What happens at a Nutrisystem meeting ?

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First question I have is What happens at a Nutrisystem meeting ? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... I currently use my fitness center on my campus, but would like to go to an outside gym, and I'm looking at Snap Fitness 24/7..

I also have a Bally's close to me, but I'm not super interested..

Has anyone ever used a Snap Fitness before?.

Before anyone asks: No, I don't have a lot of room in my house for gym equipment. It's hard enough to do Yoga or anything in my living room (plus I keep kicking my dogs on accident). And if I start running or doing anything faster on the Wii, my bigger dog starts running in circles around me wanting to go somewhere...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Anything you do will work, as long as you DO SOMETHING and DO IT HARD!.

Do a guest visit to the gyms you're looking at. Find one you feel comfortable at and most importantly is convenient to your schedule and location. Any impediments will be a "reason" to not going. Joining and not going won't do you any good..


Comment #2

Good suggestion to try them out first. I would steer clear of Ballys, I was a member there for about 15 years, wasn't bad when I started, but they are all about the sales, not about helping people get fit. Staff turnaround is extremely high, so hard to find qualified people when you need them..

Make sure the gym you pick has been there a while, that it's busy peak times. I know being busy is not a plus, but the more people there around 5PM, the more assured you can be that it won't fold and take your money..

Another gym I belonged to and paid cash monthly was double-dipping with the automatic withdrawal of payments. I dated a guy who worked there who was told to do this. Bill twice one month, at end and beginning, a few months later, do it again, stagger when payments are taken out so to confuse people. If someone complains, just say it's an accounting error and give them an extra month..

I belong to the Y now and I know I can trust them with my money. Same people working there as there were 4 years ago when it opened..

Oh, and proximity is important, the closer the gym is the more likely you are to get there...

Comment #3

I agree with all of the above. Make sure that the place is convenient and has what you need..

I used to belong to a gym near home, but it was always a hassle driving in to work after an early workout. Now I work out at a gym at work, and can be ready to go 15 minutes after finishing. I now hit the gym daily instead of sporadically just based on convenience...

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I go to the gym at my apt. complex. It's free and convenient, not usually too crowded. Then, I found a trainer that will come to me. Works out well, and I usually go most days of the week...

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It just doen't matter. You can use the sidewalk out in front of the house, just get the junk a wiggling!..

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Yeah, I own my house with no gym available. Thanks for the ideas everyone! Yeah, I went to Snap Fitness today for a week trial membership. Bally's I've done before and didn't like it. YMCA I've enjoyed in the past but there isn't one close to me at this house. There are two Snap Fitnesses close to me, within 5 minutes each. Small gyms, very minimalistic.

I'd like something with a pool and sauna and whirlpool, but I'm going to wait and make sure that I'm going to this smaller gym for a while first so I know the extra price is going to be utilized..

As for going outside. It's winter. In Wisconsin. It's f'in cold. :P..

Comment #7

As always Gordon has good advice..

Personally, I never used a gym. I knew I would always come up with a reason or excuse to skip (just today). So I worked out at home. It was difficult to find an excuse why I won't get up off the couch and workout while watching TV. Bottom line you have to do what works for you. Doing push ups, sit ups, and toe touches, and working out with some 10 lbs.

Go with what you know you can stick with, sticking with it is more important than where you're doing it. Best of luck...

Comment #8

I gotta agree with Jonah..

No offense Scoob, but you are 400 lbs - i'm surprised at how active you can be! IMO which is not much, if you can just get your butt off the couch in the morning b4 work, walk a few miles - then do somethning similar at night and stay 100% - heck the lbs will fall off! at your weight, you have to think about your knees, hips, heart, under boob sweat, the whole enchilada! track your progress and try and kick it up a bit in speed or length weekly. just sayin...if you jump in the pool totally comitted to swimming a mile, and you can't swim, what's the point? learn to doggy paddle first. no offense, just crappy advice for what it is...ease in brother so you don't get discouraged...commit to making sure you eat right first. I bet you lose >10 lbs in 2 weeks just doing Nutrisystem 100% and walking. if walking is not good, look on craiglist for an exercise bike on the cheap - not much room there. you can even watch tv doing it..

Comment #9

Yeah, I know I can just go for walks and not spend the money on a gym, but as I lose weight I want to slow the muscle loss. Keeping the muscle on while losing the fat is part of my goal..

I like the muscle building part of it, but I do have a "thing" for now, that if I don't feel up to doing the full workout, I can just go for cardio. Plus I'm joining with a friend of mine, so that should help...

Comment #10

Do what you gotta do scoob. think calorie burn. muscle? you are young, you can always make that. look at gordo - a stud in no time at all. look at sean - well wait don't look at sean..

Comment #11

Convenience is by far more important than equipment. You can work the muscles regardless. They'll respond to regular workouts on suboptimal equipment much better than missing workouts on great equipment. Consider staying on campus and getting it done..

You should be getting outdoors for cardio. Don't be a rat on an exercise wheel. Get your butt out in nature, rain or shine...

Comment #12

Poly is always right...get out. you've failed many times and you know it, that's what I'm thinking about. don't do it again - ease in, get out and exercise moderately for now..

Learn to eat -sometimes doing it all at once is too much. stopping smoking or drinking is one thing - because they are unecessary. learning to eat is different because you still have to eat. learn that first and moderate on the other side of exercise - I still don't know why i'm preaching this - I know guys your size and all I say to them is "dude just eat normal"..

But they seem to think to lose weight is a commitment - some sort of dratistic, bombastic, brutal, sadistic, combatitive ritual of exercise, eating right and having no fun at all and suffering..

No, it's not. just eat right and do something, anything. and if you do nothing, fine, just eat right. it's not like becoming a monk or something....

Gees, I wish I listened to myself - I bite off more than I can chew constantly..

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I'm gonna disagree, respectfully of course. Outdoors is okay. My problem with staying on campus is that only works four days a week, when I'm working and don't have to wait around 3 hours for working out. And then it only works right after work. Yeah, this becomes a chore..

Whereas yes, I agree exercise can (and should) be done outside, I'm not really a fan of 14 degree (or less, lots less) weather. Rain or shine? Fine. Freezing cold? Meeeeh. That seems much less likely to suceed than getting a gym for 25 bucks a month..

The Snap Fitness Gym, actually TWO Snap Fitness gyms are within five minutes of my house. Much more likely to get there than back to campus and my place of employment..

As for sidewalks, they're high-impact and stress on the knees, walking on the Woodway (which is designed to decrease the stress) is better. Until I get to a lower weight, I'm gonna try and keep the stress on those joints low (the left one has started to hurt lately)..

In general I'm looking at gyms to ease up some injures and make things optimal for me going. Snap Fitness is a pretty low-key, low-service gym. It has the basics, and that's all I need right now...

Comment #14

I would avoid University gyms. I doubt you would even be able to fight the crowd to get in. At my campus it is always filled to capacity day and night...

Comment #15

I got ya - I agree with the very cold..

So you are going to the gym basically to use the treadmill/bikes - good!.

When I think of "the gym" I think of working out - I have a mental block there..

Comment #16

Legolas> Our gyms have downtimes, we have multiple rec centers. But also everyone is 12 years younger than me (everyone!) and in good physical condition. I'm the fatty on the hamster wheel..

Bob_m> Yes, my main gym reasoning is treadmills/bikes/ellipticals. While I am there I may decide to do weight training, but if I don't *feel* like weight training, I never force myself to do it. I'm not quite at that point yet. Hence, I can go to the gym for just cardio and be okay with that...

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Have you considered buying a treadmill? We bought one 2 years ago - and my wife uses it all of the time. I realize that most people buy, then never use their treadmills and home gym equipment but if you're like me and my wife, you hate to waste money. Just seeing the treadmill sitting in the room and not running is enough to get my wife to walk (or run) on it. She made a table to hold her laptop, etc so she can walk and work on her "office days" when she's not in the field. It sounds crazy but she burns over 750 to 1000 calories over the course of a few hours just walking and typing out her TPS Reports. Plus you don't have to drive to a gym ....

And you're saving on gas too!..

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I used Snap Fitness for almost 2 years and it was great until they started offering all kinds of group classes in a facility that was barely large enough for the equipment as it was..

Now I go to an Anytime Fitness that's less than a mile from my house. When the weather is warmer I run there, work out, and run home..

Before you sign up anywhere ask for a free week trial. Check out the facility during peak hours (6-8 PM was always crazy busy at Snap and is busier than other times at Anytime) and make sure it's not so crowded that you can't get the equipment you want without having to wait during the time you'll typically be there..

Those types of gyms are really only as good as the owner or manager and you should feel comfortable where ever you choose. Good luck & have fun working up a sweat!..

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