What is the pricing for Godaddy bulk domains?

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My question is: What is the pricing for Godaddy bulk domains?.

My 2nd question is: Dear all,.

I have a major problem with and I know others had the same kind of problems in the past. I am writing here not so much to receive help from you (though all comments will be greatly appreciated!), as to speak aloud as a last resort I can think of.

In October 2007 I bought a HostGator (I think the name does not have to be revealed at this point) from a NamePros user. The purchase included a free push at Moniker, so I created an account there. The HostGator renewal was due in early November, so I paid for it with my cc. The HostGator is now valid till Nov 2008. So far so good.

In mid-November I decided to move the HostGator to another registrar where I keep most of my gTLD domains. To my surprise, I could not log in to my account. I tried several passwords, to no avail. I did a password recovery only to find out that my first try was with proper username and password. I tried with both username and user-id, still no success.

After that, I have sent an e-mail toIt was Nov 24. No answer. I repeated the mail on Dec 8 and Jan 3. Still no signs of life from Moniker. I simply asked them why my account was blocked and how I could at least get *my* HostGator name out.

To date, I received no answer to my PM.

If this post does not help any, I have no idea what to do next. I would really like to keep *my* domain...

Thanks for reading,.


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Your question was: What is the pricing for Godaddy bulk domains?.

Did you call? from what I hear everyone says call- dont email..

Comment #1

So basically they ignore e-mails just because? TBH I am not very enthusiastic about making overseas calls (for $xx) when they offer e-mail support as well (I didn't make up that mail address, I found it on their homepage)...

Comment #2

I dont run moniker, just passing on what I heard to help..

Comment #3

I know, thanks, I appreciate that. Sorry if my post sounded offensive, I didn't mean to...

Comment #4

I'm not overseas, and I still hate it when companies don't answer emails. Their business is on the internet... they should be really good at answering emails.

But then again- you do what you gotta do and it looks like calling is the only way to get through to them...

Comment #5

I will treat it as a really-last resort, I have just sent the e-mail to Chris (from post above) and I'll wait to see what happens. Luckily I still have some time to November (expiration date).....

Comment #6

2 years ago Moniker did almost the same thing to my account..

I had a long correpondance with them - to no avail..

I had to hire a law firm to represent me. After X,XXX in expenses we got our names back.

I no loger keep my names at Moniker..

Comment #7

I have often had Moniker e-mail replies end up in my bulk bin for some reason. Other than that I have been very pleased with their customer service and response time. Please don't take offence to this question, but is there anything you are leaving out?..

Comment #8

I regularly review my spambox and I don't have server-side mail filtering if that's what you're asking.

On a side note: is there a way to transferring the HostGator with no interference with the registrar? Whois data explicitly states that I am the owner... My guess is no, but maybe I just don't know something?.

@mobite: did they cover your expenses after losing the legal battle?..

Comment #9

Monty is known for going after the 'soft targets'..

He figured you're in Poland & you know little about the 'game'...

Comment #10

Unfortunately no - because they have the auth code unless you happened to write it down and also happened to leave it unlocked. That's done for our protection - it's their way of ensuring that our domains are locked tight and no one can steal them.

I would call customer service. I have actually had Monty himself answer twice during busy times.

I know it's unbelievably frustrating, but I'm guessing it's a misunderstanding of some sort...

Comment #11

Ok, now I know why apparently no HostGator was ever stolen from Moniker as I read somewhere today. May it be because they steal them themselves...? Well he missed this time. The sole thing that gTLD is not my main field of interest does not mean I'm a total newbie...

But let's not jump to conclusions. It might as well be some bureaucratic mess or a technical glitch. It's not a super-valuable HostGator someone might want to steal. I think. I was not smart enough to do it, I simply assumed that the auth code will be there when I need it.....

Comment #12

Simply Create a New account. When you are logged in, in your new account on the Upper right hand corner of the screen, click the Moniker Support Center which is Moniker's new Ticket Support.

Submit a ticket about your account that you are locked out of and explain your problem etc.

Hope this help..

Comment #13

I no longer log in to my account, but it's still good that I can login to it...

Comment #14

I sold a HostGator last week, and tried to transfer out to buyer..

Got the EPP code, e-mailed it to buyer, received confirmation e-mail from godaddy, I forwarded it to buyer, then he confirms with godaddy (entering the transaction ID, and security code in his godaddy account), now.. waiting for moniker to release the HostGator to godaddy.. almost a week.. and nothing...

FYI, this is my first try to transfer out from moniker....

Comment #15

Moniker should reply here, they have a good rep but this is not cool if it is true...

Comment #16

That was my original idea when I created this topic. This method *usually* works, I really hope it does this time as well. :-)..

Comment #17

Are you accusing them of purposely stealing names? That is a very strong accusation that one shouldn't just thrown around without actual facts...

Comment #18

I agree HBK is someone saying Monte is stealing domains if so I am closing my account with proof of that, Moniker needs to respond in the thread...

Comment #19

Again, since you DON'T read the thread::.

2 years ago Moniker did almost the same thing to my account..

I had a long correpondence with them - to no avail..

I had to hire a law firm to represent me. After X,XXX in expenses we got our names back.

I no loger keep my names at Moniker..

Comment #20

You clearly made it seem that Moniker purposely steals names. No offense but considering the names in their possession through various customers, I doubt that they actually tried to steal your names as you make it seem. If they were really targeting people in some sort of scam, it would have been blown up all over the industry. Sorry to hear you had to spend 4 figures in expenses due to a situation...

Comment #21

Nothing so far... :-(.

I'll be trying the create-new-account-and-then-msg-support method now...

Comment #22

Did they give you a reason why at all?..

Comment #23

Ask him. And don't feel bad because I fell for the "first time poster!" myself...

Comment #24

@jackal1 - How do I ask him if his account is closed?.

@smashfactory - OK. Thanks. I thought it might have been for his posts in this thread...

Comment #25

I still cannot log in... But that's not why I am refreshing this thread. Recently I have purchased a HostGator on snapnames, the HostGator was registered at Moniker. After the auction finished, the HostGator was registered/transferred to me and I got a mail from Moniker saying that the HostGator has been associated to my account number ##### the very account I cannot log in to! This is getting ridiculous.....

Comment #26

Moniker can be a serious pain in the rear but it is still your responsibility to at least try every method to getting a hold of them .. You can easily MAKE 1 PHONE CALL .. even free or damn near free with Skype or half a dozen similar programs

Time to quit bitching and moaning and make the call..

Comment #27

If you can't call a business, even with skype, nor "afford" an international call, you shouldn't be in this business really. Moniker doesn't "steal" names, they are one of the top, why would they try and "steal" your names. If they were stealing names they would go for the cream of the crop, but no, lots of top domains are at moniker. Cause they don't get hijacked...

Comment #28

Try emailing monte directly, Last time I was in a similar situation it was resolved in under three hours after I emailed monte, put something cheesy in the subject line like "Poor customer service" so as to get him to read it.

His email is or call him by phone at 954-984-8445...

Comment #29

Hooray, the account is active again. But the battle is not over yet the HostGator disappeared from the account. It is still registered in my name, it is still in Moniker (I checked whois), it's just not in my account... The second HostGator (from snapnames) is there, but not the original one. Well anyway, I will quit bitching now, as suggested by a nice person above.

As for the last three posts:.

@xXDanteXx: Thanks, I did that some time ago, but the mail remained unanswered.

@bidawinner: I can't see why I should be forced to make a call when tere are several methods to get support, at least according to the website. Well, one of them eventually worked.

@Sam: Read the full post, I never claimed Moniker steals names: let's not jump to conclusions. It might as well be some bureaucratic mess or a technical glitch. As for affording sure I can pay whatever for a call, I never claimed I can't afford it, but what is the point? Should I get kicked out of the HostGator business because I rather register a HostGator than make a pointless call? Nice logic.

@all: Thank you for your support throughout this thread! :-).

[update] The HostGator has been returned to my account. Case closed...

Comment #30

Gad to hear you managed to get it sorted out, just a shame it took so long to sort out for you, it did raise some very good points throughout the thread.

All the best for the future..

Comment #31

I think mobites posts should be removed. They are slanderous and unproven. Someone might actually believe them.

As for your issues...things can go wrong but be patient. At Moniker they have some tight security and have a record of ZERO domains stolen. This works to your benefit as I am sure they don't want to lose that record because of your one domain.

Email and ticket support have become SLOW...Almost Regfly slow. However when they respond the issues gets resolved. They don't use canned responses I think.

Consider using Skype to make outbound calls overseas. It's free...

Comment #32

My experience from Moniker is to find out who your account rep. is. Instead of contacting.

I personally get a reply from mines within 1 business day...

Comment #33

Why does it matter if it's intentional or not? Would it make you feel any better to know you lost your names due to incompetence or dereliction rather than theft?..

Comment #34

I emailed SnapNames regarding a problem, last week, they haven't yet responded. Support was instant before their merger...

Comment #35

How long is too long?.

I'm still awaiting a response that's over 2 months old from Monikers VP of Sales and Client Services, Victor Pitts. I was asked to email this gentleman by Monte.

So, Monikers VP of Sales and Client Services feels it's unnecessary to respond to issues?..

Comment #36

I personally think 48 hours is too long but a good company has under 24 hours response time. I don't think that's unreasonable to ask for. Thankfully I rarely need support and I don't usually have panic situations but jeez...I create a ticket now and it seems like a week before I get a response. Utter garbage. And yes...before the merger this wasn't a problem. I might have to look around for a new registrar soon. Maybe but I don't see a pricing table on their site...

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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