What website builder will work with godaddy?

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My first question is: What website builder will work with godaddy?.

My next question is: Hi Calvin,.

So what names have you sold and is it just selling that you are making your money?.

I do well out of the business myself through sales and parking and now getting involved in development of some my names?.

Tell us more about your business,.



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Your question was: What website builder will work with godaddy?.

Domaining makes it possible to work from anywhere in the world as long as you can connect to the Internet.

So I now travel overseas much more often...

Comment #1

I practice what my wife calls "subsistence domaining".

When we run into a large expense, I try to sell enough domains to pay for it.

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a heat wave, our central air conditioning unit stopped working. It was old enough that it needed to be replaced, which cost thousands of $. Well, I just got off the phone with a corporate end user who is going to buy a nice one-word .com from me, for a price that covers the new air conditioner...

Comment #2

Unfortunately, domaining hasn't done a whole lot for me lately, and I think that the vice versa is true as well. I've never been one to have the shiny and nice portfolios (my largest got up to around 150-175 names) and I've never really been all that great at selling domains. However, back when I didn't have a job, domaining would help get me through periods of time where I hardly had anything in my wallet.

Perhaps it's that I'm constantly coming up with ideas to develop, but never really following through on them. I always get distracted by a job, school, my own company, or life in general.

I've just never been able to generate the cash to move up from the reseller level of domains. I suppose I have a HostGator (writers) block of some sorts.

I love the industry, and I know what's going on. I still enjoy and still do occasionally sell a name here or there and register a few. I'd like to get back into it. The one thing that really frustrates me is HostGator parking. I see people highly successful yet I'm lucky to ever register a name that gets more than 10-25 uniques a month. I'm missing the boat there and cannot figure out where.

The other thing that continued to get me was buyers that fail to pay. I went through a period where 3 domains in a row were sold for all intents and purposes other than the money being sent. I think that's what turned me off for a bit.

I suppose I should quit being the pessimist in this thread of optimism. I can appreciate what is has done for me and the OP has done very well. That's something to be proud of for sure and I do always love to hear a good successful story!..

Comment #3

Hey....... don't get down.......if what you are trying is not working well then shake up what your are doing and try something new that intimidates you - like developing out a site, starting a HostGator blog, using the BANS software, doing redirect deals for your traffic with end users, etc........

It's like Einstein said: Only a insane person would do something the same way repeatedly and expect a different results than before..


Comment #4

Well done,... I have only had one big sale ($1,000 for hand reg) and couple in the hundreds have been websites sold but I love buying domains and developing them which pays my bills and means I don't have to work 9 to 5...

Comment #5

Hey Calvin, I am happy to know your achievements. Well done!.

Domaining has made me financially independent too. Though not at your level. I am working on end user sales and hope for the best...

Comment #6

Great story, and there is no reason domaining should not be sucessful, if you work hard at it, the money is there.........To sell hand reg's and end up consistently on dnjournals top weekly sales page, is like winning the lottery every week..... any examples to share?..

Comment #7

Hey Calvin, great to hear a good news story. Well done, gives hope for us newbies yet. Martin...

Comment #8

Terrific to hear your story, calvin....

I'd be very interested in hearing about the main ways you go about systematically selling your domains - and, perhaps a few examples of successes you've had....


Comment #9

A great inspiration. Its stories like this that keeps the people like me that haven't really got a hang of making a profit from domaining to keep going and keep trying. Would love to hear some more about your success. Thanks!..

Comment #10

For me domaining and developing has given me a good life.

I didn't had any bills problems in past but nowadays I pay my bills upfront and in advance wherever they accept advances and deposits. I don't think twice before spending money. I try to keep my family and friends happy as much as possible.

The worst part is that in past I had time to pay bills now I don't have time to pay bills...

Comment #11

Nothing yet, still trying my hands on a lot of things, I can't concentrate on one field of expertise, but OP got a great portfolio...

Comment #12

It's great that you were able to do so well starting only 4 years ago!..

Comment #13

HostGator business can be a great source of income, but not everyone will achieve as your level. I also would hope that one day I can be at your level. Well done...

Comment #14

It would be great to get to that level. I have yet to even make a $$$ sale..

But I wont give up, and I am trying to get better at choosing reg's. etc.....

Comment #15

Most recent success was a software HostGator that dropped..

I brought the HostGator which was a .org. I looked at the availables.

With that name and saw there was a .info and .us available and.

Brought those too. I contacted a couple firms and asked them if they would like to have because I'm not doing much with it. I did this to gauge interest from various companies. I also explained that I'm not asking anything for it. I went on about how all extensions of this HostGator is taken.

When I did hear back from 4 companies who basically replied "we'll take it", I mentioned that is for sale for $950.00 if you're interested as well. 2 of the parties made a counter offer of $200, the other $600. Guess which one got the domain?.

This was two days ago! This method doesn't work in all cases, but.

It only cost me about $20 in domains to get these leads. And the .infos can be regged for real cheap and the .orgs are pretty cheap too.


Comment #16

WOW! your an inspiration dude.

You started with $7, I started with $8. LOL..

Comment #17

When contacting these companies do you try to find ones that are pretty high level or an established company that isn't very big yet? And do you just do a search on google for companies that are in that specific niche? Any info would be greatly appreciated....

Comment #18

Wow, thats very impressive, many congrats and start bloody writing that ebook now cos I'm waiting to buy it.


Comment #19

$20 investment into $600 sales, in a real short time....WHERE else can you get a 3448% ROI like that...???... the man said, you're an inspiration...Very smart....


Comment #20

I agree that is brilliant. Can you give an example of the email that you sent to the companies?..

Comment #21

Yes, examples would be great..

I'll take any help I can get...

Comment #22

Depleted my bank account.

I've been in "buying mode" for the past few months, and haven't really made any notable sales...

Comment #23

Just do a Google for whatever term you're looking to sell..

Use the whois and compare to the contact info on the site.

To give yourself an idea of who to reach. Pick up the phone.

On private whois. And if you plan to sell via email, make sure.

To get a HostGator that you dont have to do much searching to.

Find end users.

For instance - Take software for example because alot of my high.

Value sales come from this niche. Almost all software names are taken, but if you tweak it a little and add a 3rd term such as Service, Services, Advance, Solution(s) - you all of a sudden have a solid three word .com.

I best advise you to make sure to age the HostGator a little or purchase domains with a little age for obvious reasons.

Hope that helps a little. Pm me for a good email.



Comment #24

Same here!.

I buy for the long term, not for a quick flip unless someone approaches me & offers me a good price...

Comment #25

I'm at Zero currently recently took out enough to cover all my development + domaining expenses and now everything left is pure profit..

Comment #26

Invested heavily in L-L-L and .in's and's.

Hope they give good returns in the next 2 to 3 yrs..

Comment #27

Domaining = net loss for me.

Building real web companies - allowed me to retire some years back.

But domaining is more fun, not unlike gambling...

Comment #28

That's funny, I was recently at a Conservatory for a butterfly show, and my friend pointed out some license plates that said "Domains". You're not from Cincy, are you? We have the same b-day too (different year, though-I noticed when I was looking to see where you were from).

Nice to read all that domaining has done for you. How long did it take before things really started to roll for you after acquiring the first domain?..

Comment #29

I was in that area for a while ..

For me domaining got easier in late 06, especially on the reseller end. Prior to that I was a wreck constantly checking Sedo to see if an offer came through on one of my names. I'm now Sedo free and I've been at it on my own for the past 2 years.

I'm still trading time for money. I tried outsourcing my work out but got stiffed recently. Also as I said in another thread I had a company paying me XX to XXX for every relevant HostGator I acquired for their company. That arrangement really made it easier for me to buy and sell.

As I pleased. Now they do everything "in-house", putting me back in the selling biz full time.


Comment #30

Gray hair and Ulcers I can't complain too much , But I do feel some changes coming on soon for how I approach sales and monetizing (I need to follow my own advice more often truly - rather than waiting on the next sale to fall in my lap -or- thinking PPC/Parking Models will change).

Good thread..

Comment #31

You think things are tough? - you should try selling .infos..

Comment #32

Well domaining has provided some fun for me, and a $5000 credit card overdraft.

Though every HostGator that I have sold brought me profit, therefore I hope to sell the ones I still have with profit too.

I am only "domaining" since August 2007.....

Comment #33

Lucky you, there are some domains I cant seem.

To give away...

Comment #34

Domaining opened a chat door that has given me some special friends and some of the most funny conversations I have ever had.

I never did invest any large sums of money just re-invested any that I had made so it has never really made a real difference to my financial position in life and if sales carry on the way they are, never will..

Comment #35

I have far far far too many domains.

My advice #1 would be "register 5 domains and do not register any more until you sell them for profit or successfully develop them".

If you can't do that with 5 domains - how will you do it with 500?.

That would put about 99% of people off, including me...

Comment #36

Opportunities come and go..

My biggest sale (x,xxx) happened to be a HostGator that I bought for fun, one of my first.

I wasn't even looking to get into domain'ing, but now I have xxx+ domains.

I'm currently living off it. Funny how life works...

Comment #37

This rarely happens. Domaining is addictive and depending on how much success you're having with it - it could be a good thing or bad.

I was wondering how many other people are using. for contact info? One of my first was, I loved that name.

But could never sell it. I think it dropped again...

Comment #38

Calvin, you are an inspiration to the industry.

I've had many successes and downfalls along my domaining path which started about 2001.

Do you use a main homepage and forward your domains there? You mentioned ditching Sedo, do you park at all?.

I really enjoy your tips to find end users, I'd love to read more.

I know all domains are individualistic in nature and the same advice won't necessarily work from one to another.

However, it seems you have a protocol to keep your efficiency and profits at a very respectable level.

Thanks again...

Comment #39

Thank you for the kind words..

One thing to remember is this is my job and I treat it.

As such. While I here responding to posts I have 18 windows open on my computer. All of them are domain.

Related or sales in progress. I have no choice but to succeed because of my peers want me to fail. They hate to see me drive around with "domains" on my license plate.

While they're hard at it on their 9-5.

I dont sell everyday, but I make damn sure that a sales is.

Always in progress. Today I felt like spending so I picked up a domain, I picked up a flag HostGator (.)org. Not the best name I know but there's a market for flags. After a little legwork and a little luck I found a buyer, 1 hour and 36 minutes after the purchase. My cost $4.99, my sale $350.

It can be done.

I'll disclose the name once I push it tomorrow. To prove I do what I say I do. I'm not Rick Latona with millions of dollars in domains at my disposal, but pound for pound I think I'm a better salesman.

Sorry I blended the responses to your questions in your original post. I use Namedrive and Imodo exclusively for my homepage setups. I like the search box function...

Comment #40

Dude you are the man, thats all I gotta say. I'm sure there is people making more than you are but they aren't here sharing their road to success. I could listen to your sales stories all day haha...

Comment #41

We need more transparency in this business. It seems.

The general perception is domaining is a "shady business"..

That needs to change for us...

Comment #42

What has it done for me?.

At first, it cost me a lot of cash - in retrospect, I invested better as a newbie than once I (thought) I had experience. My first purchases were domains @ $9.95. I still have a few of them, they were probably my best investment..

Parking has literally saved me during unemployment. The paychecks are suddenly gone, the unemployment is a joke and the bills remain the same - thanks to parking and (back then) arbitrage, I did actually quite well during being laid off..

Then arbitrage died and I literally found a job within the same week - back to the old grind with an acceptable salary.

Developing is probably the one dream that's going to remain locked to me forever, I can't wrap my head around code for some reason. Joomla setups are my way to go. Unfortunately, i'm obviously a LOT better at arbitrage, because adsense has netted me about $60 in the past 18mths.

Sales? I'm doing ok - yet, i'm still only selling to domainers/resellers instead of finding end users. If I could shake the end user fear, i'd probably be a lot better off, 'cause some of my domains are definitely end user gems.

Bottom line; I couldn't stay afloat by just domaining, but it's nice to have a hobby that has the potential to yield an acceptable return.

Calvin - great job! I'm somewhat jealous of your abilities, you have obviously found something in yourself that i'm still hunting after.


Comment #43

HI Calvin..

Very nice that you a sharing all your points of success here with others... looking forward to reading more tips from you.

For me domains have made me a profit also but I do not do domaining full time.. I wish I did.. but just can't seem to find the end users to buy my domains.... I make most of my sales to other domainers to.

I mostly only buy domains I can develop down the road or I know I can flip quick in HostGator forums.

I would love to get into the end user market like you are doing.. maybe you can write a report on how you do it find your end users... like a step by step plan...

I know I would buy a report like that from a person with your success..



Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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