What is the difference between the new system of Nutrisystem and the old system?

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Quick question... What is the difference between the new system of Nutrisystem and the old system? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question... Okay guys, I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to on these boards. I've been on Nutrisystem for two weeks now and have lost a disappointing 3 pounds (don't go by my graph below, I started the actual program weighing in at 246 and came in at 243 this morning)..

My question is regading calories. I've been sticking to the program and logging my food. I pretty much come in at 1400-1500 calories per day, give or take 50 calories. Now I have also started working out almost everyday, 30 minutes on elliptical and 30-45 minutes weights..

If I burn 500-600 calories in my workout, that brings me down to 1,000 calories net for the day. Couldn't that deficit put you into starvation mode? What if I burned even more calories? I don't see where Nutrisystem has you add anything back in??.

Would appreciate any feedback on this topic as I do not completely understand..

I have to admit I feel like I'm at a standstill after just two weeks and I'm eating FAR less and moving MUCH more. Just thought there would be a bigger loss in the first two weeks..

Thanks so much!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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Welcome. Actually, you've had a pretty good startone that's probably typical of many (depends on a lot of factors/variables anyway)..

For you specifically, try to get out of your head the notion that a) you aren't getting enough nutrition. If you follow the guidebook your nutrition intake (essential vitamins and minerals) should dramatically.


Over what you ate before, b) that your working out is anything more than "minimal"as you describe it your new working out is nothing substantial. In other words, get it out of your head that you're in some kind of deficit from food intake..

You are not..

You are not only taking in 1500 or so calories on NS. You are taking in MORE protein and fiber than before (promiseyou are). You are getting MORE vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies than before. Most importantly you are getting LESS useless carbs and fatswhich you didn't need anyway..

Is 200 calories of raw carrots and tomatoes and cucumbers and brocoli equal to 200 calories of pizza? Not according to your body! It would MUCH prefer the first! The Peppridgefarms cookie you ate before? I didn't have 8-9 grams of protein in it like that Nutrisystem cookie has!! (lol)..

Follow the guide. Eat all the stuff. 6+x per day. Don't cheat. Drink the water. Keep doing your light workouts..

It's more than enough food to keep you healthy. You get to the point that you are doing strenuous workouts for 2 hours a day 7 days per week or that you are running 5 miles a day or somethingthen yes, you'd need adjustments to calories..

You are basically doing what I have done for 11 months and I'm not starving.

Keep at it! If you follow it, Nutrisystem works and you not only won't starve, but without "adding in" anything you'll feel healthier than before. Really!.


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Ok Mo! There are a couple of things I see here!.

1) Your 1400-1500 cal per day is correct.

2) I averaged 3 pounds per week. The key word is averaged! So do not be disappointed in 3 pounds lost..

3) I would go 2 more weeks as is. If you still see that you are not losing weight, this is what you should do. On days you work out vigorously 45-60 minutes, add a protein. This will add 150-200 calories to your day and avoid starvation mode..

It is really hard to tell whether you are actually in starvation mode. You use the words "most Days." Then you also are telling me you are burning 500 Calories during your workout. I am sure that is what the machine is telling you, but that is never accurate. So I would question whether you are meeting the definition of "vigorous" workout. Hang in there for two more weeks and see if your weight starts to move. In addition, please make sure you are drinking A LOT of water...

Comment #3

Well said, Robertyou put that better than I did!.

I averaged almost exactly 10 lbs lost per month on NS. I lose 41 lbs in 4 months and it was fairly even each month..

It was NOT even each week! I had weeks where I lost 2 lbs and weeks where I lost 6+ lbs..

It seemed to me that the longer I did "everything right" the higher the loss tended to bebut it still wasn't an absolute..

Over time it sure seems to work though.


Comment #4

Listen to all of the above. Then if you still have questions call a counselor (you are paying for them to be there). I've always found them helpful and they have some good tips to offer...

Comment #5

This thread is VERY motivational for me. I am approaching the end of Week 2 and will officially weigh in for the first time on Monday morning. I prefer to weigh in less often. Every two weeks works better for me..

Anyway, I anticipate a smaller loss even though I have followed the plan to a T. I have not excersized. Not a once. Not yet..

Anyway - thanks for the posts!.


Comment #6

Why wait to weigh? I know the psychological aspect of it, as I had that too. But really try to get over that. If you are following the program there is nothing to fear. I now weigh almost every day. Sure there are days I see increases even when on plan. And if I cheat I force myself to weigh the next few days to see why that's bad (part of how I maintained for about 6months while I got my head straightened out)..

Stop the negative thinking! I lost 40 pounds before I got off my butt and started moving. Exercise helps but this program will work without it too. And don't discount the work you've put into this if you haven't gotten on the scale yet...

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Thanks Guys, don't get me wrong. I have no illusion that I'm pushing myself to the limit with my workouts right now. I can't really do that anyway as I'm recovering from a cervical fusion. I was just expecting more of an initial weight loss since I hadn't been exercising at all and my calorie count was atleast double per day. I can definitely accept a couple pounds a week. Just feel like I'm at a standstill..

I just read alot about this whole starvation mode thing and it got me to wondering about how a person does adjust their calories on the plan. Obviously if I was running ten miles a day, 1500 calories is probably not going to cut it but then again, if I ran ten miles a day I probably wouldn't be on Nutrisystem. lol..

Just trying to fine tune things for me..

Thanks again!..

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If you just started Nutrisystem.


You just started working out this week, you're more than likely just holding water in your muscles - you look a little different right? Your arms may be slightly bigger? Your shoulders and chest a little puffed out? That "pump" isn't air's water. You're fine. Things will level out. My guess is that you'll have a 7-10 pound loss over the next 7-10 days..

If you feel good don't add food. If you feel like crap, then add in a protein after your workout - preferably tuna, or chicken ... something that'll stick with you. Protein drinks have protein (and high calories) but they don't curb your hunger like real food...

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