What to do with fish during Nutrisystem?

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I have a nice piece of halibut. What can it be added to in order to make a meal? I have a lot of choices because I just started the program...

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Your question was: What to do with fish during Nutrisystem?.

I know. But I would like to add it to something rather than eat it plain. I wanted to know which meal(s) it might be good with...

Comment #1

You can save a protein and eat if for dinner along with your mac and cheese....or use it at lunch and eat it with your potatoes. I like just having a salad and some fish.....

Comment #2

Assuming you don't cook it in butter or add any significant calories during cooking, 5 ounces of halibut is about 198 calories, 4.1 g fat, 0 g carb, and 37.8 g protein. Since it has no carbs, you need to add those in. Pick a low GI carb from your list, such as brown rice..

3 ounces of long grain brown rice is 94 calories, 4.9 g fat, 19.6 g carb, and 2.2 g protein..

That would put your entree at 292 calories, 4.9 g fat, 19.6 g carb, and 40 g protien..

That would be an EXCELLENT Nutrisystem dinner entree, assuming you still add your veggies and fat serving. TONS of protein which is really good for you!..

Comment #3

OK. Thank you. It is only my third day so I guess I am still afraid to do anything which is not in the package. But I now see that getting the right amount is only a click away. I know I need something extra from the morning walk so I guess I will do this for lunch...

Comment #4

Not sure what you mean by "do this for lunch". If you are refering to my post, then don't do what I said for lunch unless you plan to have an Nutrisystem lunch entree at dinnertime. I used dinner stats..

If you just want to add some halibut to your day without it being your meal, then just cook it up and add it to a salad or entree or eat it plain. If you are doing that, you can have about 2 ounces and it counts as a very healthy dairy/protein serving...

Comment #5

OK thanks. Still getting used to this. That's why I wanted to stick to the packages for a few days. That way I couldn't go wrong. But the fish will get bad if I don't use it...

Comment #6

I totally understand. It is too soon for you to worry about making your own meals. But just know that the one I outlined would be an excellent sub for an Nutrisystem dinner. For now, it is probably best for you to just use the fish as a protein add-in...

Comment #7

I get it- you don't want to make a flex meal. You want to eat it WITH a Nutrisystem meal as the dairy/protein serving, right?.

I'd have it at lunch time and use either the Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli or the Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes. I love having those as a "side dish". Have some steamed veggies or a salad on the side...

Comment #8

Yesterday, I cooked a salmon filet and then flaked it and added it to the cheesy mashed potatoes. Then made potato cakes by sauteing on stove with Pam spray. I think there's a recipe somewhere for this but I imagine you could do the same with any fish. It was great - thanks to whoever made up this recipe...

Comment #9

While salmon is good for you, it doesn't fit the Nutrisystem stats all that well for a dairy/protein as it is high in fat. One ounce is 58 calories, but is 3.5 g fat and only 6.3 g protein. Increasing the portion to hit the protein stat will put you even more over in fat grams. Most other fish is less high in fat...

Comment #10

Salmon is high in fat because of the Omega-3, so it is a very healthy fat that is beneficial to your heart and body. The response from D_S below refers to the lean protein serving and not a dairy/protein serving..

Somehow the Gortons salmon that many use only has 3g of fat in a 100 oz serving.

Personally, for wild salmon (you should be eating wild, not farm raised) that I was buying from the fish monger, I would use 2 oz for a dairy/protein serving and not get concerned about the fat because it is really good fat. The other option is to use a 2 oz portion and count it as one protein + one fat serving...

Comment #11

Cook the fish and use 2-3 oz as your dairy/protein serving. Eating it alongside the cheesy potatoes is a good idea. Some people like to add fish to the pasta dishes (personally doesn't appeal to me)..

The leftovers can be eaten cold on a salad, or warmed up for the next day..

I am confused by your statement "I know I need something extra from the morning walk" are you adding in additional foods because of exercise?..

Comment #12

Thanks but I'll take a little more of the fat in order to get those good Omega 3's. I only used an ounce and I don't think that's going to blow things. I am here to lose weight but I'm also looking at healthy food and portion control...

Comment #13

Here's an idea. Grill the fish and have it with the fajitas and make a fish taco!..

Comment #14

Thanks applepiemom - If I get so bogged down in those kind of minute details I can lose sight of what I'm trying to do about getting healthy (not just skinny). Plus it gets so demanding that I get frustrated. I guess each of us have a different way of doing things.

BTW - umm fish taco's - my favorite...

Comment #15

I am reading your posts and I don't understand. Today is my first day on Nutrisystem and I guess I have no clue what I am doing. lol. I thought you could only eat what is in the daily tracker and on the grocery guide it says 1oz for fish. I am confused. I am sooo scared that I am going to do this wrong and I am not gonna loose any weight and waste all my money. Can someone give me an example of exactly what they eat in a day?? Thanks..

Comment #16

That's what I was talking about, if you try to break everything down to every detail then you'll get confused and frustrated. You're doing exactly right by just looking at your tracker and grocery guide and eating what it on there. Don't concern yourself with the other things right now. Nutrisystem is very easy unless we make it difficult.

Today I had:.


NS Blueberry muffin.

Skim milk.

1/2 Banana.


NS Chicken and Noodles.

Cabbage slaw (cabbage, red onion, red bell pepper and ff dressing).


1 oz. tuna.





NS chicken pasta parm.

Brocolli and cauliflower with tsp. olive oil.

1/2 banana.


Chocolate Crunch bar..

Comment #17

I agree with Polly, keep it simple, the reason Nutrisystem worked for me with my work schedule was because of the simplicity. The online food diary is a great tool, it automatically gives you the recommended portion size when you enter the item you have chosen to eat, it helped me a great deal when I first started...

Comment #18

Whatever you do, don't get scared about messing up! There are lots of folks here who offer great advice and can really help you. My day was similar to Polly's:.


NS Granola Cereal (mixed into my yogurt instead of with milk).




NS Split Pea soup poured over.

Cauliflower (steamed).

- a couple hour later I had.


Tuna (in water).



String cheese.


NS Chili w/beans (on top of.



Pace Picante Sauce (free food).

Fat: 6 Almonds.


NS Strawberry Shortcake bar.

I hope this helps. Everything is eithr provided by Nutrisystem or on the grocery list...

Comment #19

This is soooo true! I wouldn't survive right now without logging my food on line. I also drink nearly 2 gallons of water a day (after I have my morning cup of coffee ) I log everything! Including weight, exercise, etc. and read the daily dose every morning while enjoying my coffee! I also read the mindset makeovers every week...

Comment #20

FYI, you are missing 1/2 dairy/protein from breakfast since you skipped the milk for the cereal. Make sure in the future you make that up some point throughout the day. No skipping foods on NS!..

Comment #21

Diantameecha...I love all types of fish. It is a great protein choice in 1 oz portions. I love to grill with bell pepper, onions, mushrooms (veggies are free). Freeze extra portions and enjoy once a day thru out the week with various meals at breakfast lunch or dinner when protein is added...

Comment #22

Although I live up North now, I grew up in the South. So I perfer Catfish..

I usually take a fillet and cut it into 2 oz portions. Then spray it with pam and add Lemon Pepper to it and Cook it on top of the stove. I then eat it as a protein for my lunch, with the Nutrisystem cheesy mashed potatoes...

Comment #23

So what. just hit the protein and calorie stats. Minimum protein and max calorie and don't obsess so much on the carb versus fat. Maintaining proper calories will keep the right deficit and rate of loss. Maintaining sufficient protein will keep muscles rebuilt. Especially when flexing, some...flexability is needed...and worrying about fat grams when BOTH protein AND calories are ok, doesn't make much sense.

That said, white fish is easier...

Comment #24

Don't be scared little newbie. This plan is about learning by doing. you are in the right place. Food tips rocks. It seems complicated at first, but in the end will be simple and put good habits in you..

Just follow the plan in the book. no booze, no cheats. And eat lots of unlimited veggies to stay stuffed. You'll lose just fine. This is a serious diet...

Comment #25

There are some great salmon patties out there that basically match the Nutrisystem burger. Maybe a little higher in fat than the burger but not by much. Most of the salmon patties I've seen run between 95 and 120 calories, close enough to the burger, and so good for you that I have one at least once or twice a week..

They all have different flavors though, so don't give up if you find one you don't like!!!!!!! I have a few I love and a few I'd never eat again! Jillian..

Comment #26

Sometimes when I am really hungry and have the time to fix it, I like to eat a piece of fish along with the Cheesy Potatoes and some veggies. It is a lunch that feels more like a dinner to me...

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