What is the difference between hosting with yahoo and godaddy?

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My first question is: What is the difference between hosting with yahoo and godaddy?.

My next question is: I noted this in another thread, but I think it needs further discussing - 'What is a Defensive Reg?'.

A lot of people here like to automatically jump on the 'it's a defensive or protective reg' bandwagon. Any mention of the usage by someone or some company using a new extension (say like .mobi for an example in this question), brings this same comment, and by so many. So perhaps those here with 'all knowing domaining insight', can explain the meaning of 'defensive' or 'protective' reg. As it's quite easy to research and note, that these same companies have not regged their names, or put a site, or even redirected, in the other extensions that have been out for years! Are all the other extensions pointless? Why would a company, no, 'many companies', just pick .mobi to reg 'defensively' and put a site up? We all know that TM issues, makes this a mute defense, though some may reg a TM, most don't. Or are these the 'only' companies that someone 'might' reg in a .mobi? And if .mobi is headed to failure, as so many knowledgeable domainers say, are they also saying that these companies aren't as 'smart' or 'insightful' with their college bred employees and multi-million dollar budgets, to see the same things as a domainer who can reg a $7 name?.

So WHY would a company only reg 'one extension' to defend themselves against. And WHY is it only in .mobi?? Seriously, can anyone logically answer this without an 'extension opinionated' reply'??..

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Your question was: What is the difference between hosting with yahoo and godaddy?.

I'll tell you this...a defensive reg is not one which gets developed. Especially if the space which it is developed for is unique, delivering content in a way different from traditional web addresses...

Comment #1

So it's fair to say that since we are not seeing IDN's on billboards and newspapers or 'telly' that they also 'are not entering the public consciousness and may as well not exist' either??..

Comment #2

Well, you would not expect to see them in America.

It is not uncommon to see sites branded with that they don't even own. In some case I actually own them. One word Generics of course.

Yes, they are promoted, but companies have been hesistant to allocate their promotion budgets when they still won't resolve for the majority of users because Microsoft have failed to get a latest generation browser to market. With IDN supporting browser now gaining traction and the launch of IDN TLDs and the associated publicity, there is going to be a lot of competition to get market share and the publicity required is inevitable. IDN also get substantial traffic. Not enough to retire on but very significant nevertheless...

Comment #3

I thought a defensive reg was when you owned the .com and regged the .net and/or .org so that nobody else could impinge on your HostGator name. Not to get too esoteric...

Comment #4

In the case of the "dot Mobey", it's protecting their established brand / ... and, with or without the undisclosed urging and/or assistance of mTLD and .MOBI Enthusiasts, tossing up a cursory "mobile website" and then not substantially promoting it other than to have one or two poor souls post it's link and respective make-your-own "Press Release" here and on the various domainer forums!.

Far cry diffrent from the - NONE AS YET - developments and promotions of actual GENERIC terms / "reserved" domains (for instance, those that would have been RFP'd and that were auctioned -wtih mandates - at Traffic and Seo), IMHO.

PS. This belongs in the #1 Namepros .MOBI Forum, as well!.


Comment #5

Good grief Jeff, more of your mumbo jumbo, anti mobi crap. So you're one-sided 'opinion' is simply saying that 'defensive regging' only applies to .mobi?!!??.

And no it doesn't belong in the mobi section, as 'defensive regging' should apply to all extensions!! Or is it just an anti-mobi comment?..

Comment #6

I introduced and qualified my statement and OPINIONS above with, "In the case of the "dot Mobey" ... ", specifically. Plus, your also specifically referenced .MOBI in the O.P., as well!.

Good day, friend..


Comment #7

It probably applies more to Dot Mobi, because in many cases the dot Nets and dot Orgs are already gone. Most companies won't employ lawyers unless they feel they have a problem.

To me, it matters not whether it is defensive registration or a revenge shag, unless big companies start promoting these in the same way they they promote their existing dot coms, the whole thing is going nowhere.

The other problem is that it is starting to all get way too complicated. If you have a smart phone, depending on how smart your phone actually is, then use our dot com as normal, for all other phones you will be directed to the M subdomain of our mainsite , but it that doesn't redirect within 5 seconds or it doesn't render properly try typing in again using our alternative dot Mobi address, where you will be directed to a stripped down version of what you actually wanted to see in the first place...

Comment #8

That sounds like alot of work to me. First try .com...oh it's too slow. Next try m.whatever...doh that does'nt render properly either. Finally, go to the one that we all know will work the first time, every time if all else fails (.mobi). You've just stated the exact reason .mobi is needed without even knowing it.

Good thing mobi is "stripped down" so that the consumer can get what they need quickly and efficiently. No need to spend half the day scrolling and zooming a .com to find what you need.

Some people miss the point of the mobile web. It's not to bring full blown pages with tons of info to the consumer. It's all about getting necessary info to the user in a timely manner!..

Comment #9

Which is all very well if that is what the consumer wants, but the indications are that it is not. All the traffic appears to be coming in on iPhones to dot com sites. That tells me that people are prepared to pay substantially more to get the full browsing experience but few are prepared to tolerate a pale shadow of the real thing.

Furthermore Opera Mini will bring the full experience to just about any phone now and is soon to be joined by a version of Firefox that will work on any phone.

Even Google is in on the act. Mobi just isn't needed. These browser are also very fast because the bulk of the programmes and processing power are at the other end. They don't rely on your crappy old phone being able to work it out all on it's own...

Comment #10

The iphone represents a tiny portion of mobiles worldwide. Traffic stats from that one source are meaningless IMHO. Now if the majority had iphones or devices like it, you would have an argument.

BTW, how many people have actually "paid more" for the full browsing experience. Not many in comparison to the number of mobiles in circulation to date...

Comment #11

It is not the total number of phones that is relevant. It is the total number of phones being used to browse that is important. The statistic show that most of these are smart phones. The other are just not used. I don't use mine. I would not pay the connection charges.

Anyway, what happen to the Dot Mobi button that was supposed to come as standard on evey handset?..

Comment #12

Ok, so there's a billion or so mobile users out there. If the iPhone were to sell maybe 5 million a year, in 10 years WOW 50 million people would be able to surf the net freely!! And for those that want to note other phones, collectively if they sold 50 million phones yearly for 10 years, only a half a billion people could still not surf freely! However, the next 3-4 years of mobile surfing is the issue that needs to be addressed currently, however it's done.

And still no one can define a 'defensive reg' other than as 'an excuse' to dismiss .mobi??..

Comment #13

The number of phones is absolutly relevant. The majority do not surf the mobile web because .com sites are simply too hard to access and do not render properly. This is why .mobi is so important.

The iphone is nice, don't get me wrong. It's just that the majority around the world cannot afford one or a device like it. By the time pricing on these phones comes down, it will be too late. Mobi will already be branded as a household's gaining exposure daily.

I'm holding onto just in case that mobi button ever makes the cut..

Comment #14

What I got from Rubber Ducky's post was that it all depends on the type of phone you have. Personally I have a sidekick and it loads .coms in it's full glory just fine and really fast. For most other smart phones, i.e. iphones, balckberrys, and many many more phones that are coming out everyday, support full browser capabilities. I see more smartphones on a daily basis than I do flip phones or other WAP browser phones.

I would also like to point out that most people that get flip phones or phones that do not have full browser capabilities DO NOT browse the internet. If they do it's is seldomly done and only visit big sites for news, sports, and other information that is already supplied by major companies that use mobile optimization in their .com names.

To refer to the OP IMHO defensive regging is done to protect a brand or a website. For instance if I had I would reg pretty much every extension out there to protect the brand and maximize traffic to the website.

That is my opinion on defensive regging even though a lot of companies and businesses do not follow these guidelines...

Comment #15

Most of the phones out there now will be in the bin in the next two years.

More and more phones will be smart phones, indeed most phones will be smart phones, and the iPhone has no monopoly on being smart.

If the next three years is the niche that needs to be filled mTLD better get off their arses, because at the rate things are moving with dot Mobi they won't be ready in thirty years. We will all be running around with brain implants by then...

Comment #16

Maybe you can tell, as no one ever said they were 'supposed to'! ...good grief...

Comment #17

I've likened .mobi in the past to ISDN. How many people have heard of ISDN? I mean when it first came out, it was a terrific concept. Many businesses employed it. However, within a year, it was obsolete. So I agree with Rubber Ducky with that aspect.

However, I do believe that a lot of companies registered .mobis as defensive regs, because the ramifications and possibilities for the extension made it worth having. A lot of them just got it to hold onto in case it ever took off. Because it did have the potential to take off, so they wanted to secure it to be able to reach mobile users if thats the way the tide went. However, this type of mentality and a reasonable unwillingness of companies to spend millions on advertising campaigns for an unproven extension has lead to stagnancy. The extension didn't take off, there is little development, even less advertising and technology will eclipse the need for .mobi altogether in a few years.

People need to remember that companies usually don't jump on technology trends... Most companies take forever to update their software, equipment, etc... I mean just think about how long it took some companies to even have an online presence, let alone shell out millions to promote a new, untested extension that wasn't even a default extension within mobile phones...

There is a huge difference between potential and success. That's why we're all in the game of speculation.....

Comment #18

Defensive reg: Try google.** ANYTHING that is defensive reg. Every tld is taken by google, even random extension names that probably would not get any typeins...

Comment #19

To understand how quickly the dot Mobi potential market is being plundered you need to read these two reports:

And things will get a lot worse a lot faster when Fennick (Mozilla) gets up to speed...

Comment #20

But RR, this is not a explanation of what a 'defensive reg' is, it's just another counterpoint of someone's opinion of the need-of-or-not the .mobi extension. Again, if one is not defending themselves in all extensions, where is the 'defense' in only doing it in one extension??.

Seems to be that it's looking to be more of a domainer 'I hate it' cry phrase, than an actual fact based comment...

Comment #21

Wow that second link is pretty amazing. Those REAL statistics only prove what is going to happen.

I think Ronald Regging put it in perfect words. IMHO..

Comment #22

Well either way you have a landslide of technology that is effectively susperceding the Mobi concept to cope with. Take a look at this:

And what is more, they are clearly getting their message out!..

Comment #23

Duck you are turning into a 'J' here. The question is, for those that only want to mobi bash, 'WHAT IS A DEFENSIVE REG?? Please stay on topic folks...

Comment #24

Yes, and your just spamming the forum picking holes in one loose comment from Jeff. The whole point is that it really doesn't matter whether these are defensive registrations or not, they will all be dropped in a couple of years anyway, as nobody will ever be able to remember what they were for in the first place.

We have even mentioned iPhone 2.0 which will undoubtedly make the current version look like a house brick...

Comment #25

Nothing like staying on topic duck. Guess you don't have an answer. And no I'm not spamming, you are as you have not logically answered the question, just raised issues not asked for here. And Jeff is by far not the only one who has said this. So go play with your idn's, if you can't contribute to the question at hand...

Comment #26

A defensive reg is just a reg that the company made in order to not have to worry about procuring the HostGator in the future through legal means. It can apply to any and all extensions. However, in order for it to be a defensive reg it doesn't have to be done in every single extension.

Some companies, especially global internet based companies such as Google, may get every extension... Other companies may not. But my point was that I think a lot of companies did register .mobi as a defensive reg, because they saw the potential in the extension and wanted to make sure they didn't have to go through legal hassles in the future if the extension took off.

So I'm not sure what the issue is. I answered your question in my original post, just applying it to the .mobi extension as that is what your OP seemed to be concerned with.

I have been against .mobi for a long time... Though I have never really taken an active anti-mobi stance. I went into the Mobi forum once and have never been back since just because it's too violent for me. But I don't really think it matters if I or anyone else is pro or anti mobi... Time will make that point irrelevant either way...

Comment #27

So in summary, defensive registrations are taken out where there was a perceived threat. The vectoring of Mobi on a new technology was perceived as such a threat, but it is now being realised that mobile technology is not going to change the landscape in terms of web URLs, so that perceived threat is rapidly receding. So actually Hawkeye is right in the sense that you cannot have a defensive registration where there is no realistic threat?..

Comment #28

Ok, so they regged their names to prevent future legal hassles. Not something they needed to or wanted to do in .net, .org, .tv, .info etc. And...they went and built a site, or redirected it, because.... well, because. Ok. But so many more here say it consistantly, so there must be more reasons why they only do it so much in one extension, is there not?? Or was/is .mobi just the one extension, that no one knows about, that 'they needed' to reg and point or use? And yes, I use .mobi here, as I don't mess with many other extensions other than the big 3, and .mobi, with a few .tv's now too, and don't see this same 'excuse' used on other extensions.

Also RR, the mobi forum is not so heated when one in particular is not involved there...

Comment #29

As I said, .mobi had a lot of potential depending on how the winds blew. That is why it was important for a lot of companies to register it as a defensive reg. Pay a few bucks now or possibly pay lots of legal fees down the road to acquire it. This isn't always true about other extensions, because a lot of other extensions may have no possible use for the company involved.

So if you want to get technical, it was a defensive reg, but it was also an investment in possible future development. There are cases where companies will reg extensions with no intention to ever use it. That would probably be considered a wholly defensive on the other hand had potential and most companies didn't want to be left behind IF .mobi became the preferred extension of mobile users.

And as an example.... I am sure there were a lot of the same types of registrations when it came to .tv It had potential, especially for media based companies, so they bought it partly as a defensive reg and partly because of it's potential for future development.

I don't think anyone is really arguing the potential that .mobi had, or that it wasn't a unique extension... It was... It was so unique, because it had a purpose, but one that no one really knew whether was even necessary. But if that purpose would have been utilized properly by the partners involved (necessary or not), it would have been huge. But alas, it wasn't and it's not and now technology is making it obsolete, though one could argue that technology made it obsolete before it even existed......

Comment #30

Yes, but it would not have been obsolete when it mTLD initially applied for the extension, so perhaps we should blame ICANN that the ill fated mTLD felt obliged to voracious market an extension that they probably already knew was a Lead Balloon...

Comment #31

And after almost 2 years, and a consistant domainer bellowing of no need for it, thank you iphone, they stll are putting up sites, and taking people to court to get their names. My take is, that from all of the 'it's no longer needed' arguments of the last 2 years, that one of these multi-million dollar companies would have someone there to tell them this, and not continue putting sites up or fight for their names. Yet they still continue....

Then maybe they just don't keep up with HostGator forums for their business needs...

Comment #32

Having worked for a lot of very large organisations, I think the assumption that their behaviour reflects any rationality that a lay person would understand is extremely misplaced...

Comment #33

Hawkeye what I would like to ask you and I have stuck up for the .mobi crowd even though I am not a mobian, Why do you guys stay here ? The anti mobi from Jeff and others is never going away? and why anyone wastes finite time on this planet with this nonsense is beyond any sane persons comprehension.

I do not know why the mobians have not got their own separate forum on a .mobi, Please understand I am not saying I do not want you here, I just do not understand why you put up with and waste your time here, it's never going to change IMO...

Comment #34

An even bigger question than "why do you guys stay here?" is...why do.

Individuals that have no vested interest in .mobi continue to slam it?.

It would be like me keeping tabs on a stock that I have never owned. Makes no sense, does it?.

I think they endlessly try to bring mobi down (not that it will make of bit of difference) because they see a threat on the horizon. In actuality, they are showing how much mobi truly means by their uncontrollable urges to constantly speak on the issue!..

Comment #35

First off you certainly are not talking to me Keith because I have actually stuck up for your crew. I have said the same thing about why follow something you have no interest in. But I assure you they are not going away...

Comment #36

No the comment was not directed at you. Sorry if it seemed.

That way. I used your quote just to play off of. I think we know.

The few I am referring to...

Comment #37

You know equity, I've asked myself that too, but owning over 600 domains and the majority in extensions besides .mobi, I do like to talk, hear and learn things from other domainers. I happen to like RJ, and quite a few others here. You are right I probably let myself get caught up in these child games some like here. But it seems that in every thread, no matter the subject, somebody and 'the one', have to inject unwarranted attacks on others investments. Like it or not, many people have invested in .mobi, and whether they are a member or a considering to be guest, this is what they consistantly see here. It is continual and unsubstantiated, other than pure 'conjecture', yet all readers and members are subjected to it! WHY?? After 2 years, we all know what others think, believe, wish etc.

Just the blaming of those that rise up against it as being at fault. It does boggle my mind. But you are right, it's never going to stop here! Never! There are those that have to 'keep' spreading their same negative views over and over and over, because they only know how to be negative. No other extension has been so constantly attacked and criticized for so long and repeatedly, and it's by those that don't own or never would own it, but keep on criticizing those that do. (I'd love to someday learn the underlying psych behind it, but that's another thread.) Perhaps the flaming is sought so it draws views.

If it was only in title/subject specific threads, it would be one thing, but in every thread no matter the subject is.... just baffling.

Point in case, I started this thread as 'I really did want to know' what others considered to be a 'defensive reg', and now look, I have to defend myself for asking and being a mobi supporter...

Comment #38

Name one extension that has promised more and delivered less, one that has more shennanegans in the aftermarket, where the attempts at pump and dump have been more pronounced and where more people have been conned out of more cash, and then I will accept that you have made your point.

The bottom line is that Mobi does matter because it has brought the entire industry into disrepute. It should never have been allowed to happen, attempts to support this ongoing deception should not be tolerated, and above all it should never be allowed to happen again. That is why it is so important that people understand just exactly what is going down here...

Comment #39

A defensive reg can also be if you buy a .tv name & reg the as well..

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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