What to do if run out of Medifast meals?

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Long story short, I wasn't able to go home either last night or this morning to pick up my Ziploc of meals or my L&G. Basically the last two days I've been entirely on the go, a two-day intensive cabaret set up - it was impromptu, I didn't know about it til early Monday morning so I had no time to plan ... reguardless I thought I'd at least be able to go home last night. So anyway, today - until about 5:00 - all I have are three meals:.

- Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.

- Brownie.

- Soft Serve.

... left over from the last two days..

I didn't have a bowl at work, so I had to mix the oatmeal in a styrofoam cup, guestimating the amount of water I needed. The oatmeal and water didn't fully mix so I had soup on the top and powder on the bottom. I mixed it the best I could but could only eat about half before I wanted to gag..

The brownie won't be a problem to make at work, so that's fine. But what the heck am I supposed to do with the soft serve!? I don't have a blender, or ice..

I can't go pick up a L&G somewhere because I've had Burger King grilled chicken salads the last two days. I can't do it again! This was supposed to be a power week for me and I'm really nervous that these two, and now three days are going to mess me up!.

ANYWAY! I need help! Is there anything I can do with that soft serve at work? No blender, no ice, no measuring cup, no extras. Has anyone made pudding with it?.

Any other suggestions? HELP!..

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I've read that when someone runs out of meals to use a cup of milk as a supplement. No clue with the soft serve...good luck. In this situation you can only do the best you can. Don't stress...

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I would probably just mix the soft serve with water to make a thickish drink and chug it...

Comment #2

Sam - Learn from this. I kept Medifast packets everywhere I spent time. In my car, in my desk drawer, in my purse. I also keep a case of bottled water in the trunk of my car at all times. That way, regardless of what was going on with my day, I always had something to fall back on. I also had several of the shaker cups that come with the variety packs and I kept one of those at work as well.

Same with the soups. I have seen Nutrisystem suggest 8 oz of skim milk as a replacement for an Medifast meal and it never ceases to make my head spin. Yes, the milk has similar calories and carbs to an Medifast shake, but has none of the nutrients that come in the Medifast meals. But do what you need to do..

Do the best you can do with the choices you have. And make sure that in the future you have every eventuality covered, because you never know what's going to happen on any given day...

Comment #3

De hit it on the head. We gotta be prepared for any eventuality if we want to be successful in this most important undertaking. And aren't we fortunate that Medifast lets us do so with all the great choices in bars, pretzels, and puffs?! Meanwhile, good luck today. I think the best you can do is like Cellis said, make it into a thickish drink and bottoms up!..

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I have mixed soft serve with hot coffee and the results are pretty good if you like coffee drinks. Good luck...

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So, be prepared like a girl scout for the future... I learned to stock 'grab and go' things that do not need to be cooked like bars, puffs, and the old pretzels at work and in my car. Like you, I learned the hard way!!.

But to help you out for today, have your 3 Medifast meals and one Medifast meal later tonight, plus 2 L & G (maybe one for lunch and one for dinner). Basically, for one day do the 4 & 2 plan, which is two full L &G and 4 Medifast meals. This is what people do who are exercising heavily or who do a lot of socializing and eating out-basically it's a modified diabetic Medifast plan. Anyway, doing the 4 & 2 won't kick you out of ketosis but it will help you to survive the day. I would not just eat the 3 Medifast meals and then wait until after 5pm to eat your L & G and the last 2 Medifast meals-that's a recipe for starvation and a binge. The BK chicken salad is a better choice IMHO than not having a L & G for lunch.

Don't worry about it not being 'perfect,' just make choices that'll be on plan. Stressing out about perfection is what makes a lot of dieters quit. If the BK chicken salad has items on it that are off plan then take them off and throw them away. This journey is not about being perfect, just try to be consistent!.

Regarding the soft serve, just mix it with a cup of water and make a shake, or a little less water to make a pudding. It won't be fantastic but it'll do in a pinch.

Good luck! Days like this aren't fun...

Comment #6

Hey Sam! I think the milk is a great idea. Missing nutrients from one or two Medifast meals is not a big deal. You are getting the right number of calories, carbs and good protein and you can always take a multivitamin to supplement.

The 4&2 could work well too. Maybe run by the store and grab some string cheese and veggies? Is there a restaurant where you could get a turkey or veggie burger, minus bun?.

The best thing I can recommend is to track everything you eat. You'll be able to see that your calories and carbs are within the limit and for one day that's the key! Good luck!..

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I appreciate all your suggestions. I usually do plan ahead - I even pack up little Ziplocs for a whole month that have the meals in them, so in the morning I can just grab it and go. But circumstances last night prevented me from going home. I have an extra box of bars at my house, so I think I'm going to grab it and stick it in my desk, just in case this happens again!.

I had the oatmeal like I said - or at least most of it. I'm going to try to turn the soft serve into a pudding - who knows, it might be good (can someone tell me the amount of water used in the regular pudding - I'll have to still eyeball it but knowing the amount will help). And like I said, the brownie will turn out fine at least. I think I'll go to Wendy's and get one of their little side salads to hold me over til I get home for my lean ... just will have to pull almost everything off..

I've already talked to my mom about my situation for the day, so we are going to make the Mushroom Mozzarella Pizza tonight which will take care of my other two meals, my full lean, and the other green..

It'll be rough but hopefully I can make it :/..

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You add half a cup of water to make the pudding. Since the soft serve is a different kind of food you might need to tweak that and add a little more or less water though. Sounds like you have a plan for today! Just make sure that if you feel starvation or a binge coming on that you give yourself the option of a second L & G.....

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Yeah I thought about it and edited my last comment, saying I'm going to run to Wendy's and get a little side salad.

Thanks for the water tip. I'm hoping it will work out!..

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Good plan Sam! We all will have times when we'll be unprepared or something will happen that'll make it difficult to stay on plan. Learning to deal with them will make us successful in our weight loss and also help us to maintain at goal This is what I tell myself all the time...

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I think we all learn like this, the hard way, and then figure it out. Just make the soft serve like a shake, put some water in it, and drink it. Not ideal, but better than nothin'. This is why I have stuff in my purse and my car, just in case...

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I make my soft serve into a pudding all the time. Use about 4z of water and stir...

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