What ever happened to Nutrisystem ? Does anyone know?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What ever happened to Nutrisystem ? Does anyone know? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... You went from a keg to a six-pack!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

That is really inspiring... thanks for posting. I started back on Nutrisystem today and I'm going to take a picture of myself tonight. I hope I get the same results...

Comment #2

Your not? How much more do I have to lose to inspire you Richie?..

Comment #3

Hey richie, we all may need one of these soon if we don't do something...this baby's BIG - now that's inspiring!..

Comment #4

Nah, I won't be needing one of those. I'm going to be cremated. My family will be getting a 5 gallon bucket of gravy...

Comment #5

Maybe a drywall spackling bucket...lord knows i've got plenty of them around...if you need one let me wife can glitter-graphics it up for u.


Maybe I just invented a new recycling industry..

Comment #6

Calves is the only muscle group where I have gone down in strength. (On standing single leg raises, I went from body weight to 45# plus body weight, while losing 62#.) And for any functional movement (with body on top of calves, I'm stronger...just if you did a seated calf raise or measured the muscle it would be a little weaker.).

Given that all other body parts went up, it was not an issue of the diet. I do think that there is a strength increase from the daily carrying of 100lbs that is hard to match with more periodic weightlifting for the calf muscle specifically. I trained, which probably retarded some of the loss, but hard to stop all..

There is a very common beleif that dieting will lead to huge muscle loss. But I contest that. It may not be the optimal way to build muscle (in high deficit), but for the average person here who is not even lifting consistently now...I bet they can more than maintain...actually gain strength and muscle mass...during the course of their diet...if they do a program and are consistent...

Comment #7

I can absolutely guarantee that you will loose muscle mass if you 1) don't weight train, and 2) eat enough protein. Otherwise your body will cannibalize your muscle for protein. I do agree that it is hard to build muscle. The goal while dieting is to avoid loosing muscle mass...

Comment #8

It's an interesting phenomenon. What are the best papers on it?.

I saw guys on the wrestling team who cannibalized muscle mass. It was the result of very low bf%ages, more so than rate of loss. Basically of cutting muscle because that was all that was left..

I also think we can't generalize for athletes like bodybuilders in extreme hypertrophy as opposed to people who are relatively underdeveloped anyhow. I only have a "study of one" though.....

Comment #9

Was I just called "underdeveloped" ? .

My calves were fat, my legs are still strong...

Comment #10

Wrestlers mainly loose water weight, often the same 10lbs several times each week. They must maintain their strength to be successful..

I have been away for the past few days. I will try to find you a paper...

Comment #11

I've purposely let weight training and protein supplements behind for now. Staying on-plan, working on getting to new lows and conditioning to be able run 3 miles w/out feeling like I'm dying are my prioirities..

I don't mind the muscle being sacrificed. I know I can bulk up again in a couple weeks of focus next year before the beach. No one can see my arms with long-sleeved shirts, anyway..


Comment #12

Most of our wrestling team did not cut muscle despite running in the single digits for bf% (we calipered and had the best trainer in the state). Of course we all lost water weight the night before weighin (just don't drink during/after practice and you drop 5# easy). Our 105#er cut muscle. We called him Skelotor. He was 5-8 and looked extremely gaunt. He lost strength as well.

And he was better than our other options at 105. He lost a lot against other teams though.....

Comment #13

Congratulations Jonah!!!!!.

You don't even have the left over skin!.

Your legs do look strong!.

Very inspiring, if I could only do that!..

Comment #14

When I get done, I'm going to make Jonah look like a fatty..

I already found me a hottie. I don't see him with a girlfriend...

Comment #15

That's MORE than just cool. It's more like groovy and out-a-sight...

Comment #16

Dude, is it just my monitor? Or did Nutrisystem turn you orange?..

Comment #17

No Richie, Nutrisystem did not turn me orange. No it's not spray on tan either...

Comment #18

I just like showing my morph to prove it can be done by average Joe's like myself...

Comment #19

Good bump jonah.

Don't morph back,. keep active here and on your program - all these posts of gaining weight back are starting to make me anxious.....

Comment #20

Great job, man..

Glad to see you still around..

My struggles with maintenance have brought me back...

Comment #21

Vader good to see you again. Your pictures and posts are what made me believe I could lose weight on Nutrisystem in the first place. You were a key element in my success on the program. Thanks again for being my motivation, and making me believe I could lose weight too. As you can see I had great results. So far, I'm hanging tough, with only a 3 to 5 pound gain here in there that I quickly take off.

Good to see you again...

Comment #22

Thank you for the kind words, Jonah. Your continued success is very inspirational. Your transformation in the picture is incredible..

I am amazed by your lack of loose skin. Check out those abs.....

Comment #23

My abs?.

That's what 200 situps a night, 5 nights a week bring you..

Funny I could only do 20 situps when I first started trying to work out at home..

Now 200 situps, just isn't that big a deal..

Now I'm afraid if I stop I'll get heavy again, so I just keep working out...

Comment #24

Now if I could just find a way to actually morph that quickly. I broke the 20 lb mark but at my size no one notices the first 20. I am still on about a .5 lb per day pace and I am really hoping I can keep that pace going...

Comment #25

I with you, Tom - I'm 6'4 and hold the weight prettty well. people thought I was crazy for even getting on NS. Didn't think I was fat - I knew better. I was the Fat-Guy at the Gym (Thanks, Radsdad .... still hurtin' from that one, HA!).

Just broke the 30 lb. mark and have been getting a few head turns at work and around the neighborhood. You know? Those.


Type looks..

Pretty cool..

(How many of you guys took weight gainer growing up??!! I did - not really panning out like I had anticipated)..

Comment #26

Sean, I took weight gainer until very recently. It came in a bucket and you had your choice of original or extra crispy! :-).


Comment #27

Never needed weight gainer either...i did bench 305 in HS/college and had no idea really about nutrition....

There is a chinese woman at work I see maybe once every other month....

2 months ago she asked me if I got a new haircut...

Yesterday, she asked me if I changed my mustache and beard....

Pretty funny I wanted to say - "i lost 50 lbs dumb-a__".

But she is a nice woman so I couldn't - darnit..

Comment #28

I like the original myself, the extra crispy crunches to loud and echo's in my empty head...

Comment #29

Just a bump to this post so the newbies could see some real Nutrisystem results from average Joe's like myself..

I'm still maintaining thanks to the lessons learned from NS...

Comment #30

I am impressed. I am most impressed that you don't seem to have any loose skin...

Comment #31

Didn't you say before you hid some of that loose skin in your pants??.

You ever try the P90X workout program? It's pretty tough. I have the DVD's and I'm thinking about doing it after I've lost more weight..

I'm 330 at the moment and I've done some of the workouts. It's extra tough with all the weight...

Comment #32

I did have a little loose skin in the love handles, but it's been almost 11 months since I reached goal and it's all sort of tightened up. Not sure where it went, but it's not loose anymore. That's why I did raise my arms in the after picture it kept my little droopy skin in my love handles from showing..

I never tried the P90X stuff, I'm not a big exercise guy believe it or not, I'm definitely not a gym guy. I just do my little situp, pushup, toe touch thing at home with a little aerobic stuff (like walking, or hiking up the local hills). I wanted to do something I would continue to do, I doubt I'd be motivated to do something like the P90X for months and months, but it might be good for a quick toning...

Comment #33

The P90X workout definitely works, but it's because you work yourself nearly to death doing it. They have their own diet plan, but I don't recommend that. They'll have you eating 3000+ calories per day. I know you need some extra energy when you are doing an intensive workout routine, but that's probly too much..

I do like the idea of staying home to do a workout using a set of DVD's. I believe it was 13 DVD's. You do a different DVD per day and most of the workouts are about an hour..

If you follow their plan (not recommending their diet), you'll see results pretty fast...

Comment #34

Pandawdy, how long have you been doing P90X? I have been doing it for the exercise portion of my Nutrisystem program for 26 days now. Physically I haven't seen difference than what I would have seen just doing NS. But I sure have noticed I am more flexible, my form is much better, and I am noticing my strength is improving. I am quite happy with the results so far. I am hoping to see some abs before I am done with my weight loss phase...

Comment #35

I have the DVD's and books, but I'm not actually doing it right now..

I've tried some of the workouts and I really struggle with it. Maybe after I've dropped some weight I can start doing it every day..

My wife and I probly did five days of the workouts. There was enough working with weights that I saw a difference in my biceps even though we only did it for five days...

Comment #36

Pandawdy, I'll let you know how it goes. Tom..

Comment #37

Congrats again Hex. Your post continues to motivate me...

Comment #38

Bigger congratulations to you Mike, you've lost more weight than I have..

Great Job. I think it is you who will motivate so many more than I ever could. Congrats again...

Comment #39

You haven't fattened back up yet?.

How about a more recent picture to prove it...

Comment #40

How long does it take to fatten back up? I think the weight comes off faster than it goes on...

Comment #41

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