What Godaddy promo deals are available?

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My question is: What Godaddy promo deals are available?.

My 2nd question is: Hi there,.

Is it me, or are people getting less and less interested in new extensions.

The HostGator extensions that I have witnessed being released are .EU, .MOBI and now .ME.

.EU - There was so much hype for this HostGator extension. Everyone was fighting for domains, there were barely any names to grab by the end of the landrush.

.MOBI - There seemed that there was alot of hype, but also alot of doubt whether there was any need for such an extension.

.ME - Seems to be a total flop, there are still domains available to hand reg now!.

I for one have decided that I'm not going to touch any new extensions and just stick to the top ones.

As for all of these extensions that ICANN are going to make available for a cost... I dont think that many will deviate from the common extensions...

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Your question was: What Godaddy promo deals are available?.

I'm totally opposite .....

I go for dot asia cause I can't afford dot com, a simple 4l dot com cost me 12k but dot asia cost me 13 ......

Another reason is I able to contact asia buyer directly (make my sell easy) .....

Comment #1

Same for me: getting less and less interested in the new ones. Don't have much of trust in .asia either. Mobi and me are totally out of my interest: just starting(ed) but already clear how they gonna end up, he-he...

Comment #2

I agree Jiblob.

Stick with the tried and true. I am having enough headaches monetizing good keyword top level domains.


Comment #3

That is certainly a valid point that you have made. They are attractive because of their cheaper prices... but I dont think that users are really catching on once these sites are built...

Comment #4

As long as the domainers buy them, why should icann stop releasing new TLDs.

Domainers are always happy to compete for a landrush of some sort or make sure they don't miss out on the 'next big thing'.

Likewise I am pretty sure that some wannabe (?) domainers are going to invest in .tel domains, even though you can't develop 'conventional' websites on them so the ext is pretty much pointless. But people do not always do their homework as they should. I see where you're coming from, but sometimes (often) paying for a strong HostGator name is a sound investment down the road.

I think developing in unproven TLDs is like building a home in the middle of the desert. You have can plenty of large rooms, a huge garden, no neighbors in sight but the crowds and traffic just aren't there. As a result you need to put up more effort to offset the poor location and attract visitors...

Comment #5 does not cost 12k. There's a drop list here at nampro where is available to register. is also on sale here and on ebay for as low as $9.99.

You must mean (3l instead of 4l). does not cost you $13. It cost more than that, at least 2 years of registration is required if you win the auction......

Comment #6

Yea, playing with new, unproven TLDs will end up being a slow, painful drain(especially if you put too much into them). I'm sticking to the top 3 or 4 TLDs for the most part now...

Comment #7

There are always gonna be suckers that throw money into new extentions, regardless of how crap it is. Just take a look at some of these "showcase" threads here on NP of some of these recent newly released extentions over the past few months.

So, to answer your question.....yes, it's just you. Still plenty of people out there getting into the new extentions..

Comment #8

I would would worry much more about what Google does in coming months than ICANNT...

Comment #9


Would be cool if you could get ''.

I have some nice one word gmails..

Comment #10

I'm staying away from the new extensions too. I invested in a few .mobi and found them not to be a good investmentat the time there was a huge hype around the extension and I got a bit carried away...

Comment #11

COM/NET/ORG are the big three, and will stay that way. 95% of people on the internet have never heard of any other extension...

Comment #12

Do you mean lots of domainers?.

Every new domainer is trying to find that gold mine and most of them that are not educated on the industry throw tons of money in to the pot. Even enough to influence other people. This in a sense is the hype. A seasoned domainer MIGHT dable in the extension but does not put large amounts of money in to it at all. Also seasoned domainers that use this strategy have more than one out and back up plans incase the extension is a flop...

Comment #13

Well, let us at least see the times strong .net/.org's command some serious attention of course, is good, as is, or poker.whatever, but middle-tail domains have no use whatsoever...

Comment #14

Yep too many extensions and only a few keywords are worth it in each one of em. Stick.

To .com .net .org. Only .web would have any real appeal globally...

Comment #15

From the way it sounds, most people arent going to care one bit about these new extensions that will be coming out left right and centre.

Plus, what are the reg fees going to be..

Comment #16

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