What is a good Nutrisystem versus jenny craig thesis statement?

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My 1st question is: What is a good Nutrisystem versus jenny craig thesis statement? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... Good morning Gutter! It's that time again here on the boards when there are a lot of newbies around looking for support, so I thought we should give everyone a little background info. on the Gutter..

What is The Gutter?.

The Gutter is home away from home. It's a place to chat with friends, to give/receive support, and to talk about anything and everything. (Sometimes we even talk about weight loss!.


Can anyone participate?.

Sure! The more, the merrier! Everyone is welcome to post in the gutter any time they choose, whether it's every hour, once a day, once a week, or just once. Come on in, pull up a virtual chair, help yourself to the coffee (as long as you don't leave the virtual coffee pot empty!), and tell us about yourself..

We're from all over the US & Canada, all different ages, all had different amounts to lose, and all at different stages in our weight loss journeys but we're all in this together..

Welcome aboard to all the newbies out there! You've chosen a great weight loss program and the support on these boards is second to none!.

Regular gutter posters - your assignment for this week is to share what The Gutter is to you..

Who wants to go first?..

Comments (64)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Howdy gutter!.

Dang I've been hanging around here well over 2 years. The natives are friendly and funny. And very supportive..

The gutter is a warm cozy place, like cyber Cheers..

And being around all these skinny people helps to keep me in line most days to offset my chronically naughty cheatin' donkey days!..

Comment #2

Hey Gutterers!!.

This has been my seat in the Gutter for two years.

......almost my whole time on NS..

I do know that if it weren't for the bunch of 'losers' that frequent this joint I would not have had the success with this program that I have........NS works IF you follow the plan.......BUT........this is SO much more than just a plan to lose weight!!.

The Gutter is a.......neighborhood full of friends! We sometimes have block parties & street dances..

We share our victories & our failures. We come along side of those that struggle........cuz we've all struggled!!.

This new lifestyle that we have all chosen ........isn't always easy..........but it certainly is much more enjoyable & being successful at it is much more possible with the encouragement of the fantastic folks that show up here!!.

There's ALWAYS room for more 'losers' here!! Hop in & say Hi......or just lurk in the shadows.....many do......& we can see you!!!.

Happy Saturday Gutter!!!..

Comment #3

Good morning Gene!.

I am finally old enough to think that snow shovel in your siggy looks like a practical investment!!.

I want one!..

Comment #4

I'm so glad you decided to stick around, Sally!..

Comment #5

Me too! (BTW, I saw the commercial this am with you, Beth and me.)..

Comment #6

Easy assignment...what the Gutter means to me friends, support, encouragement, a swift kick in the a$$ when needed, and amazing folks who I adore and consider among the best friends I have EVER had as we all KNOW what it is like to be fat and to take thisNutrisystemjourney..

Even got to meet Vicki in the flesh and cannot begin to thank her for popping in where I used to hang out on the threads and was curious enough to start posting here, it will be 2 years in May for me being a PROUD Gutter chick!..

Comment #7

Got my shred and yoga meltdown in today WOOT!! DH lucky to be alive as he asked me in the last circuit of shred where the keys were?.

Time to clean up myself and the house..

Nothing new on BIL and DIL status, lucky DS! has his inlaws heading up today as an ice storm looms on our horizon tomorrow!..

Comment #8

The bowl game bored me outta my gorde so have lifetime on..

Sally Vicki and beth on commercial! I guess that's a secret message to get me to exercise!.

As always love seeing you ladies in the flesh on tv!..

Comment #9

The Gutter and it's peeps?.

To me?.

An awesome group of people collectively who have an awesome sense of humor, a high level of comradery, a welcoming embrace to all who stumble in, and a high integrity to accept all for where they are at any given time..

What is the Gutter you ask? VODKA AWESOME!.

A place I can pop into whenever and feel like I've never been away..

It's the twin sister place to the BYOB..

If ya need an A$$ kickin'.. come here.

If you need motivation...come to the Gutter.

If you need comradery,...come to the Gutter..

If you need humor...Come to the Gutter..

If you want to share stories of failures, successes, humor, life...Come to the Gutter..

It's a rocking place full of heart and soul, built by sweat, laughter, tears and friendships. That's wht the Gutter is to me...

Comment #10

The gutter keeps me going. In more ways than one. I can come in here and laugh, help someone, or get some help. I can vent, rant and rave, or oooohh and ahhhh over someones new grandbaby. We're like a virtual family. I seriously doubt I'd be maintaining if it weren't for the gutter...

Comment #11

Afternoon Gutter! You all have put into great words what the gutter is. It's the only place I frequent on here and am so glad I made the leap and jumped in here last year. Had lost myNutrisystemmojo so to speak and was just about ready to hang my hat. Ya'll welcomed me right in, (don't know wth took me so long to pipe up while lurking lol) and You all have been amazing friends and a source of support, inspiration and encouragement. It's the place I come to to have fun, chat and regroup and get a well needed kick in the arse when I need it. I hope I have made friends that will last a lifetime..

Love my Gutter family!..

Comment #12

Is that one of the ones from youtube? Where did you see it?..

Comment #13


What network are you seeing fleshy ns commercials on?..

Comment #14

You'd be maintaining, just not having this much fun while doing it...

Comment #15

Love you too, Ginger! I'm so glad you found you landed here!..

Comment #16

Hi, Roddy! <waving>.

Just a quick fly by for me...catch y'all later!..

Comment #17

Afternoon All!.

Oh man, what has the Gutter meant to me!.

Besides a place to display cabinets.

It has been a very important part in my weight loss..

As many of you know, I am not very sociable offline and often online..

I have found the best group of people who have made me feel comfortable thinking of them as friends. (That really is not easy for me) I did not want to come to this room, but I kind of felt pressured into it.. I won't mention names Rick and Vicki..

When I think of a word that defines Gutter, it is.


That best suits the name. LOL For so many reasons..

She is always here for support, even when she is super busy, she finds time for us. Vicki is an inspiration. She is real and I honestly do not think thatNutrisystemcould find a better person than her for their brand. I totally love her in a non lesbian way..

The Gutter and it's people, have made me accept myself when I didn't. Their kind words in open chat and in private chat have meant the world to me. I have had so many laughs, I have also cared for people and their families even though I have not met them. So many of you have allowed me to get in your hearts as you have mine. I have grown in the Gutter while shrinking..

I miss some people that don't visit much anymore, Monty, Dave, Dave, Ted, Lisa and there are more, not forgotten but my brain isn't great at remembering..LOL Age, I swear. I know when they do visit, it is like they haven't gone. They are gutter family..

I love the support here, the laughter even when things are serious because I know everyone here understands the weight issue and I thank all of you for touching my life. You are the greatest losers one could ever wish to find..

Love you guys!..

Comment #18

BIL is.


And NO rehab!!! Thank you all so much for your thoughts, love and prayers for Rich and his family and for me I love you all tons and thanks isn't enough to show you how much I appreciate and love you all for who you are!!!..

Comment #19

That is fantastic news Beth!!!!!.

Now, what about baby? lol..

Comment #20

Grandbaby still happy as a camper in utero mom to be not so happy!.

Her sciatic nerve is bugging the heck out of her and ds not happy as his mil is heading up there tomorrow until WED. and staying WITH them,..

Comment #21


So very cool, Brian just came in and said, "Is that your friends on the Nutrisystem Commercial?, Beth said something about sharing clothes with a 15 year old, and Vicki was in the beginning"..

I got credit, cause you guys are my famous friends, he thought it was very cool..

It is so neat to see "real" people end up in commercials..

Heh Heh, I have cards from you that I might sell on ebay. I will get a fortune for them... Nah, going to keep them for myself...

Comment #22

Ahhh, I remember the feeling. Tomorrow is Dan's birthday, so she can have the baby then. He has been such a good kid and a very easy baby, so maybe the 9th is a good day to have a child. Also, it is getting far enough away from the 5th that people don't give you the evil eye for Birthday Parties...

Comment #23

Cut that out!!.

Your waving his distracting him. lol..

Comment #24

I told her today would be perfect.

Seems like he is not into cooperating, stubborn little guy.

He would happily share bdays with Dan if Dan does not mind and they don't have to name him Dan...

Comment #25

Busy cleaning the house in case he decides to arrive tomorrow, usually save the big clean day for Sunday but trying to get all my ducks in a row..

Batteries for cameras all charging, cell phones charges, I do need to fill up the car tho..

Comment #26

I'm WAVING, not jumping on a trampoline or dancing on a pole..

Comment #27


Well still time for today.. I went into labor at 3 in the afternoon and had Daniel Cory at 5:01... Nurse kept telling us I wasn't in labor, you'll know dear when you are in labor she told us. Ha! I said, what is that? Brian had to deliver Dan actually, because the Nurse wasn't Sterile and of course the doctor had not been called. So everyone can hate me for having a 2 hour labor, good thing I was in the hospital...

Comment #28

I am excited for you, not about the cleaning and the charging. You are going to be one great, healthy Granny Elzbeth!.

Like I am going to burst his bubble...

Comment #29

2 hour labor for your first??? Wow and I thought I was lucky with 4 1/2 hours...

Comment #30

It is the same one that is on Youtube that has both you and Beth speaking. BTW, if you don't have the ability to download them from youtube or dvr, I can put them all on a dvd for you, if you want to save a copy of them...

Comment #31

That is awesome - I am very happy for you and your family!!!!..

Comment #32

I had things to do, I was bored. LMAO..

Comment #33

LOL and Bri did a great job at catcher.

Tell Dan Happy 25th Bday from his auntie Beth.

Any big plans for the big day??..

Comment #34

It was a great delivery story really, but another time. Hysterical when we look back, but at the time.. crazy. Glad things turned out well, but could have easily not..

I will tell him Happy Birthday from Auntie Beth..

He is a lot like his Mom, His friends want to celebrate his Birthday with him, he doesn't really want to do that but is going to do it. (It is good for him).

We won't be seeing him in his birthday, waaaahhhhh.

I think he is coming home Tuesday night and going Wednesday when Brian leaves...

Comment #35

I'm sorry you aren't going to see him on his bday but sure you will make up for it Tuesday!.

If he is a lot like his mommy he is definately a GREAT kid!..

Comment #36

Tis ok, we will have MIL over for dinner... gulp lol.

Well he gets that from his Dad, but smooooches.. I wuvs ya..

Hi SALLY !!!..

Comment #37

I am going to scoot for a bit, the Mister and I are going out to do some shopping..

Love all my Gutter gropies!!..

Comment #38

And don't forget to tell him happy birthday from auntie donkey!..

Comment #39

How do I click "Like" on this.

Wow Beth that is amazing for him to go through all that and be home already..

Comment #40

The Gutter!!! Wow.

I kinda stumbled in here from the Men's Room. I was searching around the Board just reading about other People and their journey. All the Gutterettes accepted me and made me feel at home..

It is a place where people accept me for what I am, which is basically a screwup. No one judges me. Everyone here encourages me to continue on..

I have made the best friends I never met. I look forward to seeing everyone every day. I am as excited for all of you who have made Goal as I would be for myself. Who knows, maybe one day I will...

Comment #41

You will do it oh Handsome one!!.

And well said!..

Comment #42

Bunziee...I didn't get the belt mailed out yet.

Will ya forgive me??.

I will get it out to you this upcoming week have to also return a dress for dd2...

Comment #43

I cannot tell yet whether or not Nike registered that I joined it is 'thinking' aggravating as heck!!..

Comment #44

No worries Ginger lol That Nike site has been screwed lately..

Comment #45

Hey sweetie!.

It took me 2 hours to get it to complete that challenge..


Comment #46

I am considering getting on the tm for awhile but I am feeling the pull of my kindle as well, decisions, decisions..

Comment #47

Can't read and run...spazzy that way LOL.

Walked fast on it the other day for 2 miles or so with ankle weights and glove weights felt great and got nice and sweaty!..

Comment #48

Gottcha...I can't read and run either...I have to focus lol. Need to go for a run tonight or tomorrow. Really should tonight but kinda tired...

Comment #49

Haaaa could not resist.

Vicki, you have continued to be the heartbeat of the gutter. Beat on my friend!.

LOL, sell them and you may be Canada's next millionaire. LOL..

Comment #50

Think my kindle is to do some reading..

Comment #51

Colleen - whexactly am I supposed to be beating?.

Feeling really crappy today, been a lazy slug as a result. Pretty sure my voice will be completely gone in the morning..

Gonna curl up on the sofa with my book. Whisper at ya later...

Comment #52

I bought a Hungry Girl cookbook today and have been reading it this evening - I have to say that there are a lot of really yummy recipes in there! I am impressed...

Comment #53

Sally, I have tried a couple of those recipes and now thinking I am enticed enough to go get that book, have been meaning to get it for awhile now...

Comment #54

Did dh share his sickness with you?? NOT cool!.

Feel better soon sweet stuff...

Comment #55

Good Morning Gutter..

Sorry Vicki is not well. Feel better Gorgeous..

Morning Bodacious. No news yet??? Is Kindle a secret double meaning word??? Kidding. I love mine (Kindle that is).

Finishing the De Christmasing of the house this morning. Taking a ride later to see the apartment son number 2 is moving into with his GF. Neither of us is thrilled with the idea but what can you say to 27 yos?..

Comment #56

I found a large number of recipes I want to try. I don't know if there are multipe HG cookbooks but this one is called "200 under 200"..

Comment #57

Handsome I LOVE my kindle!.

DH and DD1 too love theirs too!.

No news on grandbaby. I was harassing dil last night and told he that he was waiting for her to write her thank you notes.

She did write them last night so lets see if the little guy is gonna have grandma's back on this. I did inform her that if he did arrive today I would harass her until the end of my life!..

Comment #58

I have gotten and made some recipes from their online site...some pseudo jalapeno poppers that were yummy and I think that that is their first cookbook (printed one)..

Comment #59

I've made things from their site too. Not bad at all..

We really like the rib sandwich..


Comment #60

Good morning!.

Saw the weather on CNN and looks like Tennessee and the Carolinas are in for some rough stuff! How close is DIL to the hospital? I sure hope they don't have to deal with bad roads...

Comment #61

I have downloaded books/mags to my ipad and use the kindle app. It's perfect because the hub used to yell if I was reading after 10pm on a work night (the lamp bothered him). But if he rolls on his side, the light from the ipad doesn't bother him. Much better than the silly reading light he bought me. A lit match is as good as that dumb light..

Read anything good lately?..

Comment #62

They are about 25 mins from hospital, I am a wee bit concerned if he ecides to show tomorrow as we are 2 1/2 hours away but at least we know how to drive in the stuff and bad weather guarantees that most southerners will not be on the roads...

Comment #63

Good morning y'all! Just a quickie for now. Slept late, need mucho coffee asap!..

Comment #64

Depends on your definition of 'good'! I do love the Jen Lancaster books, she is flippin hysterical and a gutter girl at heart, Such a Pretty Fat made me LOL a lot! Just finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert which I enjoyed and downloaded Pillars of the Earth which I read 15 years ago or so and thoroughly enjoyed so want to read that again..

Anything good you have read recently??..

Comment #65

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