What is the Godaddy discount domain club?

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My question is: What is the Godaddy discount domain club?.

My 2nd question is: I just regged a .Pro HostGator at Encirca. There were no sale signs, but the HostGator did ring up at $75. I also came across an article that speaks of further discounts down the line. Let's hope these are indications of much more to come...

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Your question was: What is the Godaddy discount domain club?.

This is the updated terms for prospective registrants

Comment #1

Not sure what the author was attempting to communicate, but clearly, private persons who otherwise meet professional elgibility requirements may register .Pro domains...

Comment #2

Not been updated afaik, because it's now worldwide eligibility or will be soon as per the last communique...

Comment #3

$75 is better than $99 but it's still 5-10 times overpriced and .pros were $49 for a period after launch.

The 75% off is interesting if it leads to a permanent 75% price cut but if not, virtually everything that gets regged will drop in 2009...

Comment #4

I think the price drop is a step in the right direction...

Comment #5

I just got an email stating that starting today, encirca was charging only $49 for new second-level .pro registrations. EnCirca slashes .pro domains by 50%.

EnCirca celebrates the re-launch of .pro with special landrush pricing!.

Starting July 21 at 12:00 pm, new second-level .pro HostGator names are available for just $49 !!!.

Businesses and individuals must have a professional license to qualify..

Calling all architects, teachers, brokers, building contractors, financial advisors, lawyers, dentists, health care providers - all invited to join in!..

Comment #6

Are they doing anything about the LLLs & the renewals?..

Comment #7

So far the only thing I've heard is that there will be a auction, but so far nothing on

Also, it looks like they have not modified the system. Renewals are still $75 and not $50...

Comment #8

I think it is 75$ for proforwarding and 49$ for private person registrations. I actually didn't understand who are those private persons?..

Comment #9

$49 new .pro reg fees didn't start a landrush before and I very much doubt it will work now with the global economy heading towards recession and more and more extensions like .asia and .me appearing.

.pro needs permanently low prices to be able to compete against other alternative extensions, not temporary discounts against ridiculously inflated $99 reg fees.

Why would anybody pay 5-10 times a .com price for something that isn't worth developing because nobody has heard of it? RegistryPro either have to spend $100m on marketing so end users know about .pro and accept it, or price .pro in line with other gTLD's and let the HostGator industry market it for them.

Godaddy are selling a .com for $6.99 and an SSL certificate for $14.99. That's $21.98 with global recognition for the HostGator extension AND SSL certificate issuer. RegistryPro need to price their bundled .pro and certificate to compete against that, and price in the fact that nobody has heard of .pro or RegistryPro's certificate.

RegistryPro still don't understand the dynamics of developing an alternative extension after 4 years of failure. You'd think that if something was proven not to work, like $49 temporary price promotions, they would try something else...

Comment #10

The price still needs to come down heaps yet before it will gain any interest in most people...

Comment #11

Totally agree with the above. RegistryPro has no clue..

The promo is good for those who are vested into the extension, other than that nothing's changed really..

Furthermore, the recent extensions like mobi or asia are much more promoted. Even in webmaster circles I see no mention of .pro...

Comment #12

Although it is nice, it is still a bit steep for most of us unfortunately...

Comment #13

Has anyone regged any .pro's because of the new price? I guess I should check (it lists all the dropped and new .pro reg's), but I'm a bit surprised nobody has posted here yet.

I for one have not registered anything new.

I checked, at least on the first page today (and it's early) so far we have 5 created and 5 deleted.

CONDOS.PRO, FLORISTS.PRO deleted???? Wow!.

Created: FIRE.PRO.

July 23rd, 2008.


July 23rd, 2008.

Deleted: EDDALE.PRO.

July 23rd, 2008.


July 23rd, 2008.


July 23rd, 2008.

Deleted: CONDOS.PRO.

July 23rd, 2008.


July 23rd, 2008.

Created: N2CT.PRO.

July 23rd, 2008.

Created: ACTING.PRO.

July 23rd, 2008.


July 23rd, 2008..

Comment #14

I'm not registering new ones. But I'm dropping FEWER because of the price reduction. As Kath said this has some effect on those of us with a vested interest - I changed my behavior slightly. But I can't imagine this having a significant impact on new registration activity. Hopefully I'm wrong, I'll watch the feed and see.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still bullish on .pro in the long run, but I'm still changing my definition of long.


Comment #15

[QUOTE=Ben42]Has anyone regged any .pro's because of the new price? I guess I should check (it lists all the dropped and new .pro reg's),.

Just an fyi. The new .pro landrush domains are beging reg'ed without they will not appear at until they get nameservers after september 8 and start appearing in the zone file...

Comment #16,, & were all created on 23 July after new reg fees were reduced to $49. I can see them on I regged about 15 minutes after prices came down to $49, and that showed up on I can go into my account and edit the Nameservers which are currently set to the encirca default.

It wouldn't surprise me if the registry blocked the creations and deletions RSS between now and 8 September because if everybody could see there were only 5 creations and 5 deletions on the day reg fees went down to $49 they would realise the relaunch was going to be a complete disaster at $49 and wait until reg fees came down much further which they will have to do to kickstart any sort of landrush...

Comment #17

All points herein are well taken. That said, I believe the situation deserves, at the very least, a wait and see approach. For one, I'm curious to see if the Registry is actively searching out an appropriate pricing scheme for registrations and renewals. Further, what is the quantity and quality of additional registrars that the Registry is able to attract, promotion of the extension by the Registry and it's registrars, and the manner in which the Registry and it's registrars carry out the provisions under the new ICANN Agreement...

Comment #18

Let's just say "acting" is going to be VERY developed. ( I didn't buy, but I am directly related and pointed out the availability to the person that did register it).

I have my eye on a couple others, but just haven't pulled the trigger. Actually, about 1 dozen...

Comment #19

Looks like dotpro is finally heading towards the right direction... I hope prices fall even below what they are now rather than asinine little promotions here and there, just to get a reg...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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