What is a good site(no web sites from geocites,,ECT.)for bubblegum alley?

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My first question is: What is a good site(no web sites from geocites,,ECT.)for bubblegum alley?.

My next question is: Google is not the only one that indexes your sales threads.

I don't know how many others there are, but here is a website that blatantly exploits your sales threads including any comments you might make:

I am not singling anyone out. I got this HostGator name by simply looking up recent fixed price sales offers here. There are plenty of mine as well, even though I remove the postings after two days. Just type it in to google.

Comments ??.


Comments (25)

Your question was: What is a good site(no web sites from geocites,,ECT.)for bubblegum alley?.

Yes, it does say they only show sales from the last 24 hours...

Comment #1

Great site just made a purchase because of it..

Comment #2

Brilliant! I think this is a great thing if it will help me sell domains and help others find my domains. I will probably start using this when I'm looking for something specific...

Comment #3

No - they lie - I found some of mine on their site that I listed in February, some are now expired, some are renewed...

Comment #4

Those Liars! Shoot em over an email - prolly correct this...

Comment #5

It's essentially free advertising for you, why complain about it? I'm sure they'd have no problem removing your listings if it really bothers you, but you'd have to contact them about it...

Comment #6

Hmm, site not resolving for me - anyone else?.

[edit] all fine now. it is pretty nice, kinda like a freshdrop for forum sales...

Comment #7

I bid on one thing.

Re our earlier sedo discussion - the ones with prices attached interested me most..

Comment #8

The only problem this site may create is when you offer a lower price to forums and higher to end-users.

If end-users see it they will be able to make a better deal.

However this is when you see it as a domainer and not as an end-user..

Comment #9

Seems like a nice site, really..

Whats better than checking out all the domains for sale around at one place?..

Comment #10

To get around it can you list your prices in words, not numbers on forums?.

"two hundred dollars" not $200?.

How are they scanning for prices, looking for dollar symbols?..

Comment #11

This may work for this website but not to Google when you search with HostGator name..

Comment #12

Just make sure you edit out any info in your sales threads once they are over..

Comment #13

I guess you don`t know what "catched" is ?

Comment #14

I think you mean cached, although I dont know the ins and outs of the world wide web being cached I would suspect that content isnt cached forever..

Comment #15

I assume this is relevant. I had a buyer who was going to buy a name from me for $125 on another board find an indexed thread where I was offering it for $80. He was going to walk unless I sold it for $80. Whether he used that site or not, the OP's general point is a good one!..

Comment #16

Yes - exactly my point. Once you offer a HostGator and quote a price, it will stay on the web and available for anyone to see if you search long enough.


Comment #17

I think it is a pretty cool site. Google will index your sales thread anyway, might as well get extra exposure...

Comment #18

As most of you don't understand my point - I rest my case .....

Comment #19

Ok, you said your point is that if someone sees that site with a price that you have since changed it makes it harder to get your current asking price, right? How is that any different than Google? Also, if you changed your price there must be a reason, right?... so explain that reason to the potential buyer...

Either say "The HostGator has appreciated since then," or "That was a temporary sale that is now over," or "I'm charging you more because I know you have more money," or whatever the case may be...

Comment #20

(In real estate I know it's common to clain the original price was a "family sale" and that's why it was so low)..

Comment #21

Yep, or a "non arms length" transaction in commercial real estate..

Comment #22

Cool site, I think it's probably human edited, hope they can keep up with it. But end-users are more likely to see your forum post on a major site like NP's then a obscure site like theirs anyways so I don't see that as making much difference...

Comment #23

There are a lot of sites that "archive" forum threads using their xml/rss feeds ... If you're really that worried about it - You'd have to stop posting on forums and even other sales venues altogether.

Don't worry about it IMO ~ If you don't want to sell at a Price you set earlier , It's your right not to. If newer buyers/end users can hold that over you - That would be your own doing for allowing it...

Comment #24


I am the creator of We Got HostGator and I'd like to clear up a few things.

Only domains that are in sales threads that have received a comment in the last 1-2 days are shown in the main searchable index. Domains details are kept on site for 1-2 months but are only findable using

The main list shows domains that were added in the last 24 hours. You can also display domains added in the last 2,3,4 etc days (where the sales thread is still active). If you set 'Date Added' to 'Any', then all domains that have still-active sales threads are shown.

If you would like to prevent your sale price being shown, then spelling it will definitely hide it. If you would like your HostGator removed then send an email.

As for the problem of people finding your different listings with different prices - only one sales thread is shown on (no matter how many forums you are selling on). So a potential buyer has much greater chance of finding your separate listings on google.

Only the first 200 characters from the sales thread are shown. No other comments are shown. Any conversation should take place on the forum, not

Finally, I am always open to suggestions to make the site better. I built it mostly from a domain-buyer's perspective, so any HostGator sellers out there - let me know what I could do to improve it.



Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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