What really means backorder now? I was searching a domain, and says backorder now 18.99?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: What really means backorder now? I was searching a domain, and says backorder now 18.99?.

My next question is: Google just introduced Knol to compete to's /img/avatar2.jpg will be the millionaire soon..

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Your question was: What really means backorder now? I was searching a domain, and says backorder now 18.99?.

The owner of has been in business since 1969... Certainly they already are millionaires... And they've directly addressed this question and from what they wrote, it doesn't seem they are interested in selling it.

Though, one never knows...

Comment #1

Google will make them an offer they cant refuse I'm sure if they want it bad enough...

Comment #2

Googling Results 1 - 10 of about 1,990 for

I guess "Cached" over 50% after the December 7 2007 incident...

Comment #3

Well if he ain't selling he better get loads of extra bandwidth ready !.

It amazes me that these multimillion dollar companies come up with names that are taken already.


Comment #4

Yes but what catchy short name isnt taken : )..

Comment #5

Thats True , I rephrase it another way - Why don't these multimillion dollar companies purchase the HostGator before they officially name/launch the product ?

...silly billy's.


Comment #6

May I propose that Knol could just be a temporary and diversionary name until they come up with something better when the service is actually launched?.

I say this because it's a surprisingly poor name; a mis-spelling of knoll and the pronounced sound is very nasal - not great for marketing...

Comment #7

Google can use a HostGator name only for Beta test so dont waste your money...

Comment #8

Or....Google can use the word knol for the official version.........

Comment #9

What do you mean Amma ?Could you elaborate on that?..

Comment #10

It was announced somewhere already that they spoofed the name and it won't be "Knol" after beta is over...

Comment #11

Let's hope that the name remains as "knol".


Comment #12

Yes but with their new "knol" idea they would be crazy not to...

Comment #13 refers to a knol user as a knoller

Comment #14

Why dont they choose namepros We will be all multimillionaires..

Comment #15

That would be crazy. Do I feel an "Official we hope google buys us" thread?..

Comment #16

A highly publicized buying of would make a great publicity stunt to help introduce Knol to the public.

1. Google introduces their great new idea Knol which has quickly been branded as the unit of knowledge.

2. Google goes live with Knol at and it is a hit but Joe Public complains the address is too long and demands be aquired!.

3. Google explains "It was a oversight and we are trying to persuade the owner into selling the HostGator but he loves the domain" this goes on for a while with Google publicly offering first $250,000 then $500,000 and a final $1,000,000 of which the HostGator owner accepts. This attention will make Google look very caring for both it's users providing a better HostGator name and for the former owner of with a sweet deal making a honest parting from his HostGator without any corporate bullyism.

One thing I have found very interesting and inspiring from all the to-do is the public's awareness of short and to the point HostGator names. It's not domainers crying "Why didn't Google aquire before going public with Knol?" but the general public of which shows domains are indeed very important to any website business plan.

I personally think Google will go with Knol because it's already branded and as with politics nothing happens by accident...

Comment #17

Reply from the owner of

Sorry blablabla,.

But the HostGator really is not for sale.


Comment #18

Well and what about the GPhone?.

I think either they will just use or come up with a different name when the service is launched.....

Comment #19

Using or will oblige Google to buy or it will not be Google..

Comment #20

I personally don't know why Google trying to compete with wikipedia.....wikipedia that is charity like foundation....

Google will make bad PR headlines in the long run.

And again, before launching, why can't they just acquire the name first...didn't they learn any lesson from incident??.


Comment #21

They will just put it on a google sub domain...

Comment #22

They want to compete because Wikipedia is probably one of the top destinations of Google users and they don't have Google ads on their site.

To me Knol means Knowledge, maybe I am weird.....

Comment #23

100% agree.

There are nice CVCV's floating around they could pick up for $1K-$5K daily. Instead they name a service of a HostGator they do not own and may never have the chance to own. This is a bad business decision on there part. No matter how much money the big G has, it's just flat out a bad business decision.

For those saying they will change the name, again, just a bad business decision. The name is already out in the public, and the name Knol is already stuck in people's heads. Even if they changed the name after beta, people would still call it Knol in one way or another.

If G makes it a Sub domain, they will eat there own words, because Sub Domains are going to be a thing of the past in the SE's and get back ranks. Google said it themself. This is very good for domainers and the HostGator industry, making domains even More important!..

Comment #24

This will make even more expensive with years.

Google is silly? I don't think so. Perhaps it's their politics to make people around rich? What's 10-20 millions for Google? Nothing. Perhaps they had previous contacts or even signed contract with owner. Also making a project on a XX-million HostGator is PR in itself!..

Comment #25

Agreed, if you have the clout to increase the value of your assets over time it is all good PR and good business to buy them at high price...

Comment #26

Since when can't a commercial enterprise compete for the same customer base presently served by a service dependent upon volunteers?.

I have also seen at least one comment from a domainer with hundreds of posts, complaining that big business Google is unfairly going after Wikipedia's customer base.

I was surprised to read that from a domainer, as I am certain that domaining is not a charity...

If Google can produce a service that is better than Wikipedia....end of story, it will have been a good thing.

Wikipedia will then got the way of the dinosaur or be forced into improving itself....again, a good thing.

Bad PR? I think not, the average person will simply use what they find the most useful and the better site...

Comment #27

You have a point, that's perfect competition... i'm a voter for free market environment.

Day by day Google masking itself as old-Microsoft....

You cannot be everything for everybody!! Google first started as serving the internet users with better searches without any financial interest, now they're trying to be THE INTERNET!! like Microsoft tried to b THE PC!!.

They bought wireless spectrum, mobile software, planning to make mobile device, taking all bulls in all corners....

Media,software,mobile service provider, mobile phone manufacturer, charity foundation, social network, .... you name it.... sooner rather than later they'll claim ownership of the internet!.

And that's Bad!!! that's not what i've voted for!!.


Comment #28

Maybe, though it seems like the only reasonable thing to do would be to also go after

Comment #29

Why? I couldn't care less what they called it...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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