What is the first year price for Godaddy?

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My question is: What is the first year price for Godaddy?.

My 2nd question is: The internet is in it's infancy. It will be used for many different things that haven't even been thought of yet. It needs new TDL's to expand. Yes, for websites we have enough TDL's, but the internet will be used for much more than websites.

Think about these made up examples:.

1.) New TDL - .alarm.

Used by an alarm company - streetaddress.zipcode.alarm.

This would tell the alrm company where the alarm is from. Allow them to control cameras, sensors, check for locked/unlocked doors and windows etc.

2.) New TDL - .traffic.

Used by a highway department - milemarker.street.traffic.

Cameras and sensors can be read and controlled remotely to open up more lanes or divert traffic to a detour route.

3.) New TDL - .track -

Used on a closed transportation channel that will keep track of and regulate the advancement and speed of driverless cars.

4.) New TDL - .video -

Used by a media company to let you access and download media from anywhere with an internet connection. You would not need a regular pc to access this.

5.) New TDL - .mfg - machine.mfg.

Allows a company to remotely control manufacturing. This could be halfway around the world.

6.) New TDL - .dr - patient.dr.

Allows a doctor to monitor and control remotely. Think about experts watching in on a surgery and providing advice.

There are many many new uses for new TDL's that haven't even been thought of yet. These crude examples I thought up as I wrote.

I don't view the new TDL's as a threat to domaining. For websites, com will stay king because of people. It would take two decades to get people to unlearn .com and adjust to something else for ecommerce etc.

What are your thoughts?..

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Your question was: What is the first year price for Godaddy?.

Indeed all two letter HostGator name extensions are already reserved for all present and any future country codes for any small countries that have not got one yet..

Comment #1

I can only think of a few usable new extentions:.



.god (because .religion would be too long, and .church or .mosque would be too specific to 1 specific belief).



I think those would all be pretty usable. For example a band could simply register for example - simply, to the point, easy to remember..

Comment #2

I'd invest every penny I have in only 1 (changed my opinion from my last thoughts on this topic).

Will be watching the .llc very carefully.


I think who ever gets this "extension" will become a millionare within 3 months of opening.

It's all gonna be a big shambles...

Comment #3

I have read with great interest on this topic and believe that overall, it will enhance the viability and marketabilty of internet applications and advertising. I can understand the nervousness and opposition to the introduction of HostGator extensions, representing anything.

From a speculative investors point of view I don't think the value of mainstream domains will be affected.

I would however be nervous if I was holding major GEO, Telecommunications or porn related domains..

Not sure if the current values of and can be justified when competing domains such as and Travel.newyork or Hotels.newyork will somehow find a niche amongst internet users.

The irony is however that since ICANN and Google literally control every element of today's internet platforms, we as small pawns in an aggressively controlled business world, can only sit back watch.

The power of the people does not EXIST here...

Comment #4

Wouldn't it be better to own the extention .company over .llc considering that the term "company" is a worldwide term & LLC, I believe is only a US thing?..

Comment #5

I dont think so,.

More companies are "Company name llc" not "Company Company".

Plus Company is to long.

LLC makes more sense...

Comment #6

Haha, those were just examples. I guess I forgot to put the disclaimer that in some cases I might not exactly just mean what I write, that some of my comments can be sarcastic. I wouldn't be in this forum if I didn't like it..

Comment #7

I think that new tlds could definitely be used for other things apart from websites, a bit like the proposed .tel...

Comment #8

This is too confusing and complicated for me, if this is done, then we have to sell also typos of extensions...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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