What makes you consume more carbonation, canned Dukan Diet Coke or plastic bottled coke?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What makes you consume more carbonation, canned Dukan Diet Coke or plastic bottled coke? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question on my mind: I took one of the recipes from the compilation that Lynn (GRAYLADY) made - the Banana Nut Bread - and tweaked it to make a Cinnamon Swirl Cake since I didn't have any bananas. OMG, it turned out SO SINFULLY DELICIOUS!! Here's my modification using the measurements from the original recipe:.

1 Dukan Diet Pancake Mix.

1/3 C. Blue Bunny Carb Freedom Vanilla Creme yogurt (this is the brand I used).

1/2 tsp. vanilla (I eyeballed this since I love vanilla).

2 Tbsp. Splenda (or 16 packets).


Preheat oven to 375. Coat a 7 oz. ramekin (I use Corningware) with non-stick spray. Mix the egg, yogurt, vanilla, and 1 Tbsp. (8 pkts) Splenda in a bowl. Fold the Pancake mix into the liquid mixture.

Of Splenda and cinnamon (enough to blend with the Splenda to make cinnamon sugar). Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar evenly over the batter in the ramekin (leave just a little so you can sprinkle on the top). Spoon the rest of the cake batter on top of the cinnamon sugar layer and smooth out the top. Now use the remaining cinnamon/sugar to the top of the batter (this gives just a hint of sparkle and crunch). Bake for about 35-40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean..

*Counts as breakfast + protein; 216.5 Calories for cake alone using the ingredients I used (adjust calories for your brands).

It resembles a HUGE muffin, but tastes like a divine cake (unlike those microwave cakes, this one has the texture of a real cake, LOL)! You could probably decrease the Splenda, but I like my cakes sweet.

Add your fruit serving to make breakfast complete..


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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Kewl lots of ways to "rearrange" the recipes in my "collection" and this is a great one....

Thanks for sharing it.


Comment #2

That does sound YUMMY. I make the banana bread you speak of and I just love that one, too..

Just to let you know, if you forget an ingredient in a post, you can always go back and edit that post. (a new feature with this BB)..

Thanks for the new recipe...

Comment #3

Thanks, Feathers! I didn't even see the edit feature - guess my "BB newbie" streak down my back is showing!.


Comment #4

<div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote>.

Originally posted by:.


Thanks, Feathers! I didn't even see the edit feature - guess my "BB newbie" streak down my back is showing!.


</end quote></div>.

Oh, no problem. We all are 'newbies' when it comes to this BB!..

Comment #5

Sounds awesome Regini. I will try that one. Thanks for posting..


Comment #6

Thanks, Debbie (Scrambler) - it's sooo good. Enjoy!.


Comment #7

Thanks for bumping that because that recipe sounds so good. Havent made pancakes yet but that recipe sounds fun. Will try it this weekend. thanks for posting!..

Comment #8

How do I count the ice cream? is that dairy/protein?.

If so, I think they have the small cup so having ice cream in the house isn't tempting..

It's my downfall. I'd give up a whole meal for a 1/2 gal of ice cream any day!!.

(in the past)..

Comment #9

It's not ice cream, it's yogurt. I thought it was ice cream when I first read the post too...

Comment #10

Thank you Ragini! I've just pasted your recipe onto my blog so that I can refer to it later when my pancake mix arrives..

The recipe looks soooo yummmmy!!..

Comment #11

So happy this was bumped as I didnt have too much time over the holidays and missed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...will use another kind of vanilla yogurt as I have never seen this brand.....

Whre is this brand located?...thanks!..

Comment #12

This sounds good. I can't wait to try it...

Comment #13

I'm not sure I completely understand this recipe.....Do you put 1/2 of the batter into the ramekin, sprinkle 1/2 of the splenda/cinnamon mixture on that, then pour the other 1/2 of the batter on top of that and sprinkle the rest of the splenda/cinnamon mixture on top, then bake??? Sorry for sounding so dense, I'm just not sure..



Comment #14

The original recipe was posted over 2 years ago, and I don't think she's around to answer your question....

However, that sounds correct to me!..

Comment #15

Oh, I didn't notice the post date!! OOPS!! Well, I think I will try it and see how it goes!!.

Thanks Judi!!.


Comment #16

I just found the Cinnamon Bun flavor of Yoplait Light at the grocery store this weekend so I think I'll try using it in this recipe. Sounds yummy! I'm glad someone bumped it up!..

Comment #17

OMG, Teresa, I haven't seen that flavor yet!!! Great idea, because that sounds perfect with this recipe!!!..

Comment #18

Can anyone please tell me how to make a smoothie?..

Comment #19

You can make a smoothie with pretty much.


! You simply put a dairy (8oz milk or yogurt or a combo that equals 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and more than 7g protein) and a fruit (any fruit that is about 60 calories) into a blender, maybe add some Splenda and ice, whatever sounds good to you, and blend it up!!! I use frozen fruit and no ice quite often. Add some Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup (0 calories for 2 tbsp) or Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa (5 calories per tbsp) for something chocolatey, like a chocolate banana smoothie. Just play around!!!..

Comment #20

Hi Ragini, I tried your receipe this morning and loved it. I cut back on the Splenda to half of what you used and it was sweet ehough for me. I loved the crust so I think that next time I will put it into two smaller remakins so that I will have more crust. Thanks so much!!.



Comment #21

I guess I should be thanking NewYearNewMe09 for bumping this receipe back up. I didn't notice when it was originally posted till I read another post. Thank you NewYearNewMe09!!!!!.

I tried it and loved it!!!.



Comment #22

Judi,Thanks for the smoothie receipe.I will try it for breakfast tomorrow...

Comment #23

I'm working from home today, so I had time to fix breakfast this morning. This was fabulous! I only used about half the container of Yoplait and used egg beaters instead of a whole egg. I had to add a little FF milk/water to moisten the mixture, but OMG, definitely a keeper!.

(Judi - I also found Cherry Cobbler flavor for the first time, but haven't tried it yet.)..

Comment #24

I am SO looking forward to trying this!! I just love cinnamon swirl anything. Thank you for the recipe!!..

Comment #25

Oh, man, I'm so jealous!! I looked at my Ralphs (Kroger) and they didn't have those flavors yet, but I'm going to Pavilions (Vons/Safeway) today, so maybe I'll be lucky there. I know sometimes the East coast gets stuff before we do, so hopefully I won't have to wait too long!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #26

Oh my, I gotta get to the store soon and try these new yogurt flavors!!..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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