What is the Fast Track One-Day Detox Dukan Diet?

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First off, What is the Fast Track One-Day Detox Dukan Diet? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. What the veggies look like cooked..

Chop Suey.

1 Dukan Diet Tender Beef with veggies dinner.

1/3 c bean sprouts.

1/3 c chopped water chestnuts.

1/2 small can of sliced mushrooms (drained well).

1/2 small onion sliced.

1/3 c celery sliced.

1 tsp low sodium soy sauce.

Sautee all of the veggies in a non stick skillet until they are crisp tender. I use olive oil, you can also use cooking spray. Pour in the tender beef with veggie entree (you can heat it first if you like) and stir to combine. Season with soy sauce and pepper if desired. I garnished mine with sesame seeds. Counts as your entree + veggies. I really love this one!! I hope you will too! Chris..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Ohh Carol I'm so with you! I forgot how good this one is and why I have so many of them!! This one would even be good made into a pepper steak or stuffed into a pepper for that matter. It's nice to have a beef dish that you can tell that it's beef chunks and not some mystery meat!! LOL!!! Are you sore as heck today from gardening?..

Comment #2

Yes, I am! And I had a tick! I felt something on the top of my head and it was a tick! Yikes! Now I have to watch that. Ticks are so terrible around here..

I'm trying to get everything I can get done now before it gets too hot. I still have a lot to do though. Are you good at gardening. I have a lilac bush that never blooms. I'm thinking not enough sun? I'd like to replant it but I'm afraid I'll kill it...

Comment #3

Uhhhhh ticks!! You just made me shiver!! LOL!! My little brother got one on his peep once when he was about 5 years old!! Hysterical!!!.

I would love to have a lilac bush!!!! They smell soo yummy!! I don't know too much about them because we haven't gotten one yet, but I was really hoping to get one for the side of the house. I know what you mean about the heat! Last year was brutal!! It will be harder to get out in the garden this year because of Jonathan. He doesnt' like the heat one bit! Of course by then he can be in a little pool or something and maybe he won't mind it as much!! Speaking of which, I forgot to water my hanging baskets out front!! Shoot! I kill those things every year!!!..

Comment #4

Chris that dinner looks good, I will do that with the couple I have left, for some reason I'm into bean sprouts lately. LOL.

And you nearly killed me with the tick on the peep. I know it wasn't funny at the time for him, but oh man, what a funny story for your sister to tell on you...

Comment #5

Ive never had the tender beef... I just got my new order this week so I'll have to wait and add it to my order for next month. Looks good.. I had a craving for something chinese food like.. that might do the trick..

Comment #6

I was just telling my husband the other day that I was hungry for chop suey. This sounds great and I just upped my order for the Tender Beef even though I have never tried it before. I have a question though, my system does not get along with peppers. The ingredients list red peppers. I think I will be ok if they aren't over powering. I cannot tolerate green peppers so if the Tender Beef has them, please warn me now!..

Comment #7

Oh good another gardner. I have planted several things in the last couple of days and mowed and cleaned etc. Love being outside but it can get to the body..

Chris, that sounds so good and I love that dinner. I am out tho. I may have to order ala carte. I agree on the crunchy...

Comment #8

Looks great! I am getting tired of the dinners so am starting to go with different ideas on how to spice them up since I have 2 months worth of Dukan Diet foods in my cupboard. Will try this tonight. Thanks so much, missy!..

Comment #9

OMG it was freakin' hysterical I tell you!! It still makes me laugh after all these years!!! He was having a major fit and of course my mom comming at him with tweezers didn't help matters any!! I remember him crying to her, hurry hurry before it climbs in the hole!!!.


Comment #10

OK, you seriously nearly killed me, that is PRICELESS. I choked on my water laughing so hard. That was one of those Golden Moments for a sibling, wasn't it?! The stories my kids tell (on each other) always keep dinner conversation interesting, never a dull moment. Some I'm hearing for the first time from the older ones, who no longer live at home. Now that I know they lived through it, it's hard not to laugh, and laugh hard. Kids, ya gotta love'm..

Do you still need quinoa? Email if you do and I'll get it to you next week...

Comment #11

I had been to Big Lots and got The Thai Style Noodles/peanut sauce & tofu. used your recipe with it, OMG what a plate full I had and I was thinking I was eating in the best Chinese Restaurant in town,Thank you Chris your the best cook around, I use your cook book all the time, You Make doing Dukan Diet fun...

Comment #12

Oh what a fabulous idea!!! I saw that dinner at Big Lots too but was scared to buy it! Maybe I'll go back up and grab a couple and see if I like it!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!..

Comment #13

Lucky me, my husband had a Tender Beef dinner he gave me so I could make the chop suey. I bought all the ingredients including the water chestnuts (I have the grocery receipt to prove it!), but that can was no where to be found tonight. I made it anyway and I added a little fresh ginger. This was delicious and I can't wait to make it again...this time with water chestnuts..

I really wish we had a Big Lots near, but an hour drive one way in hope they have some of these won't be worth it. Oh well, next order ships soon...

Comment #14

WOW, another GREAT Christina recipe! LOOKS great! I'll have to give that one a try~ I've tried all your ones that have been posted so far! YUM~..

Comment #15

Christina, I am definately adding this to my list of things to try. That looks fabulous...

Comment #16

Another thing to do if you need that Chinese fix is to saute garlic and Shredded cabbage in a skillet sprayed with pam. I also spray the cabbage a few times. Once it is soft and tender add a little low salt soy sauce. This taste just like fried rice...

Comment #17

When I want Chinese, I sautee a bunch of cabbage, m'rooms, onion, celery, bean sprouts & water chestnuts & dump the green pepper steak dinner over it..

Almost the same as what you did Christina, but with a different entree. It's one of my favorites!..

Comment #18

I made this tonight with the canned oriental veggies and it came out great! I still added in the celery and onion, but it was nice having the other veggies all ready to go like that! If I were in a hurry then just the canned veggies would have been fine! At any rate, I'd forgotten how tasty and filling this entree is!!..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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