Also, was he on plan?.

Bottom line, you starve your body (and make no mistake about it, all these plans are DIETS as far as energy balance) and it has to burn fat to stay alive. If you are in deficit, you are losing. The scale will show it eventually..

Unless you're cheating...

Comment #21

Kind of an update for Michee and her cruise, and an addendum to Bob and his comments regarding vacations etc., and how that fits into the concept of a lifestyle change: first, Michee, exercise a little caution as you are only three months into your program. Bob has a very valid point, and indeed that lifestyle change becomes almost second nature but (and this is a big one) it doesn't happen right away. In the early months it takes a good amount of discipline and focus to self-train away from those ingrained bad habits. Further along in the program, not so much. These days as I drive past the fast food joints I don't reminisce. I actually look at them with disgust.

But had I gone on a cruise or any indulgent-prone activity that early on, I would have been really challenged since I would have had to rely a lot more upon conscious self-will. And for something of nine days in length, that's a lot of time to rely upon focused self-will when I'm also supposed to be on vacation and enjoying myself. I can almost smell the recipe for disaster from here. Start planning ahead now regarding good food choices vs. bad ones, and how you might possibly be able to make your multi-meal, small-portion eating regimen continue to fly while on that cruise..

And guys, I get it about the thrill factor of seeing the numbers moving down on the scale. I do. I promise. I'm just making the point that it doesn't happen every day, and furthermore, one day it stops happening altogether (that's Goal, baby!). Success is measured in many ways, and in that spirit everyone on this program should have (and be using) a body tape measure in addition to a scale..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

11/23: 168.0 (Goal -7).

278(Days NS)..

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