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Question I have... What is your experience with Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... This is my second try at nutrisystem and love it but I drink 8 glasses water a day, use all my fruit with prunes, use off my fat and vegetables, take stool softners, and benefiber have a bm one day and have to use laxatives in 3 days before I have another-this is very discouraging-have always had problems but not this bad..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Have you tried the Miralax over the counter. I have problems in that deparment myself even when I am not on theNutrisystemprogram. Put it in your morning coffee. When my sister was pregnant, she would warm the prune juice in the microwave which gave her results. Hope that is helpful..

Great success on your journey!..

Comment #2

I have had the same problem! I started the Miralax on Sunday, and I am really happy with the results. Everyone is different, but I have been able to have 1-2 normal bm per day since then, and I have lost that bloated icky tummy feeling that the constipation gave me, and then the laxatives made worse!..

Comment #3

Geeez...and here I thought I was the only one! I excercise like crazy and still only lost 1.5lbs.... I bet it is because it has been like 6 days since I could "go".

I am going to get a bottle of miralax!!..

Comment #4

I have been eating activia with my lunch every other day and it really helped me out. I am completely "regular" on the diet and usually have the same problem...

Comment #5

I have had the same problem since startingNutrisystemand the best solution for me is probiotics..

Prunes? no help, fiber supplements? no help, laxatives? too much cramping and pain, stool softeners? some help, probiotics? whole lot of help..

Probiotics are capsules or liquids that contain large amounts of the bacteria we all need to keep our guts working and everything "moving" as it should. I got some capsules at Whole Paycheck and that ended my problems in that area. Not saying that this will be the answer for anyone else, but it sure helped me...

Comment #6

You might want to consider taking some magnesium (vitamin). I read about it in a perimenopause book, and also Dr. Oz talked about it on his show. Seems like a lot of us are deficient in it and that causes constipation. I take it right before bed and I've been fine for the last year...

Comment #7

Bumping to see if anyone else is dealing with this cause I am...

Comment #8

Yeah, I had my first BM today since the weekend..

I ate an apple this morning, maybe that had something to do with it?.

I'm abnormal in that arena anyway, so maybe I'm just used to it..

Seems the worse I eat, the more I "go." I wonder if you're eating food that's good for you, there is less waste? My partner eats no fruits and a rare veggie. He's not overweight because he's always been an athelete and he's got a physical job. But, he goes every single day even though he eats no fiber at all...

Comment #9

Yep, I'm struggling with it myself. I have to drink a special tea to get things moving properly...

Comment #10

Also, I find that when I drink a new coffee, things get moving..

Some coffee makes things move too fast (Dunkin Donuts). Yesterday as I mentioned I finally had a BM (TWICE!) and had one today, too. Ironically, I opened a new bag (new brand) of coffee..

If you're a coffee drinker maybe this will work for you?..

Comment #11

No, it's a powder you put in your favorite drink..

Magnesium is wonderful to use also if taking calcium make sure it has magnesium or have that supplement since calcium causes constipation...

Comment #12

I know it may sound weird, but - - - have you tried jalapeno peppers?! How about fresh roasted or boiled peanuts? Those two things never, ever fail me. Do not combine them, though...

Comment #13

Red peppers and spinach always help me go. I also use some chia seeds as my fat, it is full of fiber and turns into a gel kind of like fiber supplements do..


Comment #14

I've wondered the same. Like my body is actually using every ounce of the food I'm eating to fuel itself, especially on days I excercise. Fortunately, I don't have the cramping or bloating that comes with constipation so it hasn't really bothered me much...

Comment #15

I use Miralax. There is no cramping or running to the bathroom. It just returns you back to normal. It doesn't always work with the first dose. My gastro said you can take it daily until it works, and also continue to take it daily. Some pediatricians also use it for children as well, just in smaller doses.

What confuses me is that with this diet I am getting much more fiber and water. How are we having this issue??? I thought fiber and water helped in that department. Confusing.....

Comment #16

I see it's been a coupla days...I wonder if everything came out ok?..

Comment #17

I take it you never watched the British Show - You Are What You Eat?! The counselor/doctor actually examined the output of her overweight people and could tell what they were eating based on the consistency, color, odor, etc..

If you have a lot of grease/fat, sugars, sodium, and other "no-no's" in your diet, your body expels it much more quickly as there is nothing for it to use. When you are eating the proper diet, your body uses everything it can and you have less "waste" to expel. Also,Nutrisystemhas a much higher protein content than what most of us were used to, and those proteins stay with you longer than the carbs or fibers do...

Comment #18

If you are eating bananas as your fruit, that can be constipating...

Comment #19

I am having the exact same problem although I didn't have it prior to NS. I followed a friend's advice and I take 2 Tblsp of Milk of Magnesia before I go to bed at night. It's sugar free and causes no stomach cramping at all. It has solved my problem for sure...

Comment #20

LOL! I used to watch that show all the time! I'm just glad they never showed anything though hearing her talk about it was bad enough. Oh, and when they would show all the food they ate in a week at once made me so sick, bleh!..

Comment #21

No kidding! I couldn't get over her describing the consistency, smell, etc. and determining just what deficiencies they had by her observations. I would have been sick long ago if there was "Smellivision".

I just love to watch BBC because the shows are so open, honest, and funny as hell. I used to watch "How Clean Is Your House", too. I could never, ever imagine living in some of those houses - totally gross...

Comment #22

2 Carters Stimulant laxitives on Thursday night... no cramping, no nothing! I hadn't "gone" in 8 days! So I took TWO MORE! DUMMMMBBBBBBBBBBB~~~.

NO PROBLEM on Friday morning, or afternoon, or late afternoon, or early evening....welll, you get my point! OMG....I think THAT might have contributed to my 5lb loss this week! LOL......

Comment #23

I began taking Align a year ago with one Mg tablet and this has made a huge difference. When I get a little more than normal I add a couple of extra tablets..

Ocassionally I take extra fiber when I don't get it through regular foods...

Comment #24


I used to also deal with the same potty issues, not anymore though. I take 1 Accuflora probiotics pill everyday. What I also do is add 1 Tbs. of Benefiber to my coffee in the morning (you can take it 3 times a day). It not only helps me to eliminate 1 to 2 times daily but it also helps to keep my appetite down. Benefiber is an all natural wheat fiber.

There are no side affects such as cramping & gas, just easy and productive potty visits...

Comment #25

I've been eating Fiber One yogurt almost daily, plus about 2 days a week a add a little help (softeners). That took care of THAT problem for me...

Comment #26

Magnesium is a mineral that is not stored so it is fairly safe. I stay away from non-natural stuff because it can cause damage to the colon if you aren't careful and I already have issues! LOL...

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