What keeps you going on Medifast?

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Like for me, I'll be 26 years old in early November. My goal is to be under 350 lbs by that time..

Valentine's Day is 7 months away, and I don't want to be stuck in the house again while everyone else is out enjoying their dates, so I'm keeping that in mind.

Also, I graduate in May of 2011 with my second degree, and this is probably the most important time for me because I attend a distance learning university (it's a brick and mortar school, I just take classes online, lol), and when I go up there to receive my degree I want to look my best. I want to wear a regular size robe when I march and I might want to go out and see different things, so reaching my goal by this time is of the utmost importance to me..

That's 10 1/2 months from now, and I know that by continuing my workout/eating regimen, I can get there.

So what keeps you going?..

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I want to be able to fit into my cruising clothes by the end of November. We always go the week of Thanksgiving and I am NOT going to by any new "stuff"!! I will fit into the old "stuff"! LOL.

Congrats on your second degree! That's admirable... You'll get to your goal with your great attitude!.


Comment #1

Reaching my goal means acheiving what I thought I never could. I can run and play with my kids. I can fit into regular clothes. I don't feel like the fattest mom at the playground..

Plus I hope getting healthier will allow me to set good examples to my daughters..

Comment #2

I used to come on here every now and then, but I have met so many inspirational people and have read so many great stories, until I find that this place really gets me pumped up! lol..

Comment #3

There are a bunch of dates I'm looking forward to, but the one I'll say really sort of motivated me to get started back in March and I'm REALLY looking forward to is a company conference out west in mid-September.

We haven't had a full-company conference for 3 years, and my company truly is like family to me (probably not healthy, but, oh well). There are a lot of people I have only worked with virtually, and this is the first time I will meet them face-to-face after years of working together, PLUS, I'll be seeing a lot of my close colleagues that I only see a couple of times a year. My profile has been sort of moving up in the company, and I wanted my look to match my "virtual image" at the conference. While I won't be at goal, I'm so excited with where I'll be at that point. I am so grateful I started Medifast when I did.

AND - I just found out last week that I actually have been tapped to give a presentation at the conference!!! So now I'm doubly glad I'll feel comfortable in my skin.

I also turn 26 in March and look forward to being at my lowest adult weight by that point I think my back half of my 20's is going to be better than the front half!..

Comment #4

There are a couple people I am putting off seeing until I am at least at the weight they last saw me...

Comment #5

There are so many reasons for me but the one reason that I keep fresh in my mind for now is my trip to Cancun in November. My DH and I are going with some friends who are all thin. I don't want to be the fat friend. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and want to look good in pictures...

Comment #6

Christmas! Getting back to my 'before kids weight' (7 years ago) will be my Xmas present to myself! I might even make it by Thanksgiving! I love MF!..

Comment #7

I try to keep dates out of weight loss. After decades of yo yo dieting, I've learned attaching dates to goals can be very self sabotaging, especially when it doesn't happen. It's also very easy to psych yourself out of making it happen. So I've throw the calendar out the window. Instead I've focused on what's important to me. Not just getting to goal, but what happens when I get here.

Those long term goals that are important to me. Goal is just a means to an end, not the end itself...

Comment #8

The goal I set every morning is to stay on program for one more day - and thankfully the vast majority of the time, I'm successful.

Setting goals that involve dates is a slippery slope for me. I've never been good at seeing gray - I'm successful or a failure. That kind of thinking got me to almost 300lbs, because when I didn't achieve the goal my crazy thinking led me to "Why bother, you already failed.".

On the other hand, I gratefully celebrate each & every NSV that comes my way! I'll be flying in about 10 days and am looking forward to NOT asking for a seatbelt extender and NOT oozing into the seat next to mine! The NSVs are what keep me motivated & going. To name a few: being able to walk up stairs, sleeping through the night, wearing pants with a waist band for the 1st time, fitting into movie theater seats & compact cars, feeling more energetic & comfortable in my own skin, having someone park close to my car & being able to slide in without dinging either car, graduating from the super-size clothing store to the smallest sizes at Lane Bryant's, having all of my labs come back normal, & having people who don't really know me (like the super mkt clerk & cute Starbucks guy) notice that I'm smaller than I was. Reclaiming my life feels pretty darn good!..

Comment #9

I so understand! I am still new to the program and I keep having to tell myself you can do this just make it through today!!..

Comment #10

I keep using baby step goals. I any poundage ending in "0" or "5" is my "next" goal. LOL!.

I HATE WEIGHING MYSELF! I banned scales from my house years ago and can not believe we just bought one for this program. So, now it is a game I play. It can be a very frustrating game - but it keeps me going because I am always challenging myself to make the scale move - DOWN!!!..

Comment #11

I don't have any specific dates but my goals are to get into a pair of guess jeans with a patch on the butt that I have had for a very long time. I used to be able to wear them but have been unable to since having gotten pregnant the first time, lol. My second goal is to get off my cholesterol meds. My total count right now is 215. It is lower than it was earlier this year, inching down slowly. I also don't want to walk at graduation being fat, I am excited to see myself thing again...

Comment #12

My goal is to have gotten to my goal weight in time for my pinning ceremony at the end of August..

Nursing school was hard on my body! Too much studying, not enough moving....and of course too much eating!..

Comment #13

The first important date I set for myself was August 26th, my 10-year wedding anniversay. I had this crazy idea I'd be at goal by then, but with only 36 days to go for that date, I'll be happy just to be under 170..

I guess I can shoot for reaching goal by my birthday, which isn't until November 30th. That's totally doable...

Comment #14

Well for me, my wedding is next June so thats a big one but in September is not only my sons birthday but my moms 50th is the same week and we are giving her a big surprise party. There will be alot of people there that have known me since I was little and Ive always been heavy so showing myself off is such a proud thing. Also in Sept I restart college after 12 yrs so I really dont want to be out of shape getting to classes and feeling older then the other kids as it is, I will know that Im in better shape then some of them..

Comment #15

I don't have any specific "goals" attached to the dates I have in mind but these dates are what motivate me to continue.....

1) My DH's dressy work dinner to celebrate his promotion sometime this Fall. It will be the first time that I have met many of his co-workers.

2) I'm going home sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas and will be seeing family members that I haven't seen in over a year so I want to surprise them with the new me.

3) Next Summer.......I want to actually be out and about in shorts and tank tops...go to the beach, etc....and not constantly be worried about the fact that I'm so much bigger than the majority of people. And to feel comfortable in my skin on the beach for the first time in probably 12yrs. I don't want to feel like I've wasted yet again another Summer of fun...

Comment #16

My 10 year reunion is in November. I dont have a specific goal weight in mind....but I sure as H*LL aint goin like this!..

Comment #17

JANUARY 2011!! I'm moving to Florida and I'm determined to have a beach-worthy body by then!!!!..

Comment #18

My driving goal in all of this is to get to 135lbs by Thanksgiving, when I'll be going home to see my parents!..

Comment #19

I have little mini rewards for myself each time I hit a goal:.

180 - Cubs hoodie ( I can't decide! There are four I'm torn between!.

170 - Team Red Bull Racing hoodie (I'm a Brian Vickers Nascar fan).

160 - $40 to spend at Lush (bath products).

150 - $50 to spend on a new...toy...(I'm a single girl. Gotta keep happy!).

140 - New glasses and teeth whitening (this is the weight where I'm "normal").

130 - $75 at Victoria's Secret.

125 - A pair of Lucky brand jeans OR tickets to the night race at Bristol!.

On an OT note, I was talking to a guy friend the other day and I said, "Well, between my love of Nascar, diehard support of the Cubs, two cats and my English degree, it's hard to tell why I'm still single!".

In terms of dates, if I lose ten pounds a month, I'll hit goal around Christmastime. Whether or not I hit it then is okay, but I definitely would like to be around 135 then. The reason why? For the past few years, I've told people specifically not to buy me clothes as presents. This year? All clothes!..

Comment #20

I am SOOOOO with you Goldi!! For the past three years my husband has bought me clothes, which, bless his heart - DIDN'T FIT!! Every year I tell him, no clothes please!! I am not going to have to tell him that this year!.

As far as what keeps me going - the "big" goal I have is a trip to Jamaica with my husband's family for Thanksgiving. I love them all dearly, but they are ALL skinny as rails and I don't want to be the fat family member! After that, my biggest goal to keep me going is maintenance. I want to be a 5%er!!!! I am most afraid that I will hit my goal, go to Jamaica, and then think, "eh - I can let go now."..

Comment #21

I want to be at or close to my goal weight before I turn 30 (in Feb 2011). If I can't get to goal weight...I'd like to at LEAST be under 200 lbs. I think -29 lbs is doable in 8 months!..

Comment #22

Very cool everyone..

It seems that having certain goals keeps my focused..

I COULD say that "I'll lose it when I lose it", but then I wouldn't be as motivated. It seems to help when you have something to shoot for..

Even I hit 270 by May, I'll turn backflips! (Okay not really, but I'll certainly try!)..

Comment #23

My middle son got engaged shortly after I started MF. So one goal is to look fantastic as the "Mother of the Groom" at his wedding next June. I doubt I'll be at goal but I think I'll make him proud. My kids have NEVER said anything about my weight but I'm sure they've been embarrassed by it at social functions in the past. So I'm looking forward to being able to buy a beautiful dress for the wedding, at a non-plus-size store, and having people notice that instead of my size!..

Comment #24

You've got 10 months and 126 lbs to go..

You can absolutely make that goal!..

Comment #25

My oldest daughter graduates with her Masters in Geology this December. I do NOT want to be the size I was when she graduated with her BS two years ago. If both of us hit our goal, we will be only 5 pounds apart. I can live with that..


Comment #26

My husband's company Christmas party is on Dec 11 and I have a little black dress in a size 8 that I'm dying to wear (I'm a 14 right now - yikes!).

But more importantly, I promised my son that when he returned from his next deployment (June 2011) I would be in the best shape of my life and ready to run a half marathon. We plan to take a family vacation next summer to celebrate our son getting out of the Marine Corps, our daughter graduating from college, our oldest daughter & her husband celebrating 5 years of marriage, and a belated celebration of our 25th anniversary. And we're going someplace tropical, with miles of beaches and lots of fun stuff for fit, active people to do!..

Comment #27

My wedding is keeping me going. I am 5 weeks away from the wedding. I have 13 pounds to go still...

Comment #28

What's keeping me going so far is reading the stories and seeing the diet tickers keeping track of the totals over time. That is truly amazing and very inspiring for me. I surrendered last week, and just received my package today. Keep up the good work...

Comment #29

It's funny you asked because I really don't have a specific goal or date that I have dangled on a stick in front of me. I'm not in a hurry to get to a certain place or number. Instead, I'm looking at each day OP as a goal met. If I only loose a pound, that's great as long as I have remained OP. This time I am enjoying the feeling of eating right and becoming healthier and not putting pressure on myself to reach a specific number, and for me,this is working really well. I'll get there when I get there!.

I wish all of you the best in getting to the goals you've set for yourself!..

Comment #30

I read an older blog last night and I'd lke to share an inspiring message with all of us, because it's worth repeating, especially in this venue. I wish I could remember where I read it so I could give proper credit. It was someone who made goal over a year ago and still posts to keep motivating others..

"Go on about your life and let Medifast work quietly in the background.".

I have to remember this as my first month results are amazing and now I want to adjust all of my mini-goals. But the losses will slow down and like mentioned above, it's easy to get frustrated when a goal isn't met. But if I don't have some goals then why am I doing this?.

So my next point of focus is my trip home just before Labor Day to see my family. Of 5 children, I am the second oldest and for a long time was the second biggest. Two of my younger sibs are struggling lately. I saw a picture of them all together on Father's Day and I believe I may have moved myself to the fourth biggest, (second smallest). An accomplishment? Sure. But at the expense of my beloved siblings.

That picture from Father's Day made me realize that genetics are huge. But it can be overcome. My youngest sister has managed to make the right choices to avoid being overweight/obese. Why can't I?.

Oh, but I can. And am working on it. Everyday. And with the help of all of you guys on this support system. Maybe I'll bring back an inspiring family photo in September..


Comment #31

Thank you for sharing that quote. It is *exactly* where my head is at right now.

You are doing a great job, Chris. I hope that you inspire your family in September...

Comment #32

I have 3 fitness goals I want to achieve: Run a 1/2 marathon with my friend from the Air Force and keep up with him, learn to surf and look good doing it, and my biggest goal of all is to climb Mt. Fuji and sit on top to see the sunrise. I will know that I have made it once I see the sun come up over Japan from the top of that mountain. This is why I carry a picture of Mt. Fuji in my wallet at all times so if I get the urge to eat off my plan, I meditate on that image until the craving passes!..

Comment #33

My goal is to be 140 down by X-mas, for my husband's big X-mas party. And then at least 175 down at 15 months down. That's my 10th anniversary, and I fully plan on fitting comfortably on the plane and enjoying a trip to the caribbean.

The important thing is, if I miss these by few pounds, I won't sweat it, because no matter what my weight is, it is certainly gonna be better than weighing 400 lbs!..

Comment #34

I don't have a specific weight in mind but I have a specific date. My husband and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary in the latter part of September in Aruba and I am excited by the results I hope to have achieved by then. To date, I am already smaller than I was when I started and I intend to stay OP until I reach my goal whether that is in September 2010 or March 2011. Honestly, I would be ecstatic to have lost another 10 pounds over the next 8 weeks...

Comment #35

I have my weekly goal. This is what I think I can do by the next weigh-in and it helps me stay on track. I have my 6 month goal of 60LBS down. I do not have a date to reach my overall goal...

Comment #36

Mine seems sort of shallow, but I was really skinny twice in my life, and people treated me differently. They respected me more and almost feared me. I was trying to tell people that I was still just me(the usually chubby girl) but they didn't understand- they like worshipped me. It still mystifies me that during my skinny time at one point I got sick and needed a nurse to come help me do home IV. I answered the door, and she looked past me for the sick person. "Are you 'Zen'?" she asked disbelieving.

"yes, I'm her!... what?" She literally said, "Nothing, it's just that you are the kind of woman other women hate, not a sick person." It was a very deep compliment for me. I remembered being the woman who hates women who I NOW LOOKED LIKE. I realized in that moment what it was like to be on the other side. I also realized how surreal it was to realize that I was still ME, even when on the outside, I was getting treated completely differently.

Hehe. It brings a smile to my heart to think of how it felt to be considered attractive. Because... I was still me- I was still my conciousness looking out of my eyes. The benefits were:.

People respected me more by default.

Men and guys called me 'hot' instead of 'cute.'.

I loved wearing shorts and could look good in clothes I had never looked good in before.

I didn't have to base my outfits on hiding fat.

People literally liked me more.

The way I looked in my green dress.

How in yoga class the instructor kept staring at me and envying my body.

People always want to hear what you have to say when they envy you, and I have really good things to say.

Like, I said, shallow, but hey, that's just who I am...

Comment #37

Zen ... wether people think your shallow or not, wether it's a sad state of our culture or not ... It is definitely the truth! I too was 'skinny' once. Prior to that I was either overweight or 'thick athletic build' ... I used to hate the skinny girl, I thought they were ridiculous and couldn't understand why on earth they'd want to be skinny ... a 'thicker athletic build' was so much more attractive than being thin, so I thought..

Well, holy crap did I have total perspective change when I was a size 4! I had favor at my job, from men, even strangers .... all of a sudden I was a part of some secret club. The girls I used to envy wanted to be friends ... I became part of that group that always gets in first and free where ever they go .... it was surreal. I became obsessed with staying thin.

It may not be popular to admit but I commend you for being honest! I too use visualization to stay on track, I recall those feelings and imagine how my cloths will fit ... which I have a HUGE box full of all my cute shorts and dresses I get out and look through when I get discouraged..

ANYWAY! Aside from that motivation for my ultimate goal .... my current goal / motivation is about 12 days away. I haven't seen my husband in 4 months! He'll be here in 12 days and that has kept me going for the past few weeks. So far, I've lost 22 lbs since I've seen him last. I'd like to lose another 5-8 lbs before he gets here! I'd like to make it an even 30 and I've had really low weightloss the last 2 weeks so I'm feeling a good loss this week. Yay, can't wait!!.

I wanna knock his socks off!!..

Comment #38

I want to be rid of my muffintops, and my ugly below the navel belly bulge that almost laps over, gross TMI I know. I want to be happy to walk around naked and not have to turn the lights off to do the wild thing. I know, too much again...

Comment #39

I used to do the distant vacation goal, and I always lost weight for it. But there was never a goal after that and I've always gained it back because it was a finite thing and I had reached it; I never had any idea where to go from there.

Not doing that now. Now, at almost 46 years old, my goal is no diabetes, high blood pressure, or joint pain. I've been luck to avoid this stuff but it has to be right around the corner. And I wouldn't mind not having to hold my breath when I bend over to shave my legs, either...

Comment #40

I want to be able to fit into an airplane seat without the extra buckle and the trey table being able to go down...

Comment #41

I have read this thread front to back and it kept me interested like a good book or movie! I don't have a specific date in mind but if I stay on plan I might be close to goal around next June. (birthday, bathing suits, summer clothes & activities etc.) Awkwardly put- when I'm thin I enjoy doing the things I enjoy most even more. There are lots of things right now- like even going out and meeting new people (I just moved to a new city) that I like doing but not when I'm this much overweight. People tend to see that first and then if you're naturally funny it's attributed to the fat and funny thing..

The "shallow" replies to this thread are completely true and I want similar things.. I'm into a subculture.. tattoos, wild colored hair, retro 50's/60's clothing/hairstyles and music is a big factor too.. (I'm a good & drug free person.. don't get the wrong idea) I know what it is to be hot in the scene and what it is to be in (friends and shows) but not hot.. I know how I was treated thin vs.

Guess what felt better? lol...

While I love me unconditionally, my self confidence is through the roof when my outside matches my insides and that's my main motivation...

Comment #42

So very well said Tiff!.

BTW in another life I'd so be into the retro scene ... love the style, love rockabilly..


Comment #43

My main objective is to finally look good in a ball gown at the Navy Ball and be excited about having pictures taken of me. I want to turn heads for once in my life and have positive attention... I know shallow and vain...but to feel that seems like it would be the greatest thing in the world....

Comment #44

"pictures with dolphins" - that is what I keep reminding myself to stay on plan. The last week of September (8 and 1/2 weeks and counting) I am going to visit a friend in Flordia and we are going to Discovery cove. It is were you get to swim with Dolphins and they take lots of pictures. I really want to enjoy my vacation and the pictures. I want to be able to share the pictures and not be completly embarssed by the way I look...

Comment #45

Kendy, after my 'hubby goal' in a week, this is mine too!! I think we have about 4 months 'till the ball?? Wow, I can't believe it's almost been a year since arriving.... Well, here's to being hot at the ball!..

Comment #46

I want to walk in a room and not feel like everyone is staring at the "fat girl.".

I want my husband to be able to pick me up in his arms..

I want to see my doctor's jaw drop when I walk in his office next year..

I want to be able to try things that I haven't been able to do because I am fat /unhealthy..

I want to shop in normal sized clothing stores..

I want to feel as good as I felt the day I took the photo of me on my profile page (the one from 2003). I don't necessarily need to be 125lbs or a size 2/4 but I want to feel confident and happy..

I want to not feel like I am an embarrassment to my husband (he has never once said a word about my weight and loves me unconditionally but I feel like I am holding him back (I picture everyone who sees us asks "who's that cute guy with that fat chick - OMG that fat chick is his wife!"))..

Comment #47

My motivations are many. The biggest motivation though is never being called "fat" names ever again in my lifetime. At 43 years of age you would have thought those days were long gone. Unfortunately, they are not. I want to be the one people call "hot" not "fat"...

Comment #48

I love this thread and all the fantastic reasons and goals everyone has listed!.

I am graduating in December and want to be at goal when I walk. I am also SOOO thankful I started Medifast when I did because I was elected president of an honor society last semester and was mistress of ceremonies for the induction at my university. There is NO WAY I could have stood in front of 300+ people and kept it together and felt confident at my starting weight. I don't even remember what I weighed at that ceremony, but I know I had lost enough to feel good standing in front of those folks.

I also am looking forward to my student teaching seminar the end of August because several of my classmates have been so supportive and congratulatory of my weight loss, and I haven't seen any of them since May. I can't wait to knock their socks off with my losses over the summer!.

And long-term, I want to skydive and not be afraid to get on roller coasters and hike with my husband and son, and just jump right into whatever interests me without worrying about whether I can physically manage it!..

Comment #49

Goal date Jan. 30, 2011. Vacation to Florida, disneyworld, universal studios, and a 7 day cruise.......

Thats the immediate goal. But the long term goal is to be healthier. I have fibromyalgia, and being overweight certainly brings on a new set of difficulties. When I lose the weight I'll be freeing myself of at least part of the things that keep me from enjoying life. I'm hoping to getting thinner will allow me to get more physically fit as well..

So, short term goal...... the big vacation.

Long term goal....... my life...

Comment #50

At this point in my weight loss I only have goals that don't involve dates. When I start looking at dates I start to feel overwhelmed that I have so much to go still. My first weekly goal is to get into the 220's (im currently 234lbs). After that it's pretty much get into the 210's, get to 200, get to 195 ( no longer obese). I haven't gone further than that in my thinking. Just get out of obese then I will re evaluate my goals on the way to 160lbs..

I do like what one of the other posts said though about a daily goal each morning to stick with it and be OP, I think this is my new addition to my list permenantly since this seems to be what I ALWAYS struggle with...

Comment #51

I have two:.

First, I'm turning 40 in December. I made up my mind on Jan 1 that I was NOT going to do it as an obese woman!.

Second, my husband is in the Army, serving a year in Afghanistan. When he left on Jan 2, 2010, I weighed 264 lbs. I want to knock his socks off when he comes home in February 2011! I'm already 73 lbs lighter than I was when we said good-bye.

Those goals have kept me going!..

Comment #52

One of my goals is to get to 250 by New Year's Day. There's something about that weight that seems unattainable. I've gotten close to that weight many times but never broke through it. I know I probably get there before that but I want a realistic goal so I actually reach it. My main goal is to get healthy and all the benefits and perks that go with it. I want my son to be able to sit in my lap.

Also, I'm in nursing school and being in clinicals are killing my feet. I know when I lose weight most of my feet pain will be gone. In addition, I feel my fat gets in the way of examining patients.

I made a promise to myself that once I started this program there was no turning back. No matter what I keep MFing away even if the scale slows down because I know eventually I will get to goal if I don't give up...

Comment #53

I want to sit down and not have a belly roll (that used to be the case).

I want to fit in my old clothes (sizes 10-12) - I have ALOT of clothes bc prior to this my size did not change for over 10 years.

I want to feel comfortable wearing a bikini...

Comment #54

Like many here, I don't have a specific date in mind (except maybe one) but I do have a few goals:.

I was "skinny" a couple of years ago and felt great. I had a ton of energy and I was able to do things I had never done before. I'd love to get that feeling back..

I want to resurrect my old wardrobe and get rid of my "fat" wardrobe. I want to be able to buy clothes in the regular departments rather than in the "Plus" size departments. Geez, I hate the "fat" clothes!!.

I want to feel good about myself and eat to live rather than live to eat..

I want to be able to maintain my weight and break the yo-yo cycle.

I need to have a hip replacement surgery. If I get my weight down I can have an easier surgery with a newer approach (anterior/front approach) rather than the standard surgery which goes through the muscles and tissues in the buttocks. Both the surgery and the recovery are easier. The recovery is actually about 1/3 of the time needed for the standard surgery.

Next year my father plans to take my sister and her family and me on a fantastic trip (to Israel). I want to have the energy to have a great time without dragging around this excess weight. It wouldn't help to look and feel good in whatever I want to wear..

Probably more to follow but that seems like a fairly decent start to me..


Comment #55

My sister is getting married on September 25, I don't have a specific weight goal in mind but if I could be a size or two smaller by then, I would be ecstatic! Her wedding dress is short and sassy and since she is 10 years older than me I feel like whatever I wear should be just as sassy.

Also I turn 21 on February 13th and I would be so happy to reach my goal by then! I have never been thin, so it would be awesome to start out my adult life healthy and happy. And if I haven't met my goal by then, I definitely would like to be there by May when I graduate from college! I think having these goals keeps me motivated to stay on plan...

Comment #56

I love this thread!! I read everyone's comments and makes me feel like I am in the right place!!.

My motivation has more to do with me and my family rather than a date. I have two boys, 12 and 8 years old. They are both thin and very the point my hubby(who is also overweight) wonder where they came from..hahaha! I keep them very busy and involved in sports (swimming mostly, hence my profile name). My goal is to learn (and teach them) how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives and NOT end up like me!! Not saying I am not loving the rewards...they notice mom looking thinner and they are my biggest cheerleaders!! I love this program and everything it has taught me so far (have a lot more to learn) but most of all, I just want to be a good role model for my kids.. wear a size 8 jeans is a motivation too!!.

Thanks for posting this great thought provoking thread, you are an inspiration!!..

Comment #57

Great thread! I actually spent the time to read every single post, because it was so inspiring and motivational to read about everyone's different goals.

I'd been trying to lose the 40 or so lbs that I gained since '07 for about the last 2 years, with no luck until I started Medifast in January hallelujah because I'm down almost -40 lbs now, 7 months later! So, I've already accomplished my first goal of getting back to a more normal weight..

However, even back in '07 (at my current weight), I was still a few lbs overweight and had wanted to lose about 20-25 lbs so, now I'm going back to that original goal! Honestly, I've been an athlete all my life (swimmer, biker, hiker, climber, runner), but my lifestyle changed a few yrs ago, as well as starting some meds that brought on the weight. SO I want to get back to my "fit & healthy" athlete's weight of 130-135 lbs! I felt the best and the most happy and energetic at this weight range, so I know it's a good goal..

As far as "events" go I DO have two big ones that have helped to keep me motivated beyond the larger goal of being healthy..

Goal #1: Looking fantastic in my wedding gown on Sept. 18, 2010!.

Goal #2: Getting to a healthy weight in order to try to get pregnant, not only because it usually helps with conception, but also because I know I'm going to gain at least 30 lbs having a baby (maybe more yikes!), and I want to be as healthy as possible...

Comment #58

I have several things that are goals but no set date... but the most motivating goal is the result of a promise made to my young daughter...she told me that she loves me so much she doesn't want me to die ever! So, I promised her I would live to 120 (I know ridiculous promise) so that she would be a Great-Grandma herself. Then that same little girl said to me that I should try and make it to 210 so she could reach 70 (what a stinker! just how old does she think I am?! lol).

I'm just trying to shoot for a longer, healthy life as my goal and I sure wasn't going to make it by living such an unhealthy life. I also wanted to show them what a woman should do..take care of her body and her health rather than put herself last. I really want to show them what they CAN do not what they can't...

Anyhow, off the pulpit.....

Comment #59

I want to believe in myself. I want to be proud of myself. I want to feel the freedom of movement and be able to walk, run, or ride in an airplane without fear. I want to live a full and active life. I am turning 50 in a few monthsthe time has come for me to finally resolve this problem. I know what I need to do. Thank you Matt for inspiring us and thank you all for sharing this journey...

Comment #60

No date in mind - just to keep losing until I am healthier and more pain free. I want to be free of knee pain (even though I may still need surgery), free of back pain. I want to be able to lower my medications and enter my golden years with some hope for longer good years and mobility. I want to be able to play with my grandaughter...

Comment #61

I put on about 50lbs since graduating from grad school. in that time I also moved to NYC. while putting on the weight, I turned into another person. I have been overweight the majority of my life, excepting one year in highschool and during the 3 years I went to grad school. putting all this weight on coincided with me turning into a major recluse, being scared to go out and take advantage of the city. it is very lonely..

My goal is to not live this way anymore. my goal is to enjoy my youth (while I have it), to go out and feel confident to take part in life. once I can do that without feeling terrible, maybe i'll learn how to not be lonely too..

A more solid "mini goal" as it were, are 2 upcoming weddings. this has been the summer of weddings for me. the first, I attended right before starting MF. I felt horrible about myself and all the people I was seeing, especially in my bridesmaid dress next to actual models! I recently attended another wedding and though I didn't stay 100% OP (they didn't have ANY low carb food options!! seriously?? no plain protein or veggies?? plus I indulged in a couple glasses of red wine. ).

But i'm returning to where the first wedding took place for a second wedding in september. my mini goal is to feel GREAT when I see those people again. I want them to say "hey, you look different!" I don't care about the # so much as i'm committed to the plan for the long run.

A week after that, my sister is getting married! so i'm going to try really hard to be OP through out the first weddingno more than 1 glass of wine to toast the couple and no off plan foods and all my LG and MF!! I really want to be in a good place for the family wedding. after all those pictures will be around foreveh!.

Part of me has never believedmy entire life, has never believed that I could be thin. the one moment in my life when I was thin, I didn't even notice, my brain was so wrapped in fat-girl land. if I actually could wear a bikini just once in my life?? well, I can't even imagine even as committed as I am.....

If that happened, I would note it. love it. and post it here with the people that helped me!..

Comment #62

Like others, I don't have a specific date in mind for my goals. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin, something that has eluded me for a long, long time. I want the pain in my knees and back to be less....and ditto to the feeling comfortable getting on a plane! So many day at a time...

Comment #63

No date for me. I'm mom to a wonderful five year-old girl, and I never want her to look to me as a "dieter". I'm here to relearn portion control, healthy eating choices, and stop the weight creep-up that has started over the last year. I remember when I turned 12, my mom put me on my first diet. She was a dieter her entire life, and I refuse to have that dynamic with my girl. We are already active, so it's just dialing in our nutrition so we can just be a healthy family...

Comment #64

When I reach my goal weight I'm going to Maui. My hubby and I are going to take the honeymoon we've never had. I can't wait to feel sexy and confident in a bikini!..

Comment #65

My goal? STAY ALIVE during White Water rafting Labor Day 2010.

Last rafting trip, a giant bump tossed me totally airborne. Took me 3 tries to get back in. So I'm building up my upper body muscles just now... and looking forward to that rushing river adrenaline!.

Building muscle is likely slowing the weight loss on the scale. When the scale is discouraging, I remind myself my arms are tighter and my pants feel looser..

Any body else trying to build a little muscle on MF??..

Comment #66 original goal was to get rid of my weight by my 50th birthday which is Jan. 4, 2011. Now...I have a 2nd item to look forward to...a cruise starting Jan. 7. I am not putting a weight goal as I too think that can be a hinderence if things are going slow. What I DO know...I will weigh less, will be healthier and will be happier.

Either way...this is a life long commitment. I am still a newbie I guess (this is week 2) but I just feel this is something I can stick with. I like not having to make big choices as to what to eat.....I like the structure which is why I chose this versus going back to WW. I need structure now and knew it. I can not trust myself to make good food choices...yet...but I will learn to over time.

I also bought Dr. A's Habits of Health and have found it to be very informative.

All good things!..

Comment #67

My goal is to be back around 130 (or lower) by my wedding at the end of October. But in addition to that, I want to be able to prove to my doctor that cholesteral meds aren't necessary. I can lower this on my own. I want to be able to wear the vast quantities of small clothing that is in my closet from when I was skinny. I want to be able to feel confident and sexy about the way I look and not dive under the covers as soon as I get undressed in front of FH. He's my biggest supporter and loves the way I look now but also has been encouraging me during my brief time so far on MF.

I would absolutely looooove to have my abs back, wow I used to be ripped! I would like to not loose the girls. But most importantly I want to be healthy again. I want my doctor to say to me, your blood work is perfect, if I could, I would buy your blood it's so great. I want to re-learn how to eat healthy and keep up with my hyperactive dog Charlie (who knows, maybe I can turn into a runner. Boy would that make the dog happy!)..

Comment #68

This is probably a little vain, but now that I'm down to my last 20lb.s to lose the idea of buying some cute, expensive, AMAZING jeans before my Vegas B-Day trip in Novemeber is what keeps me going...

Comment #69

I might be the maid of honor in my friends wedding (June 2011). I want to look as amazing as her other friends, and surprise her whole family with how good I look. BUT if she does end up making someone else her maid of honor, then I'll look awesome in whatever dress I want to buy! And, I'll get to be home in the states for a whole month shopping for my new body, and I can't wait...

Comment #70

I'm adding to my previous goal - I want to get to Onederland by Rosh Hashanna and maintain if not lose over the holidays. I was already able to lower my blood pressure medicines by about 1/3 and I'm thrilled about that!..

Comment #71

This is a great thread. It is amazing how many people there are out there thinking the same things as me. I am amazed how open and honest the majority of the people are on the boards. We bare our deepest fears and share them with strangers. It is amazing to me how many supportive and wonderful people there are on these boards..

My reasons are many.... they include not feeling so embarassed about my body - and to want to live life more. I have been hiding behind my weight as a reason to not be social. I want my son to have a healthy and active mom. My husband is very supportive - but I cant help but feel that I am letting him down by letting myself go... He says he loves me no matter what - and I know he does - but still!! I have been setting mini-goals so that I dont get discouraged about the slow rate I am losing. I am also going by my closet- I am able to wear some stuff that I couldn't only 2 months ago...

Comment #72

I call this "event dieting". For a time I had decided to never partake in "event dieting" ever again. Until I realized it works for me. My motto is when it comes to reduction a gal has to do whatever works! So I am here and I am "event dieting" once again. My first event is Sept. 18 at which time I would like to have released 20 pounds from today.

If it does not work that is fine as at least I will be close, but if I really try I believe I can do it!.

Happy Melting..


Comment #73

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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