What is the "equation" to calculate your personal daily Nutrisystem points?

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First question I got is What is the "equation" to calculate your personal daily Nutrisystem points? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Check it out. I'm downloading it now ....



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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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It immediately updated the site when I entered my morning snack into the app - it's all tied together perfectly..

Absolutely amazing!! It's actually easier and a helluva lot faster than the site .... you can even edit the measurements/quantity before adding the item. Oh ... and the nutritional value is listed for each item too ... wow.



XXOO (sorry .... it's just.


Damn good)..

Comment #2

Now we just need an app for the Android..

Comment #3

Cool Beans! Thanks NS... Going to go get this now!!!..

Comment #4

FYI, it's just for entering food, no exercise or community links..

The only 'wish' I have is...once you select your food, just add it. The app shows you the nutritional content of the food after you select it, then you add from there..

Minor complaints, the app is better than having to log-in to a computer or carry around the book...

Comment #5

Just entered in my food for today. Very cool as it all shows up on the website (I thought this was a seperate tracker). So you can use this together with the website (if you so desire). Personally I quit logging my food on the website as it was just too slow and cumbersome. This is SO much better....

Not sure you can save off favorites or always have to adjust things, but right now I'm happy with this.....

Comment #6

Hmmm should be easy to convert over for the Palm Pre / WebOs device. Hope they do...

Comment #7

It's about time, I'm downloading it now. Thanks for the heads up Sean!..

Comment #8

Thanks Sean!.

Nice. Easy to use. Already looking forward to updates with new features...

Comment #9

Agreed Scott...any word if there is something in the works for us blackberry users?..

Comment #10

Here's a thread.

That includes posts from the Nutrisystem Moderator. As of last week (2/18/2010) apps for Blackberry, Android, etc. are being "investigated"..

I suppose the thread could use more voices, so maybe jump over and weigh in (.

So to speak.

). In the software world, it never hurts to hear from lots of people when measuring demand and setting priorities..


Comment #11

Very nice! In two years I have never (correct never) logged my food..

This really is easy and convenient..

You can teach an old dog new tricks...

Comment #12

Yeah I've been logging foods now too. I just wish you could add favorites. Like their stats for whole wheat bread are not even close to what I'm buying and eating so I have to change it everytime to have it be correct (actually I now change the quantity and get the calories in line and the other stats are then pretty close)...

Comment #13

Anyone still using this application?.

Seems to keep reloading food list..

Ie when I go to add foods, there is currently two of each food item..

This happened before and when I had 3 copies of all data, I deleted total application and it worked fine for a while..

Now it started again, currently have two.

Anyone else have this flaw?..

Comment #14

I see the same thing. However, it's still handy and useful to be able to access the database remotely..

I like the APP. It helps me stay on track while out and about...

Comment #15

We are sorry to hear that you are encountering issues with the app. Can you please give us the model, make and operating system of your devices, as well as a screen shot (if possible) and email this information to.

So that we may investigate further?.

Thank you and best wishes for a happy and healthy day,..

Comment #16

Great, I'm not tech-no savy. My anolog iphone needs oil on the rotary dial thingie...

Comment #17

We currently have an Android App available..

Logging your weight, measurements, exercise and accessing your journal has just become that much easier! You will be able to keep track on-the-go from your Android phone! Download it today and let us know what you think!..

Comment #18

Hello, please try logging out and then back in and let us know if you continue to experience issues..

Thank you!..

Comment #19

I just tried I'm getting 4 choices of the same food...for everything..

Here is a screen shot:..

Comment #20

Getting the same problem here as is displayed in Mulewhipper's image...except mine is three displayed...

Comment #21

I don't use the meal planner feature (whoops, did I say that out loud?) so I hadn't noticed this before, but I just checked due to this thread, and mine looks just like mulewhippers with 4 of each item. Also, when I start it up fresh, it says it's importing the food database (or something like that). I also did a logout on the app, closed it from the task list (double click of home button), then reopened it, and logged back in. Still show 4 of each item..

FWIW: I do use the app, but I use it for logging weight and exercise mainly. I have used the food journaling in the past, but tend not to use the app for that right now. With that said, if the Nutrisystem app had a way of saving favorite meals (or custom foods) I would probably use it more as it would be easier to use. But to have to choose number of servings of bread each time to get 100 cals, or some such is too much of a pain for me..

Is there a place to log feature requests for the app? I'd also like to see the weight tracking remember your last weight. For some of us fatties on the program, everytime I go to log my weight it's sitting at 150 pounds, and I have to scroll all the way up to 300 every single time. Seems it would remember the last weight so scrolling to the new weight would be easier... Or is this so we can consider this some exercise for our finger to flick it from 150 to 300?..

Comment #22 can add food items to the app, same as you can do online. Go to Add More Food, click on the My Foods tab and then hit Define New. It is pretty easy to add custom items. Only issue is that to log the custom items, you have to do it from Add More Food rather than the pre-populated categories (dairy/protein, carbs, etc.).

It would be nice if the Nutrisystem database was updated for some of the products that so many of us use, such as the sandwich thins, greek yogurt, etc..

I just played around with the Calorie Counter app and that lets you add food by scanning the bar code. It worked for the Nutrisystem foods too as they are loaded in the database. It has many of the common brand name foods that we all use (and many that we shouldn't be using too). This has a really slick interface and it would be nice if even some of the functionality was on Nutrisystem both the app and online...

Comment #23

I have to confess: I like the Fatsecret website for logging my food better than the Nutrisystem journal. There's a lot more flexibility, and a lot of the Nutrisystem foods are already in their database. If I run across one that isn't, I just add the nutritional info myself. I keep the Nutrisystem app now for checking on portions and whatnot, but Fatsecret works for me...

Comment #24

Hello, please try the new version of the app, 2.2, in the app store now and let us know if you continue to experience any issues..

Thank you,..

Comment #25

And it's out for the Droid as well. Just downloaded and installed it. Everything is linked - I can see on my phone everything that's online - and vice versa..

Kudos goes out to the development staff!!! Just don't ask me to comment on which parts of the website don't work on Chrome.


I must say - I like being able to change the quantity before I submit. Something to think about as a possible website enhancement.......

Comment #26

Looks MUCH better. Kudos to the software staff for working on it and getting it right..

Thanks NS..

Comment #27

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