What Dukan Diets would you recomment to lose weight?

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First question I have is What Dukan Diets would you recomment to lose weight? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... I know some of you Dukan Diet veterans have cooked up LOADS of ways to improve on the Dukan Diet microwaveable chocolate cake. I am pretty much a newbie, so forgive me if this one's already been thought up.

Instead of adding 2 ounces of water to the mix, I added 1 ounce of sugar-free maple syrup and 1 ounce of water. And oh boy did that cake come out delicious! There was no funny after-taste, and it had a very subtle maple taste that brought out the taste of the chocolate..

I'm not exactly sure whether the SF syrup counted as a free food, since it had 20 calories per serving but I think I probably used more than one serving, but you guys could probably adjust as you see fit.

And of course, I had to top it off with some FF whipped cream wouldn't be a cake without it.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Thanks for the idea! I'll have to try that. I've used SF Davinci syrup before, I tried the raspberry & caramel - both were good. I've been wanting to add some PB2 to it but haven't gotten around to it, bet that will be good too. My favorite way to eat the chocolate cake is with 1/3 cup no-sugar-added Comstock cherry pie filling (counts as a fruit) and a dollop of Cool Whip, with the cake made Birdie's way (adding baking powder & coffee)...

Comment #2

IBP - I always add PB to mine! It makes it sooooooooo yummy! Sometimes if I have a dairy serving left over, I will add a 1/4 cup of SlowChurn vanilla ice cream instead of the FF Coolwhip - adds a few more calories but what a treat on a day where you might need a little feel good food...This is for life, after all!.


Comment #3

That's a GREAT idea!! I've used all different flavors of Da Vinci, but I never thought of maple syrup!!!..

Comment #4

Here is what I did tonight:.

1 N.S. microwave chocolate cake mix.

1 tbs cocoa.

1/8 tsp each: baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon and vanilla.

2 packs splenda.

1 oz coffee.

1 oz maple sugar free maple syrup (I made one for my boyfriend and used Raspberry syrup in his).

Mix all ingredients (because of the added cocoa, mixture may be a little too thick. I thinned it out with a splash more syrup and coffee) I microwaved for 90 seconds (depending on what you put the cake in adjust time)..

Comment #5

I just made it this way, sorta..

I didn't add the Splenda. I used 1.5 oz (i.e. 3 TBL) coffee and 2 TBL White Chocolate Da Vinci and nuked it for 70 seconds. It turned out wonderfully. Thanks!..

Comment #6

I made a Black Forest Cake:.

Microwave Cake Mix.

2 oz French Vanilla DaVinci Syrup.

1 tsp. cocoa powder.

1 tsp. baking powder.

2 packets Splenda.

Small pyrex bowl, 2 minutes in microwave at 80% power..

While cake cooking/cooling, pit and halve 12 fresh cherries (left over dinner fruit)..

Saute pitted cherries in non-stick pan with 1 packet Splenda and a dash of DaVinci Chocolate Syrup..

After cake is cool, remove from bowl and cut in half to make two thin rounds. Place 1 tablespoon whipped topping on bottom half, pour 1/2 of the slightly cooled cherries on top of the whipped topping, place other 1/2 of cake on top, add another tablespoon of whipped topping and pour the rest of the cherries on top..

Can you say INCREDIBLE??..

Comment #7

First of all, congratulations on your GOAL!!!! I got a slow start in Sept. but am now picking up the pace now that I have my head together. Question - where do you guys get all these cute things to use as a signature?..

Comment #8

I had the chocolate cake last night - used warm banana slices with time I will leave it as 2 slices & top each with CoolWhip & banana but will not warm the banana. I found it slippery & slidey & didnt like the warm with cold...

Comment #9

I found using 1/8 cup SF White Choc. Torani and 1/8 cup water was the best of the fixes I have tried using the Sugar free syrups...

Comment #10

Thanks I tried this tonight and really liked it. I never had it without doctoring it up so I can help but wonder if it was good out of the package. IT was really good like this...

Comment #11

I did not have any peanut butter, but I did find some nutella.... yum!.

1. Microwaveable cake mix.

2. 1/4 tsp baking powder.

3. 1/2 tsp splenda brown sugar.

4. 1 pkg splenda.

5. 1/4 cup water.

Mix all together and then drop in a small amount of nutella, instead of peanut butter.... Microwave 1min and 15 seconds.

Turns out great.... A little higher than peanut butter but sooooo good!..

Comment #12

Hmmmm Nutella sounds like a good idea think I'll use some of my Davinci Hazelnut sf syrup in the batter next time (I can NOT allow a jar of Nutella to enter my house found that one out the hard way last year - am still paying the price - roflmao).



Comment #13

I bombed with this cake first time out the gate (tonight). Thought I could be a littel creative and added some cottage cheese to the mixture since I had a leftover protein. Big mistake. Turned into gooey mess that had to be eaten out of the container it was "cooked" in. Yes, around my house we EAT our mistakes!.

Husband enjoyed this immensely with a dollop of FF cool whip and sprinkle of cocanut, and called it a treat!.

Maybe he has been living on the outer edges of the Dukan Diet Dukan Diet plan too long..

For me ... try, try again ... I will stick to some of your posted recipes instead of experimenting on my own. *LOL*..

Comment #14

I make mine with water, according to the package, but use a tbsp of SF flavored coffeemate (whatever's on hand, usually french vanilla or hazelnut) added to the water. It makes it richer. Top with a bit of the canned whip cream (15 cal per serving). So, yes, I'm using two free foods together but it comes out good...

Comment #15

Making the cake with 1/2 water and 1/2 SF maple syrup really makes a terrific cake!..

Comment #16

I need some help..I asked a question earlier in the day but have no idea how to even find what I asked let alone an answer !! I probably wont be able to find this one either. All I'm doing is eating this food just the way it comes...and I hate it...its terrible. How do I know what I can add? Arent you adding more than you are supposed to? I'm not liking this at

Comment #17

Don't despair! Your nutrisystem buddies are here to help!.

If you hover your mouse over the "Community" tab, you'll see a sub-link called "Overview". Click on that and you should be able to have a direct link to the boards you posted..

Most of us started the same way as you: just eating the foods out of the box. I know I did. And I ended up having to choke some of the food down and not looking forward to my meals....

Now, I look under "Food Tips & Recipes" almost everyday as there are some people here with the most amazing imagination!.

For example: I used to HATE the mac & cheese until I read a board on how to "doctor" it up with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, spinach and sauteed mushrooms. OMG: it's now one of my favorite entrees!!! That simple!!.

The microwaveable chocolate cake is another food I got sick of. Now, after reading these posts, especially PamSB's "Black Forrest cake" recipe, I can't wait to try it out again..

Just be patient and stay on track - you'll get the hang of it soon enough..

I'll send you a list of "Free Foods" that you can look at and start making your own creations!.

Good luck!.


Comment #18

I had forgotten about his! YUM. thanks for reminding me..

I used to eat it this way when they first introduced the microwaveable cakes (but where did the apple microwaveable cake go???) a couple years ago, and this was my.


Don't know how I forgot it when I used to eat it ever day! I won't lie thoughI usually cheat and use SF pie filling and SF choc. syrup. And I can't add any baking sodatoo much sodium. But still so good!.

Ndn my favorite way that is almost NO work at all? Almost every night I mix the cake mix with DaVinci SF ORANGE syrup, instead of water. That's all I add and it's sooooooo good...

Comment #19

What kind of sugar free chocolate syrup do you use that you think is good I see alot of people get it from netrition but I wasnt sure what kind when I ordered last...

Comment #20

What are these DaVinci syrups sweetened with? Does it have a bitter aftertaste?..

Comment #21

I actually only get the DaVinci syrup that is clear chocolate. Not the thick one that is like the Hershey's syrup. I use it in Dukan Diet Coke (like a chocolate cream soda...yum). It looks just like all their other SF syrups, but is chocolate flavored. I tried the one that's thick like Hersheys, but I couldn't stand the taste...

Comment #22

Thanks so much! that is next on the list! I got the blueberry davinci and I didnt like it but I will try anything once lol.(well maybe not everything but you know what I mean) lol..

Comment #23

Aww, the blueberry is my favorite. I put it in my coffee with splenda and pretend it's a clone for the one I buy at dunkin donuts...

Comment #24

Microwave cake mix.

2 oz SF Hazelnut Torani syrup.

1 tsp baking powder.

6 diced almonds (daily fat serving).

~ 3/4c grated zucchini (unlimited food).

Mix well in pyrex bowl, cover with folded paper towel, microwave for 2min 15 seconds on high. Immediately turn over onto plate & drizzle about 4T FF vanilla yogurt (leftover from snack)..

Delicious (but too small! LOL).

Edit: be sure and pat zucchini dry with a paper towel before mixing into cake batter..

Comment #25

Oh, this is an excellent idea!.

Makes me wish I did not eat the last of my zuchinni at dinner! *LOL*.

The only change I would make is to add another Tbsp of Dark Baking Chocolate!!! Probably have to add a tad more SF syrup to moisten..

I can never understand why the chocolate items are so weak when the dry baking chocolate is a *free* food. I like my chocolate dark and rich..

Many blessings,.


Comment #26

Some great ideas... thanks. Curious if anyone has multiplied their recipes using several Dukan Diet packets and made one large cake? If so have the quantities changed? Was it baked or nuked?..

Comment #27

Here is something, but take into account that I have over 100 lbs to lose so am allowed extra carbs and protein. You will have to evaluate if these portions can be allowed on your Dukan Diet plan:..

Comment #28

I think your math is off a little; you might want to write all the above ingredients down and recompute before you get too comfortable with 120 calories per 1/4 of the above recipe..

Just adding the 2 eggs (75 cal ea.) + 1/3c pancake mix (~ 140 cal depending on brand) + 2 packets pancake mix (120 - 150 ea depending old vs new) is around 540 calories. That doesn't take into account the pb2 (104 cal) the baby food, coconut, milk or full scoop of protein powder..

Did I misunderstand the directions in your recipe?..

Comment #29

Yes, I knew I was a little sloppy on that, and should not have posted this to the public until I had properly thought it through. *LOL* Forgive me, I am sleep deprived..

It is more like 240 calories per 1/4 slice, which is a generous portion, so you could trim it down to even half that for the 120 calorie 1/8 slice. The fuller portion is like a breakfast entree with extra protein and carb, and the smaller portion like a dessert, with extra protein. I certainly would not want to lead newbies astray or contribute to your derailment on Dukan Diet by mis-representing this cake!.

I am not saying the stats are correct for the requirements of Dukan Diet at all..

You can take it or leave it alone. I am not a dietician. I was just throwing it out there because someone asked for a full version cake that combined some portions, and this was something that I did because I had several things saved up for the day, and was sharing it with my husband. I have over 100 pounds to lose, so I get extras that average people do not get, so I often have an extra protein, fruit and/or carb at the end of the day to combine with my normal dessert. This cake only seems like a lot because I doubled the portions to share it with my husband..

It might not be "recommended" to combine so many proteins, and it would not be something that a die hard NSer who wants to stick to the straight and narrow regime would do, but this cake is healthier for you than binging on Sara Lee, and this kind of occasional healthy modification has certainly not affected my own personal weight loss because I do not indulge in this kind of creative cooking every day. You would have to evaluate this for yourself, if it fits into your plan..

To document a dessert like this I totally break it down into the dietary elements onto my online planner so I can account for all the things I personally consumed that went into my individual portion of the cake. And I do not sweat the small stuff simply because for my body size I rarely get ALL the total recommended daily calories anyway. For those restricted to a 1200-1300 menu plan, this cake might not work for you...

Comment #30

I had the choclate cake tonight and used one of the posted recipes with the SF maple syrup, coffee, cinnamon..etc. It wasnt that bad...just got hard quickly...

Comment #31

I just posted this in another thread:.

This may be the best dessert I have made yet - triple chocolate cake:.

Mix micro cake mix and 1/4 cup of Da Vinci cookie dough syrup (I'm sure a number of other flavors would be a good substitute). Pour into an individual sized baking dish or ramekin, sprayed with Pam. Take a package of Nutrichocolates, and insert them into the mix. Nuke for 1 and a 1/2 minutes. split in two (I shared with DH, but you can save half for tomorrow). Top with a dollop of FF Cool Whip with a little bit of chocolate Sf pudding powder stirred into it...

Comment #32

Sounds wonderful..You really think we could save half? Not a chance..LOL..thanks for sharing..

Comment #33

I just made the cake exactly this way (I was even running back and forth from the kitchen to my laptop to look at the directions.

) minus the coffee, I just used water instead of coffee. But WOW is this cake good!!! I'm going to have to order more microwave cake mixes...

Comment #34

Maybe you could cut the banana into lil tiny pieces and mix it into the cool whip and then prepare the cake cut it in half and put the cool whip banana mixture in the middle and put it in the fridge for an hour.... hmmm think I just planned tomorrows dessert hehe..

Comment #35

Just moving the thread up so others can see it..

Comment #36

It means I have nothing of value to add but wanted to move the thread back to the top of the list so it would be easier to find or thought it of value for others to read...In this instance I was making the choc micro cake and wanted to put all the posts together to see what others had come up with...

Comment #37

It's a post that bumps a thread to the first page, after it has rolled farther back in time. It's done usually because someone new asked for the recipe and didn't use the search function to find it. So, some kind soul will bump it to the first page...

Comment #38

The first time I tried the microwavable cake I could not stand it. It seemed strange that if was chocolate I would not like it. I am going to try one of these recipes tonight. Thanks to all who have contributed recipes. I am not very creative at adding to the food so this is very helpful!.

I did want to mention that I have recently found that splenda comes in different flavors. It is made to add to coffee. It comes in different flavors; hazelnut, mocha, french vanilla, cinnamon spice and caramel. They are pretty good. Looking at some of the recipes I thought it might work to add one of these. I had a hard time finding them at the grocery store so my DH ordered them off the internet from Splenda's website. Just my contribution!..

Comment #39

It is low inventory so is it being discontinued as well? Is there a list somewhere of the foods that are being discontinued? I have seen several in the last couple of weeks and was wondering how we are to know...

Comment #40

I just went to order some more chocolate cakes and it says I can't low on inventory does that mean it is being taken off the menu liker the chicken fettucini..

Comment #41

I made PamSB's cake tonight. The texture was the best of all the times I have made the cake. The chocolate taste was still bitter, though. Any suggestions from some of our more knowlegeable chefs?..

Comment #42

Yes in the dieticians corner, it's being discontinued according to NS. they brought the chocolate cake in replacement of it. it sucks cuz I like the micro choc cake and ordered 6 but who knows what I will get in lieu of that..

Comment #43

Tonite's version:.

Cake mix.

3T egg white.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1 1/2T ground flax (daily fat serving).

2 oz Torani SF chocolate syrup.

Mix well, let set for 5 minutes, microwave 1 min 15 seconds, let cool, remove & top with FF/SF ReddiWhip...

Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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