What goes on at a Nutrisystem meeting?

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Got a question... What goes on at a Nutrisystem meeting? Many thanks for any response. My other question... These muffins completely gross me out! Anyone have an idea as to how to make them edible? I have like 7 packages left!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

I had my first pack this morning for breakfast. To make it go down I had to chew small bites without letting it touch my tongue and swallow without thinking about the taste. Then I had to take a sip of milk and swish it around. Lot of work just for breakfast..

I've got 2 more packs left. I think next time I will heat up for a second and maybe spray it with a shot of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. It makes everything better...

Comment #2

I love them, but I also have a few recipes posted here using them. One is a blueberry parfait, one is a blueberry bread pudding and you can also make french toast out of them by slicing them in half and dipping them in egg beaters then "frying" them in a non stick skillet with cooking spray. You can use regular sf pancake syrup or make your own blueberry syrup by using fresh or frozen and thawed blueberries mixed with some sf blueberry jam and a small ammount of lemon juice and splenda. It's wonderful!! Christina..

Comment #3

Nuke them for a few seconds, and spray on I Can't Believe It's Not Butter...

Comment #4

That's to bad. I love them but I love anything blueberry. I think they have a good taste. I order about 15 every auto...

Comment #5

I like them too. I like that they're so easy...

Comment #6

I like the Blueberry Muffins but the "NutriToots" kill me afterwards. Same with the Orange Pastry. I tried Beano with no luck. Anyone have a better suggestion?.

Warming them up in the microwave and the ICBINB spray does help the taste by the way!..

Comment #7

Try crumbling them up and adding them to a ff yogurt...thats how I eat them and it's quite good..

Comment #8

I actually really like them.....and the orange pastry.....two of my favorites, slightly warmed with a cup of coffee......but yes the digestive aftermath can be alarming......I wouldn't recommend eating day after day!..

Comment #9

I like them too. Not to crazy about the Orange cranberry pastry as I do not taste orange or anything..

I warm them for at least 13 to 14 minutes and then top with fat free cream cheese..

Yes, I like that digestive aftermath, too. I am lucky, I can stay home after eating them..

Comment #10

Thanks, I try not to talk about it much, even though I laughed hysterically the first time I heard the term, "nutritoots"..

Took me a while to figure out the cause, but then I remembered reading about it in a prior board..

Does anyone know how I can get one of those cool little tickers on my page?.



Comment #11

I had them for breakfast while driving my son to school,(I kinda woke up late) I thought they were good...

Comment #12

I recommend the french toast route, but beware of the Nutritoots!..

Comment #13

I sliced then down the middle, slight toasted and just a touch op FF cream cheese and SF jelly with 1/2 cup egg substitute, scambeled eggs and coffeeIt was a good breakfast. Is it on my favorite way..

Comment #14

Thanks everyone - I accidently order 20 of them!! Not my favorite but now I have some recipes to try!!..

Comment #15

I have had them twice now and really like them...which is fortunate since I just got my second box of food today and I have 5 of them!! Lol I only ordered two. Oh well, I think they are good. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Take care and have a great night!! Sheila..

Comment #16

My Wife and I really like them. The first time they were a little stale, but better the second time...

Comment #17

I find the blueberry muffins and cranberry orange loaf have a smell that makes me urge. I think it is the soy. it really is too bad because I must have at leasy 9 CO loaves and another muffin left in my box. I am not sure if I can get past the smell! I may try a couple of your suggestions...

Comment #18

The second ingredient is Sorbitol, here's the definition from

Sorbitol: This medication is used as a laxative to treat occasional episodes of constipation...

Comment #19

FYI- My cat was going crazy. He wanted some of the muffin and he hates "people" food. The only table scraps he likes are cheese and turkey...

Comment #20

I really didn't know about the aftermath...thanks for the heads up...I tried the orange cranberry one this am...put it in the toaster , cut in in half (lenghtwise) and then added a little dab of cream cheese on each half...wasn't half bad (but it wasn't half good either!)..

Comment #21

Sorbitol is a natural ingredient found in a wide variety of fruits and berries. Some babies get diarrhea if they drink apple or pear juice because it's naturally high in sorbitol..

If you had a reaction to sorbitol, I'd think you'd know it by now if you were a juice drinker. But if you do, it could be from the fruit your eating and not from the sorbitol in the foods. There's probably less in the food than what naturally occurs in some fruits. Just a thought if you have problems...

Comment #22

Apparently. not everybody is hit with it. Some people react others don't. But it is listed as the second ingredient on the package....that's pretty high (as it is the order sorted by highest content)...

Comment #23

I tried the blueberry muffins twice... both times with yogurt. After eating them I got a terrible stomach ache and upset stomach, etc. I thought it was the yogurt! Guess I know better now. I have about 4 of them left and two cranberry but I won't be eating them! And it is too late to get replacements..

Why would Nutrisystem include something like this that upsets so many people's digestive system?.

And the kicker is that in my first order Nutrisystem threw in about 8 or 10 of them!..

Comment #24

It doesn't effect everyone the same way, and is generally safe. For those who are effected.....check the ingredients. Same goes for soy. There are some here that have soy problems, and they don't know it until they put a ton in their body, and then develop a rash. It's safe for most people, just not them...

Comment #25

Never had any problems with them. Offer them in the trade post. Lost of people like them...

Comment #26

Wanna sell your blueberry muffins and cranberry pastries? I love them both!.


Comment #27

I'll buy your cranberry-orange pastries and blueberry muffins if you really want to get rid of them! I really love them both, weird, huh?.



21 down, 4 to go.

Start date 6-6-07..

Comment #28

I put them in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Then I put a small amount of promise - butter substitute and sugar free jam on top of each one. You can also add cinnamon. I think they are delicious!! Kathy in Naples, Florida..

Comment #29

Typical. Why is it that the people that post only to criticize the food never bother to take the time to thank the people that go out of their way to offer suggestions?..

Comment #30

I love them. they are one of the foods I miss most doing Nutrisystem on my own!..

Comment #31

I don't mean to come off as just critizing the food... I have spent alot of time reading the recipes and can't wait to try some of them. People are very helpful here..

I didn't mind the taste of the muffins... and I'm sure they even taste better prepared using these suggestions. I just can't eat them because of the effect they have on me. I can't help that. I wish they had one that did not have that effect and I would eat them frequently because they are so convenient..


Comment #32

That wasn't directed at you. I was talking about the person that asked for help and didn't respond. Oh well, maybe they will. Believe me there's probably tons of food that you like that I don't. The food doesn't bother me "that way" as much but I have weird taste and pretty much eat the same 3-4 foods every day..

I did have problems when I started with some of the food, but I'm pretty good now. I do have my day's where it's not safe to get to be in the same room as me, but not as bad as it was. My issue is the fiber and dairy, not the sweetners. At first I thought it might be the sweetners, but most days I'm doing Nutrisystem on my own now and still have the same issues, so it's not that...

Comment #33

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your suggestions! I truly appreciate them all! In no way did I mean to offend anyone for not responding sooner. I haven't had time to check the discussion board lately. Although I am sorry for anyone I might have offended, I am very discouraged to ever write on a message board again for fear of being criticized for not responding quick enough. This program is set up to encourage each other, not tear someone down...

Comment #34

I like both the blueberry muffins and the cranberry orange pastry straight out of the package without heating or putting anything on them. I can't eat them everyday, however, due to the toots (although I don't get the trots). I alternate with cereal or pancakes. After all my time in low carb-land, I'm loving the breakfasts...

Comment #35

It's not that. We get a lot of drive by posters that simply come here to complain about the food, never to return..

Blueberry Muffins=Gross.

Made me think it was one of those posts. There are people that post here that are constantly negative and it's sort of a downer for those of us that try to stay positive and supportive..

Good luck...

Comment #36

I hated them too and tried to feed them to my 13 year old who just about threw up, so I tried my 14 year old, who did the same....then my dog wouldn't even eat them.

My dog eats EVERYTHING!..

Comment #37

Anyone who has ever been on a low-carb or low-glycemic index diet, should know that any "sugar substitute" used in a sugar-free food has the warning that overconsumption may have a laxitive effect. I also agree with you that people may not know they can have a reaction to either the soy or sugar substitute until they eat more than they are used to...

Comment #38

I just got my new order that I was so looking forward to... and half my breakfasts were subbed with.... Blueberry Muffins!!!.

14 of them!! Looks like they subbed all my granola bars... I will be calling but there should be some way we can stop this from happening! Wow! Now I have about 18 of them....

This is too expensive to just take what you are given and not get what you order....

Thanks for listening.....

Comment #39

Definitely call them. They'll send you something out. It's annoying because it happened to me with lunches when I first started. Every single thing I liked they were out of or discontinued..

I8! You could build a little blueberry muffin fort! LOL If your interested I'd buy them from you. email me.

Or you could put them on ebay...

Comment #40

I think for only a 100 calories they are quiet filling, compared with the yummy, but too many calories and not filling-pastrys'. I put the muffins in the microwave with a dallop of sugar free jelly and a dallop of cool whip =so my dallops equal about 25 cal. I do like to mix it up throughout the month so I order just a few. Maybe you could even try sugar free maple syrup and microwave them..


Comment #41

Ahhhh yes, the infamous sorbitol filled blueberry muffins. That was one of the first breakfasts I ate on NS. I was at work...can you imagine my misery??? I work in a high security office where I'm locked in, I chased myself around ALL DAY!!! Seven months later I thought I'd give 'em one more try. This time I was smart and tried them on my day off....good thing I waited until I was off!!! WOW is all I have to say!.

While I don't mind the taste, my tummy disagrees!..

Comment #42

Well, I called customer service and they were very nice and are going to send me every item on my list that was subbed..

So, yes I will be looking to find homes for 18 blueberry muffins and 2 orange cranberry pastries. They don't agree with me....

I will get back tomorrow about it as it is bedtime now... and I was so happy! My nutrichocolates weren't melted this time! Even though I plan on melting some to try the peanut butter cups when I get my PB2!..

Comment #43

I really want to like them especially because I love orange and cranberry together. what part of the country do you live in? I may consider selling them!..

Comment #44

I live in Michigan. You can e-mail me if you want at.

Have a good day!..

Comment #45

I have a good home!.

I'd take them all , or since there are others(Swedish8fish) that also like them, you could spread them around..

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #46

That's OK, you posted about them first. Sorry, I didn't see your post when I mentioned it...

Comment #47

Thanks! It's seems we're in the minority about liking the muffins. Their loss, huh?..

Comment #48


Its the cranberry/orange pastry that taste like burning ass......

Comment #49

I can't stand the blueberry muffins they taste worse than burning ass!!..

Comment #50

Sorry I love them and the crandberry / orange pastry thingys...mmmmmmm..

Comment #51

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