What is the points allowance for Nutrisystem?

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Quick question: What is the points allowance for Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... Alaskans for Fair and Honest Nutrisystem Advertising.

Hey everyone,.

I just filed complaint #29353947 with the FTC about the false advertising on the landing page..

On the front page, Nutrisystem advertises that they are offering a special which includes "Free Shipping Straight to Your Door.*".

The footnote reads thus: "*...and free shipping to Continental U.S. only....".

Continental United States = those states that are physically on the same CONTINENT. EG, 49 of the 50 states. Islands, like Hawaii (50th state), Guam, and Puerto Rico (not states but US territory) are not included in this definition..

However, I was just informed by a sales rep for Nutrisystem that (among other restrictions), I would have to pay $49.99 in shipping. Even if I met all of the other qualifications for the free shipping offer that is advertised on the home page..

So, I'm wondering if there are other Alaskans who would like to lend their voice to this complaint? I bet Nutrisystem has bilked a LOT of money off of Alaskans over the years through false "free advertising" campaigns..

I would like Nutrisystem to honor their advertising and refund any shipping fees to anyone from Alaska who has paid extra for shipping during this or a similar promotion..

Please let me know if you would like to lend your story/support..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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I thought it was common knowledge that "continental United States" didn't include Alaska..

Its unfortunate for you, but given the distance they have to ship it,I can see why...

Comment #2

Alaska IS in the continental United States. I'm wondering what other requirements there are besides being on the auto renewal plan though..

AK Woman - did you sign up for Auto Renewal?..

Comment #3

Oh, yippee, another sue happy person. Good luck to you on that one!..

Comment #4

Yes, it is technically...but whenever i've heard "continental US" it's always implied that Alaska wasn't included. The wording is misleading, though..

And, as far as I can long as it's auto-delivery and you renew for at least 2 months, then that price is locked in. Assuming, of course, you are in one of the 48 continuous states...

Comment #5

According to the military, when you are statioined in Alaska, it is considered OCONUS which means "Outside the Continental United States" (of course that could be changed to CONTIGUOUS" and still be accurate...

Comment #6


No one is making you place your order!.

I have to wonder why people come here to gripe and think the will get support from those of us who enjoy the plan and trying to make a life change...

Comment #7

Last time I checked there were only 48 contiguous states. Washington DC is not a state (yet)..

I'm sorry you feel cheated but a lot of companies don't offer free shipping outside the contiguous states, so you shouldn't hold it against only Nutrisystem. In fact they are not falsely advertising anything. They clearly state they don't ship outside the continental US and by common use has always meant that it does not include Alaska, even though the state is on the same continent...

Comment #8

AK_Woman, with all due respect, I think you may have a bit too much time on your hands. You are filing a complaint when you have wrong information? Go ahead and Google Continental United States and EVERY definition indicates that this includes the 48 states between Mexico and Canada, which means all of 'em, except for Alaska and Hawaii. You live in Alaska and didnt know this?..

Comment #9

I SOOOOO agree, in fact I am getting ready to sue these people.....

Comment #10

I'm going to sue McDonalds & other restaurants for charging me more for their products when I'm in Manhattan. Even though their ads have fine print at the bottom that says as much, I still deserve millions for their misleading & false advertising..

And I always wash my clothes in coleslaw. Gives them a nice vinegary scent...

Comment #11

This is from referring to contests:.


Commonly seen in the eligibility section of sweepstakes rules, "Continental US" refers to all of the United States on the North American continent. The Continental United States includes 49 states, all of them except Hawaii..

Hawaii is often excluded from sweepstakes because of the high price of shipping and/or airfare..

Also Known As:.

Continental United States, Continental U.S..

This is from referring to military jargon:.


The territory of the United States that is within North America between Canada and Mexico, and the adjacent territorial waters..

This is from Websters on line referring to the term continental:.

A often capitalized : of or relating to the colonies later forming the United States <Continental Congress> b : being the part of the United States on the North American continent; also : being the part of the United States comprising the lower 48 states.

AK - you are technically correct that Alaska is on the North American Continent, but I am afraid a lawsuit will cost a lot more than $49. If it were me, I wouldn't pay $49 to ship anything! But I suppose when you live in Alaska you get used to paying extra for shipping (I have never been there, so I don't know.).

I don't blame you for being surprised and disappointed. Perhaps you should alert the marketing department that they are being unclear and imprecise. I wouldn't say deliberately misleading or fraudulent given the definitions above...

Comment #12

Nah, that's cuz I eat lemons all day. Geez. Some people..

Oh & cuz I'm mean...

Comment #13

Can I sue you for being mean since you just confessed?..

Comment #14

OP, I feel you are being very misleading by posting this in the General Support forum. It is not very supportive. Not to mention it is not the correct place to get an answer to your question..

However, on the off chance you are being serious (which I can't imagine you believed for a moment that any company would be shipping a 30 or 40 pound box for free to Alaska), what good will it do to file a lawsuit?Nutrisystemwill have to spend a bajillion dollars to defend it, and then the costs will go up for all of us...including you. So, your shipping will be free, but the cost of the program will now be $650 per month. Yay! Good job!! You WIN!!!..

Comment #15

She just filed a consumer complaint with the FTC, not a lawsuit per se..

Comment #16

Aloha! I'm wondering if anyone's filed a similar complaint with the FTC re: the fact that Subway's $5 Foot Long costs $6 in Hawaii...

Comment #17

I don't know about Subway but I do know Denny's and McDonalds has a fine print that says prices are higher in Hawaii...

Comment #18

So OP, how long have you lived it AK and not realized that ANY-FRICKIN-THING shipped to you is going cost more? I own a company that does a lot of shipping, I can tell you it costs a whole lot more to ship to AK, HI, PR, etc. than it does to ship to "lower 48". If the company offered you free shipping, someone (meaning me & everyone else) would have to pay more to make up the difference. I'm going to be selfish here and say I don't want to pay for your shipping! I'd suggest moving if it's that big of a problem for you...

Comment #19

I think I am gonna sue the city for building the sidewalks too close to my a$$..

I think I have a concrete case...

Comment #20

They do not call you Snarky Mark for nothing!!!!!.

I am gonna sue because everyone else is. Maybe we can have a class action...

Comment #21


*Mean refers to snarkiness, sarcasm, general rude comments, bad attitude towards stupidity, & a general "qiwtcherbellyachin" mindset..

NOW, you may sue me. I have included a disclaimer...

Comment #22

Sh!t....under that definition I would have to sue myself as well...

Comment #23

I'm gonna sue my doorman...I think it will be an open and shut case...

Comment #24

I received myNutrisystem35 day program shipment today by UPS. For the fun of it, I decided to see how much that 44 pound box would have cost to ship to Alaska from the PA address from which mine was shipped. Of course, these are John Q. Average Citzen rates:.

UPS ground delivery fronm PA to Anchorage,Alasa is 164.54 USD..

UPS ground delivery from PA to my zip code is 29.93 USD..

$29.93 versus $164.54. To provide free shipping to Alaska would require the cost of the food to be increased for everyone to compensate..

I have a Hawaii connection so I'm very much aware of the cost of shipping to there and from there..

Oh, this is what QVC states about it's shipping:.

Please note that standard shipping and handling charge is also available within the contiguous 48 states. QVC customers outside the aforementioned area should call Customer Service for information regarding their S & H charges..

The sad thing is that just before that woman spilled hot coffee on herself and sued Mickey D's, I did the same thing. It was an accident but I knew the coffee was hot. Duh! I should have sued before her and made big bucks...

Comment #25

OK, according to your numbers, the box costsNutrisystem$134.61 MORE to ship to AK... The OP said that they were asking her to pay $45 for shipping if I remember correctly. That means they were still willing to fork out an EXTRA $89.61 to ship to her... Damn! That's might generous of them. And she has the NERVE to b!tch about it...

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