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First of all What is the safest and most effective Dukan Diet pill on the market? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. Hellodoes anyone else out there in Nutria system world think this food is like Army food. now who ever heard of pouring hot water onto a hamburg patty and watch it become alive. when I went to eat this thing I had to laugh so load that it was just bearable:.ever time I try a new food, it worst then the.

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Granted I'm not a picky eater, but I like almost all of the food. I must admit, though, the hamburger patty is sort of a science project...

Comment #2

Now that you mention kids were boy scouts, and the scoutmaster brought in some Army MRE's for them to see. Almost all of it was add water and heat meals. It was all prepared and packaged to go in a backpack without spoiling...

Comment #3

The food is certainly better then MREs (meals ready to go military style). Ha! I don't miss eating military food in some cases canned the year I was born. Dukan Diet foods can be good - some need more add ins and seasoning then others but I have yet to match a line of foods either online or in the stores that incorporate all the nutritional stats and convenience of Dukan Diet foods. I have found some things to supplement - desserts and some meals (after all I am on flex) but no program matches it for quality, price and all the nutritional advantages like low glycemic, protein, carbs, calories and fiber and those omegas. I am well satisfied with the money I have spent...

Comment #4

MREs are made to be very high in calories for the use of people in the field who are working incredibly hard and need the calories. Some of the breakfast breads are JUST like the MRE breads. Modern MREs are all in packets, not cans. It's similar to the soft canning of the Dukan Diet foods. My poor husband once got nothing but Country Captain Chicken for months because he was one of the last in every day and nothing else was left. The entres have all changed again since then though.

We've got a case of MREs downstairs left over from various actions. MREs also come with these chemical heaters. I should have brought some of those with me on vacation to heat my Dukan Diet meals..


Comment #5

Agree with all of the above. If I implied canned rations were same as MREs that was unintended. When I served we were given MREs in the soft packaging as aircrew between flights and at survival school we got the older canned "rations." One was canned in the year I was born. That is what I was referring to. Yes MREs are high in calories and for a specific purpose. Even the PB in vacuum sealed packaging is beefed up in calories.

I have not been in the military for some years now or I am sure I wouldn't need NS..

I do not like any of the Dukan Diet breakfast breads or "muffins." I prefer the eggs and most low carb meals although I do like many of the snacks. The formulation for many of the nacho and cheese puff type snacks is hard to match in the stores. Especially finding preportioned amounts high in protein, low in carbs/calories etc...

Comment #6

All said, this you should made you think about sending a care package to our service men and women fighting overseas. Contact the USO or military base...

Comment #7

I didn't think you implied that's how it is now, I just find it very interesting. The military is using some of the same technology, but with added calories instead of appetite suppressants. They also have to add in all the extras so there are packets of candy, condiments, and so on right in. I know you know, but other readers might find it interesting. I love the little bottles of tobasco. I should bring some in to work with me.

He's in the 5th MOB..

I wish I could trade you my eggs for your breads and muffins. I don't like the eggs at all and would just make real eggs if I were going to go to the trouble of trying to jazz them up. I don't love all the muffins and breads but do like some, and don't hate any..

I think Dukan Diet has done a good job of making a wide variety of foods so a wide variety of people can find things they like. It's still pretty new to me, so I'm still fascinated by the small details...

Comment #8

Small toiletry items are also greatly appreciated and cards with words of encouragement. Get well cards can be collected and sent to military hospitals. The Army folks especially need/deserve our support as they have such long deployments and often in the most difficult areas..

My husband has another couple of years to go in the Air Force then he'll retire at just over 26 years (they tacked on a few extra months, which is a good thing). He loves his job, and is going to miss it...

Comment #9

Good point to all. I continue to work for the military as a civilian and already volunteer in varied areas according to need including but not limited to care package coordination and support. Many, many folks are donating resources, their time and prayers. All are welcome..

KileyG64 awesome! I work next door to a chaplain who is a great friend and colleague! I like the little bottles of Tabasco too. I have not been ordering the breakfast foods you like but rather those darn eggs I love! Ha! But if you are interested there has been a whole thread on Big Lots Dukan Diet foods (the Nourish ones) and I have seen and tried the blueberry muffins they are selling there for a $1.00 for a pack of two. I did not like them but I tried to like them. Many people do and are buying them. They also had biscotti and cookies but I bought what I liked the most and that was the Basil Chicken. I would buy the eggs from you if you are selling them?.

They are great for camping trips too (NS food and eggs). I agree with you also on Dukan Diet doing a good job with variety. I am not in love with the lunches but we were all offered a survey recently and they do change the foods so I am kind of hoping they will change the lunches. They might change the eggs too! I do usually add my protein to them by adding another egg but I also like them by themselves..

Someone started another thread calling Dukan Diet food "Astronaut Food" which I thought was funny. Another posted that this was exactly why they liked the food because they could pretend they were an astronaut. People are so funny. Best wishes on your journey...

Comment #10

I used to do week-long backpacking and cycling trips, years ago when I was young and limber. The trail foods we used then are vaguely reminiscent of Dukan Diet food, but only vaguely. This is MUCH better!.

Once in a while I get this weird craving for the old trail beef stroganoff...then I wake up from whatever nightmare I was having...

Comment #11

This and the grilled chicken are just about all I buy for dinner. With a bit of reheat in the microwave, it becomes even more like real. Then, I make a Texas burger with whole grain bun, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and cheese I've saved a protein for. YUMMMMM!.

Also, as stated before...should we have a national defense issue, we have food to eat even if it's dry!..

Comment #12

I hope my kids don't get that astronaut idea, they already want to try everything. The last thing they need are cookies with appetite suppressant in them..

All the Chaplains I've known so far have been really neat guys, and one gal who is/was Wing Chaplain at another base nearby. We are going to be replacing nearly all of the ones we've got in the next few weeks and months due to the usual rotations and one's wife, who is a Colonel, is being sent to Germany, so he goes too. I'm going to miss these guys, but am looking forward to getting to know a new batch..

I figure I won't try to swap or sell food until I am done with all those free meals I got with my introductory packages. I've got two more months that'll include a free week that they pick. By then I should have all the stuff I'll not want, and this stuff surely keeps that long. I bought some egg beaters to replace the eggs today. I love eggs but if they don't smell just right to me, I can't get near them, and the powdered ones smell funny to me (not rotten, just not "right"). It's the only food I'm that way about.


Comment #13

There are no appetite suppressants in Dukan Diet foods. There is a lot of fiber in them which makes you feel full for a longer period than you'd think. But any high foods will do this...

Comment #14

Camping and "emergency" food often comes dehydrated. It is lighter to carry in a backpack, easier to store for long periods and conditions without going bad..

I remember the old television show M*A*S*H having an episode all about Hawkeye's disgust with powdered eggs...

Comment #15

They do remind me of MRE's but definitely taste better.....

Comment #16

I call it survival food or camp food.......I love the add water food!!!!!!!Love the burgers also!!!!!!!!and I am a food snob usually........

Comment #17

Yeah they don't smell like regular eggs but I admit I do doctor them even when I am not adding an egg - with dehydrated onion, garlic etc. I didn't think Dukan Diet added appetite suppressants? I know they don't have MSG because I specifically checked on that before I joined. I would like to know if this is true and what they are putting in there. (<:.

Transition to retirement is a challenging time. I wish you the best in that. I understand about not swapping/selling. Best wishes again on your journey. The program does work and is the easiest thing of it's kind I have ever tried in these last several years...

Comment #18

I agree, I am military so it's always nice to get a care package when deployed...

Comment #19

There is no appetite suppressants in the food. the reason you feel fuller and not hungry is from the added fibers and high protein. look at the stats on the packages and compare that to most of the foods you ate pre NS. also, the low GI carbs as well as eating every few hours help control your blood sugar so you don't have cravings...

Comment #20

Yes, there are. The food descriptions list an appetite suppressant in many of the food items. I'm taking the "unique, natural ingredient to help control hunger" as an appetite suppressant..

Maybe it's something new?.

Here's an example:.

Chocolate Crunch Bar.

Like your chocolate with a whole lot of crunch? Then treat yourself to the new Chocolate Crunch Bar. This rich, velvety milk chocolate bar is packed with crispy morsels, making it a decadent treat. Plus, it now includes a unique, natural ingredient to help control hunger. A guilt-free indulgence and a delicious way to satisfy those chocolate cravings...

Comment #21

My brother and I used to think it was fun to eat my dads left over MRE's. I especially liked the potato things before re-hydrating them..

Now my brother is deployed (20 years after playing army at home when dad was away) and he gets to eat at a cafeteria everyday. Things have changed depending on your assignment..

But the original question at hand, Dukan Diet does not taste like army food...

Comment #22

The ingredient is NutriSol. Dukan Diet describes it as:.

NutriSystem Advanced meals contain one of NutriSystem's new, proprietary blends of heart-healthy ingredients. Primary among these are OmegaSol(TM), a patent-pending combination of heart-healthy soluble fibers and Omega-3 fatty acids that work to help promote a healthy heart while losing weight, and NutriSol(TM), an additional blend of soluble fibers that are naturally present in oats, fruits and whole grains and help reduce hunger and control appetite..

Can't seem to find much else on it but based on NS's description it is fiber...

Comment #23

So, it's sort of an appetite suppressant as fiber does suppress the appetite and can be sold to do that, but not comparable to some products that use other methods. They must have some R&D department...

Comment #24

I never ate the MRE foods just saw them. It reminded me of Dukan Diet by the way they were packaged. They could sit on a shelf with no refrigeration or special storage. Those little tabasco bottles are the things the scouts liked the most. They took them to scout camp to add to their food...

Comment #25

MRE are the perfect thing to have in your emergency preparedness packs. You can buy them at most camp outfitters..

Regarding sending things to troops, it's a great sentiment but please check with a military support centre to make sure they actually need anything. Care packages are sweet and all but there is only so much space on flights and essential items get priority..

I started a group sending things over and was told that while apreciated it was not needed..

Perhaps donate to local families with family stationed elsewhere?..

Comment #26

There are a lot of businesses in my area already collecting things the troops can use...for example, Starbucks and Caribou collect bags of coffee for the troopsyou can buy one and throw it in the troops bin. Also, the AT&T store collects old cell phones for the troops to use to call home. I see signs everywhere for ways we can help through businesses we already patronize...

Comment #27

My brother is a Marine and he always laughs at my Dukan Diet food and says "Oh you're eating your MRE's again?"..

Comment #28

As a current member of the Navy who just returned from Afghanistan about 6 months ago and stationed in Naples, Italy now, care packages are always welcome. While goodies from home were always nice, good care packages include hygene items, and such that can't be bought at the PX/BX overseas..

As for this is so much better than MRE's and the food that you get in the chow hall.....although some are better than others..

As for all military members not needing to worry about doing NS, well that is a myth. Most of us work out daily, but there are other factors that play into maintaining a healthy weight and it is sometimes difficult to do when you have limited menu options. The Navy has gotten better and is going to a much healthier menu and most places have eliminated the deep fat fryers that a lot of stuff was cooked in..

For all of you....from the "troops" thanks for supporting us!..

Comment #29

As a military chapel we have lots of ways of getting stuff to the troops. It helps that our base repairs C130s, which are the transport planes the military currently uses. Sometimes we can load up repaired planes returning to service with goodies. We also give out stuff on the flight lines, and to the Airman Ministry Center, and to the VA, as well as shipping it to the Mid East. Regardless of your faith, or lack of it, your local base's chapel can be a great avenue for getting donations out to the troops of all faiths (or not of any faith). You can also donate straight to the VA..

Items like toothbrushes (not currently needed, but maybe soon), shaving cream, alcohol free mouthwash, gum, granola bars, 100 calorie snack packs, disposable raisers, body wash (a rare and precious commodity for deployed troops), shampoo, conditioner, those frozen popsicle things in the tubes (it's HOT in the desert) are greatly appreciated. Just find out where you can send them and how you can transport them before gathering them up. We can't send chocolate (a few chips in a granola bar is OK). It gets melty and gross on the flights over. Products for women are important too, people sometimes forget that a large portion of our fighting forces are female today and donate only men's shaving cream etc..

Don't forget to support your local VA hospital. Those guys deserve the best and are often forgotten. Going in to spend time with recovering troops is also a great way to donate your most precious commodity, your time. We have a team that goes to a VA hospital. They make them breakfast once a month and bring up donated items, and most importantly, spend time with them. We've got a team of mostly retired Chief's (E9) who can serve the most amazing meals to vast numbers of people.

And I still think the apple strudel scone tastes a lot like the bread that comes with the peanut butter in one of the MREs, though the rest of the food doesn't much resemble it beyond the fact that the soft canning technology is vaguely similar..

Next time we deploy a Chaplain Assistant I'll see if there is a way to distribute information about getting stuff to them. One of our guys got a medal for setting up a hospitality center at the Bahgdad Airport with a freezer for those tube popsicle things, and it was a big hit. They had some kind of massive toothbrush donation and didn't need those, but needed about anything else, especially body wash for men and women..


Comment #30

There is a HUGE thing about Starbucks coffee. My former boss was a big advocate for it. He said having a familiar taste, something that is widely available all over the USA, like Starbucks, can do a lot for the troops morale, and relieve stress. He may be the one who started the whole thing..


Comment #31

Thanks for serving Chris! My grandpa was a naval Commander and loved it. My Dad was in the Air Force, but not career, and my husband is in his 25th year in the Air Force. He loves it. He's going to be a mess when he retires next year. He's always on a diet, trying to get his waist down to the required size etc. The military are the biggest bunch of dieters you'll ever find..

Hey, do you know any of the Air Force Chaplains there? The guy who head hunted me for my current job is there, great guy. I'm so glad he found me and let me know this job was open. Best move of my life..


Comment #32

Thanks for mentioning the female service members that are serving in Iraq and is very difficult to get feminine hygene items and I know that to get them is great. We did get a box from the chaplains with all of that in it. When shipping, mark your box for Male or Female and that helps also. Body, wish I got that in the PX/BX! I used to order through since they actually ship all that to FPO/APO addresses. Gift cards to that might be good also. Just some ideas, and thanks again for supporting the troops!..

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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