What is on the Nutrisystem Food requirement list?

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Quick question... What is on the Nutrisystem Food requirement list? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question of mine... I just signed up for this, the one that is happening in WA state in July. This looks like it's going to be freaking awesome!.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Yeah...I saw it...3.55 "hellish miles" as they put it. Plus, you get a free beer at the end...haha....Its going to be so much fun, I can't wait for it...

Comment #2

A buddy was just telling me about this! Me and my brother are gonna do.


In Minneapolis this spring! Not quite hellish just biking and obstacles followed by beer. A good time for Team Roberts...

Comment #3

I'm seriously mulling over signing up for the August one here in Colorado @ Copper Mountain. Gotta get the OK from my doctor about the ankle, but should be fine by then!.

An old friend of mine is the singer for a Van Halen tribute band ("Hot For Teacher"...they're killer) and they'll be playing up there too!..

Comment #4

That's quite a plane ride to go do that, moose. looks like fun tho..

Notice none of these happen in NJ. as soon as beer is involved in NJ, the lawyers are waiting outside the entrance for the first fall..

Hey gordon (not gord-o) warrior dash in PA is just outside e. stroudsburg...only about 1.5 hours from my place..

Comment #5

The SoCal one is at Lake Elsinore, which is a terrible location. I'd much rather do the Copper Mountain one...

Comment #6

Hmm the NY one is two weeks before my wedding. If I give it a shot and get injured, I think I just might be a dead man...

Comment #7

Hah...yeah...I'm really looking forward to this. Go run 3 and a half miles, then drink beer and apparently eat I mean it will be completely off plan...but it will be just a fun day..

Comment #8

Good incentive for me to lose another 40 lbs by then...10 lbs a month, doable...

Comment #9

Read the small print JT you get 1 free brewski...

Comment #10

Yep, that free beer was the kicker for me wanting to do this Another one I want to train year sometime, is.


Comment #11

Yes but they start beer drinking a few hours before the race - you have to buy it - sounds good to me! then a few hours after the race - again you have to buy it....

That 12 miler sounds tough - looks fun, sounds hard - esp monkey bars and running thru electic shock wires...there is one in NJ there (and there is beer, wow)..

Comment #12

Yeah, you aren't supposed to start drinking until after the run :-P Thats why I'm doing the 10:30am my run, then more time to drink and enjoy the then shun alcohol again for a few months...

Comment #13

If I can get my cousin to do the 12 miler with me, I will. it's in November - I can be ready by then. She is a bad ass...look her up in youtube. she took 1st place here (yea, i'm proud of her).


Comment #14

I did the Warrior Dash last October with some Nutrisystem buddies from the Running Club/Forum/Board thing. It was a great time. It's not all that terribly difficult. Since we were all varying abilities of runners we stayed together and basically jogged between obstacles and finished in about 55 minutes. I don't know about Tough Mudder, but there's another race starting to make it's away around called the Rebel Race. It's basically a 15K Warrior Dash. I hope to do that in a few months.....

Comment #15

Yeah, the Tough Mudder is similar to the Warrior Dash....10 to 12 miles though...and quite a few more obstacles....some of them are just the one where you run through and get electrical shocks during it....


Comment #16

Ok busting in here, please forgive me, did the USMC mud run here last year (4.2 miles and 31 obstacles) soooooooooooooo much flippin fun tho it did take about 3 days to get all the sand out of my scalp..

Really wanted to drag DH to the Warrior Dash this spring, but it is Prom weekend for DD1 so maybe next year! Bad news no free beer for mine!..

Comment #17

Ok jt, i'm doing the warrior dash in PA with my army buddy - and a few of his other desert storm chronies...should be fun! thanks for the info!.

My wife says she wants to do it, so i'm getting her going on the Couch to 5k program at least......

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