What does a Nutrisystem leader get paid?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... What does a Nutrisystem leader get paid? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: We are a permanent thread and our title is always 100+ to Lose Support Group Permanent Thread. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN!!! If you're a newbie, we're very glad to see you. Jump right in! We all need support and encouragement. Say whatever needs to be said about the journey to a healthier you.

Please don't be overwhelmed by the number of pages you see in our thread! We're a supportive group and keep it going throughout the day. If you just want to post a message and start from where ever we are, we do understand - we just want to hear from you.. you ARE important to us and if for some reason you feel ignored, speak a little louder so we know what you need!.

Some things to remember:.

Each of us is extra sensitive; if we weren't we wouldn't be carrying extra weight. So think before you post. Would you want to be talked to that way?.

We all have good days and bad days. Don't think that you cannot share a bad day. We are here to celebrate, listen, and be friends who understand. We want to make this a safe place to come and share..

We all need to find new ways to ask for help. So if you don't feel heard, find another way of asking until you do. This is your responsibility, and also part of our journey..

We will want to help you with positive feedback to the best of our ability, or in other words we tend to "call them as we see them." Please, take the information which you find useful, and discard the rest. Don't take it personal. This is also part of our journey, learning how to discuss difficult subjects in a productive manner. To avoid any potential problems please read over NutriSystem's terms and conditions for postings at the bottom of the page..

We are on a journey to change our lives. Losing the weight is part of it. It's not going to be easy which is why we have each other - lean on us when you need to!.

Whether you've fallen off the wagon, recently climbed back on or you're holding on strong... today is a new opportunity to be 100% ON PLAN and continue changing your life!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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I slept about 12 hrs. last night...a lot of tossing and turning(muscle pain). After having my morning coffee...i remembered I was supposed to start the new thread this morning. It is now a permanent thread. Joycemarie, a lot of people are complaining of pain right now so, please, take things slow and easy. My doc has mentioned me trying Lyrica and I've put it off cuz I've heard that you can gain weight.

Over the last month I forgot to enter a $675 deposit into my checkbook and a $500 payment to a credit card. Luckily, the deposit covered the payment or I would be 'up the creek' as they say. I just can't seem to think too clearly lately. SOooo if I say anything too weird here...please forgive me! lol Between the pain and the meds....geez...can a girl catch a break! lol I didn't do too horrible yesterday(from what I can remember). But today is a new day with a new beginning and it's supposed to get to a whopping 45 degrees today..

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Hello All,.

I am 33 and I have 90 Lbs to loose. I ma a bit scared since it will be a long journey but I ma so determined this time. One question I have. Do any of you have a problem with the afternoon cravings? it seems to me that there is a snack in the AM but from lunch to diner there is nothing and I usually get really hingry at at 3pm and I used to have a snak there. Any advise pleaqse let me know.

I would call and ask a counselor about that one. you just might need a protein or something to tide you over until dinner. Otherwise you might get too hungry. Maybe you could switch the mid-morning snack to the afternoon. I space my lunch entree and salad an hour and a half apart to help me get through the afternoon. I make a big salad with free veggies and my day's worth of veggies in it. I am not much for cooked veggies...

Comment #3

Diane, congrats on four more lbs. lost! Your suggestion to Camila was a good one! The diabetic plan allows for those blood sugar highs and lows much better...

Comment #4

7 Springtime Tips to Slim Down by Summer.


Spring is a time of renewal and change, the perfect time to start new, healthy habits or lose those last few pounds. Here are 7 springtime tips to help you on your way and slim down by summer!.

1. Make plans for outdoor activities.

When you're outside, a few things happen. First, you burn more calories than you would just sitting around the house, which is great! More importantly, though, you feel better about your life and it's direction. There's something therapeutic about the springtime sun that makes our problems just seem easier to handle. And of course, the less stress, the less snacking!.

2. Plan a summer trip.

Keeping a sense of momentum in your life is the key to warding off those feelings of anxiety and depression that can lead you to overeat. While our lives never go exactly how we want them to, having something to look forward to is a great way for us to feel like there's something good on the horizon. A summer trip is a great thing to look forward to and if you're heading to the beach, it's also a great incentive to slim down!.

3. Clean out the pantry and refrigerator.

Spring is all about making a fresh start. You can do that by cleaning out your panty and refrigerator. If there are canned goods in there from 1975, toss 'em out and make way for the new and healthier foods you'll pick up the next time you're at the store..

4. Shop light.

After cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator, make a trip to the store. Choose light, springtime foods, like yogurt and fruits. These good foods will not only help you cut back on calories, they will also make you feel lighter and more in tune with the season, which will in turn help fuel the outdoor activities you have planned..

5. Deep clean the house or apartment.

Spring cleaning is almost clich at this point. But, there's a lot of wisdom there. Anxiety and overeating are often driven by lingering responsibilities, those background chores that you're putting off. While cleaning your home won't magically put your life in place, the light feeling it brings to your house will make approaching these problems seem easier. Addressing unresolved problems is a great way to preemptively avoid emotional eating..

6. Make a springtime resolution.

New Year's resolutions can sometimes be comical. By January 2nd, most people have forgotten them. However, pushing yourself to be who you want to be is no joke. While your New Year's resolutions may have fallen by the wayside, spring is a good time to revisit your goals and aspirations. In fact, goals set in spring seem easier to achieve than the ones we set in the depth of winter. Take a few moments to think of a springtime resolution and see how much easier it is to succeed! Feeling good about who you are is a great way to reduce emotional hunger..

7. Do something new.

After winter, our lives often feel stale and stagnant. Spring is the perfect time to try something new. Experimenting with new activities is a great way to make your life feel like it's moving forward. And, when you feel that things are flowing, you'll stop turning to food for relief or reward...

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There are Free Foods that can be used on the NutriSystem plan. The term Free Foods comes from the American Diabetes Association. They are low calorie foods (20 calories or less) that can be added to the meal plan in small amounts. This minimal amount of calories will not affect weight loss, we do recommend that they be limited to 2 or 3 servings per day if the foods have any calories..


Coffee/Tea Unlimited.

Diet Soda Unlimited.

Sodium Free Seltzer Water Unlimited.

Sugar Free Tonic Water Unlimited.

Club Soda (not tonic or quinine water) Unlimited.

Artificial Sweeteners Unlimited.

Spices (salt-free) Unlimited.

Herbs Unlimited.

Vinegar Unlimited.

Lemon Juice Unlimited.

Sugar Free Gelatin 6oz per serving = 15 cal.

Sugar Free Gum 1 stick = 5 cal.

Nonstick Cooking spray Unlimited.

A-1 Sauce or Steak Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Butter Buds 1 oz.

Bouillon or Broth (Dry)- Low Sodium 1 packet, 1 tsp, 1 cube.

Bouillon or Broth (Canned)- Low Sodium cup.

Catsup 1 Tbsp.

Cocoa, dry unsweetened 1 Tbsp.

Coffee Whiteners (Powdered) 1 Tsp.

Chili Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Chocolate Topping (Reduced Calories) 1 Tbsp.

Cool Whip (fat free) 2 Tbsp.

Sugar Free Candies 20 cal or less per serving / 0 fat.

Low cal or reduced cal syrup Amount not to Exceed 20 cals/ 0 fat.

Dill Pickle 1.

Dream Whip 1 Tbsp.

Sugar-free Jam/Jelly Amount not to exceed 20 cal.

Low sugar Jam/Jelly 2 Tsp.

Horseradish 1 Tsp.

Mustard 1 Tsp.

Picante Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Popcorn (light and natural) 1 Cup POPPED.

Relish 1 Tsp.

Salad Dressing (Fat Free) 2 Tbsp.

Salsa 1 Tbsp.

Soy Sauce (Low sodium) 1 Tsp.

Taco Sauce 1 Tbsp.

Worcestershire Sauce 1 Tsp..

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"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them every day begin the task anew.".

Saint Francis de Sales..

Comment #7

QOTD(Question of the Day) ***What was your favorite class in school? did you have a favorite teacher?..

Comment #8

I liked many of my classes. I liked art cuz I found it so surprising that I was any good at it. To create something out of nothing was amazing to me. I also liked creative writing and poetry class. I like my Fashion classes...especially window display. Guess I liked the creative stuff! I can't pick out one teacher.

Some were even a bit crazy if you asked

Comment #9

Momtech, I just downloaded Honk and Holler Opening Soon by Billie Letts. I saw that it was the same author who wrote Where The Heart Is...and I loved that movie. I might have to read others by that author, too!..

Comment #10

Good Morning y'all... Hmmm... I never was a fan of school growing up, I missed alot of classes, and cut out early. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. However, when I went to college, eventually... I loved all of my classes, except government 102, but that was the teacher.

He was just down to earth and really loved teaching. I am 37 and still working towards my bachelors, but I will get there..

Camila: For me, I have by breakfast, then lunch about 4 hrs later, then my snack 3 hrs later, then dinner 3 1/2 ish hrs, then my last snack before bed. That I just what works for me, but you can change the order of you meals if you need. You can also have dinner for lunch and then lunch at dinner..

Babs: Thank you for all of your very pretty congatz for everyone, they were nice to see today..

GREAT JOB to everyone last week, may you have another great week..

I was sick all last week and managed to go to work, but today I am feeling sick and very tired today. So, I called in sick at work. I am going back to bed. I cant stop thinking about what I am not getting done at work, so I may end up going in, but I dont want to.... *sigh* oh well..



"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over the same way, and expecting a different result." ~Albert Einstein.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. " ~Douglas Adams..

Comment #11

Maybe if you rest'll have a better day tomorrow and a clearer mind to get all that stuff done. Love your quotes!..

Comment #12

Everybody must be out enjoying the nice weather!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #13

Hello everyone. Well on Saturday I weighed and I was up .6 lb. Still going in the wrong direction but smaller increments now. So hopefully next week will start back on the downward direction. Snow is mostly melting in our area so DH and I took our little dog for a walk yesterday. Very nice to be out again...

Comment #14

Hi, everyone..

I had many favorite classes in scholl (as should be obvious from my choice of profession as a nursing professor). However, the one I remember the most fondly is Mrs. Steele in 9th grade English. She was an old battleax, but she taught me how to write a clear paragraph a skill I use every day in my one manuscripts. And one unfortunately that many of my students never learned...

Comment #15

Anatomy and physiology was one of my favorites along with anthropology classes....anything that had to deal with bones. Performing an actually autopsy was incredible...most would find it gross....however, I found it to be facinating......

Comment #16


I'm Roxanne, new toNutrisystem(on my 3rd week) with 150 lbs to lose. Actually, make that 138 lbs, I'm down 12 since starting..

Looking forward to getting to know you all!..

Comment #17

HELLO! MY NAME IS ERICA, AND I Just started nurtisystem! I'm 260 pounds and 23 years old.

Iplan to lose 110 pounds....

Im very determined on doing this! I have a 3 years old, who I only have 1 picture with me, cause I am extreamly embaressed of my image and weight..

I was just wondering, how long did it take you to lose all that weight? and are you doing exresise as well?..

Comment #18

Good morning. Yesterday it got up to 61. it felt good not to have a chill in the air..

Sunflower: I hope you are feeling better. I know what it is like to feel woozy some days and not remember what I did last.Ty for the topics posted..

My favorite subject in school was English and history. My favorite teacher was Mr. Michaud. He inspired you to read and write. He had such a passion for teaching..

Roxanne: WTG with the 12 pound loss. Just keep doing what you are doind..

Rebecca:i hope you feel better..

I had pain issues again yesterday and it looks like the epidural didn't work this time. I have a doctors appointment Thursday and we will have to discuss what is next.I have learned to take one day at a time..

I wish all sunshine and happiness today..


Comment #19

Welocme, Roxanne and Erica..

I am sorry about the failed epidural, Joycemarie. I hope something helps soon..

EricaI have lost 72 lbs in a little less than 8 months and my weight loss is slowing down now I still have 91 lbs to go to make my initial goal of a 50% weight loss and I may want to lose more when I get there. However, as PamSB says this is a marathon not a sprint. On the other hand, I now wiegh less than I have in 15 years so I am quite happy with my progress...

Comment #20

Sunflower, I am glad I did rest allll day yesterday, minus the phone calls for work. I feel much better today. Still stuffy, and a cough, but not like a truck ran me over..


Comment #21

Welcome Roxanne and congrats on 12 lbs. lost already! Yippeee!..

Comment #22

Welcome Erica. the time it takes to lose the weight depends on a lot of variables. If you can exercise it will come off faster. It seems to me....the younger you are, the faster it comes off, too...

Comment #23

Hello everyone!.

I am in my 3rd week ofNutrisystemand am down 13 lbs. I am embarrassed to even mention my weight here, which may seem silly since we are all trying to shed those unwanted pounds. I am 37 with type 2 diabetes and finally realized I need to do something about my health before it's too late. I am trying to walk every day but I have a lot of pain in various places in my body and it makes it even harder to motivate myself to start moving. I am determined to make this happen! I am looking forward to hearing from you all and gaining strength from others success stories..

Have a wonderful day everyone!..

Comment #24

Welcome WinterRaven, and congrats on losing 13 lbs.! You don't have to share anything you're not comfortable sharing. Taking care of you and your health are the best reasons to lose weight. I didn't even start trying to exercise until I lost 50 lbs. Just get in tune with the eating program then you can start slowly to exercise. Walking is one of the best exercises. Have a great day!..

Comment #25

Rebecca, Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Take it easy today!..

Comment #26

Joycemarie, When I had the shot in my foot for the foot didn't work either. And it hurt so much that I don't want to go back to the doc. The Walk-Fits I got seem to be helping more. Hope you get better answers on Thursday's appt. Hang in there!..

Comment #27

Diets & Depression.


Being on a diet is so common that we take it as a simple choice to lose weight. Occasionally it is, but in fact it usually involves much more. If we scratch the surface, we find out that for those who have been on and off many diets throughout their life, the decision to try to lose weight again is usually part of a much larger life transition and improvement agenda..

"I am going through menopause and don't want to go into the next part of my life as a heavy person.".

"I want to start having fun in life.".

"I'm going through a divorce.".

"I have lost someone dear to me and it's time to take care of myself.".

These are all common reasons people give for wanting to lose weight. If we take a second to think about these statements, dieting obviously involves much more than simply a desire to slim down..

What Dieters Have In Common.

Last year we did an internet survey of 7500 people who were seeking diet information. We asked them about the stress in their life and how they felt about their life. The survey results, along with what I've seen in my work with thousands of dieters, has convinced me that there is definitely a strong relationship between being overweight and depression and that going on a diet for roughly two thirds of the serious dieters is part of their attempt to do something positive about their life, and their depression..

Sixty-nine percent of the dieters we surveyed said they were not having enough day-to-day fun in their lives and an equal number felt they were not taking care of their own interests. And roughly the same percent said they were rarely free from doubts and fears. This is quite an astounding set of facts. It shows quite clearly that dieters are seeking more in their life than to just lose a few pounds. They are on a mission to make some changes in their life so they can make themselves feel better. About two thirds of the dieters we surveyed also said they felt stuck in their life, that they weren't satisfied with their friends and that they didn't like the way they spent their leisure time.

Around fifty percent of the dieting population we surveyed thought they were going through a major life transition and did not think that their future looked bright. One of the keys to being happy is to be able to look forward to a good future. When the future looks dark or gloomy or uncertain, a depressed feeling always comes into play and colors everything, including a downgrading of one's accomplishment or past joys. In fact when you look at these survey results, it's easy to conclude that there is some degree of depression at work and that dieting is tied to an effort to relieve that depression..

This impression was clearly strengthened when we asked another question of our survey population. We asked them when they most frequently broke their diet and turned to food for relief of stress. Two thirds said it was when they were most critical of themselves and one half said it is when they were depressed. As a psychiatrist, when a patient tells me they are too critical of themselves, I instinctively understand that I am talking to someone who is depressed. I know very well from my own work with patients who are overweight that people have learned how to silence the internal critic temporarily with food, so overeating becomes the medication of choice..

What I Mean By "Depression".

The word depression has come to mean so many things lately that I want to clarify what I mean by it before I go any further. The kind of depression I'm talking about here is not the clinical depression called major depressive disorder that has been diagnosed in up to 10% of the adult population. Instead I'm talking about the depressed moods that come and go, take their toll, but do not incapacitate the person. The depressed mood is tied to a perception that one's life is not going as well as hoped for or as expected. This has been called a sub-clinical depression and at any one point in time we believe that about a third of the adult population is in this state of mind..

The Vicious Cycle.

In doctors' offices it is estimated that 70% of all outpatients have some degree of sub-clinical depression. In Britain, because of this high percentage, they have asked their doctors to stop giving antidepressant medication to this large group of people who are distressed, but not clinically depressed..

Although antidepressants are frequently prescribed for sub-clinical depression in this country, it is probably not the best choice for people who are overweight or sensitive to weight gain. Many of the most popular antidepressants cause significant weight gain in one out of every four patients. The average weight gain is 7 per cent of their body weight, and for some it is up to 20% of their body weight. There are an estimated 28 million people in this country taking antidepressant medication so undoubtedly for some the cause of being overweight is a combination of two factors, the depression and the medication for the depression..

And of course there is a self-perpetuating cycle at work. If you are depressed and then eat to comfort yourself and gain weight, that weight makes you more unhappy, so of course you have to eat more to comfort yourself..

This cycle goes on and on until one day you wake up and say no more and decide you are going to do something about the cycle. You either decide to see a therapist, or ask your doctor for an antidepressant, or go on a diet, or start rearranging your life to get unstuck, or you start doing all of the above..

That's exactly why I said at the beginning of this article that dieting is part of some larger agenda in the lives of most dieters. On the surface a diet's purpose is to help you lose a few pounds, but it's probably also an attempt to break the cycle of sub-clinical depression, and to regain the momentum in your life, and with that, to recapture your own self-esteem...

Comment #28

When my husband died of a brain anurysm 4 years ago my doctor put me on zoloft. Worse mistake of my life. That drug added about 70 pounds to my body...any attempt at loser was a complete waste of time as well...that drug hinders weight loss...and is know to add on pounds. It was bad enough to lose my spouse...and be depressed ...but to have this terrible effect from a medication that was supposed to help me....

I found another doctor and TOLD him to take me off the zoloft...I will handle my issues the natural way, with proper food and nutrition....and so far, things have been great...coming off zoloft, is a nightmare....only steven king and I can share...but I am free from it now....

Comment #29

Thanks for sharing. I try to stay away from all meds that say they put weight on. but the docs don't always tell you and sometimes They have the wrong info...

Comment #30

Hello Fangtasia33,.

I am very sorry to hear about your husband. I am glad you came off the medication. I don't always believe it helps and as you found out can actually do more damage..

I love, love, love True Blood! I am anxiously awaiting the new season and have read all the books, twice. In fact I am currently wearing my Fangtasia t-shirt...

Comment #31

The new book....dead in the family...comes out on may 4th.


Comment #32

I hope you like the book. What happened was I read "Where the Heart Is" and loved it so I looked up other books by Letts. I wasn't disappointed. It was a quick read, too!.

I am confused about how this discussion works. Do you delete posts daily and start over? I never see what I posted the time before. Just curious.....

Comment #33

My favorite subjects were always History & Literature. I took World Lit, just so I could take Shakespearean Lit & European Lit. I have always been a big reader. I also loved my Fashion History class... I brought in lots of old movies for our class to watch, and I was definitely a teachers pet with my drawing & knowledge, not that I'm bragging... lol..

I have 3 favorite teachers for specific reasons, and I hope I can see them again one day..

Miss DeMore, because when I was in 6th grade, she was my American History teacher and she was my friend as well. When I was raped, she was the one who could tell something was wrong with me, and even went to court with me..

Mr. Katarski, he wasnt like any other teacher I had. He didnt just go by the books answers. He was my 10th grade World Lit teacher, and he taught me how to properly do a report, which I used throughout all my schooling from then on, and always aced them afterwards. Plus, he gave us an opportunity after tests, that if we got something wrong, if we could prove that another answer could be correct, he would give it to us..

Mrs. Conte, My 11th grade Contemporary World teacher and my 12th grade Diversity class, which I took because I loved the idea and I loved her. Mrs. Conte always stood up for me, made me very confident, and thought I was really smart and wanted me to join debate. I remember giving her one of my senior pictures and writing on the back how much she meant to me. She read it while we were watching a movie I had brought in "Imitation of Life", and I saw her crying from what it said.

I hope I get to see them all again someday and let them know they made a huge difference in my life...

Comment #34

Good morning. It looks like it will be another warm and sunny day. Doing well except for the occassional swelling of my feet. I don't use salt and watch regarding salt products. It seems like I go up and down with this problem.It was another bad day for pain. I will have to tough it out.

It was what I was looking for and I will purchase them..

Diane: It is good to hear about your 72 pounds lost. It gives us all hope and shows how if you keep on going you will attain pounds lost toward your goal..

Winterraven: WTG with 13 pounds lost. Keep up the good work..

I wish all a great day..


Comment #35

Good morning, everyone..

Fang, sorry to hear about your problems with Zoloft. My teenaged son was on it years ago and within a month it led him to become aggressive and suicidal (this was before this was a recognized side effects in kids). Fortunately his psychiatrist listened to our concerns and took him off of it. So I am convinced it is a bad med...

Comment #36

Jenny I am so sorry that such an awful thing happened to you in the 6th grade. Thank goodness for such an insightful teacher and for standing up with you in court. Such a blessing...

Comment #37

MomTech, beginning this week this thread was turned into a permanent thread so all your posts will be here from now on. It used to be a weekly thread but, with my sleep disorder, it was difficult for me to always remember to start a new one every week. Any questions are welcome...

Comment #38

Sounds like you had some great teachers. Remarkable that she went to court with you. But sorry you had to go through that. Stuff like that happening is why many women use fat as a protective layer. But I've learned that even that doesn't keep all guys away. All girls should be taught kick-boxing or defensive maneuvers in grade school(every year!). That would be more helpful than shooting an arrow or square-dancing(yeah, I had to take that)...

Comment #39

So sorry you had to go through that. I'm sorry I didn't comment on it with my other post. It hit me smack in the head. My nephew( in law) has brain cancer and after a lot of chemo and isn't looking good. My niece will be left with two kids under three. It's too much to think about some days...especially when I am not feeling so great to start out with.

I am so glad to read you are free from the effects of zoloft. Hope you have a great day...

Comment #40

-John Wooden.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do...

Comment #41

Thanks for sharing this quote ... I really like it...

Comment #42

Tip of the Week: Track Successes, Not Failures.


Track your successes, not your failures. Most people that are trying to eat well and adopt a practice of regular exercise are very quick to point out their failings. They often report ending their day with a mental record of the things they shouldn't have eaten and the exercise they could've done but didn't. This doesn't lead to success. In fact, it usually just leads to feeling of failure and defeat. If this doesn't work, what does? While it's important to be aware of your weak spots, it doesn't help you to keep track of them.

For example, it's great to develop an awareness that you're more likely to exercise if you make a date to meet someone at the gym. That's something you can build on. You can then make a standing date to meet a friend to exercise instead of attempting to go alone. It's great to develop an awareness that when you avoid television at night, you also avoid binges. That's something you can build on. You can incorporate more nighttime activities that don't include TV (and subsequently don't include binges).

That's something you can build on. By staying on top of chores and responsibilities you'll find yourself eating less..

What success (small or big) did you have today and how can you build on it tomorrow?..

Comment #43


My sister was diagnosed with Brain Cancer at 12. They think she had it since she was born, but it was the 60's, and so at first it was diagnosed as Polio. It wasnt until the 70's they found out that she had a brain tumor..

The doctors told my mom to give up, make funeral arrangements, and she wouldnt live to be 16. So my mom took her to Disney World and gave her a Sweet 15 instead of 16..

Well, a man came in where my mother was working as a bartender, and he said that everybody had told him to give up as well, but then he found this great doctor in Pittsburgh who said he would operate. He was fine and no cancer. My mother got his number and called him the next day..

Back then, to do surgery on a brain tumor, they had to crack the skull open, not like today where they just make a little hole and go in. So for the rest of her life, she had to deal with having half of her brain exposed and only covered by a thin layer of skin... no protective skull.... so if she fell on that side, that was it..

I am glad to say that my sister is now 46 and alive and healthy. She outlived and proved wrong everything doctors said. She still has the cratered in part of her skull, and her health has just started deteriorating in the past few years... but until she was around 40, besides a limp, and her left side being paralyzed... she was absolutely normal and fine..

Her brain tumor has grown back 3 times. They wont do surgery anymore because if they did, she would only have a 5% chance of living through it. Its the size of a grapefruit, but... it hasn't grown in 20 years..

As long as it doesnt grow or spread... then she is fine... and they dont want to take any chances that arent needed..

So, the point is... it might not look good, but that doesnt mean that there isnt any hope, and I can see that every day when I see my sister. She is an inspiration, and I hope that maybe she can be to you too...

Comment #44

I typed a long post before and it never showed up. Guess they were having prob with the boards. thanks for sharing. I need to hear stories of hope!..

Comment #45

Gooding morning, everyone..

Lovely quote, Sunflower..

I leave on another of my business trips today so I will be gone for a few days...

Comment #46

Good morning. It looks like we are to get rain the next few days. It was too good t hve nice weather. I go to the doctor today and will findout whatthe next treatment step is. I wasn't too good yesterday. I will try harder today.

Just playing with my mind. I don't use salt and try to stay away from salt foods..

After the doctor I will attempt some shoppingi needt get some things to help organizemy room.gotta run. All have a great day..


Comment #47

Hi everyone we are going to hit 65 degrees here today. Yippeee..

Comment #48

I am jealous! but we are supposed to get near 55 today. It's been raining and foggy the last two days. The fog has lifted a little but it's supposed to be thunderstorms and raining today. yick. This weather gives me a headache so I am taking things slow and easy. I got to spend about 6 hrs.

I was exhausted by the time I went to bed but I loved it!..

Comment #49

Joycemarie, I sure hope and pray the docs have some great ideas up their sleeves to deal with your pain. Try not to overdo it. I love to get 'organizing' things...A place for everything and everything in it's place!..

Comment #50

Hope your trip goes well for you! Have a good time......

Comment #51

Hello everyone!.

My week 3 weigh in brought me another 2 pounds lost! I have a long way to go but I am determined to make it there!.

It sounds like Spring is showing itself for quite a few of us. Here in the south it is raining but a lot warmer than it has been lately. My Tulips and Daffodils are making their way up. Enjoy the day everyone!..

Comment #52

Congrats on another 2 lbs. lost! Oh, I can't wait to see flowers blooming. Once again....jealous!

Comment #53

I'm going to spend the evening(with at my son's girlfriend's house for dinner. Wish me luck! But she did tell me the menu ahead of time and she knows I'm watching what I eat so I am sure it will go well. Hubby is off today cuz of a dentist appt. so I better go spend some time with him. See ya later......

Comment #54


I have a rough day today, wanting to eat everything in sight, but managed to stay in control. Hope everyone is doing well...

Comment #55

Roxanne I hope tomorrow is an easier day..


Comment #56

Some days are just like that. Good job for staying on program. Sometimes it's easier if you have a hobby or something to do to keep your mind off of food...

Comment #57

Good morning. Isaw the doctor yesterday and he ants me to see a spine specialist for another eval and opinion. Te conservatives methods havebeen done so on to the next step. I will see the doctor March 30th..

Iwas so-so yesterday. It might have to do with all on my mind. I will have to refocus. I was able tgo to the store for 10 mminutes before I hadpain. I really hate it since I can't browseleisurely..

Sunflower:Thanks for postingthe cute tag. I always nted to learn how t make one. Is theere a special program or courseone has to take? I hope the dinner with yourfamily went well..

Winterraven: wtg wit anoter 2 pounds gone..

IamRoxanne: We all havedys where we struggle but juststay focused like you have..

I wish alla great day..


Comment #58

Weighed in today guys!!! I just got Lady Crimson this morning though, hopefully it didnt effect it..

I lost 2 lbs! So that means that I have lost 10lbs in 2 weeks!.

I hope I get my bear in my shipment..

Iamroxanne, maybe take a big bottle of flavored water that you like, or just cold water with you. Thats what I do when I go to Sams Club. Theyve always got really good samples cooking, and theyre OH SO TEMPTING... so, I take my water, and I take a string cheese which I use for my snack, and eat it when I am tempting or sip on my water. Makes the urge to stuff my face go away..

Joycemarie, I hope they find out what is causing the problem. I know what it's like to have back pain really bad. It took them 4 years to find out that I had arthritis in my back...

Comment #59

Joycemarie, to post a on someone else's glitter graphic and it will bring you to the site. To make this one I clicked on Seasonal at the left and then went down to St. Patrick's day and then looked through the choices. When you find one you like you copy the BB code and then paste it in the reply and there you go! Let me know if it works or not...

Comment #60

If you want to put it on your page...use the HTML code instead. Have fun!..

Comment #61

Congrats on 2 more lbs. gone! Yippeee!!! As long as you post your weight loss onNutrisystemthat bear will be on it's way!..

Comment #62

JadedEyez> GREAT JOB! I can't wait to get my first bear either. I already have a shelf cleaned off to line them all up...

Comment #63

Have a great weekend everyone..

Mary - I tried following the graphic pasting you described and it didn't work for me...

Comment #64



Im going to use this blog each week to tell, and retell, just one simple story, and that is how the mind feeds itself on food. Heres the first version..

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a patient said to me, You know, there are good food days and bad food days. As usual, I asked the obvious question. Whats the difference?.

Well, on good food days, I know exactly what to eat, and I enjoy eating healthy. Not too much, but enough to feel satisfied, and I dont feel guilty..

And bad food days? Thats when I dont want to do that. I want my reward. I am too stressed out..

So, you know how to eat healthy and you can enjoy it but some days you just dont want to do it, and on those days you are feeding your mind, not your body. Yes, I am feeding myself a drug..

Thats the beginning of everyones story who has trouble controlling their weight. On certain days you are convinced that you have to feed your mind, and you feel like you dont have any choice about it (powerless), and in fact, you want to do it even though you know, quite well, you will beat yourself up for doing it within hours..

My patient actually had 30 good food days in a row before a bad day just appeared, for no apparent reason. For 30 days her husband of two decades was treating her surprisingly well and she thought that finally all the work they did together was paying off..

She didn't know why she was having a few bad food days. Everything was going so well, wasn't it? Yes, they were but she didn't want to see some early warning signs that his mood was changing. She wanted to stay in her bubble a little longer. Feeding her mind helped her do that..

Her bad eating days kept her preoccupied with food and guilt and kept her from seeing the pieces of reality that she did not want to deal with. Because she didnt want to see the early warning signs of his mood change, she didnt do what she needed to do to avoid a blowup, and when it came, she felt furious and betrayed. She paid a big price for her short-term reprieve from reality..

Thats the first version of how the mind feeds on food. When you want to deny or avoid an uncomfortable reality, you can temporarily shut down the most intelligent part of your mind, by feeding yourself food, and staying preoccupied with the guilt about eating too much. It works, but it costs a lot..

It took my patient quite a while to realize that her anger at being betrayed by his mood change should not be totally directed at him. She was the one who was trying to live inside the illusion that all the ups and downs in the relationship had magically gone away. She was the one who didnt want to have to live with the complexity of human relationships. She was the one who might have managed the changing mood, if she would let herself acknowledge it, and might have avoided the blowup altogether..

If she didnt dull her considerable intelligence by feeding her mind, her life would work a lot easier, and she wouldnt have to store her anger in her fat cells..

Thats version one. As we go on you will see that feeding your mind with food serves many purposes and they all are very costly. Feed your body well. But when you feed your mind, it should be with rich thought, not with food...

Comment #65

I tried it again to check if I was explaining it right. When I did it worked for me. I have a bit of brain fog so maybe I'm missing explaining something..

Maybe somebody else can give it a try with explaining it.... Have a great day!!!..

Comment #66

I'll try this again. Thanks for helping me..

There it is !!! Using the BB code was what I needed to do. Again - thanks for your help doing this...

Comment #67

You're welcome! It's my fault for not writing bb code in my first explanation. I thought I had and have now changed it. Brain fog

Comment #68

We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot..

Eleanor Roosevelt..

Comment #69

QOTD***What is your favorite summertime activity to do? What would you like it to be after losing 100 lbs.?..

Comment #70

Right now my fav summertime activity is tending to my flowers and taking walks in the summer. After losing 100 lbs. I hope it will be to wear a swimming suit and go swimming in public again. Hey, maybe even ride a bike again!..

Comment #71

Good morning. We are being pummeled with rain since last night. We lost power for 30 minutes due to an accident. It was weigh in today. Down another 3.4 pounds for a total of 22.8 pounds..

My grandson is at his moms for the weekend so I hve free time..

Jadedeyes: WTG with the 2 pondslost. I have 2 herniated discs and 3 bulging discs. We went conservative treatment and now have to be more aggressive with pain management.Thank you for your concern..

As for summer activity it would be to travel and hike. I hope with 100 pounds lkost to also be able to wear a swimsuit in public. I wish all a great day..


Comment #72

Well hi... i'm new and i'm jumping right in as your intro thread suggested..

I'm on day 11 of NS... so far so good as i've lost 9 lbs so far total... which is way more than I expected to... so i'm loving NS. I have about 93 lbs to go to my ultimate goal..

I'm here to kinda vent though... i'll be honest... I feed my emotions not my body... this is a severe problem I have.... and I have really committed to this life style change so I can no longer stuff my feelings with food... and it's been so overwhelming...

I know that sounds strange, right? not feeling anything.... but it's really true. I don't allow myself... so last night I walked into work ( it was my first night as the asst manager) my manager starts screamin like a banshee, throws the store keys at me and says "f** it , I quit!!"....... nice welcome huh.. I was so shook up I couldn't think...

I've been through some amazingly hard times in the last few years... being a divorced mom of 5 isn't easy in the least. AND NORMALLY.... I would have stuffed a few chocolate bars in my mouth and taken a deep breath and figured it out.... I literally didn't know what to do...

Like a baby who's momma just left. seriously... it was exhausting but I fought threw it without the chocolate. My store manager comes back and apologizes... and that just brought on another crying fit.....

Did I mention i'm not normally a cryer??.

Sigh... this new emotional stuff is really something i'm gonna have to work on... I made it through the night with NO CHOCOLATE.... yay me for a small victory.... but it was ALL I thought about for 3 hours... the inner war was horribly exhausting.....

Comment #73

I am new to this thread. I hope to find a home here. I only put my goal at 100lbs, but really would love to loose more. Right now I am living in the moment and proud of every lb lost!.

A little about me so you get to know me... I am a nurse and work 13-14hr shifts. Is anyone else in this situation? (Shift work?) I have found it almost impossible to eat every 2-4 hrs. I am allowed two fifteen min breaks and one thirty min break but in this job you are lucky to get all three in. Even with that, include travel time and I'm going 5-6 hrs between at least two meals. That is one of my many 'road bumps' I need to figure out..

I have three beautiful children. My son is 5 and has severe ADHD/ODD (ODD is oppositional defiant disorder.) He is on medication and because it's an appetite suppressant we are always trying to add extra calories to his diet. My girls will be 3 in July (identical twin girls.) So while my son is a little bit of a challenge in my diet plans, all three are motivators! I want to play with them without having to take a bunch of breaks. I don't want them to be embarrassed by me. I want to set a good example for my kids and maybe in a few years they can be proud of what I am going through now..

My husband is amazing. He just became a certified personal trainer. You would think that would help me to loose weight, but we just don't talk about it that much. He's a firefighter/paramedic..

I have been onNutrisystemfor 12 days today. My weight loss has been great! I have an offical weigh in Mon. morning and will post my loss then. My only complaint is the gas!.

I have tried beano, gas x, only eating cooked veggies. Nothing is really helping. I have only been able to get in 6 glasses of water, the counselor said they recommend 6-8 so if I was getting the 6 in I was doing pretty good. Will getting in the other two help?.

I can't wait to become an active member on this thread!..

Comment #74

I was having a severe problem with gas too... until I read a thread about the malitol/sorbitol ( sugar alcohols) in some of theNutrisystemfoods.... by limiting myself to just one processed food with a sugar alcohol /day my gas problem has magically gone away... ;P..

Comment #75

Well today is weigh in day, 9 weeks and 19 pounds. I can't complain. Now that the weather is getting better, I find myself outside more, being active..

I'd have to say one of my favorite summer activities is swimming. We have a pool at our house, so the swim suit thing was never a problem for me. I'm in my own pool with just family..

Yesterday was a bad day - out shopping - had to eat out - it was Friday so I had to have fish. I took the breading off the shrimp and ordered broccoli and green beans for my side - outside ofNutrisystemI would have been all over those french fries and hush puppies. Now I just take one fry from my kids and I at least have a "taste". I do log the calories to keep myself honest though..


Comment #76

Thank-you so much for sharing this with us - it really spoke to me, because I, too, use food to deal with emotions, whether good or bad. It is such a struggle to get past it. You did an awesome job...

Comment #77

Welcome to the thread and to NS, I found a lot of feelings coming to the surface when I started losing weight, too. It was overwhelming to me, too. It was so nice to be able to vent all that I was feeling on the thread every day. I used food all my life to stuff my feelings so when I started eating less they came out like a There are a couple of good books that help with emotional eating. The Beck Diet Solution and Shrink Yourself.

We all have different issues to deal with so it's easier if we don't put a timetable out there for solving them. Congrats on losing 9 lbs.! Good thing we have chocolate on That was a selling point for me...

Comment #78

Welcome BDFDGirl, Sounds like you have a LOT on your plate. Never heard of ODD ...maybe you can school us a bit on that. You'd have to ask a counselor but I would think you'd have to combine a few things to have bigger meals to tide you over a 5-6 hr. period rather than trying to eat every 2-3 hrs. The convenience ofNutrisystemis what sold me on it. Once summer hits I don't think you'll have as much trouble getting your water in.

It's also hard when you can't just get up and go to the bathroom any time you want. Work in the extra fluids when you can. You can only do your best and that will have to do. I use Omnigest for the gas but I guess you'd have to try a few things to see what would work for you. I also try to eat the gassier foods when I know I would be at home.

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #79

Congrats on 19 lbs. gone! Yippeee! Bet you're going to enjoy the summer with a new swimming suit. Yours will be too big by the time you go swimming...

Comment #80

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else..

-Booker T. Washington..

Comment #81

I can almost see it.

That dream I'm dreaming but.

There's a voice inside my head sayin,.

You'll never reach it,.

Every step I'm taking,.

Every move I make feels.

Lost with no direction.

My faith is shaking but I.

Got to keep trying.

Got to keep my head held high.

There's always going to be another mountain.

I'm always going to want to make it move.

Always going to be an uphill battle,.

Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,.

Ain't about how fast I get there,.

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.

It's the climb.

The struggles I'm facing,.

The chances I'm taking.

Sometimes might knock me down but.

No I'm not breaking.

I may not know it.

But these are the moments that.

I'm going to remember most yeah.

Just got to keep going.

And I,.

I got to be strong.

Just keep pushing on, cause.

There's always going to be another mountain.

I'm always going to want to make it move.

Always going to be an uphill battle,.

Sometimes I'm gonna to have to lose,.

Ain't about how fast I get there,.

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.

It's the climb (yeah).

There's always going to be another mountain.

I'm always going to want to make it move.

Always going to be an uphill battle,.

Sometimes you going to have to lose,.

Ain't about how fast I get there,.

Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.

It's the climb (yeah yeah ea ea).

Keep on moving.

Keep climbing.

Keep the faith baby.

It's all about.

It's all about.

The climb.

Keep the faith.

Keep your faith.

Whoa a oh oh.

The Climb Lyrics..

Comment #82

I opened up the Oprah magazine I got today and there was an article about a new book by Geneen Roth, called Women, Food and God...all about emotional eating. Geneen Roth has written several books on emotional overeating and this is her latest one. I have three or four of her books and they are filled with useful information...

Comment #83

Good mornn. The rain really pummeled us yesterday. Allthrought the day sirens were constatly going off. It was good day to stay indoors and just relax..

I was able to make a dent in cleaning my room yesterday. I do somework then rest when my back hurts. Itis a slow process but onei have to use..

Emailrhonda: welcome to our group and WTG on the 9 pounds lost. Keep up the good work..

BDFDGirl: Welcome to the group. I know what you are going through since I am an RN who is disabled now. It was always hard to get water in and meals while working. I am sure the counselors can give you suggestions on what to do. Whenever I called them they were very helpful..

Rxlee: Wtg on the 19 pounds lost..

I want to wish aharty welcome to all new posters and that everyone have a great day..


Comment #84

Thanks for the warm welcome!.

Mary - I loved the lyrics! I like that song but never thought you 'the climb' as the weightloss journey. AWESOME & INSPIRING!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!.

ODD is something I never heard about either. We have always had behavior problems with him & begged for an ADHD diagnosis at late 3 to early 4 yrs. Our dr wouldn't diagnose him because of his age. If you look in the medical books he had ALL of the criteria to diagnose, but the dr was dragging his feet. At that point we didn't want meds, we wanted to get therapies for him. Well in Jan before he turned 4 my husband & Aidan were in a pretty bad accident.

Aidan had nightmares for 6 months after that, so we ended up getting him into therapy. The therapist immediately diagnosed him with Acute Stress Disorder & ADHD. She said if he continues with the bad dreams much longer then she will have to change it to post traumatic stress disorder. After a few months he was over the accident but she added the diagnosis of ODD. Easiest way for me to explain it is that he does the opposite of what we tell him to do & refuses to do almost everything we tell him.

She was right! He still has his moments but don't we all. lol. The ADHD got significant enough to finally start interferring with preschool. The teachers had a meeting with me. Luckily the therapist made the referral so we didn't have to wait for our doc to decide something.

Then he asked a bunch of strange questions "Did he have colic?" (Yes!) We talked about his birth (minor complications and a rough start but he was fine) he has a severe speech delay. Only had a 6 word vocabulary at age 2 and didn't say momma until almost 3. (They think the communication problems are leading to the ODD.) THen the dr tells me he can't rule out autism. We still haven't ruled it out. If he did have it, the proper title for his would be PPD (pervasive personality disorder - otherwise unspecified.) That the group of disorders that includes autism.

For example for autism say you have to have 7 out of 10 of the symptoms, he has 7 but doesn't have the most important one. He has no problem connecting with people. He can form an emotional bond so to say..

WOW!! I didn't mean to go on and on and on! I am so sorry!!! I forgot to say the psy. said there is a link between colic and ADHD. Ok now I am done and I'm sorry to bother you with all that!..

Comment #85

Hello y'all....

Congrats to everyone, another week down and pounds lost! This week I lost 3.5 pounds..

Yes, that is good, cuz it is going in the right direction, but I am kicking myself, because I let a stressfull work week, get the better of me. My b-day (tues) I had a small part of a cake that was bought for me. Wednesday I was at work until 10pm, so on Thursday I forget my lunch and we ended up at going out, and I was going to be good, but the cheese fries with bacon won. I was at work until 9pm (oh I start at 8a) and Friday I was just bad... I fell off the wagon hard ( I think it backed up over me!) Part of it was that wed and thurs I didnt eat dinner. Ok, I have mostly forgiven myself, and I am back on the journey, but it still makes me mad that week 2 I stumbled already..

I need to hop in the shower, and get ready. I am going to see fiddler on the roof today with harvey fierstein! I am looking forward to going..

QOD - Favorite summer activity: hmm... Swiming. Even though for a long time I have not been in public, I love water parks, the beach, pools. if it has water, I want to be there. So, when I loose, 100+ I plan on going on vacation to a beach somewhere. ;-).

QOD - Favorite lyrics: hmm... I have serveral songs that I love. Right now, I would have to go with Muse-uprising " They will not force us, and they will stop degrading us, and they will not control us, we will be victorus.".



"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over the same way, and expecting a different result." ~Albert Einstein.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. " ~Douglas Adams..

Comment #86

Finally broke out of the 270s and into the 260s....woohoo....getting closer to goal this plan is easy...just about 30 pounds gone since jan......

Comment #87

Hi everyone, I'm Gina. I have been looking for a group for the last couple of weeks and now I have found one. I've been on the program for 4 weeks and have lost 16.5 lbs. The last 3 days I have been on a major binge. I even went into my son's room to get girl scout cookies and hide them in my desk. I've been contemplating why.

People are going to start to notice and I don't want the attention. I also play games with myself. Since I have a lot to lose I can mess around with the program and still lose weight. I need a lot of support and hope I can support those around me. I am back on track today, but my son just came in and wanted to go out and eat..

Comment #88

I almost forgot my favorite line from a song is "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave." I feel like I checked out for the last few days but nothing left it is all still here...

Comment #89

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