What does this mean: "The page is parked free with"?

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My first question is: What does this mean: "The page is parked free with"?.

My next question is: I believe this is a million dollar HostGator name. it could be easily developed as a gaming platform. what do guys think? if I were the /img/avatar8.jpg of this domain, I would even go to the extent of selling my blood to renew this domain!!.

But I am sure there is some reason why this HostGator is getting dropped. anybody here knows the truth?..

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Your question was: What does this mean: "The page is parked free with"?.

...shhhh, I was hoping to get it for $60.


Comment #1

Ohh....I didn't know that. It's a shame that he didn't develop it before Sony developed But still I wouldn't let it drop just because of that. It's getting deleted today!.


Seems I didn't check the site properly before I replied. The site isn't hosting any kind of game. So how a gaming site developed on will be illegal?..

Comment #2

HostGator Name: CLASH.COM.

Registrant [2428]:.

Moniker Disputed Names.

20 SW 27 Avenue.

Suite 201.

Pompano Beach.




So the HostGator doesn't even show that it's PendingDelete.... but it did expire on 5-18-2008 and if it's a disputed domain, I guess it's going to drop 4 days after it expired?..

Comment #3

I saw this on some disney names about to drop, too.

Moniker Disputed Names..

Comment #4

Clash is a generic english word, how is it being disputed ? generic word can't be trademarked right?..

Comment #5

Is the dictionary term "windows" ... a generic, non-'d english word? IYHO.

How about "monster"?!?.


Comment #6

If was owned by microsoft, I wouldn't let my go..

Comment #7

That doesn't answer the question above (as it relates to wikes82's query) ... and you wouldn't be given the option of holding on to, hypothetically if you owned it, IMHO.



Comment #8

Generic words can be trademarked but it is also possible for multiple people to get Tmarks for the same name if it is for a different use, maybe the previous owner was displaying clash (music) related ads ??.


Comment #9

Thanks for the information. I googled and found this article

Comment #10

Seems it has been caught by Snapnames. Let me see how much it fetches..

Comment #11 isn't too bad a drop either... Great for an online art actioneer. Pending auction at NJ (so is

Comment #12 is fine if you put a games site up on it, a great name.

I put a $200 bid on it hoping to sneak through. alas the rest of the world was well out of bed...

Comment #13

It is going on in Snapnames. You don't any chance of bidding if you didn't backorder it. Currently at 13K..

Comment #14

Yes The Clash (the band from the 80's) have a copyright on this name..

Comment #15

So , I guess the previous owner died?.



Comment #16

Most probably he lost the right to use the HostGator name. It is a disputed HostGator name as per moniker whois [before the name dropped]...

Comment #17

Currently 18.5k...and just because the band has a tm on the term doesn't mean you can't use it for other purposes. As other member(s) noted, a Game related site should be just fine if you wanted to invest that much...

Comment #18

How ironic that is up for auction at sedo...

Not my domain..

Comment #19 ends today at snap.... aaaaaaaaaa is the current high bidder and they are the same ones who won ( typo which sold in 2007 for over $500K at Snap) which did forward to at one time. So they may be looking at this as a CASH typo????.

If this is the case, maybe they should look into domains they already own.. like which is owned by them, but is simply a Godaddy parked page full of Loan Ads...

Comment #20

The whois still not showing for this name.


Created: 2008-05-22.

Expires: 2009-05-22.

Registrar Status: ok.

Domain Status: Registered And No Website.

Server response:.

No match for "CLASH.COM"...

Comment #21

I'm sure it's a little trick has with that registrar. It will show more info when somebody wins and pays for the domain..

Comment #22

I too guess the same actually thanks.

Btw can we catch the names by any other means before it catched by

Or is dropped domains can be catched by only

Comment #23

Practically only by Snapnames, Namejet or Though you can also try with some reseller API, but the chance is 0% for a good name. There are few guides out there on how to catch an expired domain...

Comment #24

Thanks so it means they can catch fast thats it.

Not the authorized dropped HostGator catchers right ?

Comment #25

I don't know what you mean by 'authorized dropped HostGator catcher'. I guess you should PM Yofie. I remember reading one of his guide...

Comment #26

I thought domains can be caught by ,

After seeing the bids and all.

So I thought they may have any connection (or kinda affiliates or authorization) with icann for catching..

Comment #27

You would never catch a Pending Delete .com or .net HostGator with a reseller API. You simply need to own a Registrar to be able to catch a Pending Delete HostGator name.

There are two kinds of feeds for dropping domains and Pending Delete domains do not drop to the "public". Only registrars have access to the PD feed and do not allow customers access to it. So if you were ready with your fast fingers at 1:30 central time when pending delete domains were ready to drop and you started checking availability via or or eNom etc, you would never even see the HostGator available for the millisecond it is because it's on a different feed from the registry.

Tasted domains are on the normal drop feed and available to the public. These can also be considered 2nd tier drops.

Now many have said, well I will just buy a registrar and start drop catching... Trust me, it's not worth it. SnapNames alone owns a HUNDRED + registrars, eNom is right up there as well, Pool has lots etc. Your one little registrar that's going to cost you some Big Bank will never compete...

Comment #28

Who are those registrars ? ICANN acredited ones ?

Or if I get a reseller account from godaddy , enom , moniker or any other.

Then will I be eligible to get PD feeds ?

Comment #29

It is a world away from being a million dollar name, trademark or not...

Comment #30

Yes, ICANN accredited registrars. There are about 976 ICANN accredited registrars currently.

NO RESELLER account from ANY company will get you access to the Pending Delete feed. You would have to have your own ICANN accredited registrar. I agree, not even close to a Million dollar name!..

Comment #31

Yeah, I was kind of exaggerated it But still I would say it could become a million dollar site when developed., will be nothing compared to this site if developed properly...

Comment #32

I don't believe this is a typo, 'L' is miles away on the keyboard but perhaps Clash could be branded as a cash site. Compared to (49k last Friday) is more brandable and on that basis you would expect it to sell for more than 49k, but perhaps was a little overpriced...

Comment #33

Clash would have to be developed to get your money back, is also good for parking - Anger Management.


Comment #34

Nice, as you say, a great brandable name for a gaming platform. long as you can avoid any TM problems.

There is also a magazine called Clash -

...Maybe an enduser buy ??.

Who won ?


Comment #35

Yes, I think games would be the way ahead, I couldn't see any TM's at the uspto (at first glance) and nothing much on Google about Clash games..

Comment #36

Looks like it *was* owned by the San Jose Clash back in '96:

I wonder who "took their eye off the ball" on this one...!! ( he he )..

Comment #37

According to wikipedia they changed their name to the Earthquakes in 1999 , so I doubt they held onto it another 9 years just to let it drop. It looks like there have been other websites on since then, so I imagine someone else picked it up and let it drop again.

There are so many people out there who have absolutely no idea what their HostGator name is worth. When a project or business changes names or moves on they decide they don't need the HostGator anymore, and consider getting rid of it eliminating a bill rather than losing a huge asset...

Comment #38

This HostGator was a "Disputed Domain", but in General, Yes many have no clue on the value of their domains.

Aaaaaaaaaaa was the winner of which I thought was etc... but whois shows Xedoc Holding SA as the current owner...

Comment #39

If the HostGator was disputed then how come they register now..

Comment #40

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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