What is a good weight watchers versus Nutrisystem thesis statement?

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My 1st question is: What is a good weight watchers versus Nutrisystem thesis statement? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... So I started Nutrisystem about 28 days ago, not wanting to quit or anything, but the problem is I am tired and have lack of focus at work. I stick to the plan almost to the T, other than possibly some extra salad dressing here and there (not a lot), and missing an unsweetened applesauce for the morning snack on occasion, but in general I am sticking to the plan..

That being said, I work out daily, I do a light upper body workout, with a couple 10lb dumbbells here at the house. I do 2-3 sets of 12 reps, of each of the following..

- Chest Press.

- Barbell Row.

- Overhead Press.

- Butteryfly.

- Front Raises.

- Kickbacks.

I then stretch out and jump on the treadmill doing a 45 minute walk/jog, where I have been burning about 420-440 calories in that time. I usually stay around 6% incline even for the jogs and sometimes push that to 10% when I walk..

I sit at a desk all day other than this, but before NS, I wasn't getting any sort of afternoon fatigue at all. I am not sure if I need more protein, if this is normal or what the deal is, so any help would be greatly appreciated. So far in the 28 days I have been on the plan I have lost 21lbs. My start weight was 280, I am at 259 right now, and my goal is around 200. I am also 6'4" tall..

Thanks in advance..


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I drink 4-5 20oz glasses everyday. I also drink a powerade lite (0 calories etc) like 1-2 times a week...

Comment #2

Zenom - Did you used to drink caffeine and have ceased drinking caffeine since then? Also, do you take a vitamin supplement?.

The B vitamins, which are also called the "energy vitamins" are not really easily added to the diet, also, since they're water soluble, you may need to replenish them later in the day. B6 and B12 are especially important. Though they consider caffeine not that good of a thing, you could try a five hour energy after your workout, which has some caffeine but also has a large quantity of the b6/b12 vitamins..

Otherwise, if you take a multivitamin, you might want to see if it's time release or not, as often a multivitamin taken in the morning will have run it's course by the afternoon. Your body can only absorb vitamins at a certain rate, and often your body will pass them before they're fully absorbed..

If none of that works, there's plenty of other energy supplements, before my workout I use Advocare's SPARK energy drink, it's really good and is a great pick me up...

Comment #3

First of all ... you should've posted this question about 26 days ago..

You need to increase your protein if you're working out..

Here's what I used to/still do (I'm in maintenance btw):.

Wake up @ 4:50am and eat my Nutrisystem breakfast (carb-heavy one - think scone - if available). Drink massive amounts of coffee then head to the gym at 5:50..

Kill it in the gym - I mean.


For 1 hour..

Head home and eat the rest of my Nutrisystem breakfast (sausage mcfrazz and fruit) and a 7oz can of tuna if I feel I need it (because I was actually losing too much weight too fast imo).

10:30am morning snack; 7oz. can of tuna straight up along with an entire apple..

Rest of the day is strictly to the Nutrisystem plan .....

Stick to this. don't cheat. good luck.

Oh ... I made sure to drink.


1.5 liters of crystal light/water each day along with a multi-vitamin, a B-12, and a B-multi every day. I don't buy into the "no caffeine" hype one bit. It's a huge crock imo...

Comment #4

Years ago I drank a lot of caffeine but I have not been a big caffeine drinker for at least a year, and no I do not take a multi-vitamin at all. I didn't want to get into energy drinks because of all the sugar. I definitely think I need to add a multi-vitamin to my regiment. Thanks for the tip...

Comment #5

Being that I am not "killing it" in the gym and that I typically work out around lunch time, do you think maybe just adding tuna to my salad etc., would be enough along with the vitamins? I take no vitamins at the moment. I am not doing heavy heavy lifting but at the same time I do my upper body and cardio daily. Not a big caffeine user in general, I used to drink 2 x 2 liters a day of diet pepsi, and I quit that, been water and power ade (lite) from there on out...

Comment #6

Yeah, that would probably be cool. Just add tuna to your salad and add in a the vitamins scoob mentioned. If you're still feeling beat .... just add a little more of both. It's a process, but you'll find your "sweet-spot"..

You need to post more, too..

It helps, doesn't it?..

Comment #7

It does help for sure. I figured I was doing good to start but when the fatigue set in I knew I had to do something to counter this. My concern is just adding too many calories and halting the weight loss. Gonna run to the store tonight after work and see if I can pick up some vitamins for sure. Gonna start adding in the tuna today at lunch...

Comment #8

One thing I do with my midmorning snack as well is 2 tbsp of protein powder and use the fruit to make a smoothie after working out. Protein Isolate is the best, and it's got a good amount of protein in it...

Comment #9


Start taking a multi B vitamin with your lunch and since you are lifting weights add a protein. The B vitamins normally take 30-40 minutes to hit the system, but they last for several hours. I used to add my protein at my afternoon snack which would give me a boast at about 4:00. You should also see an energy boast by losing some of your 21 pounds of fat...

Comment #10

[quote=SEAN_LOWRY;4591142]First of all ... you should've posted this question about 26 days ago..

You need to increase your protein if you're working out..


Comment #11

Thanks all. I also contacted Nutrisystem for their take on it. They recommended after a long discussion..

2 extra proteins..

2 extra carbs.

1 extra fruit (morning)..

I am going to slowly add the fruit and carbs in, because if the proteins help then I don't want to add extra calories I might not need. I am also going to get a multi-vitamin and start on that this evening. I already added a protein to my lunch (some canned tuna in water). Hopefully this increase in protein will make a difference. I have also been stuck right around 260/259 for the last week or so, I am hoping this push in the metabolism will also help with that..

I also read that being on stuff like Nexium, Protonix, (indegestion meds) will reduce the amount of B-12 in your system as well, so that could be a big issue with my fatigue especially since my B-12 intake from (which comes from meats, tuna etc) had gone down since going on the diet. So I am hoping the extra proteins (eggs, milk, tuna) plus some vitamins will do the trick..

Thanks again...

Comment #12

Sounds good .....

I put the call in to their help-line about 28 hours into the plan - I felt like I got hit by a bus! They know there shtuff..

You're smart to increase your protein first. Have that.


Your workout. If you feel you need to add a carb (I wouldn't recommend that just yet - you may be fine with the protein), make sure you add it in.


Your workout. It's just fuel..

Protein builds you up and repairs the damage. Carbs get you going..

B vitamins are a must! I swear by 'em .....

If you're working out alot you have to supplement at least the B's. I give blood (plasma/platelets/RBC's) every other week..

If you guys are donating blood, you.


Supplement your B vitamins!.


Comment #13

Thanks for this thread. I get wiped out at night as well, especially when my weight is plateauing..

I am going to add the b-vitamins as well as the protein after a workout. I don't think I'm going to add the carbs or extra fruit..

When you guys say the multi-B vitamins do you mean a vitamin that has a bunch of B vitamins in it, or the multi-vitamin with the b vitamins as well? My only limit would be the addition of Iron, my biochemistry has plenty of that already. I figure with the variety of fruit and vegetables that I am eating that most vitamins are being covered...

Comment #14

We mean one B-.


(i think I can speak for you lunks), one additional B-12, and then a regular old multivitamin ... throw in a little C if you're feeling crazy!..

Comment #15

Personally, I would drop the workout for a week or so and see if you notice a change in your energy..

I did Nutrisystem last year for about 4 months. After the second week, I was on fire. I had the energy of a teenager. And I didn't work out..

Still lost a lot of weight too...

Comment #16

I would add a protein or two and a fruit. You will be more comfortable..

You may still have some fatigue (I did), but I also got used to it. Part of it is some carb withdrawal and your body getting used to exercising with less glycogen. Will help lose fat though....

Good luck...

Comment #17

Whoa. So you used to drink four liters of caffinated diet soda every day, and now you've been entirely-or-damn-close off caffiene for 28 days?.

Damn nice. It took me four months to give caffiene up. /salute..

Mystery solved on the fatigue in my book. The body will adapt. You're just in caffine withdrawal, I think. And if you're losing pretty close to a pound a day, then ya, some protien is probably a good thing...

Comment #18

I'm a pussycat. I kept the caffeine and still have it...

Comment #19

I have been off the caffeine for about a year. I started the diet 28 days ago though. I just don't like getting back into caffeine if I don't have to, since it was a struggle getting away from it...

Comment #20

What a rediculous comment. Stop working out if you're feeling fatigued? Classic ....

I checked out your Nutrisystem page. Start weight 7/2008 was 320 lbs. Your current weight is now 330 lbs. Way to go, bro .... You're right - exercise is.



At this rate ... you should be reaching your goal weight of 220 lbs. by, uhhh ... never...

Comment #21

I endorse the vitamin and extra protein comments from the other posters. I take a Men's Health Multi everyday and drink a protein shake after every excercise. Haven't had any loss of energy...

Comment #22

Do you guys recommend a food protein, or something like a myoplex shake? I am not sure about the calories on the myoplex shakes etc. I have some in the pantry from my last attempt at loosing weight without a proper diet about 6 mos ago. I just don't want to pack in the calories if I don't need to obviously, but not sure what is a cleaner protein. The shake or food, or if it's about equal...

Comment #23

The shakes are more convenient, but less filling. It depends on your needs. If you are have the time and think it important to stay full, I recommend doing eggwhites (pure protein basically) mixed with veggies. That's like a whole extra meal, really. It will go into your bloodstream slower than whey, but there's actually some research that says it's better to have a gradual uptake of protein rather than needing to get it all into the blood at the time of the workout..

However, if you are more pressed for time. Or for instance were already at goal, having a hard time maintaining weight (for example if doing a lot of sports related cardio), then the shake would be a really efficient way to get the grams of protein in..

Really I think either will work. Just train hard, eat right, listen to your body...and smile! You are doing good things! Feel good about your efforts. Pat yourself on the back...

Comment #24


Me 3 (or 4 or 5). I'm a big believer in adding protein (in any form) for guys who are working out. I believe it actually helped my weight loss rate..


Comment #25

I agree with Poly (as usual) that "real" food is best - it just sticks with you longer and it's lower in calories. I occasionally have a Myoplex Lite premixed shake or a scoop of Myoplex chocolate if I'm in a huge hurry. But most of my protein comes from tuna straight-out-of-the-can and egg whites...

Comment #26

I see what the guys are saying about the food protein instead of the shakes sticking with you longer, but I have absolutely no appetite after a workout so the shakes work for me. Any protein, as long as it's lean is a good thing if you're working out though..

I spoke with the counselors here at Nutrisystem when I was about 235 lbs and they told me to hold off on the added protein until I was around 210 lbs. I followed their advice and the week I added a shake after my workouts, I dropped 6 lbs...of course, I amped up my workouts too. So I don't know if the protein was the trigger or not, but I felt a hell of a lot better...more energy and whatnot...

Comment #27

Eating extra protein is key. I used to eat extra carbs (when I was 265) and feel hungry in an hour. I'm satisfied with just a can of tuna nowadays .... trying not to look at food as anything more than fuel. Wifey works for a comapny that owns EAS (makers of Myoplex, etc ...) so I have a ton of that stuff just sitting around in boxes. I grab one or two shakes every so often when I'm pressed for time or feeling like I'm about to pass out - Nothing wrong with the shakes.

I gotta tell you guys - I've been maintaining now for months. I eat more now than I ever have. I'm up in the 2800-3200 calorie/day range. It's just spread out just like in the Nutrisystem plan. It's really easy, men ... just follow the guidelines and it'll all work out in the end.

The "losing" phase..

I'm eating "normal" food, drinking beer and enjoying my life - it's all just a little more "balanced" you know? Hell I "maintained" a weight of 260 for about 2 years! this is really no different..

Stay on track, y'all!..

Comment #28

It all makes sense, I am just still in the learning phase of exactly how much is enough carb, how much is enough protein and what is too much. The Nutrisystem diet is great to lose the weight, but they have no real method that I can tell to "teach" me what the right amount of carbs/protein is other than portions. So I am learning from portions at least, but still getting a grasp of it all. Still busting my ass on the treadmill and doing weights, I know it will come eventually, just not fast enough. (I am betting it never comes fast enough for anyone on a diet.


Great advice so far though, I added an extra piece of whole grain toast to my breakfast this morning, and started taking multi's yesterday, about to eat lunch with my tuna as protein here in a few. So far definitely better than yesterday at this time, just with the extra carb this morning. Not sure if the vitamins work that fast, or that could be a part of it too. I went to bed at 9:30 pm last night and slept till 9am this morning. I was friggin whooped...

Comment #29

Ok, for workouts, you may want to try a supplement called jack3d, it's calorie free and it definetly gives you a burst of energy without the usual heart palpitations of caffeine or euphedra. I am on a 1200 calorie regiment and feel pretty low energy by the time I hit the gym in the afternoon and it definetly gives me the boost to get through it...

Comment #30

What brands of vitamins are you guys taking? There are so many out there I don't know which to pick...

Comment #31

Yep just I take a costco Kirklands brand one a day multivitamin. Its similar to centrum...

Comment #32

I'm currently not on a multi-vitamin, I just take B-supplements and Vitamin D (I work night shift). Everything else I kind of take in through food..

Previously, I have taken Centrum, and One-A-Day Weight Loss. The only time I've ever really noticed a difference was between these vitamins and the "time release" vitamins that I got - GNC I think..

I've stated before the time release vitamins are supposed to be more efficient, as your body can only absorb so much of a vitamin at a time. (The rest is either "cleaned" out by the liver or peed out, being water soluble - this gives the vitamin-y smell to urine.).

However, to counter my own argument, Time release vitamins tend to be more expensive - and probably not worth the extra expense in general...

Comment #33

Oh, and Id on't know where else to put this - but, grapefruit is supposed to be really good at promoting weight loss. I've been reading the studies on this, and it seems it has some sort of enzyme that helps promote it..

Proven that people that consume grapefruit lose more weight loss than those that don't..


Comment #34

I will admit I didn't read all of the replies, so if someone else said this, disregard it... if not then:.

It might be your workout routine. Before I started rotating muscle groups each day, I was always tired as well. I was doing push ups, sit ups, squats, pull ups, and dips each day, and jogging. It sounds like a lot, but it is only about 1.5 hours of exercise. Anyway, I would be so tired because I never let the muscle groups have a full day of rest to recover..

So after talking with my ex, who is a personal trainer with a kinesiology degree, she told me that my problem was my routine. She suggested separating muscle groups every work out. So now my work outs are mixed up through out the week like this:.

Day 1 - upper body push (dips, push ups, presses, etc.).

Day 2 - intense cardio, and abs.

Day 3 - full lower body.

Day 4 - light yoga, basically improving range of motion and flexibility.

Day 5 - upper body pull (curls, pull ups, etc.).

Day 6 - intense cardio, and abs.

Day 7 - I hit the mountain bike trails at the local state park, or go to a indoor rock climbing facility and go nuts for a couple hours. Basically, day 7 is just a fun exercise day where I get to apply the gained strength and mobility without worrying about sets and reps, and just have fun..

After the first week of that routine I felt stronger, and wasn't tired any more. Each group gets a better focus during the work outs, and ample recovery time before being worked again..

Hope it helps, and that you get your energy back!..

Comment #35

Not sure if this will help because I'm new to NS. On other diets I was on I would often crash in the afternoon. Very tired, not able to think / move much. I found a handful of grapes with a tablespoon of cottage cheese sorts this out. A minute later I'd be fine. Something to do with blood sugar I would guess..


Comment #36

I take the same, but I take one in the morning and one at night. (NOT two at the same time). Most of the non essentials for your heart health and cholesterol are in those mulit at 1/2 daily requirements...

Comment #37

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