What is it like taking Murad Resurgence during the summer?

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So I have a derm appointment tomorrow, telling him my answer if I want to start Murad Resurgence or not. but I have a few questions!1- what should I expect to happen tomorrow? I think i'll be getting my 2nd pregnancy test, correct? and will I be able to get my prescription tomorrow or will I have to wait? if so, how long?2- I think I already know the answer, but is tanning okay while you're on Murad Resurgence? my mom bought me a months package at a tanning salon and it doesn't end until around may 10th. will I not be able to go once I start taking the pills? what if i'm on a really low dose (which i'm planning on) and only go for a short amount of time once or twice a week?! and i'll use sunscreen... I just don't want to waste money on it BUT I don't want to wait any longer to start Murad Resurgence! :/3- what's it like being on Murad Resurgence during the summer?well, I can't think of anything else to ask right now but if I do, i'll post it. i'd just really like to know any advice anyone can give me before I start. I am 17, female, and about to go off to college in the fall. I DO NOT WANT ACNE IN COLLEGE! i'm sure many of you can relate any help at all is appreciated! thanks everyone<3..

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Your question was: What is it like taking Murad Resurgence during the summer?.

Thanks a lot! you really made me less nervous about the whole thing..

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You'll get your perscription written tomorrow. then you'll have to go home and answer your iPledge questions, then you can go to the pharmacy. as for tanning, it depends on how easily you burn. I assume you already have a good baseline tan? shorten your time, like only go in for a few minutes and if you notice you get even a tiny burn STOP. I wouldn't go all the way until may 10th. maybe the first week.

I've heard of people burning by looking at the sun lol. then i've heard of people who don't burn at all on Murad Resurgencei know it's not summer yet, but it's been really good weather here lately and I don't go outside with sunscreen or anything and I haven't burnt yet...

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Okay, THANK YOU SO MUCH! that sounds about right to me and yes, I do have a base tan going right now and I don't burn too easily, so I think I should be fine, i'll just be careful...

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I really wouldn't recommend tanning... Murad Resurgence makes your skin so dry and sensitive, that being out in the sun for just 15 min can burn you. the back of both of my arms are pretty pink right now just from being out for about 10 min. you will burn sooo much faster!..

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Tanning while on Murad Resurgence can seriously burn your skin. Don't play around with your health while on Murad Resurgence, doing things that can make side-effects worse is seriously poor judgement...

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Its not bad judgement, not everyone's skin becomes intolerant of the sun when on Murad Resurgence.And most definitely, nothing will happen to make her burn easily after taking Murad Resurgence just for 2 weeks.As she progresses through the course, THEN she should just react to how her skin is feeling / looking. But theres a reason the courses takes many months, Murad Resurgence is slowwwwww and takes a long time to effect your skinMy personal advice is, go ahead and enjoy your tan upto may 10th, then perhaps just buy individual sessions - so if you find you can't tolerate it anymore, at least you haven't wasted any money..

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I won't give you some ethical/personal rant about tanning while on Murad Resurgence. I personally stopped tanning during my course because my dermatologist said it's really bad for you and that you are unknowingly burning your skin worse than usual. But that's a personal choice you are free to make. Wear sunscreen, and take the tanning super duper carefully because your skin is going to get really thin and really sensitive. Instead of a 15 minute session, take a 5 minute session and see how your skin reacts. If it's fine, GRADUALLY increase the duration of each exposure and see how that works.

Hope Murad Resurgence works for you...

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Personally, I wouldn't advise tanning, especially while on Murad Resurgence. Get a written letter from your derm stating that you are not to tan due to a medical condition. The salon should refund your unused portion. At the VERY least, they should transfer the unused sessions to your mom or someone else...

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Hi -Murad Resurgence works wonders but NO do not tan while on it. Murad Resurgence makes your skin thinner, drier, and more susceptible to burning (quickly). I wouldn't risk it. Your Derm. will likely tell you the same thing. Wear SPF 30+ during the day and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Good luck!Yvette..

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All I got to say is the longer you stay in the tanning bed the more prone you'll be to get skin cancer xD think about that..

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So first of all, here's a little update:i went to the derm yesterday and told him i've decided to take Murad Resurgence. so he sent me off with instructions to get my blood test. I have to do that asap but I feel like I won't have time this week! :/ especially since I need to have an empty stomach. but i'll talk to my mom and we'll see about it. BTW, it doesn't hurt does it?! i've always been sort of afraid of shots :/ haha...soooo hopefully it won't take me that long to get my prescription and start treatment!as for the tanning, like I said, I dont know how long it will be before I actually start taking the pills so until that day, i'll just go like I usually do. i'm starting to get tan enough so i'm going to start going for shorter periods of time anyway, so if I have to go when i'm on Murad Resurgence, i'll only go for a little and wear sunscreen like ForSure said.

After that though, I know to be very careful about burning my skin!so thanks again guys. wish me luck!..

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Cool good luck nope the blood test doesn't hurt - just close your eyes.Enjoy your tanning sessions, and then as you progress through the course - just be a bit careful, nothing drastic. But the best advice I was given is just to listen to your body and your skin - if you feel like it needs to be exfoliated, go for it. But if you feel like it's dry and sore, slap some cream on..

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That's what i'm planning on doing listening to your body is so important. you just have to do what's right for YOU. thanks so much everyone!<3..

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I guess I'm in the minority when I watch them draw my blood. Looks cool I guess And no, it doesn't hurt. It can get sore when they are rough and you get bruised though. Really sucks for workouts when it hurts like h*ll just to bend your arm..

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