What veggies and fruits are OK for Nutrisystem?

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Hey everyone, so quick question. My food should be here tomorrow, but tonight is my only time off for the next week, so Im gonna go get all the extras and add-ins for my meals, like the fruit and all. Does it say what to get or anything like that? And if so, could you guys help me out since I dont have anything yet and I wont have any time to get anything when my food gets here, so today is my only time to go grocery shopping. Thanks for the help!..

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Your question was: What veggies and fruits are OK for Nutrisystem?.

I'm suppose to get my first shipment tomorrow, I'm excited. Hey, how can I download a weight ticker... I've tried, but for some reason I'm doing something wrong... I've seen those tickers on several ppl's pages, I like that. Thanks..

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Hey ArmyWife - look at it this way until you have a bit more time to review the planner and think things thru.

Salad, big huge salads.

FF Salad dressing (use only 2T!).

Greek yogurt (it's got more protein) - 0% fat or 2% if you have to, plain if you can.

Eggs - hardboil the whole dozen! then have 3 whites only at a time as breakfast!.

Fruit - any kind basically, just be sure to check the serving sizes (1 small banana, 1 small apple, 15 grapes, 1 1/4 C strawberries 3/4 C pineapple).

Veggies! Lots of frozen veggies (time saver) - no sauces..

Peanut Butter - low fat.

You will need 2 proteins, 2 fruits and 2 salads per day, plus your Nutrisystem meals and 3 add ins like 2T of parm cheese, FF Jello, dollup of FF Cool Whip, 2T FF cheddar cheese (nice add in on top of your salad). You will use 1 Tsp of PB each day as your "good fat". Great on top of your choco dessert! mmmm.

That should get you going until you can plan a bit more..

Don't forget to eat all your food, drink all your water and more and exercise!.

Welcome! and Good Luck!!.

(ps - thank your hubby for his Army service for me will ya. I'm grateful he is fighting for our continued freedom.)..

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Awesome. I just got some plain greek yogurt, different fruits, some frozen veggies and a lot of water. And I tell him thank you everyday, he will be home in a month and a half, hes been gone almost a year! So thank you for your support! =]..

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I just ordered for hubby & me been surfing through the boards. Just seeing here suggestions on "grocery items" to have on hand.. My goodness...what am I paying $600 a month for...this is a lot of extra food...I think I'm wondering if I've done the right thing... I thought maybe some lettuce & salad items here & there..but you list eggs, yogart, bread, carbs,..on & on.. Oh my...

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That's a chunk of money but the program really works. I don't know how often you've been going out to eat or what your grocery bill is for a month, but I used to eat out a LOT and it added up. I guess if you stay home all the time and eat frugally, Nutrisystem would be costly. However, the results will be worth it!..

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It depends a lot. $300.00 for one person sounds like a lot. But that's only what, $12-13 a day? I always used to spend $4 for morning coffee/bagel on the way to work. Plus another $5 daily at the work cafeteria. I don't know what I used to spend on dinner, but guarnateed it was more than $4 a day..

Now, I know, I know. That $300.00 is just the basic food, no add ins. True enough..

But I no longer spend money on beer. Or soda. Or ice cream. Or doritoes. Or M&M's. Or have an entire block of chedder cheese and half a box of triscuits while watching a game on TV.

Now, maybe you weren't quite the glutton that I was. I hope you weren't lol, cause it sure did bad things to me that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But my point is, this isn't necessarily extra money. For a lot of people, this is just a shifted cost that they were gonna spend anyway. In my case, I know I'm coming out ahead financially, because of all the crap I don't buy anymore..

And consider health effects. What is the real cost of doing nothing? If I stayed as heavy as when I started, I'd probably have chopped a good 10 years of my life. Maybe more.

I mean, there's no magic pixie dust in the food. Anyone of us could lose weight without this. But the Nutrisystem food makes it so darn convienent that it removes a major obstacle... never having time enough to eat healthy. Totally worth the money in my book...

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I have just received my Nutrisystem order yesterday and I am very excited to get started. So the "extras" is where I need to concentrate on. I can easily pick out what I want for meals because they have made it so with fruits and vegies can you have as many kinds at 1 sitting or does it have to be 1 vegie (type) 1 fruit (type) w/ each meal? For example w/ your salad can you put tom, cucs, peppers, etc. and that will be ok? I just want to make sure that I am doing the add-ins correctly. Thanks for any help!!!..

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Yes, you can add all sorts of different vegetables on a salad. Especially if they are "unlimited" vegetables in the meal planner. For the other vegetables, you just have to watch the total portion size. But as many on these boards have said before me, none of us got heavy from eating veggies, so I wouldn't worry too much :-)..

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Why does the meal planner include a list of carbs but unless you have over 100 lbs. to lose you can't use any of these carbs in your day?..

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Great question?I got got my box yesterday also..I was thinking of the same thing..I am going to start my Nutrisystem on sunday.That way I can go to the store this week-end and have everthing that I need..Can't wait to start..

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You add carbs when the box for the meal calls for it. The beef patty, chicken breast, fajita, sloppy Joe, hot dog, chicken salad, and tuna salad all require a carb with the entree...

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