What is a good exercise/Dukan Diet website?

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My first question is What is a good exercise/Dukan Diet website? Hoping for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I made this for breakfast today:.

I used a single serving casserole dish, put in a serving of frozen mixed berries (any fruit would work), sprinkled with one pack on splenda and then topped with Dukan Diet oatmeal (straight from the package, NOT cooked) and 1/2 cup eggbeaters. I baked it at 375 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes. It was really good and very filling...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Hey Lani!.


And... where have you.


, girl? We miss you on the 100% thread!..

Comment #2

You are quite welcome..

I made it again today too, it's becoming one of my fav's because it's so easy and filling...

Comment #3

So easy and deelish...I posted it under the "What's for breakfast thread" and attributed it to YOU, the author.....

Now I have to take great pics like y'all......

Comment #4

I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow ....... THANKS!..

Comment #5

WOW, I'll have to get the goodies to make this one!! Looks great!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #6

I just got all the ingredients out and ready to go for tomorrow morning! I have to drive my son to school, and if I put it on before I leave..........should be about ready when I get back! Only had frozen strawberries though. I imagine it will work with those...

Comment #7

WOW, this was completely yummy and satisfying!!!! I think I'll be good to lunch with this one!.

I made it with frozen blueberries! YUMMITAS!!!!!!!!..

Comment #8

Do you add the oatmeal precooked and THEN add your eggbeaters, or do you mix the oatmeal with the eggbeaters?..

Comment #9

I made it this morn with frozen strawberries. I definitely didn't prepare the oatmeal. Just added it from pkg. with eggbeaters..

Really yummy, but I had to cook it a little longer than 25 minutes........maybe 1/2 hour...

Comment #10

Add the oatmeal without precooking it and pour the eggbeaters over the uncooked oatmeal. I love this dish because you can use any fruit and it tastes great. You can also use the Dukan Diet graola cereal instead of the oatmeal...

Comment #11

Glad you liked it..

Good idea about starting it before you drive your son to school. When you got home I'll bet your kitchen smelled great...

Comment #12

Here's another one you might want to try. Dukan Diet eggs mixed according to directions + 1/2 C egg substitute. Saute mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, spinach, or any other of your favorite veggies in pam or nuke them for a couple of minutes. In a non-stick 8" skillet add the veggies to the egg mixture ( I add some red pepper flakes as well ), mix well and put in a 400-425 oven for about 15 minutes until the mixture firms up. DON'T OVERCOOK or you get a yellow frisbee.

It's very filling and keeps me from getting the morning munchies...

Comment #13

THANKS YOU, AND NEWYEARHOPE! The recipe from Yellerdog looks good too. I make a lot of frittatas...

Comment #14

In fact it was SO good, that I just changed my next months auto-delivery to include a bunch of the oatmeal! Prior to trying this recipe, I had 28 pancake mixes ordered for the month!.

Uh oh, now I'm gonna have to try the egg dish, and maybe end up including some N/S Eggs...

Comment #15

I definitely go through N/S friendly meal habits. I've been eating some variation of Paul's Bundt cake every day for breakfast. I ate Bunny's strawberry "ice cream" recipe, every day for weeks........I still eat it at least once a week. Well, it might be a new habit with this oatmeal recipe..........I've already prepared all the ingredients again for tomorrow morning. It won't be as easy to wait for it to cook though, because I don't have to drive my son to school! I wonder how this recipe would be cooked in M/W?..

Comment #16

You know, I don't use my M/W at all anymore unless I'm re-heating something. If you do this in the M/W, please let me know how it turns out and how long you cooked it...

Comment #17

I don't know if I'm gonna try the recipe in the M/W until I get my next order. Just in case it's awful!.

I don't want to waste one of only 4 more oatmeals. Although I make a lot of N/S recipes in the M/W and they come out just fine. Choc cake, bread pudding, Paul's bundt cake etc...

Comment #18

When I made it, I did it in the MW.....

Comment #19

How many minutes in the M/W?.

Oh, and sorry if I got mean in the McCain thread.........You know what a devout Liberal I am..

Comment #20

Eh, I'm over getting insulted by you Libby Beyotches. We'll see what happens in November.


I think I did it for 2- 2 1/2 minutes.....

Comment #21

Thanks, maybe I'll try nuking it tomorrow.........and yes, we'll see what happens in November!..

Comment #22

I made an apple variation this morning. I chopped up an apple, added a spoonful of DaVinci SF vanilla syrup and some cinnamon, mixed it, nuked it for a minute. Added another spoonful of SF vanilla syrup, nuked for another minute. I used the apple cinnamon oatmeal. Added the egg whites. It was delicious...

Comment #23

Haha! I just realized what "I'll put it up again if I see it said again" referred to!.

Oh, and that variation sounds really good too! Especially with the apple cinnamon oatmeal!..

Comment #24

I wasn't sure if anyone would be able to figure out what I meant..

But it's a warning just in case someone does..

And I mean it!..

Comment #25

I often make a crisp with just oatmeal and fruit. What does the eggbeaters do for the 'crisp' topping? Is it eggy at all? I'm not a big fan of eggs. I make a 'cobbler' with pancake mix and eggbeaters and pour it over the fruit, but in the pancake mix you can't taste the eggbeater. I can't see the oatmeal absorbing the eggy taste...

Comment #26

It's not crisp. If you don't like eggs, you may not want to make this recipe. I didn't think it tasted "eggy" but someone who never eats eggs may be more sensitive to the taste of the egg. I, on the other hand, love eggs, and thought the eggs just took on a sweet flavor...

Comment #27

Made this again today! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it!!!!!!!!!!! I got more frozen blueberries today so I can make more!!!!!!!!..

Comment #28

It doesn't get crisp but given that I bake it for about 1/2 hour, the crust does get pretty hard. I don't taste the eggs at all..

Tomorrow I'm gonna try it with sugar free cherry pie filling,..

Comment #29

WOW Looks Delicious...Iam Definately making this for My BReakfast tomorrow..

Thank you!!.

NS!! I Lovet and LIvET!!.


Comment #30

I've had it for breakfast at least every other day since you posted the recipe. I just love it. I've tried it with mixed berries, strawberries, SF cherry pie filling, and blueberries. All GREAT!!!!!! My order shipped on Friday, and I'm out of Oatmeal. Ugh! This time I ordered 14 though, so I can keep having this every other day.............the other days I have Pauls Bundt cake. So, 14 Oatmeal & 14 Pancake Mix.....pretty simple...

Comment #31

I'de like to try this with the sf cherry pie filling too. How much pie filling do you use?..

Comment #32

Glad everyone is enjoying this dish..

I'm not positive but I think 1/3 C of NSA Cherry Pie filling is what you use for a serving...

Comment #33

On my can, it says 1/3 cup is 35 calories, so I use a little under 2/3 cup!..

Comment #34

Forgive my ignorance ... as I'm not an oatmeal eater ... but when you pour the oatmeal on the fruit ... are you talking right out of the package, or am I to mix it with something first ... sorry ... I don't have any oatmeal, and wondering about ordering some ... thanks, all for helping my ignorance out!..

Comment #35

It means....pour it right out of the package. However, I like to mix it with the eggbeaters the night before. The consistancy of the "topping" just seems a little bit better that way...

Comment #36

I mix it with the eggbeaters first, and then pour that mixture on the fruit...

Comment #37

Lisa Rae, I have done it both ways. I tend to like it better when I mix it with the eggbeaters before pouring it over the fruit, but it's not bad just out of the package either..

I recently tried this recipe with the pancake mix (got a ton of them at Big Lots.

) and it works with that too...

Comment #38

Looks yummy like cobbler, which I love. Do you think it would work in the microwave as well, maybe covered with plastic wrap??.

Also, a very good value on frozen fruit is from Costco..


Comment #39

So you dont fix the oatmeal like the package says to first?? just mix it with egg beaters and pour it in?? Im gonna try it with canned peaches!!..

Comment #40

Right, just the powdered oatmeal mixed with the other ingredients...

Comment #41

Wow look delicious, thanks for bumping this back up!!..

Comment #42

I love that we all are so willing to share and support one another! and the recipes are just the best ... along with the many variations!..

Comment #43

I definitely taste the eggs in this. it got better after the first bite but if you don't like eggs it may bother you. I usually make a ricotta fruit crisp (Christina Gray's recipe) that uses fruit, FF ricotta cheese, oatmeal and some SF jam that is very good...

Comment #44

Dude...I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep last night thinking about this thread and how I am SO making it Saturday morning. Hahaha!..

Comment #45

I mixed a drop of vanilla in the eggs, it was awesome! Maybe that didn't let the egg taste come through...

Comment #46

All I had was liquid egg whites and it turned out YUMMMY!!! Which makes it more like a 1reakfast casserole than a cobbler. It didnt rise as much as the picture did! I used 4 slices of lite canned peaches and cut them into chunks, I only have one more oatmeal left though :-(..

Comment #47

You can always substitute the Quaker Weight Smart Oatmeal...

Comment #48

Mmmmm! I hadn't had a "cooked" breakfast in quite some time (I've been eating scones and such at the office) and I took the time to make this recipe this morning. Wonderful, and very satisfying!!..

Comment #49

This one is a great and easy breakfast recipe...

Comment #50

Thanks for sharing, that looks yummy.......adding another recipe to my weekend breakfast menu.........

Comment #51

Thanks that looks so good! I have some mixed berry blend from schwan in the freezer..

Several mentions of Pauls bundt cake in this thread, I tried a search & did not find anything. Could someone post it? Thanks..

Comment #52

I made this today & it was so good! I didn't have any frozen fruit, so I used fresh blueberries and strawberries & it came out just fine. Thanks for the recipe!..

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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