What kind of foods can you eat when on a no carb Dukan Diet?

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My question is What kind of foods can you eat when on a no carb Dukan Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... Does anyone have any ideas to make the vegetable fajitas taste better? My husband and I both started last week, we agree that the fajitas are borderline gross..

I was thinking of adding some fresh tomatoes, Jalepenos, olives, and maybe some tabasco. Does anyone have any other ideas? My husband doesn't like fresh tomatoes so he won't eat those..



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could give you an answer..

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I used a saved protein and put in 2/3 cup of MSF veggie crumbles. You can also put it over brown rice instead of using a tortilla...

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I can't remember who's recipe this was, but I add 1 cup low sodium chicken broth and some rotel tomatoes w/ green peppers and make a soup out of them; very spicy and really really good. Just be sure to nuke the heck out of the soup or boil it long enough so all the hard bits of tofu in the fajitas get soft enough.....

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You could combine the fajitas and the chicken patty, add some sauteed onions and bell peppers and save a protein if you want cheese and you split it..


Comment #4

Here's my recipe for them:.

Mexican Pot Pie.

1 Dukan Diet Vegetable Fajita.

8oz chicken broth or water.

2/3 c frozen mixed vegetables.

1/4 c country gravy (I used the one I use for the breakfast bowl).

1 Laughing Cow light wedge.

Dash of pepper, poultry seasoning and onion powder.


2 1/2 tbsp biscuit mix.

Pinch of poultry seasoning.

Dash baking soda.

1 tbsp buttermilk.

Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400 degrees. In a small pot on the stove, mix together the fajita mix and the chicken broth or water. Cook over medium heat until it starts to thicken. Add in the veggies, country gravy, cheese and seasonings and contine to cook for another 10-15 minutes to allow the flavors to blend and the veggies to cook. Pour into a single serve cassarole dish as shown in photo 1. In a small bowl, mix together the topping ingredients just until blended.

You can try to spread it around if you like, but it's not easy. Next time I would just leave it without trying to spread it. Spray it with a few sprays of butter spray and bake until the top is golden, but not as dark as mine!! I got to typing an email and it over cooked!! LOL!! Counts as entree + veggie serving. If you have an extra protein, feel free to add in some chicken or ground beef crumbles..

NOTE: This is SUPER filling, so only eat it on a really hungry night!! I could only finish half of it!!..

Comment #5

Thanks for all the great ideas. We have several of these between us so we'll be able to try a couple different recipes..


Comment #6

I had it for the first time a couple nights ago. I loved the fajitas but they hurt my stomach so bad I was miserable all night. Some of the other food has bothered me a little but tolerable. The fajitas, however, about doubled me over. Too bad cause they were really good and filling...

Comment #7

Instead of adding a tortilla I added canned beans, canned tomatos and V8..

Comment #8

If we did use brown rice instead of a tortilla, how much rice is a serving? And, how would we count that? I am under the, those who need to lose 100 lb. mark. Thanks!..

Comment #9

Fajitas over your salad with mixed veggies and salsa in a bowl...

Comment #10

You could use any of the low-gi carb servings listed in your booklet's grocery additions (or see list online in the My Program tab).

You'd "count" it just as you would the tortilla if using the booklet's checkoff circles, mark the Dukan Diet Dinner entree line if using the online diary, use the "add more food" line since the calorie count for the fajitas is only what is IN the package, not any foods added to it (just as with ANY of the Dukan Diet foods that require the addition of something to complete the meal).


Comment #11

I didn't really care for it the first time either but this time I made it on top of the stove and that made it much better and used some salsa with it...

Comment #12

I made Chris's Mexican Pot Pie tonight - tasted wonderful and very filling!..

Comment #13

I had some veggie fajita mixes from a year ago and I would never try them after all the reviews..

I tried one, with Rotelle Tomato and Chilie - canned, and absolutely loved it. It was very filling and made much more than my 100 calorie tortilla could handle..

When I am really hungry, I make this and just rip the tortilla apart and eat like a soup with the tortilla. You could add FF yogurt, sour cream or whatever, but I like it as is - nice and spicy, hot....


Comment #14

I was wondering the same thing...How much brown rice ? (also under 100 to loose group)..

Comment #15

I enjoy this meal as it is one of the more filling ones. My hubby on the other hand doesn't enjoy it so much, for other reasons....

I love pay back though....hahaha...

Comment #16

I did what some others are saying...saut onions, peppers, tomatoes. I used whole wheat tortilla and for my husband, who is allowed an extra carb, I bought some "fat free" refried beans for a side dish....we added salsa and jalapenos and we both loved our meal...I agree that the fajitas packet alone looks a little unappetizing...

Comment #17

I use a Josephs Low Carb Wrap (with Flax), lettuce, salsa and low fat mex cheese. Once in the wrap you don't have to look at the soy nuggets, just enjoy the taste...

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This is probably consider cheating a bit... (biting my nails) BUT... go out to a mexican reasturant near you that has carry out and get a Fajita dinner (minus the shells). Buy the healthy soft tortillas from the store (multri grain or wheat). Cook the Vetegable faijta like the package describes.. meanwhile in a skillet with a little bit of cooking oil take 2 oz of the grilled chicken from the faijta dinner you bought,( use as a saved protein serving from earlier in the day for you and him) throw into the skillet..

Mix in the pan with the veggie Dukan Diet Faita mix.. Cook an additional 5 minutes..

Serve on Soft Shell.. Sprinkle with cheese (saved dairy serving from earlier in the day) add just a teaspoon of salsa (free food for the day).. Serve and eat.. Yummy!..

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Sound wonderful! But just keep in mind that the restaurant chicken & veggies probably were cooked with oil to begin with (even grilled chicken is usually basted with oil or butter), so you may not want to add extra fat, plus you are adding 2 proteins to an already high-calorie entree. I'm sure once in a great while, though, it should be okay!.

Edit: I just realized that maybe you are making 2 servings out of 1 entree, in which case this is a perfect recipe!! Adding tortillas for both of you, plus the chicken & cheese, would make up for dividing the entree in half, and definitely wouldn't be too much fat. Yummy!!!..

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:-) Yes, it's meant to be for 2 people.. I should probably should've said that better... or if there is only one of you, then split the meal in half and save the other half for another day or only use 1 oz of meat, not 2..

You are right about the oil though... probably better to leave out the oil on this meal. :-)..

Comment #21

I just prepared my veggie fajitas tonight. Too much food for me! I saved the other half for tomorrow. Added a few chopped bell pepper and onions, served on a legal whole wheat tortilla with fresh spinach leaves and tsp of salsa & ff sour cream. Was pretty good, not something you want often but very filling and satisfying...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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