What is the difference between jenny craig ,Nutrisystem and la weight loss?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What is the difference between jenny craig ,Nutrisystem and la weight loss? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question on my mind: After seeing very encouraging results the first week I seem to have hit a plateau..

I've read you need to eat everything on the program and I admit I've been skimping (900, 1000, 1100 calories a day)..

But, to a fault, I'm the sort that needs to know why to comply. Why do you have to eat more to lose? I'm sure there is a logical explanation, and that's what I'm after..

Also what should my target caloric intake be?.

Age: 31.

Weight: 329.

Height: 5'11"..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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When you eat too few calories as you are currently doing, your body is fearful that it won't get the required amount of calories it needs to function properly. You body burns calories just from normal bodily functions - breathing, heart pumping, digestion, etc. You even burn calories when you sleep. When the body doesn't get the minimum amount of calories it needs to perform it's life functions, it starts to store every calorie consumed and burns less calories..

Stop sabotaging your health. Call a counselor like Pam said and for heaven's sake, follow the damn program...

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A calorie target is very helpful. Thanks. you can stop freaking out now..

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These BOARDS have SOME good INFO but SOME people CAN be INTENSE!!.

I had a similar experience a few days ago...I was a little low on my calories and once I made sure I was getting everything in exactly as outlined and once I made sure I exercised for at least 30 minutes a day, the weight started to come off right away again. I'd recommend logging everything you eat online via the meal planner. Also in your meal planner book, it says if you have over 100lbs to lose you have to add 1 carb to breakfast and dinner and 1 fruit to lunch. It doesn't show up on your daily meal planner, you have to add those additional 3 items. Water intake is super critical won't have as good results if you don't drink at least 8+ 8oz glasses of H2O. I've lost over 16 lbs in 19 days.

Good Luck Man...

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Good eye, didn't see about the extras. Thanks. I'm AOK on the H2O, 10-12 glasses a day. I'll be filling my planner, now for sure. Hit me up anytime..

And a word to the Nutrisystem demigods, take it easy on newbs why don't ya. Someone less motivated than myself could have gotten discouraged with that kind of backlash. For shame...

Comment #5

Maybe it's the full moon this weekend..

But seriously, there have been a lot of the same question lately (which is of course no reason for you to know the answer) and it can be just human nature for someone to get cranky answering the same thing over and over, even if it is not the same person doing the asking. We'll try to be nicer - don't let it deter you from asking questions..

Tiptoeing back out of the men's room now...

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You posted to the Men's room. The advice here is straight forward and not couched in political correctness. I didn't think you got your chops busted at all. Most of the guys here are happy to help out, but you probably are not going to have your hand held...

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Don't worry about me, homeslice, ill be fine..

Edit: added "homeslice"..

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Hang in there and don't worry about plateaus. I've had a couple of days where I gained back a pound then dropped 3 the next day. If you stick with the program, I'm sure you'll start dropping the weight. Try to work in some exercise when you can. Even a half-hour a day will help. Remember, this isn't a race, it's a lifestyle change and your body will need time to make some adjustments.

Try to stick as close to the plan as possible and you'll be surprised at how well it works...

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Just hang in there Schmendrick..

You will not hit a plateau in one week..

I think it definitely have to do with your calorie intake..

Last month I got sick and totally lost my appetite for three days. I ate much less than 1000 calories/day. couple of following days I took in about 1200. Then went back to taking in 1500. My weight yoyo-ed for 12 days up and down before I went below the weight I was before I got sick..

I think the trick to steady weight loss is to string together consecutive 100% days. (I saw this from someone else on a different post. Cant remember who to give credit. But it really is the truth.) When I first started, I was cheating on the Saturdays, and my weight loss would stall until Wednesday..

Simple math of 3500 calorie deficit (calorie intake - calorie burn) in one day does not equal to 1 pound of weight loss for that day. God knows what else is involved. It feels like the results are always 2-3 days behind but not in a simple/linear way..

You have to find something to keep you motivated to stick with the program. I started posting on the 100% days thread. That has become my motivator to get as many consecutive 100% days as possible...

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Eat the food...all of it, and you'll be fine. It also can't hurt to listen to whatever advice PamSB gives, whether you like it or not...

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Seriously eat the food. I would be a fairly good comparison. I started at over 400 lbs, I'm 32, 5'11" and I take in about 1500 to 1600 calories a day. When I had more than a 100 lbs to lose I had the fruit and carb add ins as well..

You wont lose any faster by eating less. In fact if you read your Nutrisystem guide book all portions listed are minimums for healthy weight loss. The last thing you want is your body to go into starvation mode and start eating muscle before the fat. The more muscle you have the more calories you'll burn even at rest so if you don't eat enough you could actually slow down your progress. I lost my weight by following the Nutrisystem guidelines so I know it works. Best of luck to you my friend..

Heres a lovely article on starvation mode.


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You will have a dramatic weight loss your first week or so, because of the loss of water associated with glyogen in your muscles. When you go into calorie deficit, these stores are the most convenient. that is why you get a big drop the first few days (more than calorie math of fat would say you would have). The reason is there are 4 pounds of bound water with every pound of glycogen (a sugar like substance). After that is gone, you will be burning fat and the rate will make sense from calorie math. BTW, if you go on a binge during the diet, that water will come right back (it;s not salt, it's glycogen-water)..

You also may have some variations from poop or dehydration that can cloak your loss rate. so it's impossible to both measure a rate and then declare a stall, based on 2 weeks data. The time series just has too much random noise on top of a valid long term trend. It's like plotting temperature from January to July. You know that the trend is to get warmer, but you may have days that go down for a while for random reasons. Nevertheless, the earth is still moving around the sun and giving seasons.

A higher calorie deficit will NOT make your body go into starvation mode, blabla. Or already ARE in starvation mode as a 300#er eating 1800 calories. Pam and Kitty and the Nutrisystem counselors are wrong. You will lose faster with a larger deficit..

However, this is a long fight. And there are a SLEW of people who don't get their program done. That is by FAR the greater reason to eat your addins (lots of salad!!! keep you full!!!! no binges!!!) You need to change the habits from starving all day and then splurging on high calorie density food for dinner. Do the minimeals, do the addins, run at 1800 like you are supposed to. the main thing is to stay satiated and not have fall of the wagons..

You wanted to be convinced. This is the logic..

Now...if you have some DEADLINE, like a weighin for sports or a photo shoot or something, I can understand the more aggressive deficit. And yes...a fast loss rate can be motivaitonal. But you will have a fast one anyway as a 300er, just running the normal plan. You've tried doing things on your own and have not gotten skinny. give this STRUCTURE a chance to help you. You will still need to do the work and earn the rewarrds, but Nutrisystem is a tool to make things easier..

Good luck..

P.s. This is the men's room. Pam and Kitty love your helpfulness, but you are butting in...

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I was going to add my $.02 regarding why you shouldn't go below 1000 calories, but Mike did a great job addressing it. Asked and answered. Nice reference article, Mike...

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Listen to Mike:.

Don't listen to Poly. He doesn't know WTF he is talking about. Eating 900 calories per day at your weight is a recipe for disaster. You WON'T lose weight but you likely will cause a host of medical issues for yourself...

Comment #15

Calm down Beavis, I think we got that covered now...

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