What is a stone w/regard to Nutrisystem?

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First question I got is What is a stone w/regard to Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... All these discussion boards are confusing. I just want to ask some simple questions. I lost 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks, then gained 4 back. I eat the Nutrisystem food but my husband and I went out to eat 3 times.

How does alcohol affect my diet? And why did I gain the 4 pounds back? Can one day of eating restaurant food set you back this bad?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Hello and welcome..

Sorry you had a little set back. It is just a great example of how even with best efforts we can undo all the hard work from previous..

Yes, alcohol can have an effect on weight loss. They are empty calories, and alcohol alone is dehydrating, so the body may retain fluid to make up for it. Also, unless you actually looked at the nutrition information on your restaurant meal before ordering it and can say otherwise, there was probably a lot of sodium and fat in the "healthy" meal. It can be really hard to stay inNutrisystemguidelines when eating out unless you prepare beforehand by looking at the nutritional info for each item..

For the future, be sure to stay onNutrisystem100% of the time before and after a restaurant meal, and be sure to drink your water! The fluid retention should resolve itself if you avoid excess sodium and drink the water...

Comment #2

Drink extra water for the next couple of days. While you may have gained some of the weight back, it is unlikely that one night out caused you to gain ALL of it back. If we're talking one night out a week, however, that might be a different story..

I was stunned at the calories in what I thought was "healthy" food. Actually, truth be told, my eating habits weren't very unhealthy before NS, but my sense of portion was severely distorted. I was making mostly decent choices (except for when it came to white carbs: pasta, bread, rice, bagels.. you name it, I ate too much of it!), but I overindulged on the carbs, I consumed way too much sugar, and I didn't eat any vegetables. Oh, and I often had at least one drink a dayusually a glass of wine with dinner. I didn't eat full servings in restaurants, but it turns out that even half portions was twice as much as I should be eating!.

Anyway, my point here is that eating out can be detrimental even when you think you're making good choices. It can be helpful to look at menus online (if available) before you go to see what is really going to help you stick to the plan. I also often eat a huge salad at home first since most of the restaurants in my area don't stock fat-free or even light salad dressing, and many veggie sides are fried or served in cream and butter (I live in a part of the country not known for healthy eating!)..

Call a counselor and go over your program to make sure that there isn't something else missing, and get right back on that horse. You'll get there...

Comment #3

Not sure what you mean by healthiest foods on the menu. When I go out I order a salad but then have them remove the croutons, cheese, and bacon. I make sure only vegetables get put in. Then I get fat free dressing on the side so I can make sure the salad isn't drowned in it..

I also buy the small packets of Crystal Light and take that out with me..

The above recommendations are great also, call a counselor and check the nutrition info before getting there...

Comment #4

Thanks for all the advice. I cannot go out with my husband to a restaurant and JUST eat a salad. We went out to eat 3 or 4 times within this 3 week period. I did good at Luby's by getting a LuAnn dish and asked them to grill a chicken breast for me. No oil, seasonings, nothing. It was very good.

I know wheat roll is different than whole grain but it's all they had. Am I suppose to be eating bread at all? I want to lose 70 pounds so I'm not sure about bread. I have whole grain bread at home. At another restaurant, Mexican food, I had a flour tortilla with fajita meat in it. Lettuce, cheese and onions on the side.

I had a few chips with red sauce/salsa. And of course the strawberry margarita. So, were ALL of these horrible choices? My husband and I were out with my co-worker and her fiance after she and I had a hard 12 hour day in the E.R. I want to know if I screwed up bad...

Comment #5

Smcmomtx: Yes, these weren't the greatest choices. Salad is the best thing to order. There is a restaurant guide in the back of the meal planner though. However, in my opinion, don't waste $260 a month onNutrisystemif your just going to go back to your old habits and eat your heart out and gain weight. For me at least this plan is expensive (I'm only 21) and it's a stretch for me so I am not gonna waste my money. It doesn't sound like you're the kinda person who can eat out (healthy like a salad) once a month and get back on the wagon 100%.

I "cheated" today and had a slice of cake for my birthday tomorrow, however, I am 100% back on Nutrisystem tomorrow and that means I probably wont lose any weight this week, but shouldn't gain and I am ok with that small set back, but it's not going to be a weekly or even monthly thing..

Overall, my opinion would be to not go out to eat and be on Nutrisystem 100%. Why not plan your family's meals around yours? You have yourNutrisystemlasagna or whatever and they have a whole made one too or something?..

Comment #6

There are ways to eat out and NOT order salad. In fact at some places the salad isn't the best option due to all the toppings. Grilled chicken (assuming it is a reasonably sized piece) is a good choice. Our grilled chicken says to eat it with a wheat dinner roll, so that's a good choice. Steamed veggies are good, fruit as a side is good. Salad is good assuming you skip croutons, cheese, and other fatty toppings..

In the book it lists chicken or beef enchiladas, burritos, soft tacos, & fajitas as "yes" items; however, under no it says not topped with sour cream, guacamole, black olives or cheese. No fried tortilla shell, no refried beans, no chips & salsa (although salsa is listed as a good item). So, the fajita meat and possibly the tortilla were ok depending on the size of the tortilla. According to the pocket guide, the cheese and chips and salsa should have been a pass..

At the end of the day it has to be a personal choice too though. There is a discussion on the boards by Coach_Mark about "diets" and "cheating" that makes a good point that this is a lifestyle change. If your lifestyle includes eating out, that may slow your weight loss, but as a long-term plan, learning to make healthy choices and to eat proper portions when dining out will be necessary. Otherwise you stop eating out, hit goal weight, then start eating out again.and what happens then if you never learned how to make good choices eating out? He makes some very good points and I agree with them, which is why I'm learning how to doNutrisystemAND make my lifestyle fit within it..

I agree with the moderator about discussing with a counselor and will also say that many things can impact your weight. If the food you ate out was high in sodium, you could be retaining a lot of water. Alcohol can dehydrate you and make you retain water. Women retain water once a month simply due to normal cycles..

I've been onNutrisystemfor three weeks now, ate out 3 times (grilled chicken or a boca burger each time), ate a meal at somebody else's house, and had two nights where I had a couple (or a few the one night) diet coke and vanilla vodkas and I've lost weight every week.although perhaps not as much as I would if I'd skipped those things. Those things are part of my lifestyle though, so I choose to do them and to make healthy choices and fit them within myNutrisystemeating guidelines. With the alcohol, I drink one of the lower impact drinks. I haven't set foot in a Mexican food restaurant yet because I think even the "healthy" choices there aren't the best, but at some point I will tackle even that..

Best of luck to you in finding something that works for you!..

Comment #7

Thanks Brooke. Your advice is something I can heed. Eating out is a lifestyle for my husband and I. Our 3 children are grown, I work evenings and I rarely cook at home. My husband and I ride his motorcycle and we eat out. Fact of life and it's not gonna change.

Can you tell I don't like to cook? Drinking is only a once in a while social thing for me and for my husband. I do not order alcohol at a restaurant every time we go out. And we don't go to bars. If I have a set back one night, I will make up for it the following days. When I do cook, I make healthy dishes now and my husband is O.K.

That was a shocker as I thought he wouldn't like these foods. He even said NOT to buy him Blue Bell ice cream last time I went grocery shopping. He is supportive but HE is not on a diet. Money is not a problem for me buying theNutrisystemfood. I am 100% on board with theNutrisystemway.

I don't like tomatoes so if I get a salad and hold's just lettuce. My daughter's wedding is coming up on March 4th. We are serving a full meal with BBQ and all that. It is a Texas theme wedding. Her fiance loves Texas.

I will watch my portions but I will also be having wedding cake. How can I not? It's such a glorious occasion and we paid for it all. Ha! I will get back onNutrisystemthe day after...

Comment #8

I dont mean to be "snarky: but will point out the obvious. One day out at a restaurant wont completely derail you but you've stated it's been more like 3 or 4. You cant possibly eat JUST a salad and you drank alcohol..

I think it's clear why you gained weight or didn't lose at all. You must follow this plan 100%. I go out to dinner with my husband and have followed the plan. This past weekend we went to red lobster. I told the waitress I was eating healthy, she let me have his salad (i removed all bad stuff) I ordered grilled shrimp(about 5 or 6 came and I saved my lunch proetin to do this) I ordered steamed brocoli and steamed asparagus. Drank tons of water and just ate my entree when we got home...

Comment #9

It wasn't one day, it was 3 times. The healthiest thing on the menu doesn't tell us much. What was it and how big a portion did you have?.

You likely didn't actually gain four pounds of fat. Most if not all of it is probably fluid retention due to high sodium in the restaurant food..

Alcohol, too, will adversely affect your weight loss. How much depends on the individual. I know that when I drank, I stalled my weight loss for about 3 days...

Comment #10

If you aren't willing to make the tough choices to get healthy, then yes, your habits are going to set you back this badly..

I'm 52 and know for a fact that if I didn't followNutrisystemas designed the vast majority of the time, I would still be struggling to get to goal. I had to stay strictly on plan in order to lose 1.5 pound a week. It took me 6 months. I sure as heck wasn't about to mess around and take longer than that...

Comment #11

I seldom eat out - even restaurants that publish their nutrition information caveat it with they can't control the chef on any given day at any given location - but when I do I visit the restaurant web site ahead of time to make informed choices and take a packet of FF salad dressing with me..

I'm trying to learn to never say never. For the first 30+ years of our marriage my husband and I ate 2 meals a week together. Since he changed jobs and I started working from home we eat dinner together every day. MEGA lifestyle change. For awhile I said to myself "I could never make him one thing and me another". But then I realized that had to change.

And I want to be independent in retirement not fat and hobbled by arthritis pain..

I don't cook much either. I am gradually finding out what we can live with. What I can live with. For example I might nuke him a stouffer's red box lasagna and me a ns lasagna. Or nuke him a frozen (gazilliion calorie) pot pie and eat the ns chicken and dumplins. Sunday I made meat loaf and had a small helping.

Tonight he'll have the rest of the leftover meat loaf and I'll have a lean cuisine meat loaf. Right now it's very much trial and error. I'll keep track of what works. And keep trying. I've done too much yo yo dieting.

I can't EVER go back to eating the way I've eaten the 1st 60 years of my life unless that is how I want to end up..

One thing I do know is I can't drink. Gives me the munchies! Everyone has to figure out their own limits..

Good luck!..

Comment #12

OBX, I will continue to not JUST eat a salad when we go out to eat. Tonight we went out to Denny's and I had the grilled chicken cranberry apple salad with 2 tsp. of balsamic vinegar dressing. That was my dinner meal. And I'm still under 900 calories for today. When you went to Red Lobster and had salad, shrimp, broccoli and asparagus, you should not have eaten yourNutrisystementree when you got home.

Why did you do that? You're not following the plan either. Sorry you can't stick to yourNutrisystemprogram. We go out to eat frequently because we like to. He likes to. Our children are grown.

I just go with him and we enjoy each other's company. I am not going to stop going out to eat. I will go as often as my husband and I want to. The weight is coming off so you don't have to worry about me sweetheart. Snarky? That's not what I would call it...

Comment #13

Mdubbs I like the way you have adapted to eating with your husband. I have learned to do the same thing. I'll make a meal for him and my daughter that still lives with us. I will have a very small portion of that meatloaf that I made for him, but then I will make myself different sides. Like steamed cabbage, which I love. I give him the mac & cheese or the mashed potatoes but I don't eat those sides.

I thought making meals for him and not eating it would be very difficult but I have adapted better than I thought I could. I gave him leftovers the next night and I had myNutrisystementree. So, it is all working out well. Thanks for your encouragement. Some of these people on these boards are ready to jump your bones for eating out or for eating nonNutrisystemfood.

I will think twice before I post questions on these discussion boards. I am losing weight and I am delighted...

Comment #14


I guess it seemed like you were concerned about gaining 4 pounds back. I think people were trying to point out why, with the facts you stated, you could have gained the weight..

Fact is, we all have meal planners. We all know what the planner says we need to eat and in what proportion. If you choose to eat out, then it is up to you to figure out how your meals match up to the planner. This whole program is one choice after another..

If keeping up your lifestyle is more important that weight loss, then enjoy! If you are okay with slow loss, that is your choice! No one but you gets to decide..

I would say not eating out has been the biggest change I have had to make. We would go out for dinner no less than 4 times a week for dinner. I would eat out for lunch 4-5 days a week. This was our social activity..

And I had a choice to make - take the time and effort I am putting into the program and stick to it, or maintain my "treats" of eating out all the time. So far, my results have been fair - I've gone to restaurants 4 times in 5 weeks while home, and twice more while traveling for business. I stuck to my meal planner, eating veggies as nearly 2/3 of my meal, getting in a small amounts of fat and a decent lean protein, and eating "on plan" for all other meals that day..

I have not gained anything I've lost, but my progress has been slowed, I am sure, by not just eating at home. The meals I had out were "occassions" (a friend a week in from out of town, and a friend's birthday), but I have found that one can create lots of occassions - birthday, Friday happy hour, hangnail!.

Anyway, I guess my point to all this is, none of us are perfect. But we know the rules, and if we break the rules the result is (at best) slowed weight loss and (at worst) weight gain. The choice is yours. Best of luck to you!..

Comment #15

Okay, you may not like to hear this, but since you're asking for advice: The fact you'd had a long day and were out to dinner with a co-worker and your social life centers around restaurants and you don't like to cook and your husband likes to go out to eat isn't even a little relevant to whether or not you lose weight in a given week..

Your body doesn't take any of those things into account. You may feel you deserve to eat AND lose, but the scale doesn't see it that way..

The scale says, "X number of calories in, Y number of calories out. If X is greater than Y, the number goes up.".

I'd suggest just accepting the fact that weight loss will be very, very slow if you want to have fajitas and strawberry margaritas and chips once or twice a week. No biggie. Slow is better. It's more likely to stay off if you lose it slowly. But, yes, it will slow you down, and you'll have weeks where your weight goes up instead of down. As long as you're okay with that, no problem, and you know what you need to do if you want to lose more quickly...

Comment #16

Sometimes...the salad isn't the best option either. I was shocked when going out this past weekend to lunch at how much more the calories the salads had in them. I looked at the salads and thought..OMG-they had like 1200 calories in them. I got shrimp over squash in a clam sauce. It was the lightest thing on the menu-and had no bread with it. Also-the.

Strawberry mar.

Garita is a very high calorie drink. If you have to have a drink-try to stick to a glass of wine spritzer, a light beer, or a drink with a non-calorie mixer..

I agree with Brooke-you have relearn on how to eat when going out-it takes time. You can do it! I believe in you. Try not to get in the mindset of 'cheating' because it will give you a negative view of food..

Good luck!! You can do this!..

Comment #17

I thinks it's great you found something at Dennys to eat..

As for me sticking to myNutrisystemprogram, I am. I saved my afternoon protein and used the grilled shrimp for that. I ate my veggies servings and ate myNutrisystementree when I got home. THAT is following the program. I didnt eat 2 dinners..

You asked and posted as to why you were not losing, I was just pointing out the obvious. I didnt mean to come off snarky or whatever you think I was being. I eat out with my husband to enjoy his company as well, but have adapted and found places to eat that meetNutrisystemguidelines..

Sorry your feelings were hurt or you were offended, I just believe in telling the truth as I see it..


Comment #18

Some people just can't handle the truth!.

The truth is ... this plan is simple and it works if we follow it. But, sacrifices are required. Eating chips and salsa and drinking margaritas made me fat. So guess what? I don't do it anymore. Have I given it up for life? Absolutely not!!! My hubby and I used to go out at least 4 times per week.

We go out to our favorite Sunday brunch spot every week and enjoy fun times with friends over a 2-3 hour breakfast. Other than that ... it'sNutrisystemat home. We see friends in bars, but after I have eaten my dinner so I'm not tempted to order bar food, none of which is healthy..


- Wedding food ... of course, eat it! And enjoy the wedding cake - it is a very special occasion and hopefully, your daughter only gets married once (although today's marriage stats are dismal at best). But if you want to reach your goals, you need to change your habits drastically. If you don't want to change your habits while losing weight, then just realize, it's not going to happen. It's all about making the choices that bring you the most happiness!..

Comment #19

I wanted to say see that's the thing. Don't get hung up on what you can and can't eat. To me, it seems a little unrealistic to say you can't have a piece of cake or etc at your daughter's wedding. This is what makes people fail on their diets. I say this,Nutrisystemis about a lifestyle change, but it isn't a life sentence to lettuce and fat free dressing everytime you eat out. Who wants a life like that? It also doesn't mean get the 28 oz ribeye steak with potatoes either.

If you are going to eat out maybe you can exercise that day. Do 1hr of Zumba or kickboxing and burn 600 - 800 calories. Walk 2-3 miles. Use those calories burned to help you stay within your 1200 a day calorie range. Applebees and a few other chain resturants have weight watchers meals on their menu.

Skip dessert. ( I don't like dessert anyways) and use those 100 calories towards your dinner..

I don't plan to eat out for the 1st month ( I am on day 4 have lost 2lbs so far) just so I get used to healthy portion sizes. But when I do, I don't plan to eat lettuce. I normally eat about 350 calories for dinner and 100 calories for dessert. That's 450 calories I have for a dinner. If I work out 1 extra hour that day that's 800 extra calories I now have. I won't use them all.

But call a counselor, then find a way that works for you. = )..

Comment #20

Hi, Nichole! I think you have the right idea, but you should not skip yourNutrisystemdesserts. They are a meal and loaded with proteins and other nutrients you need to have. While many of them taste SUPER FABULOUS, they are actually part of the plan, so you don't want to skip them and use the calories for something else..

But you have the right attitude - it all comes down to trade-offs and choices!..

Comment #21

In my experience you can go out and eat a normal meal and still lose weight, at least I can. I go out to eat every Saturday night and eat whatever I want including dessert and have still lost weight. every week. But if you do it more than once a week then don't expect to lose any weight. Plus I exercise 5 days a week so I know that plays a major part in my success. Eating out with family and friends is a part of my life and I have no intention of going out to my fave restaurant and ordering salad, that is not life sorry.

Same with special occasions, I will enjoy them as they don't come up often. If anyone thinks that I will be eatingNutrisystemon my 50th birthday, they crazy!..

Comment #22

Cuddle, you are the closest to my weight loss goal of all that replied to my comments. Congrats to you for losing 25 lbs. That's awesome. How long did that take you? Happy Birthday to you. I am 54 and I started gaining weight at onset of menopause at age 49-50..

Nicole, I agree, it is a lifestyle change and I am changing my lifestyle. I have learned alot since beginning theNutrisystemdiet. I'm very conscious of my portions and all my 3 and 1/2 weeks ofNutrisystemhave been 850 to 1100 calorie days. Except for the strawberry margarita day. I had white zin wine after that. I've done very well on none occasion days.

My family can't believe I actually like eating cooked cabbage. I have thought of doing Zumba. I'm going to check out the price of a Zumba dvd. I danced at my husbands' work party last weekend and burned a few calories. I line danced with a bunch of ladies, young and old.

Folks, I'm good on advice and opinions regarding my 2 originial posts. Thanks for supporters. Good luck to all on losing weight. I weigh again at work this Saturday...

Comment #23

You are not eating enough calories! You should be at 1,200, certainly not 850. When you eat so few calories, your metabolism slows down even more and causes weight loss to come to a screeching halt. Did you read the Meal Planner?.

In order to understand the program, you need to call the counselors and go through an entire day of food. Right now, you are starving your body and it will not release any of the fat you are trying to lose. Call, call, call...

Comment #24

Thanks smcmomtx! I started Jan 4 so it's taking me 7 weeks to lose 25lbs but I still have a ways to go, my goal is 60 and then maybe more depending on how I feel. Thanks for the early birthday wishes, my birhday is in April, can't believe I am turning 50! I have found it pretty easy to lose withNutrisystembeing that I am starting menopause, last year when I tried to do it on my own I was really struggling, the weight just wouldn't come off so this is really exciting. When I was in my 30's it just melted off dang it! Good luck and take it one meal at a time and don't stress because stress can actually halt your weight loss...

Comment #25

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