What kind of fruits can I eat during Nutrisystem?

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Ok, just got my box today and plan on starting tomorrow. However, there really are no directions, for some reason I thought I was getting a yoga dvd and/or some other dvd's with this. All I got was some pamphlet that really doesn't give much information on the 'program'.

Flipping thru the daily tracker it says fruit/veg/fat. Well, any kind of fruit? How much veg or does it depend on type of veg? What type and how much fat? How do you eat fat?.

Last week surfing the community here and reading this and that, I believe I read some people talking about their plans, thought someone's plan included a free day? Where do you find the plans to follow?.

I'm really excited about doing this, but I want to do it right, don't want to find out months later that I shouldn't eat this or that fruit, or should be only so many ounces of this or that.

If there's somewhere on this website that lays out different styles of plans that would be a great thing.

Please point me in the right direction for all of this.. seriously, I thought there'd be more instruction with the box!!!..

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Your question was: What kind of fruits can I eat during Nutrisystem?.

Your meal planner describes your plan. It lists all the things you should eat in a day. As for serving sizes, look to the back of the planner for a listing of dairies, proteins, veggies and fruits. This is the basic information. If you want more detailed information, you should read the food talk & tips forum as well as the dietitian's corner. This is where we discuss what we're eating and how it is working for us.

Generally, a veg should be 25 calories per serving. Many are unlimited so you should eat more of those if you're hungry. Have a monster salad at lunch..

A fruit should be about 60 calories per serving..

A dairy/protein should be 100 cals or less, 3 gr fat or less, and 7 gr protein or more. Yogurt can go up to 120 calories once per day to meet the protein requirement. Greek yogurt is your best option, but there are others..

You will also need to buy a few whole wheat rolls. Several of the entrees require you to add them in (or any other carb serving) like the vegetable fajitas, sloppy joe, hamburger, tuna salad, chicken salad and grilled chicken..

Good luck. The plan works if you work the plan..


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I am a newbie too. This may be common sense, but you only need to add the carb with your dinner entree if it doesn't come with it, right? I have noticed that some of the entrees come with the carb and some don't..


Comment #2

Only if the package calls for you to add a small roll or tortilla, Chica...

Comment #3

Thanks Pam,.

I noticed that you only get 28 meals for beakfast lunch and dinner. If there are 31 days, what do you do for the other meals?..

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7 days a week x 4 weeks = 28 days.

This program is based on 4 weeks, not a month. Months vary in days (28, 29, 30, 31). Weeks never vary....

The auto-deliveries are based on every 28 days...

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Ok, well, I'll try seems highly complicated I don't think I can remember all this. I'm a woman and need to lose over 100, so I add a low GI carb to breakfast and dinner and have an extra fruit for lunch.

So.. for example, I'd have my Nutrisystem breakfast, cup of fat free milk, a fruit and 1/2 cup of oatmeal? But I don't have to eat it all at one sitting?.

I hate whole wheat, I hate wheat period. LOL So, I already know I will not be eating any whole wheat rolls. Cant' I just eat without a roll?.

I am really on the game with this and want it to work. Just still having a hard time knowing what to buy at the store other than fat free milk and some fruits. (I won't drink milk with an orange ;-D ) LOL j/joking.

Have to laugh at 1/8 cup of Honey Dew melon, that'd be like one cube. LOL.

Seriously, meno-pause has really freaked my short term memory out.. I'm looking at the meal planner.. maybe what I need to do is write up my week's meals make a list for the store then shop.. go week by week like that.

Thanks for the help/tips....

Comment #6

Use the planner shamelessly!!! I needed it!! You need it!!.

Believe me, it gets easier. After a few weeks, I could do it in my head. But using the planner is the key. It tells you everything you need to know...

Comment #7

Yeh, thanks auntthelma. I think what I'm going to do the first week is just make it real simple and use graham crackers as my added carb for breakfast and 1/2 cup corn for dinner until I can figure out other options. I mean, one slice of whole multigrain bread would be expensive as it would become quite stale in a week and I'd end up throwing it out after 5 days. English muffin maybe a good option.

When they say Oatmeal cooked (of course, no one I know is gonna eat it raw!) LOL :-D .. is that just plain then? Or I could put some of my milk on it, that'd still be pretty gross tho.. think I'll skip oatmeal...

Comment #8

It is a bit overwhelming at first. But in a short time, you'll be doing all of this automatically. Making a list is a wonderful idea..

I never liked whole wheat either, but I swear they've improved it...or maybe my tastes have just changed. To me whole wheat used to taste really heavy...almost stale, now I love it!.

There are a lot of options out there. Arnold's wheat thins. Thomas' thin bagels. Whole wheat pasta. Flatout bread. Diet breads.

It is much lower on the GI. Whole grain or wheat English muffins. Corn. Peas. Popcorn.

Try new fruits and veggies...and new ways to prepare them. If you're pressed for time, take one day to do a lot of your prep work for the week..

Come to the boards often. There is lots of information and support here..

You will be amazed at how much your tastes change...and on how quickly the meal that looks teeny tiny will eventually look "normal", and seeing someone else's plate heaped to over flowing is what will look odd.

Welcome and enjoy your journey!..

Comment #9

Put your bread in the fridge. It will last long enough for you to eat the whole loaf. I keep mine in their in Tupperware or I put them in the freezer and take out one roll at a time.

You'll be fine and in no time you'll be doing the plan in your head..


Comment #10

Thanks SmarTazz.. I used to eat Wheat bread, but I swear, I cannot stand it now. I can't even stand the smell of it. Veggies will be my biggest prob as I'm not fond of many, peas make me gag, carrots I can only eat raw, better if raw shaved into a salad. I don't know how to cook.. so I'll prob pass on trying new veggies as I can't waste any money.

Hate raddishes. Can't eat or even smell peppers of any kind, have severe reactions to peppercorn.

But, I like cucumbers and tomatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli once in a while.. wax beans, cannot stand green beans. I should be ok with my choices. I'm a most picky eater when it comes to veggies..

I like almost any fruit and nut tho, and I'm glad to see we can have a few nuts thru the day. Although, 6 almonds or 4 to 5 cashews.. doesn't seem worth it to bother with it. lol Walnuts are exceptionally good foods as they lower cholesterol. But I'll go without for a few months. Seriously, 4 walnut halves isn't worth it.

Unless I crumble up the 4 walnut halves and sprinkle it on my salad.. but a salad with just 2 Tbls of dressing is gonna be extremely dry, unless it's a wee small salad.

Sorry, I'm honestly not being negative here, just, I know me.. and I know my drawbacks.. I'm not fond of veggies.. and even less fond of dry salad. But as I said.. I know me, and I know I'll work my way 'around' these things and still maintain the diet foods list. LOL..

Comment #11

LOL Kompukat, thanks.. my mom used to keep bread in the fridge. I can't deal with it that way. LOL Freezing and taking out to thaw when needed may be the best option. Better than stale bread or worse.. cold stale bread.

Good gosh.. I hope you all are reading this with HUMOR.. as I am.. it's just my way of working around what I know are trouble spots for me.. I'll make it tho....

Comment #12

Whether you choose to pick the nuts or not, you cannot skip your FAT serving every day..

This is an excellent post from Mzhelenp (Helen) regarding the necessity of the fat serving:.

VERY! Your body needs fat to help regulate blood pressure, heart rate, blood vessel constriction, blood clotting and the nervous system. Fat also is necessary for your body to absorb/use fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K ) from your food. You also need fat for healthy hair and skin.

Skipping the dinner fat is NOT going to help you lose more weight. It's just going to make you less healthy! The Nutrisystem plan is carefully structured to make sure we get the nutrients our bodies need. By skipping the dinner fat you are skipping a critical nutrient..

My diddy:.

Wanna keep your gall bladder? Have your fat serving..

Wanna keep your hair? Have your fat serving..

Wanna poop on a regular basis? Have your fat serving..

Want nice, supple skin? Have your fat serving..

Fat serving? Priceless....

Here is a list of fat servings that you can use in your program..

Fat OptionsGuidelines: 45 Calories , 5 grams of fat.





FILBERT (Hazelnut) 5.

HUMMUS 2 Tbsp.


MAYONNAISE (Regular) 1 Tsp.

MAYONNAISE(Reduced- Fat) 1 Tbsp.

OIL (canola, olive, peanut, corn, safflower) 1 tsp.

OLIVES 5 large.


PEANUTS 10 large (out of shell).

PECANS 4 halves.





SALAD DRESSING (Reduced Fat or Light) 2 Tbsp.





WALNUTS 4 halves.


Nutrition & Dietary Services..

Comment #13

Peapods will be an option.. I like peapods.. but not peas. Now I'll have to figure out how to cook them. Normally, I'd use a tad of olive oil and heat them up that way in the pan along with some asparagus.. asparagus is awesome heated that way..

And.. looks like I can do it that was as Olive Oil is on there, and a tsp is really all that is needed to heat up pea pods and asparagus....

Comment #14

Well, what I'm saying is eating 6 almonds will not work for me, there are other options. I can eat 2 Tbsp of humus and believe me, that would be enough.. LOL or a tsp of peanut butter..

I know me, and eating just 4 or 5 of a nut isn't going to feel right to me, so I'm better off just skipping nuts for now.. or.. grind 'em up and dump them on top of my salad..

Also, lemon helps counter gallbladder stones, and cranberry is essential for breast health. I have pure cranberry juice that I cut with pure blueberry juice to make it palatable. They are not blends or cocktails, they are pure juice, no sugars added. So that will count as 1 fruit every day somewhere in this mix....

Comment #15

I should add that if I was going to skip anything, it'd be the sugar/carbs, not the fats or fibers. I gained 30 pounds in one month because I was eating pasta. Pasta is not something I normally eat. Since it was the only change in my diet, I know it was from the pasta. I don't eat pasta, and my weight has stayed the same, fortunately, not going up.. but not going down either.

Am concerned about the many pasta dishes though, and am concerned about the carbs.. but I'm willing to give it a try because I dont' know how to eat and I thought this system would help me..

However, I don't plan on eating Nutrisystem for the rest of my life.. when I go back into the real world.. pasta is definitely not on the list...

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It's 1/8 of the melon! not 1/8 of a cup. And for cantalope, you get 1/3 melon!.

Newbies: I agree that the program is confusing at first (and add into this your mental state of anxiety and resentment at change...can make things a little pissy in the beginning.) But just POST A LOT...and you will figure it out. Then be teaching newbies. And program rocks for weight loss...

Comment #17

The amount of pasta in the entrees is miniscule...a few noodles, really. Just run your program and you will lose. Just like I did...

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