What is good registar/web host that allows you to build a dating site? I tried Godaddy, their techs ?

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My first question is: What is good registar/web host that allows you to build a dating site? I tried Godaddy, their techs ?

My next question is: So, has it always been like this on this forum? I see pages and pages of posts of people trying to sell lists of domains with no responses except themselves.

Some of these names are decent too...since I haven't been on this board that long, I was just curious if this was always the case since it's free here. Or maybe your HostGator just really has to STAND OUT??.

It used to be you could at least make your money back on lower quality domains...seems like those days are over...

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Your question was: What is good registar/web host that allows you to build a dating site? I tried Godaddy, their techs ?

I'm using the opportunity to buy what I can, but it's almost certainly the condition of the economy that has people selling off names. I picked up a LLL .org for only $200 today, for example...

Comment #1

Yes prices are certainly tumbling down due to the economy and the gas prices. I would rather buy more domains than spending it on gas but I've got to be somewhere. If walking is an option from point A to B, C, etc, etc. I'll just not drive my car at all. It cost about $40 to fill up my tank. Thats about 5 domains that I can register...

Comment #2

LOL, that's so true. We can thank the lovely US media for that. It's true that times like these are great opportunities for those brave enough to seize it...and smart enough to know what to seize and what to let go of...take stocks for instance, if you play your cards right, times like these can make you a millionaire in half the time. It's just knowing what solid stocks are being sold for below's tough to know...

Comment #3

If times are tough, it is better to setup an online business, for less than $1000, if you had to go out and setup a brick and mortar business, it would be $xx,xxx in startup costs. I don't buy this whole gas business... sure gas prices are higher... but by what factor is it hitting the bank account, $100 per month?, It is about the end user catching up to the HostGator sellers... I see many quality domains, as well as many garbage domains for sale... There are many domainers who are holding 100+ portfolios waiting for end users, to purchase their domains, one by one, and when they sell one, they re-invest.... it is strictly supply and demand, in the build out process...

Comment #4

The HostGator industry has sucked in alot of people thinking easy $ is too be made, and I am one of them!.

Unfortunately timing is everything and with the parking issues, recession, fuel costs, media scare tactics and the like , domaining has taken a major hit...

Comment #5

Domains are sold from domainers to domainers, not to end user. This is what has happened everyday...

Comment #6

Well everyone needs a lot more profit and the actual thing goes that companies are still not recognising how they could take their works or bussinesses online and globalised. and I have been sitting in this hope that the day comes soon. I am sure the number of companies in the whole world far exceeds the ones who are involved in domaining...

Comment #7

Yup the sales have definitely gone down. Even good names with a little bit of speculation are being ignored. Only sales I can see are either LLL, LLLL or small time domains..

Smarter people are stocking up better names to profit when the tide turns..

Comment #8

Burano seems like you're famous!.

Sahar picked up on your comment after you posted this:

Just thought you may be interested..

Comment #9

That Sahar guy can say anything he wants...he made his money..... bottom line is that the OP has made a VERY valid point. Domaining seems (to me) to be going down the drain, unless you own a very rare premium .com. It's like all or nothing these days. Sales are dropping everywhere.

A lot of people are actually expecting you to sell a decent/ok HostGator for $20 or less.

You'll be hard pressed to sell anything for a few hundred. The longer this continues, the more "permanent" this state of affairs and mindset will continue, even when the recession is over......

Comment #10

Can you show some to me?.

I buy names daily, and so are others..

More and more valueless names are being listed...

Comment #11

Actually that statement is true. The media is not telling us the truth. It is a hell of alot worse then they say it is.

If you knew the real truth about the worlds economy, you would be buying food and essentials for the next few years downturn and not domains if you have limited funds. The future until at least 2012 will be the largest downturn ever seen.

Bottom line.. domains that are not top domains are going to end up not being renewed as this economic onslaught continues and more and more domainers need that cash to buy essentials...

Comment #12

Domains are a world wide enterprise, US economy might be bad, but in Canada, natural resource rich country, house prices are still going up in places such as Vancouver etc... might be a slowdown with the US economy based on speculation, but people are not exactly jumping out of buildings, if anything domains should pick up in economic downturn as they offer people more profit, on less risked capital.... anyone with $100 can setup an online business, the same cannot be said with a storefront.....

I said some domains are of decent quality listed on namepros...but they are not free... so your saying every name listed on here is absolute junk... unless it costs next to nothing... In downturns ppl sulk, cry, and whine, but if you have cash to spend, deals can be had...... I bought a 2 word .com for $5, and it has already done $12 at sedo in less than a week in PPC revenue... also bought a HostGator for $15 and sold it for $4XXX 17 days later....

But the potential is still strong...

Comment #13

The HostGator industry has always been a boom and bust industry, huge booms followed by huge busts. At the top of the boom people forget about the busts, and start working out how long it will be before they retire (assuming their domains continue to go up at 60% per year!) What we are seeing now is a very healthy cleaning out process following on from that. The business models that aren't sustainable (like crazy buyouts, highly speculative extensions, premiums names being sold on nonsensical multiples) get worked out of the system, it is good for the market...

Comment #14

It's definitely a buyers market right now... gotta love it..

Comment #15

It seems to me this is a good time to buy if you've got the cash..

Comment #16

You have to remember, a lot of people dont want other people knowing what they are buying and for what prices. So people tend to pm people and settle a deal without replying in the thread.

Though I must say the market place on here is bursting at the seems but there are plenty of good buys. I remember when the prices were really inflated on just about every thread...

Comment #17

Your right, a lot more people are selling domains now, compared to last year...

Comment #18

Its always the domainers / developers that are seasoned and who already made their $$$$ in this industry before now that have th luxury to say it's only a temp problem blah blah.

Hey MR. successful domainer with all the $$$$ and sales behind them. Try starting in this business within the last year and see how upbeat and positive you stay! I can stay as upbeat as the next guy WHEN my portfolio is loaded with generic .coms and I already made $$1000's selling them in the past. Lets see how you do now starting as a newbie.

You would be bitchin just like all us poor HostGator shmucks that missed the gravy train!!..

Comment #19

It is like that in every industry... not just domaining...

Comment #20

This is the best time to pick up a great name at a stupidly cheap price! Good times for buyers, bad times for sellers...

Comment #21

Please use some type of grammar. I have no idea what this post means...

Comment #22

I think so too but then again thinking you're on the #1 forum for domainers so I guess your HostGator have really to stand out...

Comment #23

Does the Oil Industry affect the HostGator Industry? YOU better believe it does.

So should we pay attention to other industries? OF COURSE we should...

Comment #24

Sometime soon the turn is coming round the corner and then it will not be a buyers market. I am also in a buying mood from last 3 months. Some 5 figures already spent and planning to spend low 4 figures in this month. But yes buyers get choosy and they like what they like. So we see threads where a reg fee type HostGator goes for high prices and good ones don't gets bidded on. [Different perspectives of looking].


Comment #25

Depends a lot on what you are selling.

The .ca market probably has never been so hot...

Comment #26

Agreed, quality is quality, that is what sells easily IMO.

Although .ca market I am not in, but good for those who invested in the right .ca names, if they are doing well..

Comment #27

All economies have been affected....

The cost of borrowing money is high.

Domaining is like any is a buyers market.

The Suppy and Demand equation is at work at Namepros.



Comment #28

People who started in the last year began at the peak, they bought high (even if it was buyout names for reg fees) and many will sell low or drop names. There isn't much to be said for them other than they timed it completely wrong and most won't last in the industry.

Many people do have to get it wrong, especially in speculative trading scenarios (, .mobi, .asia, .eu, all the buyouts after that had no fundamentals) which is what many bought into, that is how the world works.

The market will come back at some point though, the best time to buy will be marked with people leaving the industry and and general scepticism about the ability to make profits in domaining, I think that time could be a while off yet though. Personally I feel the downturn will last another 6-12 months...

Comment #29

Thank you - dnZoom - I had no idea I was opening up Pandora's box, but I couldn't help noticing the increasing trend. So, thought I'd just ask...I did consider some might be angry for stating the obvious. But I think honest discussions lead to better solutions. I will have to look - as it was just something I noticed a few times. I agree, that it's a lot of low quality names for sale....

On that note, I'm selling some decent names for low prices. Though I hate to part w/many of them, if I can't see myself developing them anytime soon, I might as well build a few new relationships here and use the $ to pay for all my other renewals. Another member here has dibs on my current list, but if there are names left that are of some value, I'll let you know...

Comment #30

Cost of borrowing is high? Not true, in Canada, we can get lines of credit for under 5%... the market needs liquidity... money willing to backup solid HostGator names, then the rest will stabilize in between those names... It is true we would all like to own generics, but we can't all afford to shell out millions, if we can create a common marketplace, where we can buy % shares in those kind of domains, we can create a open market, where liquidity and stability can be had. It will most likely take a moniker or godaddy with another accredited partner to come up with something like this, where trust can be had for all. You need to remember we are in uncharted territory here...

Comment #31

The quality of domains for sale has been steadily decreasing for the last ten years. The demand for quality domains is as high as ever, there are just fewer and fewer listed for sale. I closed a deal for a just-below-A-grade, generic, one-word .COM this week and the price was outstanding. There are still bargains to be found, but you have to work at it...

Comment #32

It's a combination of many factors.

At the moment the business is in a bubble. Just like all speculative markets, eventually the suckers dry up. A really good read on the subject would be "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds".

Unless you have a generic 1 word HostGator name that a large corporation would want, the value is only what the next person will pay for. When there is an infinite combination of HostGator names still available, why would I pay $xx,000,000 for a 1 word generic? Same reason google didn't buy the HostGator If you want to stand out and you do have a valuable idea, it is better to have a unique brandable HostGator than a generic.

Using the definition: When your neighbor loses his job, it's a recession, When you lose your job, it's a depression. The U.S. economy is at the brink of a prolonged recession. Everyone knows at least one person who is out of work. The biggest network of Domainers with money to burn are Americans. Not only do they throw the best parties, but they *are* the party.

Domain parking revenue is dropping. PPC is on it's way out just like the good 'ol banner ad. There is now enough data which shows most PPC performs poorly and hardly ever translate into sales. At the end of the day, without the sales conversion, advertisers will look elsewhere.

Without PPC, there is no income from parked domains and the cost of carry becomes prohibitive. I've seen some really good domains showing up on the sites auctioning expired domains. I guess some people made their money and are moving on.

We're at the next iterative stage of the internet evolution. I don't know exactly where it's headed. Since the beginning of this year, I've parked several hundred domains at sedo and I now doubt the portfolio will pay for itself. I do realize now, that I've entered the HostGator market at the tail end of the boom when most of the gravy is gone...

Comment #33


Who on earth was selling tht.

Well I always think.

If their are more buyers then sellers then the price certainly would be 5 times more than wht the prices are today..

Comment #34

Buy when people are selling..

Sell when people are buying.

Yes, it's a buyer's market, and it's smart to buy now when people are selling good names at cheap(er) price.

Unfortunately, like a number of people out there, I can't afford to be smart..

Comment #35

There are always more sellers than buyers. It has always been that way...

Comment #36

Have you actually tried to buy a HostGator for a specific business recently?..

Comment #37

I see it with a slightly different spin, I think there's actually alot more "buyers" than actual sellers.

Eg: most of the names I'v seen posted on DNJournal over the last 2-3 years have been "bought" by domainers in various drops and are still parked, many of them still for sale....including a fair few of mine unfortunately.

Looking at all the thousands of names that drop every day and the sales we see listed at various places Domainers are by far the biggest Buyers IMO.

...just a thought.


Comment #38

I am basically referring to end users when I say buyers. There will always be domainers trading names back and forth...

Comment #39

I don't think so, in fact a lot of the bigger well known buyers have cut spending to a large degree, the Kevin Ham types. Take a look at who is buying at the live auctions to see, the numbers have thinned...

Comment #40

Funny I was chatting with a pal of mine who is big into domaining - we mentioned how we hadnt seen a thread saying how quiet the HostGator market is domainer - domainer and domainer to end-user.

I put it right down to the credit crunch - without a doubt, sure ppc depletion is a factor but when folks are bombarded (DAILY) via the media about recession recession recession it really kicks in with consumers general mentality.

Will the HostGator market recover? - sure it will but the only question is when.

In recessions folks tend to buy essentials and forego on perceived luxuries - a good HostGator name isn't a luxury if you want to build an income earing website but I figure what we're seeing is a massive reduction in speculative domaining..

Comment #41

On the other side of the sales are about double what they were last year. I think that getting names into the various auctions has helped quite a bit.

I see the economic downturn as an opportunity for alternative investing, and that includes HostGator names. People will invest less in the stock market in the coming years, in my opinion, as other types of investments become more attractive. Domaining is a way to take control of your investing, rather than letting corporate bigwigs make stupid decisions with your money...

Comment #42

Back when LLLL.coms hit mid 50s for even the worst there were many newcomers suggesting they would hit $300-$500 within 1-2 years (bringing up some kind of 1/26th rule which I'm not exactly sure how it got thought up).

I still find it funny to this day that many people wouldn't consider buying an for $7, yet would later be happy to pay $50+ for that very same name being driven upwards solely by hype. I guess that's the way boom + bust markets work.

Right now everyone is saying oil will never go down in price.. Sounds like domainers 12 months ago questioning whether domains were immune to recessionary times. I have no clue where this herd mentality comes from, however we see it repeated over and over again throughout history...

Comment #43

I think this is a classic sign of an overheated market. When people start talking about really crazy gains like prices going up 10 fold, of even's reaching 10k within 6 months (which is what some were predicting here a couple of months ago) just on the basis of past performance. When many people feel certain about these gains even though they haven't happened and few are predicting a downside you can bet that is a market fueled by hype and close to fully priced. Another classic warning sign is when lots of people say certain investments never fall (because they haven't been in the market long enough to see them fall).

In my view both the and market detached from reality when they kept on rising whilst the rest of the market fell, that was a very bad sign in my view. It is herd mentality, new entrants especially get sucked in when the hear the prior gains. They wouldn't buy at $7 because the gains cannot be seen. It is like what they say about taxi drivers giving stock tips. When you have the moms and pops investing because of what they heard that is when the market is screwed. I believe we had alot of those kind of investors in both and

Comment #44

Agreed...I stick to a pretty basic investing principle - don't buy what you don't understand. Anything that has overly complicated numbers behind it's growth or growth potential - I stay away from, like the lll's...those explanations are just covering up the fact that it's purely speculative. No substance behind it whatsoever.

Like stocks and good companies, I stick to names that I understand. I avoid the hype and I hold onto solid names through the downturns. If I can't understand how a certain HostGator can make money - chances are neither will an end-user...

Comment #45

Another my twin brother, your last name same to me and your avatar..

Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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