What is the best Dukan Diet pill that has worked for you?

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My first question is What is the best Dukan Diet pill that has worked for you? Thanks for any response. Second question.. [IMG].


NS Cheesy Potatoes with 1/4 cup egg beaters, "fried" in Pam. Salad with a leftover crab stuffed med. portobello mushroom cap. Pretty yummy you guys! Thanks to all your tips on how to do this one right!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Sounds great and with maybe a little chopped onion and pepper even greater. Thanks for the idea!!!!..

Comment #2

Coctail sauce or catsup? Food looks delicious and your plating is most appetizing!..

Comment #3

How do you make your stuffed mushrooms...that's something I definitly miss since being on the program!..

Comment #4

Wow! Those potato pancakes look soooooo good. I tried making them once, but maybe I didn't add enough eggbeaters. Thank you! Think I'll have some over the weekend. I should have ordered lots more of the potatoes!..

Comment #5

The potato pancakes are my favorite! I add the boiling water to the mix, maybe a little less water, stir and let it sit while my pan gets hot with a GOOD coating of Pam. I put the mix in a bowl and add the egg beaters and sometimes (when I have them) chopped scallions. Mix up the whole thing and spoon into 4 pancakes. I think the key is the pan has to be hot and non stick. While those are doing their thing I get my salad together. Flip the pancakes when they start to bubble on top, like a real pancake..

Ketchup (catsup) is on the side is my free food..

These come out so good. A little crispy on the outside and nice and warm on the inside. I'm getting hungry now..

The crab stuffed mushrooms are so easy too..

I drain the crab and rinse it sometimes. Add chopped onion, sweet, red, doesn't matter, pepper, lemon juice and a triangle of LC garlic herb cheese. Mix it up and spoon into any mushroom cap, I like the medium portobello. Bake them on a sprayed pan in the oven (I use a toaster oven) at 350-400 until they "smell" done. About 15 min?.

You can add green peppers and celery to the mix as well. I play around with this one a lot and it always comes out good..

One can of crabmeat makes 4 med. mushroom caps, so I think my stats are right for this. I have my Dukan Diet lunch (potatoes) Plus protein (egg and crab) veggie (mushroom) and salad..

Sound about right?..

Comment #6

Looks great! Thanks for sharing the recipes. I'd eat my potatoes with some sour cream as my free food!.

How many of the crab stuffed portabello's can you have?..

Comment #7

I do that sometimes with a bunch of sauteed veggies mixed in ... an old English tradition called "bubble and squeak" - looks like hell and tastes great! Makes a BIG lunch!..

Comment #8

Thanks, "Bositi"! I'm fixing both recipes on the weekend!..

Comment #9

How many of the crab stuffed portabello's can you have for one serving?..

Comment #10

OMG I have to make this tomorrow for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #11

I made it today for lunch and it was awesome!! I added in onions and scallions, and garlic & herb mrs. dash, and some cracked pepper. it made about three big ones and I had added so much stuff to them that I didn't need any ketchup or anything..

Comment #12

My order comes tomorrow and I'll be making these this week! I think green onion with the FF sour cream would be delish!!!..

Comment #13 I made them and they sort of look like the ones above except mine are all broken up and would't unstick from the non stick pan. I don't think I used enough Pam. Anyway, they sure taste good though!..

Comment #14

Here's a photo of how mine turned out...a bit messy..

Comment #15

Oh and for my protein I added a chopped up string cheese and the red on the salad is helllmans raspberry spritzer dressing.

And I also added chopped up green onion to the potato mixture..

Comment #16

Mine turned out a bit messy as well....but it certainly didn't affect the taste of them!!!! LOVED THEM!!! Kay..

Comment #17

I really sprayed the pam too .... but I guess it wasn't enough..

I must admit....for someone who hates to cook (me) making this wasn't so bad!..

Comment #18

Man I really want to try this but I don't have any of the potatos!!! I think I'll see if I can make a recipe to make this using regular food!..

Comment #19

Thanks for the lunch idea! I'm going to try them right now...

Comment #20

This looks so good I've been craving something like this!!!! Thank you..

Comment #21

Ok here's my attempt at making them without the Dukan Diet entree. They were really good!! My son loved them too!!! After I took the pic I sprinkled a little parmesan cheese on top and dipped them in ketchup. I had no trouble at all turning them. I made sure the pan was good and hot and don't turn them before they are browned on the bottom. I think I'll mix some of the dry mix up for these and write the rest of the add ins down and put it with the baggies so I can make these quickly anytime I want!! Chris.

Bacon and Cheddar Potato pancakes.

1/3 c Instant mashed potatos (80 cals a serving).

2 tbsp Wheat bran.

1/2 scoop of Any Whey protein powder.

2 tbsp dry Buttermilk powder.

1 tbsp Oscar Mayer real bacon bits.

2-3 tbsp finely chopped onion.

1 pkt sodium free chicken boullion.

1 tsp butter extract.

Pepper to taste.

1/2 c boiling water (or you can use chicken broth and omit the boullion).

1/4 c egg beaters.

1/4 c ff cheddar.

Mix all ingredients together except for the egg beaters and cheddar cheese. Let sit for a few minutes to allow the water to soak in. Fold in the cheese and egg beaters. This will count as your protein serving for the meal. Preheat a non stick skillet over medium heat. Make sure the pan is good and hot before adding the potato mixture.

I used a 1/3 measuring cup and it made 3 very large pancakes. Do not turn them until they are browned on the bottom. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and serve with ketchup if desired. Counts as lunch entree + protein..

Calories WITHOUT added protein serving= 205 cals and 14.5 protein..

Comment #22

Chris you are so creative!!!! Yours look excellent!! Mine look like burned scrambled eggs HAHAHA..

Comment #23

Well that's true! LOL.

I am going to attempt the peanut butter cups today....except I can't find the recipe. I have some nutricrunch bars..

Comment #24

You need a RECIPE for THAT??? LOL...Just melt the chocolate, pour half of it into a muffin cup, put some PB or PB2 in the middle, pour the rest of the chocolate on top and put in the fridge to harden. Which PB do you use????..

Comment #25




I have my fat left for today so I can use real peanut butter (just ground up peanuts) OR I have PB2.

Haven't opened the PB2 yet though (suprised? LOL)..

Comment #26

Yeah, the PB2 is tough...You gotta measure it and add WATER...Jeez. I love PB2 - what a lifesaver...

Comment #27

Ok...I made it using real PB and I added some stevia to sweeten it. Picture to follow in a second.

The PB2 was too tough for me LOL..

Comment #28

Oh and I should say that the paper cupcake thing was as old as the hills LOL.

The box price was 10 cents hahahaha..

Comment #29

The crab stuffed mushrooms sound great. I can't wait to try that! Today for lunch I thought I would experiment with the Homestyle Cheesy Potatoes. I prepared them according to the directions and added about 1 cup of fresh broccoli that I had steamed in the microwave. I also added a protein serving of chicken. I had bought some canned chicken breast at Sam's to use when I needed something quick. I mixed it all together with some salt, pepper and granulated garlic.

It was fantastic and so filling. I can't wait to share it with my friends on Dukan Diet and my hubby. On school days I usually take one of the lunch bars b/c they are so easy to pack and I can eat them during a "working lunch"...

Comment #30

Wow, those look good. The potatoes are my favorite Dukan Diet meal and my next shipment will be stocked with them. I'm glad to find some different recipes to use with them. Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #31

What about with just egg whites? How many would I use? 2?..

Comment #32

When I was growing up we allways put applesauce on them, yum..

Comment #33

Made em and love them! I just can't get over how good some of the stuff I get to eat is.....

Comment #34

I don't have egg beaters. How many eggs should I use? Thanks!..

Comment #35

1/2 cup egg beaters equals 1 egg. That should be plenty since when I made the regular one from left over mashed potatoes, I never used more than a whole egg for the entire batch. I wonder if allowing the potatoes to cool before mixing would make them easier to cook. I always used left over taters from the fridge...

Comment #36

I just finished making the potato pancakes and will definitely order more of them in my next order. I added some onion and green pepper and Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb spice. Yum - thanks for the recipe...

Comment #37

Instead of using regular "egg beaters" try using the "southwest" flavored ones. Saves chopping and dicing veggies...

Comment #38

Do you add less water in the potatoes than usual...cause I mix it up all right but it ends up runny and doesn't end up nice and round like yours....Course I've never actually made real potato pancakes before so it's a trial and error thing I suppose...still ends up pretty good regardless...

Comment #39

Yum Yum, Trying as soon as my shipment gets here...

Comment #40

Ok, so I am eating them now as I type. They are good but I am not sure they are worth the trouble of doing extra dishes. LOL They completely fell apart when I tried to flip them as the egg made them a little runny. I think next time I will make as directed & pour them over some fried onions. (I added onions to the pancakes & yum!)..

Comment #41

That's my problem with them is that they have fallen apart both times I've made them when trying to flip them...

Comment #42

Looks really good~~~!!.

Thank you for sharing ~ picture speaks to me!! lol..

Comment #43

I too had 'scrambled' pancakes when I first made these but I tried them again today. I didn't have EBs so there's what I did....

*shake Dukan Diet potatoes and add hot tap water JUST to get it moist...NOT runny at all!.

*crack 1 egg in a bowl but DO NOT scramble..

*drop the egg whites in the potatoes, mix..

*scramble the yoke and add as much or little as you want...I just poured it in the bowl, but didn't scrape the bowl out to get it all..

*get a pan nice and hot and spray with Pam..

*drop potato/egg mix (should be THICK) into 3 or 4 pancakes..

**I added onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper to the top of the 3 cakes I made.

*turn ONLY when the first side is DONE..

You should only have to flip these ONCE!.

Came out perfect!! Hope it works for you too! I usually have them with apple sauce and sour cream, but I didn't have any. I saved some dressing from my salad and dipped them in FF Ranch. YUM!! Enjoy!!..

Comment #44

I've made them once and plan on making them again today. I think the key is having the skillet hot and flipping them when the bottom is nice and brown. I really liked them. Thanks for the recipe. Judyf..

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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