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I'm on a message forum, and this kid used information off my site to find my mom's site, so that he could send an email to her telling her that I was into meth... which I'm not. My mom called me up wondering what was going on, and I straightened everything out w/her, but now I'm wondering what exactly I could do to this kid.

Don't have too much info on him other than his name, which I've confirmed by finding his email and his name on a guestbook from years ago.

If anyone could give me ideas, or needs more info, let me know...

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Ummm.... are you asking what you could do this person legally? Im not sure you can do anything, especially if you dont know anything about him. But I would tell you what I would do, if I was you. I'd get over it and move on with my life...

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I mean in terms of getting him in trouble w/his ISP or anything.. I'm sure I could dig a bit deeper and get some more info on him...

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Well, what did he do that is illegal?.

Libel - defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.

Im not sure you can sue him in civil court for writing bad things about you to your mother... and if you could, would you spend the amount of money to hire a laywer?.

Did he do something that was against his ISP's terms of service? Im sorry but you sound rediculous. I advise you to spend your time in another pursuit, one which might bring you some satisfaction...

Comment #3

He tried to get my mom to believe that I have a drug problem...

That's strong defamation of character. I'm not going to sue him, but I'm wondering what leverage I could use that towards for other matters... That very well may be against an ISP's ToS... but I don't know how common it is...

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Stating false accusations to a third party which defames your character is illegal. Though, you'd have to think about what lead him to this conclusion. Was it just something he completely made up, or was it based on something you posted which may have led him to believe this? If he was honestly under the impression from something you said that you had drug problems, it probably would be hard to prove that he did it knowing it was a lie and with the intent to defame you. You also have to look at how the email to your mom was written. Did he state you were using meth, or did he merely state a concern about it? The two are completely different. Either way, it's a pretty low thing to do, to say something like this to someone's mother.

But make sure you have copies of all the emails and any evidence proving that he sent them and any previous dealings you may have had with him. If you cant figure out more information about him, ask your local court, they may be able to tell you how to go about getting a subpoena for his ISP to release his information. I'm really not sure how that works, but maybe it's possible.

So your options are pretty much to pursue it or to just move on, but like I said, if you pursue it, you need to be able to prove that he knowingly lied and showed intent to defame your character. If you don't choose to take it to court, I doubt theres anything an ISP would do about it. They're not in the business of handling personal disputes.....

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I assure you, it's not against an ISP's terms of service. He is allowed to say whatever he likes and the truth is, Defimation of Character or Libel, is a civil issue, not a criminal one. The other issue is how much would you sue him for? Was your reputation so damaged you can no longer work or lost money? Get real and move on...

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"As a young man myself I have had several of my friends fall victim to the.

Addictive drug known as 'Ice' or 'Meth'.

Although I dislike your son,when he shared with the community he had.

Starting using Ice himself, I felt I had to do something to try to stop his.

Addiction spiralling out of control as I have seen so many times before.".

I take a strong anti-drug policy on the boards, and it's well known.

Basically, he brought the internet to the RL world. I want to do something to show him why this is a bad idea...

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In simple words, you are wasting your time. Get on with it and pursue something more useful. If he continues to do again, then you can think again.


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Post his email, to your mother, in every forum he belongs to and let all others know of his tactics. At the same time defend your honor and point out you do not use "ice" or "meth"..

Then laugh at him and realize the level he is on and be greatful you are not.

Aside from all that.....I would say you should find your way closer to your mother and develope a relationship with her that would never make her feel the need to question you in this manner again. She in fact might just reply in email stating she has no need to hear such BS because she "knows" her son.....and that he would never abuse his person, family and loved ones with such a habbit.

I think the worries should be in the doubt your mother displayed by questioning you. Work on that end of this dealio and you'll be much better off.....not to mention MOM.

Best wishes and good luck. Focus on more worthy issues in life.


Comment #9

My mom was only worried for about 2 seconds... I haven't lived w/her for... 6? years now.. so she doesn't see me every day, and we only talk every week or so, and she *is* my mom after all, so she just had to make sure, even though she knew.

Either way, I just had to tell her I wasn't using any drugs, and it was some kid who got pissed off at me over the internet that dug through my site to find her site, to find her email address, to send that to her.

I have a very open relationship w/her. She knows how often I smoke cigs, she knew that I smoked pot for a short while 4 years ago, she knows about the activities w/my gf... she knows how often I drink. I don't hide anything from her because I've never had to. That's why she was only worried for 2 seconds.

EDIT: but seriously.. trying to get a 23 year old in trouble w/his mommy?? How lame can you get? I flame w/the best of them on the net.. but it's the internet. When you want to cry to someone's mommy IRL, you have a problem, and it needs to be dealt with...

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I'm glad to hear this. You obviously are passionate about your relationship and perhaps I may have assumed there was a void. I'll always be glad to be corrected in such a case. My apologies for any insult I may have brought and please know none are or were meant. Never the less what is important are those we love and respect. You could at this point thank this wanker for reinforcing the bond you have with your mother.

Please note I only imply that any energies spent on this clown would be better spent on whom and what are important. Sounds like you have that earth firmly under foot with Mom. But as for "dealt" with.... I'm hoping you find solace in our convo and in the advise of others you decide to let this one just fade away.....If he continues to harass you or MOM then you have cause to.... "get busy" on him. Fight the good fight. wishes in all respects.


Comment #11

I'm totally in agreement. In the future, don't post anything about yourself on the web you don't want to be used against you or your privacy interests...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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