What is the Nutrisystem no counting plan?

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Quick question... What is the Nutrisystem no counting plan? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hello MEN!.

I just ordered from COSTCO last night after going through my 1st 2 months with the jumpstart and the 2 "free" weeks..

I'm really happy with the way all of this worked out. This topic was brought up somewhere else on the forums and me and a few other guys have made the switch..

I got the Mens Basic for 35 weeks and it was $274.00 -.

Got to pick ALL 35 days worth of food.

(no surprises from Nutrisystem with the crap they throw in for the "free" week).

AND saved over $55.00..

The card was delivered for free by COSTCO - USPS to my home - which in this day and age seems a little backwards but whatever ....

I ordered my food online at this site last night. It's on the way with free shipping as usual with a ZERO balance in my Nutrisystem account since it was paid-in-full at COSTOs site..

BTW - I didn't change anything. Didn't have to create a new account - used the existing one and still got the 35 weeks..

It's just a good deal...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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So you were able to pick the exact foods you wanted when you ordered? I talked to a Nutrisystem counselor a month ago about that and they told me I could not pick and had to take what they shipped. I guess they were just trying to keep the sales in house...

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You can pick your own exact food, last week I just ordered from COSTCO..

I joined Nutrisystem last year at $311.62 per order of 28 days of food! Costco has the same mens plan for $284.99 for 35 days of food. I have saved at least $104.00 per month with this purchase from Costco. The card was handed to me at COSTCO - I ordered my food online at this site last week. It's arrived yesterday with free shipping........

BTW - I just cancelled my Nutrisystem auto shipment and ordered through Costco "Auto-Delivery program." I didn't have to create a new account - used the existing one and still got the 35 weeks. I'm really happy with the way all of this worked out!.

Great cost savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #3

Yep. This has happened to few others - they were told the same thing you heard. I'm lucky I got ahold of a knowledgeable and honest CS representative who confirmed all of the good things I heard when I was poking around in the Community Lobby (and Yes ... I politely thanked the ladies).

This is the deal that will keep me with Nutrisystem. It just makes so much sense. I did the math - me and the wife are saving a small fortune comapred with what we were spending on food before we started NS..

She made her goal and I just lowered mine ... I don't want to stop! It's just too easy and convenient...

Comment #4

Well, she made goal, figure she would want to show off...i'm doing her a favor.....

Comment #5

Hey, SEANLOWRY and gang...I am waiting on my first shipment of food at this moment here on a Tuesday afternoon. I will definitely look into COSTCO as I go forward..

Also, as a cruel trick, the mother of the Girl Scout in the neighborhood left a message earlier and said she is delivering the cookies we ordered this evening:-)..

Comment #6

Box up those cookies and send them my way!..

Comment #7

I started with Costco and figured I would finish. Plus the card was $25 off on sale. I bought a couple of them!..

Comment #8

So, someeone clear something up for me. Can this be ordered online or do you have to have access to a brick and mortar Costco? We don't have Costco (that I know of) down here (Mississippi). If I can order it online cheaper, I'll be switching too...

Comment #9

You may need to be a costco member either way.....

Comment #10

Lemme tell ya ... I brought all of our leftover Halloween candy to work and gave it to the chicks in the admin area after my wife and I realized we couldn't keep that crap around us anymore .... brought a damn tear to my eye..

You should do the same with your Girl Scout cookies..

The cookies you're going to get from Nutrisystem for your afternoon snacks and deserts are better tasting (IMO) and better for you. It took me a couple of weeks to not be pissed off at stopping at one but I made it..

Do the right thing: throw 'em out or donate every last one. You'll thank me in 2 weeks...

Comment #11

Question: For your second order, do you buy another Costco card with another serial number, or can you select autodelivery at that same price for the 35 days worth. Or do you revert to the regular Nutrisystem price for 28 days?.

(My local Samsclub doesn't have the cards at the moment. Costco has them online, but Sams doesn't.).

Thanks for this $-saving info!..

Comment #12

I was just going to get another card from COSTCO until I saw an ad come up on my screen to save an additional 5% with auto delivery. I haven't checked that one out yet, sorry...

Comment #13

I'm on my second month with the costco nutri program, and you don't need to buy an additional card after the first month. I just set up autodelivery when I first activated the costco card, and it continues to give you the deal of $284 for 35 days of food. It's a great deal, and you can fully customize what is sent to you. Crap, I'm saving more than $284 a month by not eating all those crappy lunches out that I used to!..

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Well the nearest Costco is 140 miles from my house I may have to make the trip. So all I have to do is go there get a membership and then sign up with their auto delivery and I would not have to go back to the store correct?..

Comment #15

Good deal allI will get rid of the Girl Scout boxes. Also, first shipment of food came at 5:45 p.m. todaygonna get started on this thing first thing in the a.m. Gotta get my pic updated on here and all the other neat widgets.....

Comment #16

Tom - won't they just let you enroll online?..

Comment #17

You don't have to be a Costco member to order from the Costco website. You just pay a 5% surcharge (which ends up being less than $15). So if you don't ever plan on shopping at Costco, this is the best deal...

Comment #18

Ok, so for $50, you can buy a Costco membership (and for me there is a Costco nearby and my Sams Club membership expired, so I'd just use Costco for the purchases we do normally at Sams Club) or I can pay 5% over the price without buying a membership and then get the Nutrisystem card for less than what it costs us now, and for 35 days instead of 28....

So I guess the questions I have are:.

* How do I stop my current (next) order so I can switch over?.

* I then just use the Costco card as instructed but on my current account?.

From other posts:.

* I can choose whatever food I want (so not stuck with a basic order or random stuff I don't want)..

* I choose auto-delivery and continue to get that discount and extra week of food from that point on..

Wow... Great find and deal if this is all the case... Thanks for sharing (I'm always up for saving money.


Comment #19

$284? I show the card is $274.99 online (or did you buy it in a store)? What I'm curious about is if you opt to not get a membership and pay the 5% fee, do you continue to have that 5% fee every month or is that only the first time fee to Costco? And Costco (online) is $25 off of the $299 price so thats why it's $274.99, so is that a one time discount?.

Sorry for so many questions, but just trying to figure out the best way to do this...

Comment #20

When I ordered my men's program on 1/1, it was $299, they have since lowered it with the $25 off deal at costco. My second order on 2/10 was $284 shipped. I don't think you'll need a costco membership once you activate the first card on the nutri site. From there on out, set it up on autodelivery and they have no way of knowing if your a costco member or not. I ordered a card for a friend, and she's reordered on autodeliver without having a costco membership and she continues to pay the discounted price...

Comment #21

The $25.00 discount will apparently expire in 4 days..

They've already extended it at least one time - so who really knows?.

From the COSTO site:.

Limited Online Offer:.

$25 discount is reflected in the price..

Valid for orders placed February 8, 2010 though February 28, 2010.

While supplies last..

Online price $299.99.

Less -$25.00.

YOUR COST $274.99..

Comment #22

After reading all of the above, the one question that I still have is this:.

Will you always be able to order 35 days of food, or, like the free weeks offer from NS, does it revert to 28 days after the first 3 orders? I'm going to call the Nutrisystem support gal that I've had such great service and info in the past. I'll let you know what I find out, if anything...

Comment #23

Let us know what you find out. From my account told me when I first set it up, it's supposed to stay on the 35 day plan as long as you remain active on auto-delivery. If not, I'll just buy another Costco card and start the process over again!..

Comment #24

Great news!.

My gal at Nutrisystem says the 35 days is ongoing. I'm going to the Costco site now to order a card for myself and for my wife!!!!!!!.

I can't believe how much this will save! Costco is the only one that allows choice, too. Costco must have a great negotiator working for them!!.

Thanks to all who have provided information!!!.

PS: for the 2 of us, the total bill was $577.48. That reflects the discount offered thru 2/28 and the one-time surcharge since we are not members. It will now be receiving 5 weeks of food for what we were paying for 4 weeks. And I switched from the Silver to the Advanced so I don't have to pay for the extra desserts a la carte..

PPS: Dang, I was so excited that I ordered two men's programs. Just talked to them to cancel one man and order one woman's program. Saved even more. (I'm just too darn impatient!)..

Comment #25

I am not a man but I switched hubby and myself over to the costco plan. It only makes sense. And I hate that some people think we should just shut up and order from Nutrisystem directly. That doesn't make sense to me..

I was also told by a CSR that you could not choose your food but you most certainly can and I did!..

Comment #26

Do buddy bucks and 50 click discounts still apply? I've been getting $30-$40 off most orders from them, but then I'm delaying alot now that I'm on maintenance. Oh - I also get 10 ala carte breakfasts. Does the food ordering work the same?.


Comment #27

Sorry, not a guy but If you dont mind me asking,.

You first paid on line,.

Then received the card,.

Then went back on line, signed in with the card and thats when you were able to pick out your food?.


Comment #28

I ordered the card from COSTCO's website..

The card arrived by mail in a few days..

I logged into the Nutrisystem website to reedeem the card (following the instructions printed clearly on the back of said card).

I customized my order..

I am now awaiting arrival of a BBB containing 35 days worht of delicious and healthy food..

Hey Gordon - I'm pretty sure you can use 50 clicks. Me and I think Weightless are doing that. Not sure about the buddy bucks or a la carte...

Comment #29

Just so y'all know: I found all of this info out in the Community Lobby - Food Talk and Tips area. Some girl started the thread entitled "Feeling a little Ripped Off ..." Now, I love a good b*tch-session so I went in - that's when the firestorm started. Some pretty pissed-off chicks in that room finding out they could've save a ton of $$, lemme tell you. I joined right in, man!!!!.

Here's the thread:.


These people have really done the ground work. I just put it into place down here in the men's room. Had to give credit to them..

For the record - I held out awhile because I wanted to try it out myself before I got anyone else involved..

Me and were your designated guinea pigs on this one...

Comment #30

**** storm is right! Did you read the one where I was complaining about the free food Nutrisystem sends? You'd have thought I cursed Nutrisystem and **** on their post toasties. Jesus wept!..

Comment #31

By the way, how do buddy bucks work? I'm always looking for a way to save a buck...

Comment #32

When I first joined the card at our local Costco cost $279.99. They had them onsale for $25 off, or $254.99. The sale (locally, and last I checked) ended Tuesday the 16th. I went back and bought another card after deciding Nutrisystem was for me. I just plan on ordering using the card whrn the time comes. I picked everything that I wanted and got 35 days worth. I assume when I want to place my 2nd order I will be able to just use the 2nd card I purchased from Costco...

Comment #33

Costco's deal will keep me with Nutrisystem for a long time!!! It just makes so much sense. I'm saving a small fortune compared with what I was spending on food before I started Nutrisystem...

Comment #34

Hmm, with 50 clicks and 30 buddy bucks this month, I may actually get in lower, we'll see tho..

Comment #35

I don't want to intrude, but ... it's my understanding from all the posts in the other thread that you don't need to buy a separate card for each order. Once you use the first card, you lock in your price and just stay on auto-ship...

Comment #36

Wasn't for me. Shipping on the card was free too. 274.99 total. shipping free as usual from Nutrisystem for the BBB as well...

Comment #37

Hmm, even with buddy bucks and 50 clicks it's more expensive and costco gets you another week of food...going to have to pull out my Executive Costco card, thank you very much...puh puh puh..

Comment #38

Yeah I have the Executive Card too (like you, I'm kind of a big deal). Wish I got credit for the gas I purchase on that thing..

PS - I think you can use your 50 Clicks on the COSTCO thing..

~Adios, Mufasa..

Comment #39


And to you and.


For taking one for your team...

Comment #40

Yep, word is you still can use 50 Clicks, AND you get the bears as long as you log your weight on the site...

Comment #41

Not till you restore your sparkly signature, Bob. To quote the terms of the challenge:.

That was posted one week ago...

Comment #42

I can attest to that. Helped a client get a product in with Costco. Very tough to do. They really take care of their members!..

Comment #43

Not sure if that applied though since the card was $25 off. Plus if I can have one less company with my credit card on file, I like that too..


Curiosity got the best of me. I placed a 2nd order using the 2nd card I purchased. ($254.99 on sale) and got the same exact deal. 35 days of food, free shipping and I picked what I wanted. When I went to the place order site, it already saw me as logged in. I just may prefer to do it this way every month. I like that better than having my CC on file...

Comment #44

So I guess the only question left is after this deal expires, will we still be paying $274.99 for future months on auto-delivery, or will we be paying $299.99? Either way, it's still a great deal..

Also, I am hoping that the 5% surcharge is only a one time thing...

Comment #45

Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up on this. I just ordered my Nutrisystem card from Costco, then called Nutrisystem customer service and cancelled my auto delivery...

Comment #46

Just a quick question....can you still edit your autoship order just like normal?.

I"m thinking everything works the same other than the price. Seems kinda funny that Nutrisystem would jeapordize losing money by members finding out about this, but what do I know?..

Comment #47

I for one wouldn't be on Nutrisystem if I wasn't getting this deal. I'm not the only one who's continuing the plan because it's convenient (and more affordable). They're getting their money - just not all in one lump...

Comment #48

I am a proud Costco / Nutrisystem purchaser. I got my BBB last month all filled with the foods I selected. No substitutions either -.

I had to call in when I tried to order with the Costco card online because I was already on auto deliver. The system would not let me finish the transaction online. The Nutrisystem agent handled the transaction for me and took my food order over the phone..

Now I am on the 35 day auto ship program...

Comment #49

Sean, I'm reading the other thread as I write and I'm going to call Nutrisystem tonight and cancel my next AS, then order from Costco. I had no idea. I'm already a Costco member so this is a no brainer. Great idea, great thread too!..

Comment #50

Is the price the same at the physical store? $274 for the men's package and $244 for the women's. My wife and I are going to go there with my Mom (since she has the membership) tonight but wanted to make sure before we drove there..

Since we just joined this month, I wanted to make sure that we wouldn't get hit with a cancellation fee. I just talked to a Nutrisystem agent and she said that they would waive the cancellation fee if I had the Costco card when I called to switch my account over to that one..

WIN WIN!! Thanks for posting this thread...

Comment #51

Ok, I decided not to wait until I got home. I just cancelled my AS delivery and purchased the Costco deal, which means I just saved about $50 or more on my next order and got an additional week to boot!! That's a great deal..

I don't know if the price is the same inside the store's but I don't see why it would be more. It might be best to call and find out. Good luck!!..

Comment #52

You may also want to check with your health insurer. I get a discount from my health insurer for the program when coupled with the auto-ship discount brings my cost down to the costco price. Many health insurers offer health and wellness programs and discounts, so that's something to check too. Many offer gym and other discounts which is pretty cool...

Comment #53

Don't forget that you are getting 35 days with Costco, not 28 like with NS. Costco is still cheaper for me even after having the following discounts on my last auto-delivery order: 15% auto-delivery, 12% health insurance, $30 buddy bucks, and $10 fifty clicks...

Comment #54

I went to my local Costco today and it cost me $234. They did not offer a men's package there. It was just for 35 days worth of food. It didn't include the extra men's snack. Next month it will go upto $270 for 35 days of food with the extra men's snack. What a deal...

Comment #55

Yep, I just did the same, as I met a friend there that has a Costco membership. The big cardboard card you take the register is for $259 and currently it has $25 discount. I called Nutrisystem on the number on the card (while in the store) to ask if this is the women's or mens program and they told me that this is a "Gender Neutral" program for your first order (so doesn't have the extra snack that Men get). Then if you do auto ship, the price will go up to $284 with the extra snack and for 35 days as they move you on the mens program (but still with 35 days while you stay on autoship)..

So $234.99 out the door at the store (no tax as it's treated like a gift card). Fantastic deal and I had 3 people asking me about Nutrisystem when I pulled the card, and then the lady that checked me out asked when she saw the $25 discount, and finally the lady at the desk where you get the actual gift card. I gave them my email address and told them about the buddy bucks (not sure if that works with this but worth a shot).

Might be worth some of you to just hang out at Costco and help sell the cards if you get buddy bucks too... LOL..

Comment #56

Ah, no problem. The amount I'm going to save every month makes up for that.....

Comment #57

I have placed my first auto-delivery order through Costco. Here are some answers I have found out..

You stop your Nutrisystem auto-delivery over the phone. Then you login to and redeem the card online. It recognizes your account, so no need to create a new one..

You can choose whatever foods you want if you use auto-delivery (including new foods)..

The 35 day plan is shipped every.



You are allowed to delay your order..

You get free shipping if you use auto-delivery..

It says you can keep the low price you received when you purchased your card for all future orders (though it appears the $25 off is a one time thing only)..

You cannot use 50 clicks or any other discounts on your initial order..

You CAN use 50 clicks on all future orders..

You cannot order A La Carte on your initial order..

You CAN order A La Carte on all future orders..

Everything is handled through Nutrisystem. Purchasing the Costco card is a one time thing, and is the only time you ever deal with Costco..

The Costco non-member surcharge is a one-time only fee..

The standard price appears to be $284.99, which would be the $299.99 minus 5% off for auto-delivery. In addition to this, the first order after your initial shipment, you get an additional one-time 5% off on top of that..

Looking at my upcoming auto-delivery order that will be shipped one month after my initial shipment, it is saying I will be charged $284.99 minus an additional one-time 5% discount, making my order $270.74. On the next shipment after that I am guessing I will be charged a flat $284.99..

It appears the auto-delivery discount is built into the standard price, meaning you will no longer get any discounts on A La Carte items (you still get free shipping)..

Overall, not much changes when you switch to Costco, other than you pay a lot less!..

Comment #58

Thanks for the leg work and information. I'm waiting for my card to arrive next week. It would seem this is the way to go, especially since I'm already a costco member. Hey don't forget you get more $ back at the end of the year with the money you spend at Costco, so you could count that to...

Comment #59

We ordered ala carte both the initial time and this time. We also saved an additional $25 each for the purchase price at costco making it $234 apiece for five weeks!..

Comment #60

I'm liking the 35 day program because I can fit all my favorites in the same order without having to use A La Carte. With the 28 day program I had to cut out some of my favorites (or reduce the quantity) because I just had too many and they would not fit into the smaller time frame...

Comment #61

Does this mean you have 5 favorites per meal-type? Unfortunately I have 8, so I need a 32 or 40 day program...

Comment #62

No I actually have around 9-13 favorites for each meal type. It's just that a few of them are my top favorites (meaning I have to order more of those) leaving less room for the rest of my choices. I don't order the foods in equal amounts to each other...

Comment #63

So what your saying is your not an Engineer?..

Comment #64

I just got my card and redeemed it on NS. It was really quite easy and I think I'm now saving close to $50 per month. My tab for next month is $270 and change, since I signed up for autoship. Nothing on my original account has changed at all. Everything is still there...

Comment #65

That's actually how I got started, the cost of Nutrisystem plus groceries was less than what I was spending on junk food. On month two she joined Nutrisystem too, with a $50 family discount. A friend was showing me the Costco cards today and it is definitely a lot less than what I am paying for auto delivery...

Comment #66









Ea !!!.

I went to Costco and got the wrong card!!! I got the Woman's plan card!! Did not realize it until I noticed that I was only getting 35 snacks/desserts instead of the 70. Sheesh, now I have to wait till tomorrow to talk to someone from the "Costco" Department to somehow fix this issue..

Question here...Is there a difference between the meals made for women and the meals made for men??.

The Blue Knight..

Comment #67

Same meals, just extra snack/dessert and carbs. I'll bet Costco will allow you to change it...

Comment #68

Well, I already scratched off the pin # area and almost redeemed it but didn't. Hope this is the case or at least pay for the difference over the phone. We shall see...

Comment #69

As a costco member I may have to look into this..

Comment #70

The costco stores only have "gender neutral" cards. You only get 35 snacks with them which is why that card is only $259. You will still eat a mid afternoon snack but it's protein / Fruit (like your morning one). Only the online costco offers the mens and womens programs..

I was told by Nutrisystem (I called from the store about this) that if I do auto delivery, my next order after the card would be a standard mens plan with 70 snacks and the price goes up to $284. I'm coming up for my 3rd BBB so I'll call to cancel my auto delivery tomorrow and use my costco card to switch (and will be on the 35 snack plan myself for a month)..

Comment #71

I say just order on They have the men's plan (with all 70 desserts) and you don't have to drive to the store and go looking for it...

Comment #72

OK, thanks guys for doing all the leg-work on this one for us newbie's. I just left COSTCO with my $259 card, called Nutrisystem from the car, the nice lady cancelled my auto-ship that would have been $329 for the next 28 days and now I have a new plan that saves money (35 days vs. 28). Not anything new, but just wanted to let some new folks know that might be joining to read the good news again...Randall..

Comment #73

Nice isn't it? Not only do we save on the front end we also get more money back at the end of the year, provided you use the Amex card on your purchases...

Comment #74


I called the Costco/Nutrisystem rep on the phone earlier and she told me to go back to Costco and exchange it for the men's plan. Your rep says one thing, the one I spoke to says another!!.

Sheesh, what's going on here??.

Only one way figure this one out. Costco is on my way home from work so I'm going to stop in and double check..

Will advise later on!!..

Comment #75

If no luck just get your money back from Costco and order online where you can get a choice. I just got my first Costco delivery tonight. Now I'm packing 7 weeks worth of food...

Comment #76

My Costco only had one type of card. If I remember correctly it showed Marie Osmond and Dan Marino on it. There I looked all over and there was no Men's card, or Women's card. It just said Nutrisystem. Thats when I called and the rep I spoke to confirmed the whole "Gender Neutral" thing. I know 2 or 3 on the boards here that didn't know men get 70 snacks as they only got 35 with Costco (and they are the ones that told me the book specifically says for men to do the Fruit / Protein for the mid-afternoon snack and thats what they do.

So maybe it's different in differnent regions, but the one here in Colorado Springs definetly did not have cards for men or women. Just one $259 card...

Comment #77

Well you are correct !!.

Went back to Costco and there it was in all it's Glory!!!.

The Gender Nuetral Display..

Guess I'll have to make do until my auto delivery kicks in..

If I recall correctly, it was mentioned that the Men's and Woman's plan can be purchased separatly from

Thanks for the help..

The Blue Knight..

Comment #78

Just checked, and the men's card lists at 299.99 prior to non-member surcharge. I guess the big sale is over? At least I'd be picking up the fifth week, though...

Comment #79

^ The lower sale price was only good for your first month of food. After that it goes back up to the regular Costco price, so you are not missing out on much. You do get a 5% "built-in" auto-delivery discount on future orders, though, so the price is really $284.99 for 35 days of food..

Either way, just switch to Costco. It is definitely cheaper...

Comment #80


I bought my first Nutrisystem package at my Costco, but when activating it online, I didn't see where you got to select your own foods. Is it available to even first-timers?.



Comment #81

I actually have the lower price for my second month of food too. Plus the.

5%, so month two on Costco will be cheaper than month one. I think my auto delivery page says it will be around $246. I switched mine on the was just easier that way and it was explained to me that it's always going to be 35 days of food at the $260 price with the exception of auto delivery #2, in which I got that 5% discount..

I do agree though, that whatever it turns out to's cheaper and worth it...

Comment #82

Thanks, guys, for all the groundwork, legwork, and research into this. Even if I can't get a "sale price" to lock into, a fifth week's worth of food that I don't have to pony up for is definitely money in the bank. Looks like the question mark that remains is that some individuals are getting to select their foods, and some aren't. Possibly it's just a well-hidden click away? I'll have to discover the truth of that one for myself, but still, the switch appears to be a no-brainer. Now, if I could just get Nutrisystem to stop tossing in those godforsaken turkey dogs, lol...

Comment #83

I switched over to Costco last week (and received my order today). On the page where you put in the code, after the code is checked there was a big button for me that would do the non-custom order (so one click order and I almost clicked on it as it was the obvious one to choose). But I also noticed I had a link I could click to do a custom order and thats what I did (so I chose the food I wanted, and thats what I got today). So make sure you are checking all of the links / options on that page otherwise you will be choosing the standard shipment (non-custom)..

BTW: I didn't get my 20lb bear so I called and they did confirm that since I'm on auto-order with Costco, I'm eligible for the Nutribears (not sure if you aren't on auto order if you can get them or not). So they are sending me my 20lb bear as a "missing item" on my order..

Also, the book I got in the mail with my order, has both the men's and women's journal in the same book (its a brown book instead of the blue book I've gotten previously on the men's plan). As I understand it my next order will be back to the men's plan (at the $299 - 5% = $284 price). I'll have to check my next auto delivery order page and see if it has 70 snacks / deserts in it or not yet.....

Comment #84

Thanks for the point of clarity, mfrazzz. I had a suspicion that it would be something like an.


Conspicuous link, and a.


One, with the latter being the customizable choice. Everything seems pretty straightforward now, and no reason at all for any of us to take the 4-week, straight-from-NS deal...

Comment #85

Did you actually find the customize link? I'm hoping thats all it was for those that didn't see it (like I said, I almost questioned how to do custom myself when I first redeemed my Costco card)...

Comment #86

I think the confusion with the link is Nutrisystem makes a push to get you on auto delivery and mentioning the ability to select your food. If you say no to the auto delivery, it says something like ok if you dont want auto delivery, you can click her to pick your food. It is definitely counter intuitive...

Comment #87

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