What do you do if you cheat on Nutrisystem?

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My first question is What do you do if you cheat on Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... The year is whizzing by's felt like the whole first part of the year has disappeared without a trace! Let's face facts...we're getting down to serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good..

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

Comments (45)

Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

We ended up with 8 inches of new snow. We don't have school today because of President's Day. Really, it's a good thing we started so early in August this school year. We are only to May 23rd as our last day of school (so far). Next year, on the other hand, we are starting later again. Therefore, if we have snow days next year... we'll probably be into June...

Comment #2

I've been watching the scale bounce up and down. I'm still not back into the 160s...

Comment #3

Good morning!.

Congrats on the loss last week Judy!.

Ducky, I don't want to live in SD either! Too much snow! Glad Ash is starting to feel better..

Deb, thanks for the great review...glad your Mom is feeling better and hope you have time to come back here soon. I miss you!.

Yay for President's Day and an extra day off! Going to get out for a while today..

Hope you all have a good one!..

Comment #4

Good afternoon all - hope everyone had a nice weekend!.

Saturday I had my catch up to the Oscar nominated Best Picture Movie Day with my friends - we saw four movies at the theatre! It was awesome. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars (5 being the best):.

The Fighter = 5 Stars - Christian Bale was excellent..

The King's Speech = 4.5 stars - very good - touching and funny..

True Grit = 3.5 Stars - Western movie done Coen Brother Style..

127 Hours = 3.5 Stars - Based on real life story of the guy who had to cut off his own arm during a hiking trip he took by himself and his arm got stuck between a rock wall and a boulder. This was a very intense movie with a lot of blood..

Overall, a very good movie day!!..

Comment #5

My brother and niece came over last night and spent the night. My niece has an appointment today with a college South of us in Jupiter, FL. My kids were beside themselves with excitement - totally bouncing off the walls..

Today we are all just chilling. I was able to watch two movies this morning: The Kids are All Right and The Town. So now I am all caught up with my movies for my Oscar night.

I love movies..

We leave this Friday to drive to NC for my mom's birthday. That should be fun also...

Comment #6


- More snow? Wow. We are in the 80's today and tomorrow but I'm sure we'll get the cold from your current storms later this week, into next week. I'm amazed that you all are still only at May 23rd as your last day. Ours is June 9th and we don't have snow days here. We started in August too but it must have been much later..


- Crossing my fingers for you to reach the 140's this week - yippee!! Can you believe how far we've come? My pants are starting to feel good again, not tight and that motivates me even more! Congrats on the Zumba Training - that is very exciting..


- How did the house hunting go? How exciting for your daughter and son-in-law. Is this there first house? Oh I missed so many things when we bought our house. It was our first and IMHO you should never go from apartment living to buying a house because you automatically think everything in the house is bigger and fantastic. It's good that she has you to help her out..

Deb -.

Thanks for the recap. Hope you can come back soon so you can actually include yourself in the weekly discussions and not just the recap. Sounds like you have a lot going on..







- Hope you all are doing well!..

Comment #7

Well, I guess we are now at 11 inches of snow. The good thing about this time of year is that it doesn't seem to stick around so long...

Comment #8

It's still February, right....all these fabulous valentine graphics popped up AFTER valentines day. I thought hearts by themselves wasn't too bad and it's still february so it's bound to count!!.

My fav zumba teacher subbed last night so I went to 6:30 pm that makes a late night. By the time we got showers done and hair dried it was 8:15 before I got my salad going...then about 9:30 before dinner. I don't like eating that late but I love getting 500 calories burned off too!.

Oh my I'm starving so I better go. Lots to talk about so I'll be back!..

Comment #9

Is that 11 inches just for this round of snow or for your winter? That's crazy...

Comment #10

Hi everyone - hope all are doing well. Took Brenna on a playdate this morning to the park with a mom I've been wanting to hang out with a bit more so yay for both of us! Now it's laundry time again...yikes. Plus packing for our weekend in NC. Good thing I don't need the same clothes here that I need there so I should be able to pack us up early..

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday..

Judy - Late night indeed (last night) when dinner isn't until 9:30 but glad to hear you got your zumba in..

Comment #11

Hi everyone - just a quick drop by. Our office was closed yesterday for President's Day. We got a few inches of snow overnight, but I'm here. Made it to the gym and feel pretty good..


Comment #12

Hi everyone...we actually got about 6-8 inches of snow here overnight, so I got my exercise shoveling! Worked all day, got a massage in tonight, and am pretty darned tired at this point.....

Have a good night, sleep well, pleasant dreams...

Comment #13

Heeeellllooooooo! I'm back. I had a little bout with some sort of funk that was going around the office and spent Friday, Sat and Sunday on the couch with a broken laptop to boot! It was wierd...started out as a sore throat everything else was fine. I actually voluntarily went to the doctor because I thought it might be strep it hurt so bad. Then Friday (of course my friday off and it was 70 degrees out - not that I'm bitter!) I had a fever and felt funky so laid up on the couch all day. The stuffy nose and cough came later! I'm back but crazy busy at work. I need to try to get back into a routine!.

OK...enough whining!..

Comment #14

Judy - that is awesome that you are going to try out (is that right?) to be a substitute Zumba teacher. You GO GIRL!!.

Melissa - WOW! That is awesome...I would totally count that as 9 pounds!.

Vix and Big - I think you guys got more snow than us...we got about 4 inches I would say. Of course none of us are betting Ducky in snow totals this year...not that we want to! HA!.

Deb - glad your mom is doing better...that must be such a releif to know she is back up and running!.

I missed you guys....Hi to the rest of the gang!.

Off to bed!..

Comment #15

Oh that is just the Sunday-Monday total..

We've had probably almost four feet of snow total this year. Although this is not all on the ground. Some of it melted right away at the beginning of winter. Some of it melted last week when we had temps in the 30s and 40s...

Comment #16

Sore throat and fever - that's what's going around here.....

Comment #17

Good morning everyone..

Jen, sorry to hear about your bad weekend. Hope you're feeling much better..


Comment #18

Sorry not to come back yesterday. I was all set to stop by....ate my salad lunch and sat the computer on my lap and passed out! I think that was about 2:45 and I woke up when I heard wally's key in the door at 5pm. I swear I think they silently leak nerve gas...or sleepy juice from this laptop when I use it..

Ducky - you are a saint...I'd be nuts from all that snow!.

Jen - Woohoo glad to see you back! That's how my last sick round started....and I ended up with 10 days or so if feeling like crap. But the horrid sore throat started it all out and almost killed me!.

Melissa - I hope you have a good trip to NC. It's not as cold here on some of the days but it's been so irratic that I'd take a few things for every type of weather. It was 70 the other day and the nutters were out in full shorts and tank tops! It's back to 40 for the moment!.

Big - The gym....WOOHOO for you!.

Vix - you sound exhausted! Take it easy a day...shoveling is exercise worth time and a half at least! Major arm work! Good for you!.

Okay off to eat breakfast! Need to pick up my BBB this morning...yea...I'm out of cereal! but I was able to clear out a load of dinners!..

Comment #19

Hi Girls!.

Yep, I've been a busy bee. I'm holding steady with my weight, but at least not gaining..

I've been on the zumba train, too! I'm really liking it, and can't wait til the snowbirds are gone, and the class is smaller....

The ellip has been my friend lately, too. So now I just gotta get the food thing going in the right direction. Judy, I would come to your class!!!.

As Deb said in the weekly update, I've been working on our website & also getting a page going on fb for the business. Ian has been home alot lately because it's our slower time of year, so that's another kink in my day. He's in my space!....

We took the boat out 2X last week and saw dolphin's "frolicking"....and you know what that means, ladies! ha ha ha We also saw a couple of huge sea turtles. That was a first for us, and so exciting. I swear one had a head the size of a human head!.

Ducky: more snow? Seriously, when does it end for you? I say head south, girl!.

Cam's team won the league, now they are heading to playoffs. Cam was approached by Bentley University, (Div 1) near Boston, and they have a spot for him for 2012. It's exciting for him to finally start getting the scouts circling. He'll play Jrs one more year, so we have some time to figure out the next move college wise..

I'm getting ready to make a trek out to see the fam in LAS. Brothers side is getting together, and I've decided to go. It's easier than facing my mom being upset if I don't go. I'm sure I'll have a few funny stories when I get back from there (3/10-3/14). The next weekend after, I'll be heading north for Cam's finals in NJ, so I'll prob be mia again. Never fear, I'll always come back to ya!!!.

Gotta run get something accomplished! Still have my tax junk looming over my head. Wonder why I'm procrastinating so much this year?....hmmmmm. ha ha ha.

Have a great day all!..

Comment #20

Nice to see people back here..

Hope you're all feeling better..

I think I'm getting a BBB this week too. Just finished up the last one (kind of stretched it over a few months)..

It's cold today, but the sun is shining. Went for my walk (inside the building)..

Busy day at work...lots postponed from yesterday, because of the snow and people not showing up..

Anyway, hope you all have a nice day...

Comment #21

There's nothing special about me because I live here (maybe just some insanity). Seriously, though, I wouldn't be here if I hadn't fallen in love. (Stupid men!) Most of us never get used to the winters. We just live through it and look forward to spring!..

Comment #22

We'll finish out the last week with some more lovely good mornings of a hearty / love theme...if that's okay with you.... starving and late this morning!.

I promise...back later!. still win an award in my book for surviving those winters!.

Johnna - Love hearing from you!.

Vix...I look forward to you post each morning!.

Breakfast and then off to get my day lateNutrisystembox. I'm out of breakfasts and hungry for more dinner choices!..

Comment #23

Duckie it is the same for me yet opposite weather. If it weren't for Brian, I would not be living here - too hot for me. I'm a sweater - meaning I sweat when I'm hot so it's fun going through your day soaking wet! I loved Atlanta - I had all four seasons, winters were mild but you still had beautiful autumns and springs. Summer, not terrible. I know a lot of people do think this is paradise and I certainly do not begrudge them that (my husband is one), just not me..

Comment #24

Ha - I've never seen them "frolicking" before! I did see one just swimming (I got the G rated show) last week while walking the bridge. Cool on the sea turtle. I have seen a sea turtle shell and it was absolutely enormous - that's cool...

Comment #25

We may or may not get together this year Johnna.

! March 11th was going to be my next suggestion....I'll talk with you when you get back and perhaps the end of March will do it for us..

Comment #26

I like the "hearty" good mornings Judy. I just delayed my order to April 1st - I still have 42 dinners!!!!..

Comment #27


- Way to go on getting to the gym. Hope you had a nice President's Day off!.


- You reminded me that I need to set up a massage appointment (I have a gift card). Heck, I may have to make it a girls' day with my friends *wink* I'll use any excuse to spend with my gals..


- So sorry you've been feeling yucky and on the 70 degree day to boot - that really stinks! Well, spring has yet to..well, spring (boing) so you'll get some more 70 days coming up in a little bit right?.

Judy -.

Thanks for the lovely good mornings - I look forward to seeing them every day!..

Comment #28

Okay, I must finish packing for NC. We might actually leave late tonight - although no one knows of this plan but me! I'm confident my brother will be fine with it, we'll see if hubby agrees. This way the kids can sleep all night (me too a bit) and we won't have to stop 10 times! Well, except for my husband who can drink a Big Gulp in about 5 to 10 minutes. Not. Kidding..

This is not my husband but I swear he would buy one this big if he could!!!..

Comment #29

I probably won't be back until next Tuesday so everyone have an absolutely fantastic weekend!!.

I'll be waving to you all from here - HI!..

Comment #30

Hi, well I am late getting here today..

Ah...too cold/too hot. I like autumn and spring...ha-ha, can do without summer and winter..

Well, maybe a few days of each..

I picked up "Running with Scissors" at the library yesterday. Am just finishing up my last one. Oops...gotta get to a meeting...BBL!..

Comment #31

Ducky, I second your Yay!.

Have a good trip, Melissa!.

Good night everyone.... sleep well...

Comment #32

Good morning! Happy Friday!.

Raining here today...better than snow!.

Had so many meetings yesterday, that I have a lot of catching up on paperwork today. Looking forward to the weekend. My daughter and son-in-law may stop by Saturday after looking at's always fun to see them. Hopefully will get some things done around the house ....we're looking for a house too....don't need a colonial any more, so we have to fix up and paint, etc to get it ready to sell...we've been here since 1983..

Finished up " Saving CeeCee Honeycutt" last night, so tonight I get to start "Running with Scissors". I love the library!.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Don't work too hard. Do something nice for yourself!..

Comment #33

Okay, so late this morning...but I sincerely deem this gal the OFFICIAL MASCOT OF THIS BOARD!......We are going to see her several times!.


...hope you are having a good trip and are almost done with the driving. Looks like a great town!.


- have fun with the house hunting and fixing up yours for sale....I am in that same boat. We have a list that has been waiting for me...... oh I'd say months!.

Ducky - are you still surviving the winter? Did the snow stop? it's warm here and raining...

Comment #34

Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for awhile. I have to go back and read posts but I wanted to let you know that I am alive and well..

I have been working a couple days each week, but was actually bust getting 2 newsletters out and was also in charge of a fun luncheon that my co-chair had to bail on. (she had an opportunity to head to Africa for a photograpy trip) Anyway, newsletters have gone out, lunch is over and I am happy to report that I have been a very good girl for the past few weeks. I am writing down everything I eat, keeping my calories under 1500 for the day. Exercising every day and am almost back to my low weight again! Cabo is only a couple weeks away. Excellent incentive!.

It's very pretty here today. Snow has been falling all night and supposed to continue til this evening. I have Bunko with friends. They will be serving dinner, byt Kristen can usually be counted on for salmon..

I am going to head out to do the initial shoveling and then I'll be back to catch up on your posts..

I hope everyone has been doing well. See you later...

Comment #35

I need to clean my desk... I can't even see the ducks on the fabric that covers my desk. However, when I clean my desk, I feel disorganized. I can't seem to find things. Right now everything is in it's certain pile and I can find things in seconds. Oh, such a dilemma!..

Comment #36

Surviving winter... we're suppose to get some more snow - though not much. I'm looking forward to the weather getting back into the 30s next week. Pretty sad when the 30s feel warm!..

Comment #37

OK, just finished shoveling about 8 inches of heavy wet snow. Since it's still coming down, I think I'll be out there at least 2 more times today. I'm definitely calling that my exercise. I have a few episodes of House Hunters International on the DVR, so I think I'll take a break for now...

Comment #38

Hi again!.

Judy, I've been working on getting rid of stuff since the summer...still not done!.

Good to see you back, Shelley...busy you've been. Good luck with the shoveling...thank goodness, we just had rain..

Ducky...I just pile things on my desk and forget about them....I have to clean that off too...can probably just throw most of it away! I started cleaning it last week and found things from 2 years ago in my pile!.

I surely don't need that! Just don't get much of a chance to even start looking at what's stacked up. Pretty pathetic!.

Anyway, have a good day...yay for weekend!..

Comment #39

OMG! I've spent the last 10 minutes trying to get the page open so I could POST! I'm not taking chances with trying to make more than one post......late start, need food, then zumba this morning..

It's so good to see Shelley pop back in and see us. Glad to see you doing so well on your weight loss. We all know what to do when we need to really buckle down and get the job done..but it's doing it 100% these days that gets me in a kink..

Off to eat and then DO a few things. I will really try and pop back in today later on...

Comment #40

Good Morning, More snow yesterday, but the boys took care of that. This is not going to be the best week for exercise. On Monday, I start the annual Rummage Sale week. Some of you may remember that from last year. Our group spends the entire week sorting rummage into various departments for a big sale on Saturday, March 5th. We usually make about $75,000 which is all returned to the community the following year in the form of grants to needy organizations and projects.

I am in charge of the toy department evary year. An awful lot of tiny pieces to sort through! I am usually there from 8am til about 5pm. I get home pretty dirty after handling all the dirty boxes etc, so by the time I take my shower and have dinner, I don't feel like exercising....May have to power through that this year though..

Still haven't read through the last couple weeks posts. I guess I'll just start with the last couple recaps from Deb and go from there..

Have a great Saturday. See you later...

Comment #41


The sun came out!.

I did 2 yoga sessions this morning and about an hour's worth of cleaning. Am having a hungry day, so will try drinking more water, maybe some tea..

My daughter and son-in-law may stop over this afternoon...that will be fun..

Hope you all have a good day...

Comment #42

I'm taking my daughter to Gnomeo and Juliet this afternoon...

Comment #43

Good Morning......I never got back yesterday, sorry. I am always in such a hurry in the mornings just to get out and get food and pills that I can't stop and think straight to I think I'll come back and then I never do! MUST get better at this as I think missing the group is making it tougher to keep totally motivated. You guys do motivate a person..

Did my zumba yesterday.....I'm still waiting for a class to come up so I can do the instructor thing. They are at the very end of a scheduling block and bound to put a new couple week of training sessions up soon. Hopefully close by. I just have to keep checking every day...they fill up super fast..

Shelley - snow sound odd right now to me. We've moved into the early spring section I think...for good I hope. It stays about 55 during the day and you can just wear a light jacket.....chilly at night and warm in the house with no a/c or heat running..

I wouldn't fret about the exercise too much. I would bet you that your burn totals for the day this week would be even better than if you climbed on the eliptical and worked out. You are doing active work for hours....which mean you have your heart rate up there and keep it there for 8 hours. I wish you wore a bodybugg so you could see just how much you are burning do that busy work walking around and sorting and stuff. Never ARE getting tons of exercise..

How was the movie Ducky??.

Vix......good for you with the yoga! I love the idea of ypga...but I've never tried it enough to make a difference and really get into it..


Comment #44

Ash and I enjoyed the movie. It was cute!..

Comment #45

Good morning everyone!.

Judy, I started yoga a few years ago with a weekly class, didn't know if I would like it or not, but I actually love the way it makes me feel, and I've become much more flexible ( I think it has also helped a little with my stress levels). But I do feel that way about zumba...have tried it with a tape at home, but haven't done enough to get into it!.

Ducky, glad you and Ash enjoyed the movie...I love children's movies...but don't have anyone to go with right I wait til they're on TV, then watch them when my hubby's busy doing something else. So many of them are really cute!.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday...the sun is shining....need to get out for a while!..

Comment #46

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