What to eat at movies during Medifast?

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When I was first on Medifast, I would order the soy crisps and then switched to pretzels when I went to the movies. My hubby loves his buttered popcorn and it makes me crave crunchy snacks!.

What OP snacks do you guys eat when you go to the movies?..

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I bring my puffs, and some almonds with me!..

Comment #1

Nacho cheese puffs and a chocolate mint bar. I time my meals so that I can have both at the movie if I want...

Comment #2

Yep, puffs for me, too and sometimes I have a mix of a bag of puffs and a bag of soy crisps (if I still have the snack available that day and want to use it). My DH will take puffs and a pickle...he loves having pickles for his snack...

Comment #3

Pretty generic question, but why do you need to eat anything at a movie?..

Comment #4

I can't speak for the original poster, but it is not really a question of need, is it? It just helps with the mental aspect. I know for me, I usually sit there with a tub of popcorn. Having something else with me helps me feel less deprived..

When I went to see the latest Harry Potter, I took some of those new cinnamon pretzels that everyone but me hates!..

Comment #5

Oh? I thought the implication was she had to eat something. Guess I read it wrong...

Comment #6

I take a bottle of water in with me. That's it...

Comment #7

You just made me laugh outloud with the Pretzel comment Library...

Comment #8

I bring puffs and a caramel bar. Then I don't feel deprived when others are enjoying. I've learned that when others can enjoy a treat and I can't it becomes a trigger and I overindulge (binge) later. (Learned with gluten.....if I went to a party and they had cookies (poor me, no cookies) I ate the whole box later. Now I plan ahead and am a happy camper.

Only now with all the water I drink, I have to use the restroom at least once, sometimes twice during the movie. Missed the end of one last month that way...

Comment #9

I haven't seen a movie at the theater since the kite runner.

I go to 4-5 community theater productions a year.

I don't eat during the play...

Comment #10

I never eat at movies. It's hard for me to go with people who do. Wow..that makes me sound so touchy. It all makes too much noise...

Comment #11

Yeah, see. I'd have to give you the stink eye...

Comment #12

I went to see the latest HP movie last weekend and was afraid that I'd really miss the popcorn, but I took a package of pretzels and a PB crunch bar and got a large bottle of water. Ate them slowly and didn't miss the popcorn at all...

Comment #13

I don't eat anything. If it's a long movie, I'll eat something right before it starts and have something available for afterward. But I find I concentrate more on the story when I'm not eating. I generally don't even take water because then I have to leave to go to the bathroom..

I was mentally cursing out the noisy people in Harry Potter, rustling their popcorn and opening their crinkly candy. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and I was thinking, "how can you eat that much popcorn after a feast yesterday?!"..

Comment #14

See..and it's not like all the food is consumed during the previews so it interferes during the show...

Comment #15

I don't bring anything except a water bottle. I've realized that the normal cultural way of American eating got me fat and now I'm trying to change my culture and my routine, not only to lose but to maintain my weight once I'm at goal...

Comment #16

Thanks everyone! Good suggestions..

For me, it's not a matter of need I simply enjoy a movie and a snack so I brought my puffs last night and a bottle of water. I even put them in a ziploc so that the bag wasn't all noisy because I also get distracted when people around me are super loud. Anyhow - it was perfect! Fun night out with my peeps too..

The movie by the way was awesome - Black Swan... If you go though - be prepared to be unsettled!..

Comment #17

I love movie popcorn, so it's really hard to not have anything with the smell all around me, so I take the puffs. They are crunchy and tasty. I do also have a diet soda. I would love it if Medifast made a buttered popcorn flavored puff.. yumm....

Comment #18

I hate the sound of crinkles, popcorn munching, talking, and adults who scream and cry at Harry Potter movies..

Comment #19

I hate those sounds at ANY movie! I find it absolutely repulsive so sit there and listen to other people chewing, slurping and chomping!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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