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Quick question: What is your favorite Nutrisystem recipe? Thanks for any response. Another question... Although still a newbie to the Nutrisystem plan, I am already seeing some benefits outside of weight loss and better health. Wanted to share a few thoughts here:.

1) I am getting better at chopping veggies. I've never had great knife skills, but I am improving each day. Move over Iron Chefs... (ok, maybe not....).

2) While gaining those knife skills, my dogs are enjoying lots of "free food" as it flies off my cutting board and onto the floor. Who knew dogs liked carrots so much?.

3) I have found a bonding exercise with my dogs - while eating apples, if I get to a slice that is brown or mushy, it becomes puppy snack time. Gives me a good opportunity to take them through, sit, stay, lay down, etc. because they would do anything for an apple..

4) If I eat the right combination of foods, I can create my own dance music or jacuzzi tub. (Gas mask may be required).

5) I have gained great skills as a dish washer, so should I lose my job in these tough economic time, I have a marketable skill. I never had to do dishes eating out all the time. Now I really understand what dish soap is all about!.

Anyone else have some benefits to share?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

That is hilarious and a great way to look at it....when I read the part about the apple and your dog I could not stop dog watches me cut my apple and patiently waits for me to come back to the couch for our "bonding" time...I eat a piece and give him part of the piece and so on until the plate is finished...

Comment #2

My girls (two Labs) keep wondering why I am eating.


Apples! We always have cut up pieces in the fridge for them. Now, when they see me pull out a whole apple, they sigh and walk away...

Comment #3

Love it!.

Might I add that I get to watch whatever tv shows I want, in bed, by myself without complaint from my family because they banish me from the family room!..

Comment #4

Where's the like button on this board?.

I've had the same benefits!! But my dogs miss getting extras off my dinner plate since I need to eat my entire portion now. That's probably a good benefit, they'll lose weight too and carrots & apples are better for them!..

Comment #5

I didn't know dogs like apples!?! And lettuce??? Wow.....

Comment #6

A lot of dogs love apples - I go apple picking to a place where dogs are allowed and they will eat the apples :-D Just have to be careful with the pit and seeds..

My dogs will eat anything - except mushrooms I think. And pretzels for some reason..

But many veggies & fruits are good for them (in moderation) - esp sweet potatoes, apples, carrots I think..

NEVER grapes or raisins - they are very bad for dogs...

Comment #7

I didn't know. I have 5 cats. But I would love to have a dog. Don't think my kitties would be happy though!..

Comment #8

My dogs wouldn't be happy if I had a cat either....well maybe they would like to chase it, but one of my dogs has gotten a couple swats too close to her eyes to like cats much :-)..

Comment #9

LOL that is great. I too have 5 cats & did not know that dogs liked apples. LOL..

Comment #10

What kinda dogs do you guys have? Mine turns her nose up at a carrot even faster than I can! (or should say, used to, since I'm getting better at this vegetable thing!) LOL..

Comment #11

My dog loves carrots and apples. She thinks she likes diced celery, but usually she changes her mind about that once she gets a piece, and I find it later on the carpet..

But she also LOVES that we go on a good walk every day (though not today unless the rain lets upwe both hate the rain though I would deal with it if she would leave the front porch!)...

Comment #12

Mine too!! That's how they are with mushrooms, too. They'll take it, one will eat it and one will leave it on the carpet..

I have 2 American Eskimos/pig mix rescues :-) 1 is a mini and one is standard. Actually, the mini one might really be a mix w/ Pomeranian but the standard is a purebred rescue.;..

Comment #13

Jesse licks off the dressing, then leaves the lettuce behind! Makes me laugh every time!!..

Comment #14

Our dogs like to -steal- the veggies. When my brother started on the program he started buying broccoli ( I dislike it, so they won't get any of that from me), and one of our dogs decided she REALLY liked the stuff. So much so that when our father was sitting on the couch, eating one piece while another sat on his leg, she ran up and snatched it away for herself...

Comment #15

I've got two Jack Russell terriers - one is 100% Jack, the other is a mix (part Jack and I believe part devil dog)...

Comment #16

I have a very bad pug named George who will eat ANYTHING, and I do mean anything... including rocks, twigs, paper clips, coffee table legs, poo (I know TMI). Then I have a very good pug named Jack who likes normal stuff including apple & carrots. Then there's Gizzy, the old-man chihuahua who is a bit more picky, but will make a complete fool out of himself over anything diary. I'll share my cheese with him, but not the yogurt or ice cream stuff because of all the artificial sweetners... very bad for poochies..

Jack (in the back) & George... being bad like usual! LOL..

Comment #17

Awwww, what cute little doggies!! I wish had one.....

Comment #18

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