What is the best Nutrisystem recipe you know? Quick and easy please!?

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My 1st question is: What is the best Nutrisystem recipe you know? Quick and easy please!? Looking forward for any comment. Another question... OK. This is my official coming out of the fat closet post! As many of you know, I lost 80 pounds on Nutrisystem in 2008. It took an entire year. I went from a man's size 40 jeans to a woman's sizes 6 and 4.

But then, little by little, I started "loosening up".

I knew I had gained some but I kept rationalizing that maybe I was too skinny in the 6s, I still look OK and my blood pressure isn't high again or anything. And I said it was so much easier to maintain a size 8 than a size 6. But then it became a size 10 and now 12s! I've gained back about 25 of the 80 pounds I lost. When I stepped on the scales this morning, it was like a brick hit me over the head. I've crossed over into the next tens of pounds.

I decided to try on the evening dress I wore two years ago. Many of you have seen the pic of me in it. Well, below you'll see me in the dress two years ago and a pic I took this morning when I tried to put it on. I couldn't even get it to close up in the back and almost couldn't get it over my thighs! So I'm awake now! I know I've got to get my act together and lose this weight so I dont' end up right back where I was. This post is my official launching of my new weight loss journey.

I can do it again. Gonna go make a ticker now!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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JoAnn, I am rooting for you too!.

Good luck!..

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Thanks Sally and Terri Ann! I've learned how easy it is to drift away from good eating habits. Portion control is a biggie for me!!!!! Much of the time, I eat WHAT I should eat but I guess I've been eating about twice as much as I need to. And I've been doing a lot of stress eating since I moved back into the city. Living on a farm sure did make me healthier both physically and mentally!..

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Jo Ann, good for you for stepping up before you gained all of it back. I have problems with maintenance, too, and recently found a book that might be useful for you it's called The Beck Diet Solution, and it's about permanently changing your mindset to thinking like a thin person. For me, I think it might be the key to maintaining. Losing's easy, once I get started. It's maintaining that's a b**** for me. (She actually has a more recent book called The Complete Beck Diet for Life, but it isn't as compatible withNutrisystemso that one may not be for you.)..

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Jo Ann, it took a lot of courage to do what you just did and congratulations! Welcome back toNutrisystemweight loss. I'm rooting for you!..

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Kudos to you for posting this! I have all the confidence that you will get the weight off again JoAnn - just keep posting and keep yourself accountable. We really can fool ourselves. Keep repeating "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"! Waiting to celebrate victory with you!.


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Jo Ann.

Congrats upon the decision to stop the gain before it got completely out of control. You have the skills to lose it; you've done it before..

I know there are those who don't like weighing often but when I get to goal I will be weighing mid week as well as the official time. I can gain easily and it takes so much more time to lose it..

Thanks for coming out of the closet and making us aware of how easy it is for just a pound increase become something else...

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I feel your pain, Iam in the same shoes as you. I am back on track 100% no more fooling around. WE did this before we can do it again. Keep a journalor food log very helpful.Nutrisystemall the way....

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Jo Ann - You can do it. Not being able to zip my favorite dress was my motivation also....I just started. We're all here for you!..

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Thanks everybody. It really is easy to drift away from good eating habits a little at a time just like drifting in the ocean. You just don't realize how far you've gone. When I tried that dress on this morning, I knew it would be tight. I knew I had gained some. But I thought I'd be able to zip it up.

And I almost ripped it just trying to pull it up over my fat thighs!! to the grocery store for me and then, ASAP I will get on autoship. Getting that BBB will help get my mind in gear...

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Jo Ann, I am very proud of you. Preparation and mindset are very important as you realize. You are planning to succeed. Keep that dress out as a visible reminder...

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JoAnn: You know my feeling about fast food all too well. Those trips to Mickey D's for you and Bossie have to stop, you know. People laugh and make fun of me for my french fry ticker (yes, there are some extremely cruel, mean, horrible people on here, unfortunately) and try to make me feel like a freaktoid for being such a stickler to the NO FRENCH FRY rule. But, to me, the giving up of french fries is the symbol of what it takes to keep this danged weight off. If I slid back down that slippery slope of french fry grease, I would be back over 200 pounds. I know it, I live with it..

I know you can do it, my friend. You are strong, you are woman...hear you ROAR!!!..

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At least you caught yourself or admitted to yourself your gain before it got much worse. and it seems that you realized WHAT caused you to go back, so you can learn and move on in the right direction..

Good luck!..

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You are an inspiration, Jo Ann. You are truly owning you situation, making no excuses and doing something about it. You recognized a problem before it became unmanageable and are taking action..

That is the type of attitude I see from the senior members that makes them successful. You are going to knock those 25 pounds off! Best of luck to you!..

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You can, and will, do it! It will also help that the weather is getting nicer and you can get out hiking more often. I know I'm counting on that to help me get the scales moving again!.

You have lots of people here who love you and are cheering for you. We'll even kick ya in the behind if we hear Bo again!..

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Welcome back... you know how to do it the important part is to not beat yourself up and get back on track before that 25 becomes 80 again. So you are doing the right thing..

I did the same thing about 10 years ago, lost the weight and maintained it for about 4 years... then I slowly let it get out of control and did nothing about it. When I did realize I had a problem I put too much pressure on myself and was beating myself up so I always failed. This time around I'm doing right again and losing it. I'd like to say it's for good but I can't predict the future, I can only hope that I've learned from my past lessons and will fix it before it becomes 20 pounds and not 85+...

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LOL Mimi! That wrong turn into Bo's yesterday didn't help did it? What made me fat the first time is making me fat again! So now that I know THAT works, I must assume that what made me THIN the first time will make me thin again..

I haven't been active on the food related forums for a long time. I said it was because I had lost my weight and I just didn't want to talk about "dieting" any more. So I have just been posting on a couple of Off Topic threads. But maybe the real reason I wasn't on the food forums is because I knew I wasn't doing what I should be doing. Time for me to get back involved...

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You're very right! I've learned to never say never! I've found myself doing things I swore I'd never do...including gaining weight back. I think most of us on these boards have to admit that weight control is something we will always have to deal with. For most of us, we can't just lose the weight and then be OK. We will always have to watch what we eat. In my next life, I'm going to be one of those people who can eat whatever I want and still stay slim...

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JoAnn: I don't think there is anyone who can "lose the weight and then be OK" if they go back to their old ways. The success of keeping weight off is learning how to eat while losing and continuing to eat that way (OK, I few more calories, perhaps, but the same food groups, low GI carbs, no fried foods, limited or no alcohol, many small meals, etc.). I have been on that merry go round all of my to abandon, lose a lot, DIET OVER!, eat to abandon, rinse, repeat. No more. Finally, the light bulb came on. It was the eating the same old way that done me in. Duh...

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More of the same gives you more of the same doesn't it Pam? Whether it's overeating and gaining or eating healthy and losing. It works either way...

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Unfortunately I think sometimes it's a problem over time and we don't realize we've even returned to our old ways. It's just one little thing and then another... and then 4 years later you realize that each little thing you loosened up on led to a large amount and put you back where you started. It's the sneak attack method. It's so easy to accidentally do this to ourselves over an extended period of time. I didn't diet, lose the weight and then give up on my lifestyle, I just stopped being as strict and became over confident about my ability to eat right and not gain weight back...

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Sherilyn, it's kind of like that old Donna Summer song. When I'm bad, I'm so so bad! LOL! I knew I was eating stuff I shouldn't. And I knew I had gained "some" weight. But the alarms didn't go off until just in the last week and then this morning when I finally made myself try on that dress. When I wore that dress two years ago, it was actually a little too loose. I kept putting off trying it on.

Deep down, I knew I had gained but I just didn't realize how much even though the scales showed it...

Comment #22

The more forums, and more often, you post the better, as far as I'm concerned..

You are always so sweet, and it is a pleasure to read your posts. It's why I'm saving your book for the first Spring day...I want to sit out on my deck and read it...

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Jo Ann, I did the same thing, lost 60 lbs in 2008, took me a year, kept it off for 1 year, and slowly went back up to 30 lbs gain. That's the bad news...the good news back onNutrisystemand it was so easy to get back in the swing of it...lost almost 20 lbs of the 30 regained. You will do it also, and I think I'll always have to be on these boards when I reach maintenance, to keep focused and realize this is a life commitment and work..Good luck, Andi..

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Hey, go ahead and read it now. If you're like me, you'll forget it all by spring and it will be just like reading it for the first time again. LOL! But don't read it sitting on the deck! Read it sitting on an exercise bike while you're burning calories...

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Yep, I did the same thing. The formal gown I am wearing in my profile picture was where I was at 6 1/2 years ago... and it kept sitting in the closet and I was afraid to see just how far I had got off track from being able to wear it. I used it as my goal dress for this time around and when it fit I went on a cruise again..

This time I plan on going beyond that weight and will need a new (smaller) dress for measuring in the future...

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Andi, it IS a life committment. And I'm sooooo non-commital! LOL! I knew when I started this whole journey that I'd never be able to go back to eating the way I used to if I wanted to stay slim and healthy. But then I DID go back to eating the way I used to. But I've caught myself before it became unhealthy again, I think! Congrats to you for losing 20 of the 30 you regained. Keep it up and that last 10 will be gone too. I'm expecting it to take me three months or so to lose the 25 I've regained. Maybe by June we can both post a bikini pic!..

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I've thought about hanging the dress on my bedroom door where I see it all the time but I'm afraid my stupid cat will pee on it or use it for a scratching post. LOL! I may print out the pic of me in it and tape it to my exercise mirror. OR, I may book some kind of formal even for June and set the goal to be able to wear it by then!..

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I have to be honest here though. I just often feel like this old body of mine has become soooo high maintenance! LOL! I need to eat right and exercise just to keep it thin and functioning. I also need to exercise to fight off the depression issues I tend to have. AND I need to meditate to keep myself calm and centered. I wish I could just sit around and eat cheeseburgers and everything would still be OK...

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It's so funny that you are saying you wish you could just sit around and eat cheeseburgers and everything would still be OK, because I came onto this board kind of saying the same thing. I wished that fat was in because I would be happy if I could continue to stuff myself with all the fattening foods. I have changed my mindset completely. I feel like a whole new person eating healthy - I wouldn't want to go back to eating cheeseburgers and fries again. Sure - a big double cheeseburger with bacon and bbq sauce is delicious, but how bad it is to your body - it's really not worth the 10 minutes of deliciousness. lol.

So it's good that you are tackling the weight gain NOW! About 30 years go I weighed my highest at 204. I was pretty good about keeping it off throughout the years, I would go up 10-15 lbs and then do something about it. But this last year I don't know what happened, it was almost like I didn't care, but I DID care because I can't STAND myself when I weight this much. I was in such denial about it - I didn't look in a full length mirror much and I didn't weigh myself. It's so easy to just let it keep on going!.

I NEVER thought I would be here again trying to lose all the weight but here I am. For me it was hard to get to this point of saying enough is enough and do something about it. It was a great idea for you to try that dress on again and FACE that you have gained the weight. I didn't want to face it and the pounds just kept on coming on! And when I get to a certain weight, it seems like my metabolism slows down to a snails pace, I could just look at food and gain weight. I could have easily put on 20 more pounds and been to where I was 30 years ago. I'm glad I caught it when I did and glad you are catching it when you did..

I know that fast foods was my biggest downfall - I can't go back to eating them ever again. Ever. And portion control. Last night I was at a wine release party - I'm around food and wine all the time. So I had a small glass of wine and ate mostly spinach salad and a tiny sliver of pizza. I passed on all the pasta salads and the desserts.

This is just going to have to be the way it is in my life - I can't eat everything I would like to and that's just the way it is. I just have to always remember that and not go back to my old ways of stuffing myself - that's my lifelong challenge..

Good luck!..

Comment #30

I changed my mindset completely too and was saying all these things. But in the same way my mindset changed to NOT want fast food, it changed back to wanting it again. I just allowed it to change little by little. That's why I say I never say never. Just two years ago I would have said I'd never go back to eating like I used to. But I did! But at least I've caught myself a whole lot sooner than I did last time.

It's almost like it's not real that it happened. But I still have my fat jeans to remind me..

So now I have the task of changing my mindset....again!! I can do it! Thanks for all your supportive comments! I remember how much it helped to be active on the boards before. So I'm baaaaack!..

Comment #31

I know! The same thing happened to me! I think what happens is once you give in to the fast foods, it's our "drug of choice" and we're addicted all over again. It's almost like an alcoholic giving into alcohol - once they drink it, the seal is broken, they'll drink again. I started by eating it once in a great while, then it got to every week, and sometimes every day and it even got to several times a day. I would eat a large combo meal and not be full - how is that even possible!!! I believe this is what is keeping America so overweight! Someone had posted a really good book about why people get addicted to the fast foods, and how the companies go to extremes to keep people addicted, I can't remember what the name of that book was, but it was really good information...

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I was in the same boat as you when I joinedNutrisystemin January. I managed to put 20 pounds on and could barely squeeze into a FEW of my size 4's. I must admit that I lost too much weight about 5 years ago and my size 4's hung on me like a bag but I had already replaced my wardrobe 3 different times during my weight loss (from a 12 to a 4) and even though I bought a few size 2's, I just wore the 4's that looked awful on me..

My weight loss has been pretty much on track withNutrisystem- close to 13 pounds in about 10 weeks with 5 more pounds to go but the best part is I could stop now if I wanted because all my old clothes fit fine and I can actually get into a couple of the size 2's..

Yes, you can do it because you got a handle on it before it got so far out of hand!..

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Rent and watch "Supersize Me" was quite an awakening to me, since I was a true fast food addict...

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I remembered Pam's " NO FRENCH FRY rule" today. We had to go out and I had 2 White Castles. I normally have 4 to5 with cheese. Steve got fries, and I broke the " No French Fry Rule". I bit into one. You know what? I didn't like it....I'm a potato lover from way back, but that fry was ucky..

That's not only a mindset change, but a better fed body that recognized I wasn't feeding it right. Now, if I can only keep it up forever.....

Best wishes to you JoAnn!! And all of us...

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Thank you ladies for all of these posts. I guess I am still a newbie, joining last month, but am very happy with my 13 pound loss thus far. This thread is like a book in itself. I am going to use this info as I journey..


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Linda, I got to where I didn't like the taste of fast food too. But then, when my life changed, I went back to liking it. Now I've got to get back to NOT liking it again. That's why I say I will never go around all cocky about being thin or preach to other people about what they should eat because I know there is always the chance I might slip back into old habits myself. Sometimes we just let our life live us instead of us living it...

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Welcome Jean! Congrats on your 13 pound loss! I'm looking forward to shedding 13 pounds plus about 12 more! And I can tell you thatNutrisystemdefinitely does work if you follow the program. And it's an easy program to follow too, which is why I chose it. Good luck on your journey!..

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I got it from Netflix. It is amazing the changes in that man in a few weeks..

Everything is supersized; luncheon plates now are often the size of what dinner plates would have been in years past. A medium drink looks giant, and a large is enough for several people...

Comment #39

Jo Ann, you can do it. I have all the confidence in the world that you can do whatever you set your mind on. We will halp each other!..

Comment #40

The book I believe you are referring to is "The End of Overeating" - I highly recommend it!..

Comment #41

They have even shown that the size of the Last Supper have increased in pictures over the years when it is depicted...

Comment #42

That's how it's been for me since 2006 and every year since. One horrid ordeal after another. After this year got off to a bad start, I told my husband that I'd had enough. I eat less and less and get get bigger and bigger. Something's got to change, and it has to be me..

We sat down and decided how we we're going to make modifications to not let our life tell us where to go and what to do. We are in control....much easier said than done, but has to be said...and done!!.

I've got so far to go..........

Comment #43

I have totally lost my taste for french fries (and all other fried food) too! I don't even like to smell it. I still have a sweet tooth but am able to keep it happy withNutrisystemfriendly food...

Comment #44

I know! It was really fascinating to look at the different pictures. I'll have to see if I can find the article and post a link here...

Comment #45

Linda, you know the best thing that ever happened to me was five years ago when I had a breakdown from being burned out from working so much to keep up that house payment and car payment. I lost my home and my car but with it I also lost a huge amount of stress. AND I lost 80 pounds! AND I lost my high blood pressure. I guess some people would criticize the way I live now but I'm happier and no longer feel like what you said about life telling me what to do. I let myself go a little on the eating thing but I'm still waaayyy better off than I was five years ago...

Comment #46

Jo Ann - I weigh myself every day, and I think that is very helpful in maintenance. That way you immediately know if you are sliding down that slope, and can take steps right away to change what you are doing. I also strongly recommend a digital food scale, if you don't already use one...

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Excellent thread, Jo Ann! I am struggling with maintaining too. Haven't completely slid back into my old ways, but boy some days are tough! Hang in there, post often, I know this whole community has helped me loads!! I just wish the "other" people in my life could figure out what Pam's sisters say they want me to let them know when I'm "done dieting" so we can all go out to eat! WTF?? I'm actually pretty good at making decent choices dining out, and I'm planning to eat this way for the long haul, ya know? Some people just don't get it. It's like they're waiting for me to "snap out of it" and go back to "normal" - but I want the healthier way I'm eating now, the working out, the size 6's and 8's to be the NORM, not the hell I was putting my body through before..

You're my hero for posting those photos (btw - it's a lovely dress, and I just know you'll fit into it again!!). Keep at it!..

Comment #48

Hey Joanne,.

The same thing happened to me. I lost 80lbs on WW in 2008 and slowly gained 50 of it back. Finally this past Christmas when I had to shop for jeans and buy a 2x again that was the final straw!!! I just got too complacent and went back to my old habits. This time I am doing it for good!Nutrisystemis so easy and the food is great and it doesn't feel like a diet so I know I will be able to keep it off. So you are not in it alone, so many of us have been through the same thing, lose it, gain it. I tried to keep doing it on WW but it just wouldn't happen and it all came back, I got bored with WW. I hate cooking and making my own foods soNutrisystemis right up my alley! Good luck!..

Comment #49

Wow Jo Ann!! That is life altering!!.

I don't see how anyone can criticize you...they'd better not any way. I'm just now at the start of making major changes. I feel loads better already. 10 pounds down a 4 inches gone. Feel like dancing..

Maintaining is what I fear most. This time I'm doing the weigh-ins, measuring, logging my food and buying all the extra's I need. Posting and reading the boards. Hopefully doing the weight loss part of the program correctly, I can finally see how to maintain..

Your story is encouraging...thank you for sharing...

Comment #50

Meeee toooo! That's why I chose NS. I hate cooking and I hate eating what I cook cuz I'm not a very good cook. BUT it's also why I chose to go through that drive thru a lot of times. If I don't have anything at home to cook or if I don't want any of what I do have, I'll go for the burger and fries. Having foods on hand that I like and are already prepared is crucial for me with weight loss and maintaining...

Comment #51

Jo Ann, several fast food places have healthy options such as grilled chicken salad (warning, not all their salads are healthy). If you google each of the likely ones you'd want to go to, you can find the calorie counts for most of them. McDonalds has a couple of healthy grilled chicken salad options that are less than 300 calories without dressing (I carry a packet of WF dressing in my purse for such things). I have a great little purse sized book that lists calorie counts for most chains. So if you just have to go through the drive thru, you can stay on plan!..

Comment #52

You absolutely can do it, and good job not letting it get to 80 pounds or beyond!..

Comment #53

Thank you for starting this thread JoAnn. And for being so honest. I know Suze Orman says that you can't start changing your financial situation until you get honest about it. I'd say the same thing goes here - we can't start changing our behavior with food until we're honest with ourselves about it. I think that's why some people fail - they just haven't taken ownership of their eating habits..

Good luck to you and to all of us - we.


Do this!..

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Yes, I have McD's grilled chicken salad sometimes and then have a Zone Perfect protein bar in place of theNutrisystementree. I don't even use the dressing on the salad. It's a good lunch andNutrisystemfriendly..

Sally, I also wanted to comment about what you were saying about weighing. When I was onNutrisystembefore, I weighed every Sunday morning without fail. And, believe it or not, I have never stopped doing that even though I wasn't trying to lose weight any more. So it's not like I didn't know my weight was going up. I wrote it on my calendar every Sunday morning. But I guess it had just become a mindless habit and I didn't think about what the numbers were saying. I'm thinking about it now!!!!..

Comment #55

Thanks for this comment! You know, I once heard a speaker say "everything affects everything" and it's really true! Not only did all those trips through the drive thru make me fat, but it also drained my budget!!! I'm not kidding! I can waste $20 in one day on fast food and sodas and candy bars from the convenience store! And my finances are suffering too! I just remembered my little slogan from when I was onNutrisystembefore. I said I want to go from having a fat butt and a skinny wallet to having a skinny butt and a fat wallet! LOL!..

Comment #56

That movie pretty much ruined fast food for me...which was a GOOD thing. It really is eye opening. Not just his weight, but his lab values...unreal!..

Comment #57

I would not have a bar in addition to the grilled chicken salad - it is an entree itself. If I just got a side salad without the chicken I would have a separate entree such as a bar...

Comment #58

Congrats on your weight loss journey.


True Dat..

Comment #59

Oh, Jo Ann, sweetie, I'm so proud of you for posting that photo and really owning up! You know why I'm still here, coming up on my 6thNutrisystemanniversary... Maintaining my weight will be a struggle until the day I die, but what's the alternative? Fat & unhappy for life for just a few minutes of pleasure eating crap food! It does help me to remember that the taste really does only last a few minutes, and the old saying of "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" is really,.


True! I have complete faith in you that you'll take care of those stupid lbs and never see them again!!!..

Comment #60

I was thinking of the chicken as the protein serving you're supposed to have with lunch. Then the salad was the salad and the protein bar was the entree. I'm going by an old meal planner. Isn't there supposed to be a protein serving with lunch?..

Comment #61

I don't post too often outside the safety of a few select threads, but when I saw this, I had to say HI and send hugs!!!..

Comment #62

Yup, there still is, but what Sally might have been referring to is the size of that chicken on the McD's salad.

I've never weighed one, but I think it's probably over the 100 cal max for a protein add-in. LOL Sometimes I have a "subbed" in bar with the salad - something a little lighter in cals than aNutrisystembar. Another saving grace for me re fast food is the Wendy's chili for dinner - almost identical to NS'.

Woo Hoo!! No dressings, no fries, no cheeseburgers, no shakes...that's my reminder to myself, and to you & Bossie too.


Hang in there, hon, we can get back on track & you'll get that da** dress zipped again!!..

Comment #63

My perception is that the amount of chicken is substantially more than one protein serving, and it also has cheese as well. A serving of salad greens is only about 15 calories - the salad without chicken is 140 calories, with chicken is 260 - the equivalent of a dinner entree...

Comment #64

That's pretty much where my slip down the slope hapened too... my mother got cancer and the guy I was with dumped me on our anniversary because he couldn't deal with my emotions (he had Asperger's like me) and then I decided to try and keep my sanity by buying a house to focus on for just me. It wasn't until after my mother passed away that I really realized just what I had done to myself and I got my act together and joined NS...

Comment #65

That's me too! I'm not interested in drama. So I stay within just a few threads. But it's good to see you! Glad you stopped by!!!..

Comment #66

You're probably right about the chicken being more than one protein. It's probably two. The cheese is negligible. But when I have a salad, I don't just have a little bowl of greens. I make a real salad with cukes and a little tomato. I always did that even when I was losing the first time.

LOL! Wish there wasn't one on every street corner! But I think I've got enough resolve now to drive right on by McD's...

Comment #67

That's a terrible thing to go through Sherilyn1970...lifes lessons can be so hard..

I'm very happy to see how well you've done!!! Very encouraging. I've still got my Mom.....I'm glad to say...

Comment #68

LOL Sally, we must have posted at about the same time..

Comment #69

I checked McDs site and the chicken breast is 120 cals. Here's the breakdown if anybody is interested. I would only get it if I got caught out somewhere without my food and had to buy something. I always pack my food for the day..


Comment #70

The parm on the Caesar salad in your link is virtually the equivalent of a protein serving. Plus of course it adds additional fat. In the case of the bacon ranch salad the cheese and bacon bits are equivalent to a protein serving plus additional fat. The greens and tomato are only 40 calories. I think it is fine to eat either salad as lunch entree and protein serving, or dinner entree, but I still think it is too much to eat a bar with it...

Comment #71

Woo hoo! Five pounds lost since I posted this thread last Sunday morning. I know you tend to lose more the first week because of water weight but it still feels good to be down some. I can already feel my waist coming back. Gonna keep going till I'm back in my 6s again! I've got some really cute summer clothes and I want to be able to wear them. And I want to wear that dress somewhere too! Thanks again for all your encouraging words!..

Comment #72

Keep up the good work, Jo Ann - you will definitely be rocking those 6s this summer!..

Comment #73

I gotta find a semi-formal event to go to in my dress! I actually never got to wear the dress before, other than to have those pics taken at my friend's house. I got upset with the event coordinators and decided not to go to the event! I think I'll check the theatre schedule and see what's playing in June or July and order a ticket for dress circle. I'll probably have to go alone though because I don't know anybody that would pay for dress circle. All my friends are broke!..

Comment #74

Great job, Jo Ann! Five pounds is a great motivatoryou will do this and be back in those clothes soon! Keep up the good work...

Comment #75

Excellent job on the five pound loss, Jo Ann!..

Comment #76

Jo Ann, WTG on your resolve to get this in check before it got any further out of hand! I'm in the same boat but have managed to put a few more pounds on. You are so right about not being cocky about your success once you lose your weight. I was within 3 pounds of goal, was a bit cocky and frequented the 'NEVER' word and am now eating my words. The only good thing I can say is that you are not alone and I now know that I am not either...this is truely a lifelong ordeal and I know I'm in the right place with some wonderfully supportive people!.

Congrats on 5# off this week!!! I'm just starting working on the 64# I've put back on. I'm with you on this journey!..

Comment #77

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