What foods are zero points in Nutrisystem system?

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First of all What foods are zero points in Nutrisystem system? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Thats right, I made it a whole year without being BANNED! <bows>.

I couldn't have done it with you guys!.

I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful thoughtfullness you displayed in not pi$$ing me off this past year...its really touching <voice cracks> and I would like to especially thank the MODS <openly sobs> for being so understanding these last 12 months and for all emails and pm's of encouragement (I think you called them warnings.

Whats that about?) helping me to direct (ordering me) my energies for the common good of the boards..

< collects self, clears throat> I will do my best to live up to the high standards I set in wont be easy but I am sure you MODS, will be right there to help (assigned to) me along the way!.

I believe Pam will be donating a ticker to help me track my progress...only 3 more months and I get to order items other than pea soup and leftover blueberry muffins...I can hardly wait!.

Thanks again everyone...heres to a ban-free 2011! <raises water bottle>.

In case you weren't here......


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Help me set the mood here, when they make the TV movie what music will be playing in the background? Somehow reading this I am hearing Brian's Song but could go with I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing...

Comment #2

Good luck, Coach...and I really mean that. <smiles with heartfelt affection...and maybe a little amusement>..

Comment #3

Oh yeah, and be careful on the roads....we really DO love ya, you snot!..

Comment #4

Drive safe. There is no one else to be you...

Comment #5


<whispers and looks around furtively>.

How many mods did you bribe?..

Comment #6

I know, I know...she shoulda made it an hourly ticker, right?..

Comment #7

The drive home was COOOOOOOL! We had thundersnow and snow lightning!..

Comment #8

Yes, it will, MarkyMark....

I will reset it if necessary...

Comment #9

There's no one else like you, Mark {thank goodness.

} and you have definitely made myNutrisystemjourney, um, entertaining. I think I've lost the majority of my weight by all the ROFLMAO - thanks..

If you feel yourself slipping, I could probably send you a talisman to protect you from harm, or have a roll of duct tape handy to keep you from harming yourself, LOL..

"We love you, we really love you!".

Your favorite Witch.


Comment #10

OMG new to boards but you are sooooooo killing me with this post!..

Comment #11

Welcome on board and believe me, we have LOTS of fun. You will meet some of the nicest and some of the craziest people here (they are usually the same group)...

Comment #12

Just don't ever think you can out-argue Marky! It's just totally exhausting!..

Comment #13

It wasn't easy. I had to bribe all the Canadian officials not to release the details of your trip across the border..

EvenNutrisystemwould have had to ban you for that..

On a positive note, you really did bring on a change to our border security...

Comment #14

Cheers Kris! {{hugs}}}} I cant hug as hard on the left...cracked two ribs coupla weeks back. Slipped on the snow on the steps....EPIC fall...was probably halarious to see!.

Did your kneecap get better?..

Comment #15

Thank you witchy!! Ya gotta have fun, right? I might take up on that talisman...and I can think of a few good uses for the duct tape too..

Didya catch that bright full moon the other day? MAN it was beautiful!.

You keep me safe and I will keep tryin' to make ya grin...

Comment #16

What a pretty smile! We'll do our best to keep ya smilin'...and every now and again we'll even same something important..

(dont hold your breath for that though).

Welcome to the boards LD!..

Comment #17

A big Woo Hoo for the coach. Can't imagine the boards without you!..

Comment #18

Man Sixty....from what I have seen over the years, everyone has sumthin' to offer...well, almost everyone...there is that one that I havent figured out a use for yet...

Comment #19

That is sooooo NOT true! I never argue...I am a man of few words...I hardly ever even post...whats your your sources...this conversation is not finished Kurby.......

And another thing......

Comment #20

Kurby calls it arguing...I call it learning..

(if she would just listen she would learn)...

Comment #21

Now your making fun of my new avatar??!!??.

That is soooo mean....a$$holes have feelings too ya know!..

Comment #22

Hmmmm, who logged in as you, Marky? Over 25,000 posts. Do you have a cat who steals your laptop?..

Comment #23

A little sensitive, tonight, Marky?.

I was talking about all of the.

Trying to conversate with you. OK, I'll listen real hard now..

Ooops, the.

Slipped out again. Sowwy!..

Comment #24

MOKEY!! my BWCA lil sis!.

When do I get to see your other eye?..

Comment #25

You really are important to the posts, ya know. There are many of us, including some lurkers who never say anything, who have learned a lot from you (even when you were ranting). Including how to open the food without getting splattered...

Comment #26

Thank you are soooo much nicer than Kurby!.

Whoa...look at that ticker Jen! Ever so close to onederland!! Fantastic job!..

Comment #27

That's a mystery to even me since I can't remember which eye I did show.... <giggle>.

You guys have seen an eye and part of an arm... what's next a leg?!?!?!..

Comment #28

After years, I still get splattered but at least I don't explode lunches anymore...

Comment #29

Keep up the good work, Coach. You always make me smile, or laugh, or at the very least think..

Comment #30

You saw that?!!??.

Did it work for ya? I tried to be very took me months to perfect that technique...and about a dozen dress shirts!..

Comment #31

Slipped? I think you have a setting on your keyboard that types a.

After every time you type Mark.

Damn...maybe it's a virus and now I have it??!!???. m.

Y keyboard is run.

Ning ou.



Comment #32

If I can just learn to make ya cry I can fullfill what Jimmy V. says is a full day!..

Comment #33

LOL! You might want to wait until spring.....

I don't shave 'em in the winter time...

Comment #34

Wow Mark, I am sure the MODs are trying to figure out how the miss putting you in message board jail at least one last year..

Go Packers!..

Comment #35

Shhhhh...dont give 'em any ideas...they're watchin'..

I am rootin' for the Packers too...I'll be watchin' from a cruise ship...should be a hell of a party...

Comment #36

No longer than the rest of the continuous states, but it helps with the cold...

Comment #37

Those RCMP's were easy Kelly...I just brought 'em theNutrisystemfoods they couldnt get in Canada..

Speaking of laughin' always make me have that same off the wall sense of humor I do...its been my pleasure to spend the last coupla years with ya..


Comment #38

The feeling is mutual Mark. I promise not to tell anyone that you are a great guy. ((((hugs)))).

Please keep Annie ahs99 in your prayers. She isn't well and needs lots of laughter and positive vibes sent her way...

Comment #39

PM me Kelly...right away...I want details, please. I had no idea...

Comment #40

Sing it with me:.

There's a team that is bold.

In their black and their gold.


Comment #41

<in my best Dalai Lama voice> Listen to me carefully grasshopper..

1. Set the can on a flat surface with the ring pointed.


From you..

B. firmly grasp the circumference of the can with your left hand..

3. Pop ring loose with your right thumb and bend forward. (push ring.


From you until it is at least parallel with the rim of the can).

D. Insert forefinger into ring and place thumb directly behind ring..

5. Pull back with forefinger while keeping slight pressure on top with thumb and sliding thumb towards you while pulling lid towards you with forefinger..

F. STOP pulling when about 1/2 inch of top is attached to rim at back. (nearest you).

7. Grasp lid and wiggle slightly back and forth until free from rim. (IMPORTANT...this step is where people 'eff up....wiggle GENTLEY!).

H. Install white lid and put into microwave where all your hard work will be null and void as the lid pops off and soup coats the inside of your microwave..

9. Eat whats left (note: should be about 72% left by now) and you.


Saved 1/3 of your calories for that meal..

TOMORROW we will discuss how to get the film off of the pot roast without using a jackhammer...

Comment #42

Mark: That is why we are all DONKEYS, in honor of Annie (the Donkey). I have mine showing a ribbon in the appropriate spot...

Comment #43

I resemble that remark! Has anyone seen my screws? They were really loose and some fell out and got lost...

Comment #44


So the power went out last night during the big deal, just plowed the lane and went to bed, set my phone to wake me..

Got up this morning, paid $75 bucks to take a shower and came here to work...I've been checking in from time to time and getting the same automated response..."you are part of a known time has been set for restoration."....a coupla minutes ago I got this..."you are part of a known outage, all restoration to be complted by 11:59pm on 1/29/2011.".

GRRRRR! I think I was happier when no time had been set! Realistically mine could come on anytime between now and Saturday if I go ahead and get a hotel this evening it will probably come on...if I go home, put a fire in the fireplace (a must since it was 51 in the house when I left this morning) I will wake up to darkness and another $75 shower..

Decisions like this drive a guy like me CRAZY!..

Comment #45

I feel for you, sweetie..

But, if it were me in the same predicament, I would opt for the hotel room if you can get it!!! If you're going to have to shell out $75 for a shower anyway, why not have all the amenities for a little more?! I had to go through 3 days in an all electric house with no power during Winter Storm 1993 (i.e. no lights, no stove, no hot water, no heat) - and I would never, ever, suffer like that again!!! BTW - Do you know how long it took to make a mini pot of coffee on a Coleman stove?! GADS! What was worse for us was that we only had a kerosene heater for backup heat and we literally had to huddle around it with all of our extra clothes, jackets, socks, etc. still on. We looked like a family of vagabonds warming up to a trash can fire...

Comment #46

Been there before too. Good luck and God bless you...

Comment #47

Grrrr! Yeah, thats what I am gonna do....even worse at my house besides being all electric, I am on a well...soooooo, no water only get one flush per toilet...can be a problem when you are as full of sh!t as I aml...luckily I have four..

I think I am gonna head outta here (work) while it's still light and gather some things..

See y'all later...

Comment #48

Go, and be safe, and warm, and cozy, and .....

Comment #49

LOL. For me, that would be an extreme expense that would not be very cost effective, since we don't normally have weather like that often or instances of power outages often. For Coach, however ... he should definitely have one..

I learned my lesson after that 1993 escapade/adventure and have purchased two homes since - BOTH have natural gas (heat, stove, fireplace) and electric, and BOTH have a fireplace that is woodburning as well as gas. I also no longer own waterbeds (DH and I had one, and DS had one back then)...

Comment #50

I don't have one either. My friends who are always losing power in the storm and also have a well have one. Large enough to keep the two refrigerators and separate freezer, pump and lights/tv on one level of the house running for a while...

Comment #51

I live in the middle of Santa Barbara and have a full-house generator! This thing could run the whole street. I always envision myself in a situation where all the power is out, except for my house, and the neighbors see my lights blaring and think I'm an alien (like the old Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street")...

Comment #52

I have weighed that option a million times DebKit...trouble is that with the house being total electric and on a well I've gotten estimates between 12 and $20,000 to run all the essentials during has to be the kind they hardwire into your house..

It just didnt seem to be a wise investment for something that may only be used every few years..

The hotel room is nice and I wont have to clean it up tomorrow...

Comment #53

Ya know Pam, back it the late 90's Montgomery Ward went outta business...I went to bid on office furnitute, credenza's and things like that...since they were actually abandoning the building they actually auctioned off the back-up generator for the store...this thing was a 351 FORD car engine that had been modified to run on natural this day I could kick myself in the damn a$$ for not bidding on could have EASILY run my whole house and then some. This thing had less than 100 hours on it..

It went for, I'll never forget...$800!! The dude who bought it said "I cant believe I just bought a $30,000 generator for 800 bucks!" He was a wholesaler and said he would get at least that shipping it overseas!..

Comment #54

My husband is in the computer business and has various servers in his home office. Our setup cost around $4000. But, it has really come in handy over the years. It even has it's own 100 gallon LP tank connected to it...

Comment #55

Ya know I cracked two ribs right? Since they couldnt put them in a cast, will you sign my ticker?..

Comment #56

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