What store can I buy packaged Nutrisystem food?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What store can I buy packaged Nutrisystem food? Hoping for any answer. Second question.. Hello Fellow Canadians,.

We seem to be a small group but big losers, so come here and lets continue our journey together. Since we are re-introducing ourselves from the old thread I will start. I hope the new thread may get more Canadians to join and support each other. Of course even if you aren't Canadian feel free to visit, we are all in this journey together..

Karen from Toronto, began Nutrisystem Jan 4, 2011.

Start weight: 228.

Current weight: 203.

Next Goal: 194 by St, Paddys Day.

Personal Goals: be 188 by 50th Birthday April 1st.

Be 168 by June 30 (which will be 60lbs).

After that will see how I feel and maybe make a new goal if need be. I have no plans to be at a weight that is unrealistic for me. My goal is not to get skinny but to get healthy because skinny is not healthy..

Happy weekend everyone!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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I still can't find the other new thread. I have no clue how to delete threads so maybe one of the mods can delete the old one. We need to have the new thread in a place that newbie Canadians can find it. Glad you like it!..

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Hi there,.

I am Heather from Trenton, Ontario..

My Start was Jan 19th, Start weight 287. Lost 21.2 pounds so far..

My spouse and I are on the journey together, and of course he is loosing faster than I am.

We got more snow today. booo. I am craving spring so bad. Better than a food craving though...

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Thanks so much Karen for starting the new thread - and glad to see some other Cdn. members that I didn't meet before!.

I am Shauna, from London, ON.

Staring weight: 250 lbs..

Current weight: 224 lbs..

Goal weight: 130 lbs..

Next mini-goal: 44 lbs. by my 44th birthday, on May 25th..

Long term goal: at goal (130 lbs.) by my 45th birthday in 2012..

Look forward to chatting with you all later,.



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Well this is the only thread I wil be posting on, I am tired of the "holier than thou" attitudes on some of they other threads and it almost drove me from the boards completely. Some people seem to think that there is only 1 set of rules for losing weight and keeping it off and if you don't follow them then you are wrong and not following the plan correctly even though your track record speaks for itself. FYI....none of this came from any of my fellow Canadians so I will stick with you guys from now on...

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Hi Heather,.

Wow you are doing very well, 21.2 lbs in such a short time, congrats!.

Doesn't it just drive you crazy that hubby not only get to eat more but loses faster as well? MEN! lol..

It's been snowing here all day as usual as well and I have never wished for spring as much as I do this year, enough already. Hard to believe that Spring is officially only 24 days away! And yes better than a food craving,lol.

Sylba, I agree, mini goals are the best way to do it, I say 160 is my final goal but who knows maybe when I get there I will still want to lose more but thinking that far ahead is too hard. I find making smaller goals keeps me motivated..

One of the other posters on another thread has the best goal. He/she says their short-term goal is to "weigh less next month than they do this month" and that is a great weigh (had to spell it like that) to do it..

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Thank you. What amazes me is that it is staying off and still going down, unlike fad diets I had tried..

I had an epiphany one day in the first week when I opened aNutrisystemchocolate bar and thought, "it's so small, I'll have to eat it slow and savour it." Then like a lightbulb going off, it clicked "I'm on a diet and eating CHOCOLATE!!" Size does not matter.

This IS a lifestyle change..

23 days is a good minigoal time, I want to drop 12 pounds by spring...

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Welcome Heather! Wow great news on the weight loss, keep it up and don't focus on the hubby, concentrate on yourself as you are doing awesome and men tend to lose quicker than women most of the times anyways!!!!!!!.

Hi Karen, for everybody to find your post, I went on Jeannie's thread and the old thread and put in the link to this thread...hope it works and that we all find ourselves here on this thread....

Thanks...I think I will start and put a ticker as to a mini goal I want to aim at.

Take care everyone and hope this board comes alive..

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Hi Karen, for everybody to find your post, I went on Jeannie's thread and the old thread and put in the link to this thread...hope it works and that we all find ourselves here on this thread....

Thanks, Karen, Sylvie and Jeannie for getting us all sorted out and moved to a new thread..

I am having a quiet Sunday afternoon. My DH has gone out to do some errands and help his sister. I am simply exhausted today, and begged off. So my Liam and I are just playing on the Wii and computer. I need to do some chores around here myself but thought I would check in with you guys first. Hope you are all having a nice weekend..

I had a rough week last week staying on program. I somehow always have a back slide when I have new medical problems and those of you from the "Frozen food" thread know I just got diagnosed with Asmtha and am learning how to use the puffer properly. I let it get the best of me.

Emotionally this week, but refuse to let it go any further. The pity party is over for me. I am back to 100% for the next two weeks and then I leave for my Floridas vacation. Oh, do I need it. This weekend we got more snow, but it's the slushy, sleety kind. I did some sun!!!.

Anyway, all the best with your programs and I will chat with you all soon,.



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Hi Everyone!.

Is this where we are all going to meet now? LOL.

My name is Tracey.

From Brockville ON.

Started Jan 3 2011.

Start weight 236.4.

Current weight 215.

Today is my weigh in, I stayed the same and thats cool! I had a five pound loss the previous week so I was glad to see it wasn't any kind of 'fluke'..

I went to the States today for some groceries. Tried the greek yogurt (got some fage and some chobani) and can't say I'm a fan of it plain , definitely needs some doctoring to eat it. I saw on a thread some people were stirring in some sf jello pudding mix for flavour, So I got some cheesecake flavour to try it. We'll see. Does anyone else eat greek yogurt, and what do you do to make it palatable?.

Nice to see so many Canadian faces here.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend!.


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Well I'll pop on the represent the lesser sex..

My name is Rob.

From Edmonton, AB (Gods country.


Started Feb 09.

Start weight 250.

Current weight 232.

Goal weight 190.

Good on all you fellow Canuk peeps for your excellent accomplishments..

A friend said she disliked the food, but I can't find anything wrong (we except for the hamburger patty), I'm getting the American plan. My problem is finding veggies that are tasty without dip..

Well this is my first day on the boards and so far the couple of threads I've be in are very interesting, this looks like a good one to watch...

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Welcome Robert and Tracey!.

I had also heard that the foods were not that grest but like you Robert, haven't found much to complain about, only a few items I won't order again, I find the foods way better than the frozen Lean Cusines and Weight Watchers I ate before..

So what days does everyone weigh in? Mine is Thursdays..

Hope everyone had a great weekend, went and saw a few movies before the Oscars tonight. Rooting for The Fighter personally but expecting Social Network to take best picture..

Shauna, better weeks ahead and hope you are feeling much better..

Have a great week everyone!..

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Hello everyone, Brenda from Calgary. I had started the old thread and didn't realize it had taken off. The new name is much better. I check the blogs much more often than the discussion boards so I haven't been here for a while. My start weight was 200 and current weight is 165. Glad to meet you all and will now check back to this thread more often...

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Hey Tracey! I add about 1/2 cup of Splenda to my Greek yogurt. It's disgusting with nothing added to it and the Splenda doesn't add any calories!.


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Thanks Jeannie, I will try that! It does keep you really full for a long time though, good stuff..

Hi Brenda and Rob.

Nice to see a guy joining our Canuck group! Congrats to both of you on your progress, way to go!! I order from the US site as well, much more selection and to be honest, I am loving the food. Plenty to eat, I stay full, and best of all...its working!.

Of the new foods, I love the italian wedding soup and the popcorn! The pbj bar is okay, not as good as I was hoping. What are some of your favs and what do you add to them to rev them up a bit?.

Monday and rainy here, staying in my pjs today.

I work midnights this week, so not due into work until 10 pm tonight..

Be cool!.


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Hi gang,.

Hope you are having a good Monday morning. We had lots of rain last night, melted some of the snow from last week. Thankful for that. The smell of spring is in the air, and by that, I mean SKUNKS! Yuck! But still, it's a good sign that winter is almost over..

Hey, Tracey. I didn't get to the store to try the new PC Greek yogurt, but I agree - you have to add something to it. Did you really say Cheesecake flavoured jello powder??? I will have to look for that when I am in the states. Yum!.

Not a bad weigh in after losing so much the week before. Good for you..

Hi ya, Rob, nice to meet you. Jump on in...glad to have you!.

Thanks, Karen. I am getting there - I am finding the mornings too hard to do the puffer, so I am trying waiting until I get to work before doing it. It seems to be working better. I am going to go get a mask for the Aero Chamber/puffer in hopes that will work better. Wish me luck!.

Hey, Brenda. Please do and thanks for starting the initial thread. I am so enjoying chatting with all the members..

Have a great day all, and chat with you soon,.



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Hi everyone, just checking in to see how everyone is doing.

Shauna, I feel for you and your asthma, but once you get the hang of using your puffer and such, it will be easier and hopefully going on your much deserved vacation will make you feel better about things..

Welcome Robert and Brenda and anyone I might have missed. It is great to see more Canadians on the Board....I love most of the foods also, a few exceptions, but Robert I know you mentioned the flame broiled patties, I kind of like them myself and lately, I have been putting minced onion in the plastic before putting the water and it has a much better taste.

Jeannie, will definitely try the splenda in the greek yogurt as I cannot eat it plain..too much of a sour tast for me..

Watched part of the oscars last night...did not watch all of it, but have taped it. Shauna, is it worth watching the end or was it boring...I agree with you about James Franco he always looked like he was being for the movies, I have not seen the fighter, but loved Kings Speech and hoped it would win and I think it did (never quite liked those types of movies, but loved this one..

As for weighing in...I have to confess that I weigh myself everyday...I know that is bad, but something I always do...but I only log on Monday's usually..

Well back to work I is raining, snowing, ice rain...mixture of yuk.

And so looking forward to spring and no snow..

Have a great day everyone and will chat with you all later..

Take care!..

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My faves: Let me tell ya, if I was stranded on a desert island and could only take 1 food fromNutrisystemit would be the pizzas! I also love all the wraps and the Sloppy Joe. Desserts: Chocolately Chip pudding, it makes a fair size bowl, I was surprised! Breakfasts: Double chocolate muffin, Lunch: Rice with Cajun sausage and beans and the Fudge Graham Bar..

Glad you found us Jeannie, I was getting worried!..

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I think the Oscars were worth watching - I missed the part with James in drag, but don't think I will go back and watch it now. I throughly enjoyed the show, love seeing all the gowns and the men in tuxes..

The Kings speech is on my list to see asap. It won so many awards, and deservedly so from what I hear. There is a lot of coverage on two of my fav. sites:.


If you choose not to watch..

Me too - glad to see you on the thread..

Bye for now everyone,.




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Hi all:.

Haven't had much time to relax and get back on the computer. Boy, do I miss my life prior to April. My father and all the related problems have become a full time job..I can't get over it. I'm happy I found you guys. Well, it looks like I'm the old fart on this tread, but I'm young at heart! This is my second time around on Nutrisystem. The last time I lost over 35 lbs, but it took over 1 1/2 yrs because I'm a slow loser.

I just turned 61 at the end of Feb. and I live on the west Island of Montreal, Que..

It's great that this new thread was started and we have more canadians that have joined our little group. Shaunna, it is important to have the right attiutude about not letting your asthma get the better of you. You will benefit in the long run. I know your vacation is coming up soon and it will make you feel like a new person. I'm not having any luck reaching my dumb surgen lately. I went for that private MRI in the hopes of speeding up my surgery and all I get is her answering machine.

His act in drag was quite forgettable to say the least..

Jeannie, you said you put how much splenda in the yogurt? Wasn't it too sweet? I guess I'm lucky because I prefer savory food as oposed to sweets. Salt on the other hand is a problem for me because of the soduim so I have to be really careful. There is no perfect situation..

Karen, if you don't like the plain greek yogurt, you can also use a tablespoon of sf chocolate pudding for a change..

Sylvia, I don't have a problem with the taste of the plain Fage yogurt but then again I also like buttermilk. I do put my own fresh fruits in it sometimes when I feel like I'd like it a bit sweeter..

Tracy and Rob, welcome to our group! I hope I didn't miss anyone. Take care and I will be back soon..


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Good morning everyone...already at work and starting a cold.

Hope all of you will have a great day and Annie so happy you found this post.

Sorry to hear about your father, I know it can be tough as our parents get older...not easy..I will keep good thoughts going your way..

As for the sweets, I am like you Annie, I prefer the salt over sweet....I can live on the cheesies alone I think and know where to find some some if I run out (LOL). What I like aboutNutrisystemand the sweets or the salt addicts out there is that it gives you a proper portion and am understanding more and more that this is all about portion control (before NS, I could almost eat a bag of chips to myself without a second wonder why I gained weight.....

Karen, I will also be on the same island as you with the pizza also, one of my faves for sure.

Have a good day everyone and chat with you later!..

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Hi Miss Annie!! You heard me correct....1/2 cup of Splenda...I have a sweet tooth but, it doesn't seem overly sweet to me, just the right amount. But those are my tastebuds and I defiantely couldn't eat it without lots some sort of sweetener..


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Pizza....really? I haven't had one because I wasn't thrilled with the look of it when I opened the box. How are you doctoring these up? I guess I will have to try one..

I'm more of a sweet tooth as well Jeannie, thats why I liked the cheesecake flavour of sf jello pudding in the fage...delicious!.

Have a great night all..

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I like the pizza Tracey, but I just do it plane in the toaster oven and then put hot sauce on it....that's how I always eat my pizza and I think it's pretty good. Some people put all kinds of vegetables on it. How much of the cheesecake pudding mix do you put in it, does it make it really sweet???? Did you get that at Price Chopper in Ogdensburg? I tend to stay out of that section here in the supermarket so I don't know what it available...

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I love the pizza's!! I could eat nothing but the pizzas if I had to! I just put it in the micro with tons of mushrooms on it...

Comment #25


I can relate to the elderly parent stuff. My mom is 87 and she has issues as well, it is really tough to know that her time is getting shorter just because of her age, her health is not so bad yet. Lately it has really made me stop and realize how short life is. I lost my dad in 2000 and as tough as it was it seems harder watching my mom grow old..

Have a great day all!..

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I love both pizza's also (my favorite part of real pizza has always been the cheese and the crust) so I eat the pizza's plan also and put nothing on it put in the toaster oven (never in the microwave) cause I like crunchy.

...sometimes if I get adventurous, I will put some red, yellow or orange peppers on it and that is it YUM YUM!.

Have a great day everyone!..

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Jeannie, the first time I tried the cheesecake pudding mix I put in a tablespoon and that was probably a bit much. I will try a couple of tsps next and see how that is. I got the pudding mix in Watertown, also picked up a banana cream but haven't tried it yet..

This weekend I will try one of the pizzas with some veggies on top. I am on nights this week and my eating gets so screwed up, I find it difficult to eat everything I am supposed to..

I hope everyone's week is going well.


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I'm going over on the 15th Tracey so I'll pick up a box of each and give them a try. Do you like the Fage yogurt consistency though? I love how thick and creamy it is! I'm going to buy all they have on the shelf again, it has a really long shelf-life!! Annie is the one who told me about it...

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Hi everyone:.

What happened to the new thread?? I just found you guys back here?? Did the Moderators do that?.

I also love the pizza's but I just checked how much salt is in them and I'm going to have to keep them for "special occasions". I like them crispy as well and I usually slice the crust very carefully horizontally so that I have two and then put on my sauce and cheese and mushrooms and then toast it nice and crispy. Sooo good!.

I picked up some shiritaki soy noodles that I've been reading about on the BB. I tried them and haven't decided if I like them yet. When you open a bag it has a really funky smell and you have to rinse them a few times. They don't have a taste after that and the whole bag is 40 cal. It bulks up a meal and tricks you into thinking your eating alot more without adding that many calories. I'm going to use them again in a different entre and see if I like that better.

I hope you are all having a good week and things are going smoothly. It's really cold here. When is spring coming??? Opps! Just noticed that the thread has been combined!.


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Hi Annie,.

Sorry to take so long to get back to you - lots of stress the past few days, at home and at work. I think since they know I will be gone for 2 weeks, they want to make sure to get a month's worth out of me anyway..

I ended up getting the proper asmtha mask/aero chamber thingy and it is working so much better (and easier). I am noticing lots of small but positive changes in my breathing and quality of life. I may be able to really start exercising sooner than I had thought. Woo hoo! My attitude has changed for the better as well. I am feeling more competent with the whole thing, and that has made a big difference..

Yes, the surgical situation is the same here as in Que. 4 years ago, I had a bronchoscopy (sp?) test done and it took 8 months for a call back, even though my results were abysmal. But since then, I have had no problems. It's like, once you're in, "you're in". Good luck getting your MRI results..

I forgot about the pizzas - I do love those, both kinds, but I just do them plain. They are very filling, even though they look soooo small. The first time I opened one, I was shocked! Give it a go, and see what you think..

Did you get those in Canada or in the states? I have read lots about them as well, but can't get past the idea of the smell. Let me know what you think....

Bye for now everyone, chat with you later.

Back to the books!.


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Hey all, back to forums, a few good suggestions to try..

When you are talking the greek yogurt is this the same as balkin style? It's the kind that has the fruit on the bottom (I get it 0% plain myself) cause it has no gelatin (100% natural which is quite different than natural 100% - legally) and it's pretty thick. This is the only kind I can eat, the kind with the fruit or plain all through is too creamy..

I use it on top of the new delmonte fruit cups I found that are packed in water (they are 1/2 cup size) and get my dairy and fruit in one so no sugar needed. I like the tartness anyway so don't add sweetener..

Have to try the pizza tricks listed and Sylvie I'll try the hamburger idea next shipment, didn't order any this time..

The thing with the American plan, which I'm on is it's us dollars, but my last order the exchange was 1 CA to 1.02 US so made some money.

Hope every body is do well and keeping full, go my first bear, forgot about that woohoo!.


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Happy Weekend Everyone!.

Had my OWI today, down 3 lbs for a total of 28 so far, did a happy dance, cat thought I was cuckoo and ran under the bed. Bad new is I have a major headache and I wish it would stop so I can do my workout..

Thank god it's raining and not snowing..

Have a great day everyone!.


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Hi there! just found this you have room for one more?? Looks like you could use a representative from the west coast here! I'm from Kelowna BC, been doing theNutrisystemthing since Jan 10th..

Lost 16lbs so far....had a bit of a set back the last few weeks as a nasty flu bug ravaged our house. I've been struggling to eat everything on the plan as my appetite still isn't 100% yet. I tracked my food this past week and was under 1200 cal (generally around 900-1000), I exersiced every day this week (mon-fri), but sadly I only lost .5 lbs this weigh in. I guess it's really true that you need to eat everything on the plan!.

Anyway like the idea of the all canadian thread....I've been trying to find a group to join but haven't quite seen anything that seemed to "fit"..

Comment #34

Welcome mcpack, guess I can say that even if a relative newcomer myself.

I am in the frozen wasteland of central Alberta, lived in Kelowna for 8 months years back, great place. Also lived in Victoria for a bit, my niece is still there (getting ready to mow the lawn soon).

Heres hoping you fit in, I kinda like it. And you are right about getting the veggies and fruit and carbs along with the meals, I've noticed it does make a difference, was stuck for a while and that did make a change...

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Welcome mcpack! We always have room for one more. I average 1100-1200 calories a day and I exercise 5 days a week, works for me. If I start to plateau I will eat a little more but I go off plan every Saturday and I think this helps keep my metabolism revved up. Guys of course are suppose to eat more...

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Just got back from seeing the "Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon. The reviews were so good so I went with DH and both of us came home rather disappointed. I guess we had set our expectations way too high..

Shauna, I'm happy to hear that you got a better asmtha mask and that it is making you feel alot better. Once you are able to exercise you will feel so much better in general......I know I do. Your Florida trip is just around the corner and you must be getting really excited! Have you started packing? I bought my Shiritaki noodles in the States but I have bought them from the Low Carb Grocery in Toronto. They also ship and have quite a few interesting products..

Rob, I have never tasted the balkan style yogurt so I really can't say if the greek yogurt is similar. I buy the plain as well as I don't like really sweet things either. It is tart but I like to eat it with fresh fruit and that makes for a good desert or part of my breakfast. In your post you mention that you are getting ready to "mow the lawn"..

My lawn is buried under a mountain of snow!.

Karen, that's amazing that you lost another 3 lbs in a week. Your zipping staight to your goal, congrat's!.

Mcpack, welcome to our group! It's all positive encouragement here and good ideas..

I hope you are all having a good weekend! It's been raining all day here and very dreary. On a bright note it's melting alot of the snow so it's not all bad. We will see what tomorrow brings. Take care everyone!.


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Thanks Annie! Hey are you in Toronto? It's been raining here all day as well so that's why I ask.It's suppose to turn to freezing rain and then snow here overnight, yuck!.

I am on duty at my apt. building this weekend so watching movies, watched 127 hours and Due Date. Both very good, Due Date is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time..

Shauna, I envy you going to Florida! My son and I were suppose to go in April but had to cancel...

Comment #38

Thanks for the welcome everyone!.

Cuddleskp do you go completley off on Saturdays, eat whatever you want? I am always so paranoid to do that, worry that I'll ruin my whole week. My and my hubby went out for dinner for his b-day this week and I keep thinking that is why I didn't loose this week!.

Robertroy: heading to Victoria later this month, lived there for a few years about 19 years ago, haven't been back it there!..

Comment #39

Yep completely off. Last Saturday, I had normal cereal for breakfast, had popcorn at the movies then went to Red Lobster for dinner, even had a drink, I usually have dessert instead of a drink but that night felt like a drink so skipped dessert but if I still desired dessert would have had it. I still lost 3 lbs the following week but I also worked out 5 days after and never went over 1215 calories the days after. I do this every week and have lost every week ususally 3 lbs a week. It works for me but I can only speak for myself and would not tell someone else to follow my example. I refuse to go out with family and friends and not thoroughly enjoy it.

Life is suppose to be lived in moderation not deprivation. I didn't get to be overweight because I ate out once a week, I got to being overweight because I ate out all the time, there is a huge difference. People who say they are never going to touch a certain food ever again are really not learning how to eat properly for the rest of their life, they are actually going from one extreme to the other. Just my humble opinion. So go out with your husband and enjoy, 1 restaurant meal will not cause a weight gain, having it everyday of course it will.

Also don't do it if you are going to stress out about it either because it will actually be the stress that slows down the weight loss and if you are one of those people who can't handle it mentally and get right back onNutrisystemthe next day then I don't recommend it. Unfortunately for many people once they go off plan they can't get back on it because they think they have messed up anyway so they continue to eat badly. Hope this helps and now I wait for the Food Police to attack me,lol...

Comment #40

Hey Annie, It's my niece that lives in Victoria that has spring already, I live in a frozen wasteland with 3 feet + of snow, -15 to -20oC and blowing wind, aka central Alberta..

I do exactly the same with my yogurt, put it on some fruit and get my dairy and fruit breakfast allowance all in one. Plus the mid morning snack also has that option so I'll do that sometimes. The tart works great with the fruit..

Oh and mcpack, I hate you,.

Have a good trip to Gods country..

Comment #41

Hi Annie!! I went to see "The Adjustment Bureau" last night and really enjoyed it! I thought it was a great adventure!!! I love The Low Carb Grocer, they have great products!!.

The Shopping Channel is havingNutrisystemon today.....the lady who is theNutrisystemrep is a bit of a dud(personality wise) but I prefer to have the ability to choose my own foods, especially off the US site!! I did a price comparison between the Canadian and US site and even when we pay for shipping it's still less to order from the US site, by about$30-$40 a month..

OH....I tried the Peanut Butter & Jelly lunch bar!!! Loved it!.


Comment #42

Hi everyone:.

Karen, I live just west of Montreal in a suburb called the west island. Today it snowed all day and I'm starting to feel like spring just doesn't want to come this year! I find it's important to find what works for you while you change your eating habits. This is important to succeed and get to goal and hopefully keep the weight off. I know for me your system, although I'd love to be able to do it would not work. If I cheat just 1 time, it's almost a sure thing I won't lose anything but I'm alot older than you guys. I won't say that eventually I won't alow myself a little something special that I really want but I will wait until I have a substanial lose..

Rob, so you guys also have mountains of snow. I've never been to Alberta but my dh has told me you get tons of snow as well. He travelled extensively all over Canada before he retired. After all, it wouldn't be fair to hog all the snow in this neck of the woods, would it???.

Jeannie how's it going? Glad you enjoyed the movie. I keep reading the BB and enjoy reading everyones likes and dislikes of various foods. I ordered 1 of the peanut and jelly bars this month and don't hate me but I found it too sweet. I do like the trail mix bar sometimes when I'm in a pinch but that's why it's so important to try everything and make our own decisions about the food. I also ordered the popcorn but that was subbed out so I still don't know what that tastes like. I got some of the wedding's Ok but I find it has way too much salt so I don't think I will order it again..

Take care everyone.


Comment #43

Hi friends,.

Hope you had a lovely weekend - this is my first chance to get on the computer. Just one of those weekends..

Way to go, Karen! I too did not enjoy the snow and rain we got this weekend. My daffodils were poking out again, and now they are covered with snow, yet again. Hope you are feeling better. I get regular headaches and find that Excederin work best for me - if you haven't tried it, maybe give it a go..

Welcome to the group, mcpack! You have done very well so far..

Thanks, Annie! I am feeling much better and having more success with the mask. I look forward to getting out for some walks soon. My parents live in a gated community that is lovely for walking. I will look for those noodles in the states and try them there..

Yes, I have started packing and doing tons of laundry. Still lots to get ready, but I don't mind packing. I so hate the unpacking when I get home..

Karen, if it weren't for my snowbird parents, we wouldn't be able to afford to go every year. Luckily all we pay for is gas and spending money. I will be wishing you all some sunshine and warmth..

Glad to hear that - I will order some when I return. I love PB & J and I do really enjoy theNutrisystemlunch bars..

Anyway, off to bed. Will check in with you tomorrow,.



Comment #44

Annie, honey, don't forget I'm the one who puts a 1/2 cup of Splenda in her Greek Yogurt! like SWEET!!!!.

Hey Miss Shauna! It's a mild PB flavor and a strong, sweet grape jelly in the middle. Just get 1 and see what you think, that's what I did. I really like bars though, I order 26 bars and 2 other items for an ocassional Sunday at home meal, I don't like a big lunch and try to get away with the least amount of food as possible. I like the cheesey potatoes and I chop up 1/2 a small onion in the food processor and make the potatoes according to directions then in a no stick fry pan I make a big potatoe pancake and use some ketchup for dunking, I like this for when I want a 'comfort' type food for lunch and yesterday was perfect for it. The weather was SO crappy, perfect for something like that, we had rain, then it froze and changed to snow over night..

PROGRESS!!!!! I tried on my size 8 jeans this morning and they fit!!!!!....I still have a few pounds too as they are a little snug and I have a little muffin top but I can get them zipped comfortably!!! YAY!!!! I still want them to fit better!.


Comment #45

Good morning everyone:.

We are having a major snowstorm here and would you believe it, for the 1st time this year we have school closings because of the weather? It's March 7th for heavens sake. When is spring coming to visit????.

Jeannie, size 8...that's amazing! You must be absolutely thrilled to pieces! That's where I was when I lost onNutrisystemmy first time and that's where I will be again no matter what! I am determined this time not to gain it back!.

Shauna I hate unpacking as well. You have all this time and anticipate how great your vacation will be and then when you come back it's like there's nothing to look forward to anymore except a bunch of dirty cloths to wash. For me that's a real downer. As far as the shiritaki noodles go, I tried them again for a second time, rinsed them really well to get rid of the funky smell, drained them in a seive, then let them cook in the pan until they were dry. I cut them up to make smaller pieces and added my ns entree and then warmed the whole thing up. They really don't taste like anything so they taste like whatever entree you heat them up with..

Karen I hope your headache is gone and that you are feeling better..

Rob, Mcpack, I hope you are having a good week. Did I miss anyone?.

Take care and talk to you soon..


Comment #46

Good morning everyone!.

Annie absolutely right about this storm...where is SPRING!!!!.

I go to work downtown and it took me 3 hours to get here and not sure how I got here, I guess my car knows the way, thank god.

This has got to be the worst in a long time..

Jeannie, CONGRATULATIONS on the size 8..that is great news and hope to get back there myself, I am almost half way through my journey as I am on the verge of the 50 pounds (1 pound to go)..

Karen..CONGRATULATIONS on the 3 llbs keep it up!.

Shauna happy that mask is working and happy you are getting away soon...bummer on the unpacking, but think of the present first and enjoy the packing and enjoy Florida, worry about the rest later.

Back to work (starting a migraine with all the worries of getting in this morning)...not looking forward to driving back home..

Welcome to everyone new and hope everyone has a great week in all necks of the wood!.

P.S. I tried the Peanut butter and jelly, still on the fence on this one, just ordered one more in this shippment that was suppose to arrive today..doubt that will happen with the for the popcorn, I really liked it alot, have ordered some in this shipment, but not sure with all the posts if I will receive them or they will be substituted, willl let you know...

Comment #47

Hi all,.

Hope Monday morning is going well for you so far. We had another big dump of snow last night. Sigh....

Way to go, Jeannie! What a great accomplishment! Keep up the good work..

That sounds like a great idea. I will give it a go and add it to my fav. entrees..

Take care - hope you feel better soon..

Bye for now, all. Will chat with you later,.



Comment #48

Jeannie: size 8???? Congrats! Do I even dare dream of a size 8?..

Comment #49

Hey Jeannie, how much did you have to lose? Must have been a small amount if you are already in an 8...

Comment #50

Thanks Cuddleskp, I'm not sure I am brave enough to try that but I REALLY like the idea of it. One of the things I dislike about this is not eating what the family eats...and having one day a week where I can just be part of the family. We'll see how my progress is this week, I feel that I have such a long road ahead in my weight loss journey that the idea of having a day off once a week may make it a bit easier to face!.

Jeannie.....THANK You for you tip about the cheesey potatoes! I was so excited when I ordered them (ordered a bunch!) because I am a mashed potatoes girl and the first one I tried I thought yuck!! So I have not had one since! So I am excited to try them again tomorrow!.

I have to say the lunches are a real challange for me, I like the breakfasts, the dinners and the desserts, but lunches not so much.....


Comment #51

My jeans are still a titch snug, about 1 more inch in my waist and I'm finished!!!....exhausted sigh. I have no idea what my weight is because this time it's not about numbers for me. I'm not sure what eveyone else's goals are but, mine was just to get back into the clothes in my closet without struggling to do up the buttons on my blouses and zippers on my jeans. We all gained weight for different reason's and mine was stress and I never want that much stress in my life again!.

Continued success to everyone! I'm just taking this one day at a time and taking the changes as they come and living my life along the way. You can't put all the fun on the back burner just to drop a few pounds. I went to my favorite restaurant on Saturday night with friends for dinner before the movie and had deep fried dill pickles...I hadn't had them in months and shared chicken nachos too! I enjoyed every bite of everything!!!.


Comment #52

In reference to your lunch too Rob! That's why I order about 99% bars for lunches....I get chocolate just about every day, twice a day, because I usually have chocolate in some form for dessert too! The Double Chocolate Caramel bars are my fav and my least fav is the chocolate raspberry bar, it's not horrible I just can't taste the chocolate as much as I'd like but it's still good, that's just my taste though. Maybe you should look into trying more of the bars, they also work with my work lifestyle though, as I don't usually have time to eat a whole meal so I eat some fat free turkey(quickly) with some V-8 juice for my morning snack then eat the bar a couple hours later(quickly), while I'm working..


Comment #53

Oops sorry for the confusion.....I'm not Rob, I was giving Rob a face cause he said he hated me for my upcoming Victoria vacation! LOL!.

Thanks though for the tip about V8...I love it so I will defintley get some next trip to the grocery store..

The other question I had is where are people getting the popcorn and p b and j bars?? thanks! Mcpack..

Comment #54

McPack....sorry for the goof up! When you place your next order before it goes out on Auto-delivery you can go through your last order and EDIT what gets shipped to you, 'customise' your order, so you get only what you want and don't have to get items yo don't like. If you go the "My Account" in the upper left corner you can sign in and 'tweak' your order so it's perfect for you! That's how I'm able to get mostly bars for lunch, and pancakes, cinnamon buns and scones for breakfast and a couple of double chocolate muffins...for dinners I choose a variety of items and for dessert I mostly get the peppermint patty cookies, they are my fav's!!!.

Another answer to that question is the possibility that you are ordering off the Canadian site and if you change to the US site(which is easy) you have a MUCH greater selection of foods to choose from!.


Comment #55

Good morning everyone...finally no snow today yahoo!!!! The sun is shinning and hopefully it will be a beautiful day!.

Mcpack...I just got my order yesterday and I had asked for some peanut butter bars and popcorn....I only ordered two of the peanut butter bars as I am still on the fence about these and will have to try again...I received both. As for the popcorn, I ordered 5 and they got substituted for cheesies, which I also love as the popcorn is backorder and I think this also happened to someone else on this board...I think it was Annie. I also order from US side as there is more variety and choices..

Hope you all have a nice day and will check with you all later!..

Comment #56

Well I think I am out of luck.....I tried to put my order through yesterday from the US site and it is not available in my area!!!..

Comment #57

Where are you from McPack again? I find it odd that it is not available in your area...did you call them and see if you can order from the US or they are the ones that actually told you that it was not available?..

Comment #58

All you have to do is call them McPack....they will do everything for you. Just tell them you want to change from the Canadian Site to the US one. The number is on the home page. It's easy and they are really nice about it!..

Comment #59

Mpack: Call the US site and talk to Lydia at ext. 3059. She is the one that took care of me when I switched and she is truly amazing. Anytime I have a problem and I haven't had any yet I know I have a name that I can call and trust..

Jeannie: you are going about the weight loss the best way! Too many people are consumed with the number on the scale and really it's all about how our clothes fit that makes us happy. You go girl!..

Comment #60

Thanks ladies! I fiddled around and it looks like I can order from the a la carte option (expensive though!). I have been getting myNutrisystemfrom cosco's so I will call tomorrow and see if I can use that on the uS site......

Jeannie I had the cheesy potatoes today cooked they way you suggested and LOVED them! Thank you so much for that tip!!!..

Comment #61

Mpack. why buy a la carte, it's too expensive!!! You can get the same plan as the rest of us, it will save you money. I hate to see you waste your money..

Sorry there is nothing that can make me eat the cheesey potatos ever again!..

Comment #62

Thanks McPack! I love the potatoes cooked that way, I got that tip from someone in the chat room and tried it because I wasn't too jazzed with them plain either! They are perfect on a cold or snowy winter Sunday for lunch. I wish I could offer some advice about Costco orders but I have no idea how that works. If it's an easy process though I would recommend changing to the American site and do the auto delivery, I less than $260 a month with shipping for my whole month worth of food. They have a 'roll-back' special to prices of 2003..


Comment #63

Jeannie: you are going about the weight loss the best way! Too many people are consumed with the number on the scale and really it's all about how our clothes fit that makes us happy. You go girl![/quote].

Karen, I have to tell you that it's taken me years to get to this point and lots of therapy too. Putting my scale away was a HUGE change for me..

I have no desire to be a size 2, my body frame couldn't support that size and I know that now. I think it's ridiculous for grown women to want to be the size of a 14 year old little girl and when I see on here that many women want to be that small it really saddens me. It makes me curious about how many women in theNutrisystemcommunity have eating or body image disorders, I'm sure there are a LOT. I don't want to see bones sticking out all over my body. When my size 8 jeans fit me comfortably I will still be about a size 14 (large) on the top just based on my sketetal structure....I'm a 38D, I'm not a small or petite woman in any manner except for my height. I've grown to severely dislike fashion magazines because they don't reflect what REAL women should look like.

I think the best thing to compliment someone on is their sense of style , not their body size. I want people to see the inner me and not judge me just by the outside package. Not saying that I don't like make-up, clothes and doing my hair because I do like all of those things. The most important part of me though, is the inner me!...but I love when someone tells me they like what I'm wearing or how I've put an outfit together! I honestly dislike it when people comment on my weight...

Comment #64

Jeannie, love the way you think...great attitude and insight and you are absolutely right!!.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #65

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing this morning...have a great day everyone!..

Comment #66

Yikers! What a mess outside today. Got a dump of snow, freezing rain, rain and more snow last night. My car almost did not make it up the hill. I'm just waiting for the sidewalk ploughs before I try to go for a walk today..

The roads have that greasy feel that they get with slushy icy snow..

I started the day off with oatmeal, a scrambled egg and a banana in honour of this weather..

Is anyone else looking forward to trying the maple breakfast sausage as much as I am ? .

(I'm such a carnivore lol)..

Comment #67

Jeannie: we think so much alike! Being too thin is not beautiful, curves are beautiful. I have no desire to be a size 2, even a size 8 is stretching it for me.I will be happy when I am a 10/12. For my height of 5"1" "they" say I should be 95-116!!!!! Um.....not going to happen! I do not want the body of a 10 year old. My goal is high, it's 160 which means technically I will still be 40 lbs overweight,lol....but I have been 160 and looked and felt great so I don't care if I get any smaller. When I reach that goal if I still feel like losing I will but 140 is definitely my cut off. I can't maintain anything less.

Going from 228 to 160 is a huge difference for me. You ever notice that some of the contestants on Biggest Loser have lost too much and in my opinion do not look healthy at all..

Not looking forward to the new sausage, I hate sausages!.

Have a wonderful day everyone!.


Comment #68

Morning everyyone:.

I'm checking in as well as I've been missing lately just trying to keep up with everything. It's really miserable here as well, it's raining and we got a dump of snow again the last few days. Hard to believe it's already March and there is still a huge mountain of snow in front of my house..

I have to say I agree with you guys a far as loosing too much weight is concerned. I'm 4 ft 11 and have been shrinking for the last few years, I'm what you call vertically challenged! I find women who loose too much look so wrinkled and sickly but worse of all, OLDER than they have to! I'm planning to go down to about 130 which will put me at a size 8 pants but still over what the books tell you to weigh. Too bad, that's how I feel good and that's what counts. Take care and have a great day..


Comment #69

Hi Girls!!.

I have a doctor client who told me that I shouldn't pay such close attention to the BMI charts because they were created over 100 years ago and our body frames have gotten larger since they were initially created. When my jeans fit me again the way I want them to I will also be just a bit over what 'they' say is the healthy range too. I just want to feel comfortable in my clothes I'm not looking to win any modelling contests..

I don't watch television Karen and have never seen a Biggest Loser program. It's nice to know that so many of us here are not caught up in the 'Hollywood' skinny craze....maybe that's more of an American thing????? You're right Annie, when people lose too much weigh they do tend to look older and wrinkled....maybe that's why people think I'm in my late 30's!!!.....bless their hearts!.


Comment #70

Yes I have sometimes noticed that some people who lose too much weight were more attractive when they were bigger and yes it makes them look older...

Comment #71

Hi gang,.

Sorry to have not been very active this week - it has definitely been "one of those weeks" but I wanted to jump on and say Goodbye to you all before leaving. I will catch up when I get back..

Take care all, and chat with you soon,.



Comment #72

Have a wonderful time Shauna and please bring me back some sunshine! Oh yeah you are going somewhere hot right?..

Comment #73

Hi Ladies!.

My name is Vanessa and I startedNutrisystemthree days ago. No weight loss yet, well half a pound, but who's counting....

Day four was pretty good today except for the Stacey's pita chips I had because I didn't have my snack in hand and was starving! Bumped up my calories for the but I'm learning. I was actually eating under 1000 calories and didn't notice at first. Maybe it will balance it out....

Hope I start seeing some weight loss soon!..

Comment #74

Welcome Vanessa! What part of Canada are you from? The first few weeks are a learning curve, don't sweat it. Just make sure you are eating all the add-ons and drinking the water...

Comment #75

Hello everyone.

Sorry I haven't checked in lately, life, shiftwork, blah blah blah.

Anyway, how is everyone doing? I am so sick of this weather, rainy/snowy day again today. I need sunshine!!!.

Jeannie, congrats on fitting back into the 8's. Way to go girl.

I too do not care to get down to a ridiculously low weight, I am happy around 160 pds, makes me a size 10. I think all of our body masses, frames are so different that we can't all be put into a BMI chart..

Vanessa, welcome to the group. You will find lots of support here and good advice too.

I finally got around to trying a flatbread pizza last night. It was okay, I piled on a bunch of mushrooms peppers and onions. It still looked pretty small even on a bread plate LOL So much of this is mental perception. I have always used smaller dishes to make it look like I am getting more!.

I have a new BBB shipping this coming week, looking forward to some variety. Can't believe how the time goes, it will be my 4th box. Its working though, as of today 25 pds are gone.

Have a great day everyone!.


Comment #76

I love both the pizza,s could eat them every day, along with the fudge graham bar,lol..

Im down 3 more lbs this week for total of 30. Us Canadians are doing well, we rock! Don't think I will reach my goal of 40 by my birthday though...

Comment #77

Hi Ladies,.

Well I thought I was doing well last week managed to stay on track for the most part and exercised 5 days, but I actually gained a pound! Very frustrating!!! I think it may have to do with pms, but not sure, haven't had an issue with that before..

I am also of the thought that I will never weight what I am "supposed" to. I weighted about 175lbs about 10 years ago and that was a really good weight for me, even though I'm only 5'4". Everyone is different..

Anyone hope everyone has a great week.........

Comment #78

It is most likely pms so don't worry about it too much, plus if you just started working out it may be putting your body into save fat mode as it's not use to this sudden change. I hear you about the 175. My comfortable weight is 160-170 and I am only 5'1" which still make me overweight according to my height but I really don't care, it how I feel that's important not what the so called experts say. Hang in there mpack, it will come off...

Comment #79

Pms hey? what can I use as an excuse.

Any way I have spikes etc in weight but overall it's a downward trend. Ran across an older pair of "shrunken" jeans that actual fit, they must have stretched..

I found the greek yogurt that was mentioned earlier and it's quite good, the same or maybe even a bit firmer than balkan style. It is definitely up there in the "tangy" scale but done right is quite tasty. I found some new small packs of fruit cups in six packs(mandarin, peach, etc) that are packed in water and each pack is a handy 1/2 cup. Put that (after drinking the water off) in a small bowl and top with the yogurt it works great..

No extra sweeting really needed for me, but for you splenda peeps costco is the best place to get 'em price wise, especially at 1/2 cup a shot.

Has anyone tried the iced tea mix they are selling on the side? I picked up one out of curiosity. It is a mix with fiber which not only is healthy is supposed to fill you up faster. Well I can tell you it sure does that, if you have an empty feeling just have some of that and you'll feel full pretty quick. Just don't try to make it your 8 glasses a day cause it's almost too filling. Speaking of which those 8 glasses a day make a huge difference I've found..

Hope everybody's doing ok, I always read the posts, just lazy about writing. So don't forget you got dudes on the thread..

Comment #80

Hey Robert, welcome back, I wondered where you were!.

Are you talking about theNutrisystempowdered mixes? I don't like them as much as Crystal Light and yes adding it to the water sure makes drinking water so much better. I have maybe 2 mixed waters a day because like you said it is too filling..

Haven't tried the greek yogurt yet, tried to find the new PC one today, none to be found so someone likes it!.

Isn't it great when the clothes start to fit again?..

Comment #81

I had the same thing happen, I bought a pair of pants for work before xmas (without trying them on at the store!) and couldn't get the bloody things done up!! Today I pulled them out and they fit like a dream! Made not loosing last week a sting a little less!!.

I also had the first person today ask me if i've lost some weight! That was nice!!..

Comment #82

Hello everyone!.

Haven't been around also feels like forever for some reason.....

First welcome to all the newcomers, the more the merrier.

I have been a little frustrated this last week as I hit my 50lbs got really, really excited as this was a milestone, considering I thought I would never be able to loose this amount of weight ever again.

....I must have jinxed myself, it seemed like now my body wants to rebel, I gain .2, loose .2 or .4 and have gone nowhere in the last week or so.


I am really trying to keep a positive attitude, thinking it could be that I am on a slight plateau and just have to switch it up to get back to loosing the weight, incorporating more exercise...was really starting to get active, but I have back problems and really have to be careful and putting on smaller clothes is definitely like your are saying Karen and feels really awesome..

Anyways enough of my pity talk this morning...let's all stay positive as this is a life change and not a "diet". I want to loose this weight, feel good and KEEP IT OFF.

Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #83

[quote=Robertroy;5225020]pms hey? what can I use as an excuse.

Any way I have spikes etc in weight but overall it's a downward trend. Ran across an older pair of "shrunken" jeans that actual fit, they must have stretched..

I found the greek yogurt that was mentioned earlier and it's quite good, the same or maybe even a bit firmer than balkan style. It is definitely up there in the "tangy" scale but done right is quite tasty. I found some new small packs of fruit cups in six packs(mandarin, peach, etc) that are packed in water and each pack is a handy 1/2 cup. Put that (after drinking the water off) in a small bowl and top with the yogurt it works great..

No extra sweeting really needed for me, but for you splenda peeps costco is the best place to get 'em price wise, especially at 1/2 cup a shot.

Has anyone tried the iced tea mix they are selling on the side? I picked up one out of curiosity. It is a mix with fiber which not only is healthy is supposed to fill you up faster. Well I can tell you it sure does that, if you have an empty feeling just have some of that and you'll feel full pretty quick. Just don't try to make it your 8 glasses a day cause it's almost too filling. Speaking of which those 8 glasses a day make a huge difference I've found..

Hope everybody's doing ok, I always read the posts, just lazy about writing. So don't forget you got dudes on the thread.


No you can't use pms as an excuse because you already get to eat two desserts!!!!..

Comment #84

That's great that someone has noticed. I have lost 30 lbs and not one person has noticed!..

Comment #85

Hello everyone,.

First chance to get online so far - just wanted to pop in and say Hello to you all, and send some sunshine your way..

Our trip down to Florida was lovely - warm, no snow, sunny, no snow, birds and flowers - oh, did I mention, no snow???.

I love it down here - I am a summer girl all the way..

Went shopping last night and luckily, I still fit into the same size as last year. I was hoping for smaller, but oh well, onward and downward. I am not getting on the scale until I get home, will do my very best to "flex" and not feel guilty for the occasional treat. Then back to 100% when I get to real life..

Bye for now, take care all!.



Comment #86

Waaaaah......that is me crying because I am so jealous!!!! Have fun!!!..

Comment #87

Sorry that no one has noticed cuddleskp, maybe it's because the people around you see you on a regular basis and because it's a slow process and not a dramatic one. The person who noticed my loss was had been on holidays for 3 weeks, so she hadn't seen me in a while. But I noticed you are under 200!!!.

I can't wait for that!!! It's my next mini goal!!!..

Comment #88

Wow, nobody on since the 16th, we got bumped back to page 3..

Well I gained a lb so I figured I'd post my woes and bump us up at the same time. That's what you get for weighing every day.

Over all on a downward trend though..

Starting to notice theNutrisystemfood pantry getting more space, my order is due to ship middle of next week so I can make changes till then. I sort of know some of my faves but any suggestions for can't miss, holy grail of foods and/or eating tips and tricks?.

Everybody have a great weekend!..

Comment #89

I havent been here because I have had a nasty cold for 3 days. Robert I know many people weigh in more than once a week but I don't recommend it, it plays games with your mind. Here is a great example: I weighed in on Thursday because I had a goal for St. Paddys day and I was up 1 lb, today on my official weigh-in I am down 4 lbs! Meanwhile I was depressed for 2 days along with being sick because I thought I had gained this week. So this is why I only weigh in once a week..

Where is everyone? I am having my usual saturday cheat day today, yay!..

Comment #90

Hi everyone,.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Where did everybody go we were a whole bunch and now we have diminished to a few....

I am happy to announce that I have FINALLY hit my 50lbs and have kept it off now for a few days and I am thrilled...almost half way there.

I am really excited and proud that I have come this far..

I too weigh myself everyday and I shouldn't as I do get discouraged when the scale does it's acrobats and you gain a little and lose a little...but bottom line, we are still loosing and that is the whole point of this all..

Robert, probably too late, but my favorites go right back to the pizza's (plain) in the oven not the microwave. Mac and Cheese put on broccoli and cauliflower, chilli (weird because I was never a big fan of chilli before)..also cannot live without my cheese puffs (was addicted to chips) so this is great for me and properly proportioned. Love my lunch bars for lunc (especially the trail mix bar...and my new favorite for breakfast are the apple and chocolate scones microwaved for 20 good..

Karen, that is awesome that you can have a cheat day...I guess if it works, that is great. I will only "cheat" since I have been onNutrisystemon special occasions, but I have noticed I make better choices when I do. I also eat the bun on the pizza if my husband orders pizza and usually coordinate my suppers with my husband's if I can, he has pizza, I eat pizza...he eats spaghetti, I eat the cheese ravioli in meat sauce and so on....

Anyways hope these ideas help...HAPPY WEEK EVERYBODY and hope everyone is still here but just don't have the time to write, which happens to me sometimes...

Comment #91

Hi everyone, ahhhh mondays not my favorite day of the week, especially after a not so great weekend! But fortunately I didn't screw things up too much. I did exercise, so I am hoping that offset the apple martinis I had!!!.

Sylvie I can't wait for 50lbs! It seems like such a far away goal!! How long did it take for you to loose it? What was your average per week?.

Anyway it's still morning here and spring full of kids for 2 weeks, And one of them broke his collar bone at Lacrosse this weekend, so on to a busy week!..

Comment #92

Congrats on the 50lbs!!! When did you start NS? Isn't it strange how we love and hate different things? My fave is also the pizza's could eat them every day! Don't like the mac n' cheese or the chili or the cheese sticks, too bland, prefer the bbq soy chips, more flavour on them. Love the chocolate scones in the micro and my new breakfast fave is the blueberry pancakes. I just micro the pizzas with added mushrooms..

Your kids get 2 weeks for Spring break? Poor you! Sorry about your son's collar bone, ouch! Hey so you had martinis on the weekend, main thing is that you can get right back on it today and not beat yourself up over it! 50 lbs seemed like so far away to me when I started as well but I am now at 33 so getting there and you will to!.

Have a great week everyone!..

Comment #93

First, thanks to both of you, really appreciate it.

It is never too far and we always have to stay in perspective, I have been onNutrisystemsince the beginning of October 4 and average about 10 lbs a month. I was exercising, but have slowed down as I have issues with my pack and have to be careful, but I should get back to more exercising...I think sometimes I baby my back to much and should just persevere..

Sorry to hear about your son...not fun at all...just keep positive thoughts and the week will go by before you know.

Karen, I also love the BBQ soy chips and alternate between the cheese puffs and the chips....did I tell you I am addicted to chips and salt (LOL). Haven't had the blueberry pancakes in a while, should put one in my next order nad revisit it...forgot how they taste..

Take care everyone!..

Comment #94

What happened to spring.

It makes me feel more worn out after a great day like yesterday to wake up with no power and flurries. Roads out of town were yucky. *sniffle* *whine*.

I had some week and some 3 day old chicks that I was starting to worry about after 2 hours with no power, then just when I was planning on getting some hot water bottles going it came back on...

Comment #95

Omg those chicks are so cute!!!! Don't worry Spring is coming, slowly but surely!..

Comment #96

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